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but you're getting. your link to scream africa. we're going to exceptional stories and discussion come on use of easy to our web site w 2 comes to mind because joining us on facebook. for. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the ones who won't be silenced a beauty queen who's accused former gambian president of raping her 5 years ago is back in this country where she's encouraging victims of sexual violence to speak out. so i'm inspired by a woman tara motivated by all the horrendous other stories have been here and i think it's not fair for you our gender to be in the category again it was my silence protects what he has done to me. and the n.b.a. his 1st professional basketball league outside of north america 6 took
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a course in africa in january we'll be talking to the managing director of the n.b.a. africa. i'm kristie want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're chandon in gambia old glory tees are investigating allegations against the former president. he's accused of say he's committed human rights abuses during his $22.00 gives impala accusations he denies several women have now come forward to recount how they were sexually assaulted and abused by the former president one of his accusers is fun to. team was in the capital bun jill and spoke to her together with her supporters she's been out on the streets demanding justice for the victims of sexual violence and is stirring up a debate about the treatment of women in the country. and biggest. silence and demanding an end to the abuse and ensuring rights of only
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women who gambia father john who is back home after she came forward to tell her story she alleges she was drugged and raped by the country's president. she knew going public would put her life in danger and for the last few years she's been living in canada she now wants to use her voice to empower others. is a very difficult conversation and it takes so much to come out and because the president who has been a president an ex-president has been accused i got of the courage. to confront it and to speak my truth i think people are finding it very compelling lando who want to tell their own stories where we grew up i had german who gambia as a brutal dictator for 22 years but lost the elections in 2016 and fled into exile in equitorial gainey. speaking out was home only choice i wanted to bring the conversation here because i think it's important in this time that we break you
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know the circle and the silence and a lot of women are really suffering so i am is fired by woman i am motivated by all the horrendous other stories of being here and i think it's not fair for the argument to be in a good tory again it was my silence protects what he has done to me. knocked over throughout the. region no hopes the investigation will encourage other women in gambia to stand up to abuse and change society for the better not tell me where. to save building a robot is not easy for anyone let alone children but a teenager in ghana who wants to build a robot that will prevent flooding in africa now genevieve. has taken her invention to the pan african robotics competition where she's competing with 200 others from 18 african countries funny such awe brings us her story. 4
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children packed into one small room this used to be genevieve's bedroom before she moved to boarding school now she's on a brief visit not much has changed suitcases still serve as closets the chair in dire need of repair but books there's always been lots of books here. very small. but. i think. yes well. i think. you have. your lead floyd things back genevieve love science she explains everything in the rural one day she wants to become a mechanical engineer. in a community. not long ago she joined
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a club at school that's building robots for her mother that's meant more expenses for trips to compete with other schools and for materials to. work. in something. very real have to be created to back it took a leap to mind. but today regardless of how much money has cost genevieve feels just like any child coming here she's thrilled to be at the 1st african robotics competition in ghana. is it don't ask me about question because it took weeks for this group here to put this together for one main purpose which is what is generally the way flooding our cities the participants are from across the entire continent many of them are young women this team is from between they want to
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reduce congestion in big african cities by repairing the nonfunctioning traffic lights by artificial intelligence finding solutions to everyday problems genevieve steam is competing today but winning is not the priority she says it's about learning from other groups and their ideas so that one day her knowledge can help improve the lives of her family and of others in her community. in just a few months from now the n.b.a.'s 1st of a professional basketball outside of north america is set to get underway in africa it'll be in january to be exact we'll be talking to the man heading up the project in a moment but 1st the n.b.a. has committed to investing millions of dollars in what will be called the boston all africa leak some of that investment has been realized in senegal a new training facility is running. a brand new cooled professional and conditioned training facilities these young athletes are fine tuning their game at
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a brand new academy set up by the n.b.a. in senegal. despite the lack of basketball infrastructure across africa some big stars have already been unearthed on the continent roland houston is a coach with bags of experience he's convinced that africa is full of future n.b.a. stars. that it can is an opportunity or an occurrence in that to grow in the belly to come to reach this ceiling as you can very well see this is in the league but still it's and these kids have not had this opportunity before going on lifetime. by. going up with. that. like i'm. sorry for the young hopefuls here 2 of this year's championship winning toronto raptors are the perfect role models. cameroonian pascal siac
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and was a firm fixture in toronto's starting 5 and a strong favorite for the league's most improved play award and his teammates serge ibaka from brazzaville congo has already played 10 seasons in the n.b.a. growing the game in africa will be a gradual process but the n.b.a. is determined to speed things up that basketball african league is set to tip off in january 2020 with a qualification tournament scheduled this year. plans offer 12 teams from 9 countries to make up the league platform where young african bowlers have a chance to shine. a medal god will follow is managing director of n.b.a. africa he's also president off the boscobel african leaky joins me now from johannesburg where he's based welcome to date of the africa mystify all africa league is about developing the game on the continental magic you suggest scouting talent to ship off to north america well the launch of the basketball africa league
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is the important milestone in our effort to grow the sport and the n.b.a. brand across africa so it is really about where relaunch york is developing the entire system of basketball here we focus the grassroots yes there's a lot of town that has been you know have an opportunity to go outside of the continent was just because there was a vacuum you know there was no such thing as a professional league at this point of the gun and really a lot of stardom to be showcased right here the best on look to go to the best opportunities for and we want to make sure to ask about africa league become one of the top leagues in the world so we are going to be able to play in the top and africa ok so you're starting off with top teams as i understand it where these teams coming from so the 12 countries groups that are champions of these countries we have 6 countries that we were reprints pre-selected where the champions of those local leaders were come to the basketball of the league you're talking about egypt tunisia morrow or so and i go nigeria number well and the other
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6 will come from qualifiers that are quite a few people were organized from september to november to determine the next. you know i story is remarkable mr follett i just wonder i mean you went to the united states as a teenager on a scholarship you're now back on the continent developing this game of grassroots so to say how it's possible change you and your life. but that opportunity to go to washington d.c. many years ago to attend college on a scholarship got my quarter degree is really the foundation of everything that i'm doing today so the opportunity to open my iris to the transformative power of sport in basketball or in this particular instance so this is why i endeavor to make sure that we use my story as a. foundation i started you by starting the seed foundation course for the commission of economic development that uses boston boat info use to get them for
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school and focus on positive social activities so that kind of you know really. got to and after her in our strategy is to grow the score but raise it by the empowering ok one more question for you and very quick to eat oh we also students go to get off and away in january and of course what is president of all the president barack obama's role going to be in the week since you announced the launch of the bus to work in february which started you know the work immediately you know certified our partnership with fever oh we are going to be ready to go in early 2020 starting this incredible journey we're very grateful that president obama is a strong interest in working with us in the league so you know i think this is a great opportunity and we're looking forward to continuing to define you know what the problem racial is going to be about right that's amadou got a fall managing director and be
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a africa talking to us from jadis but thank you. so finally we're not wanting to pull the wool over your eyes but the world sheep shearing championships are underway in france right now the current bowl champion and had played sherry south africa's. was they to put on a show off just how it's 10 freeing the beast off its feast in just a few seconds. south africa is a well the the in sheep sharing and hopes to carry off the title again this year. 2 times world champion by an sagan issue of the ses he wants to teach the next generation of cheers. i won rights. and i'm thinking. i'm going to go back to south africa to teach young people who would join the competition in 20 twentieth's scotland. and that is it from the news africa for now
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as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page so next time i write. sometimes books more exciting than real life. in terms. of. what if there's no escape. street. what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carlson i talk with the commissioner. watch the network.
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and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tune and let's all try to stay in good shape. d.w. . welcome to day. 4th photography and even food photography all doubts or gulch are starting with an exhibition called food for the our also our series tasty taipei continues with meghan lease something the profusion of colony delights on offer in taiwan this time would you believe porridge. and love of shadows has taken the internet by storm. now as food ever being
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photographed as much as it is today i doubt it people's mails are probably featured on social media more than pictures of lovely cat so puppies the c.e.o. gallery here in berlin has an exhibition all about the history of food photography which is a little more sophisticated than the snaps on social media. this little piggy is covered in sugary icing some like it's sweet others like it tart. comes to food of most of us have eyes bigger than our stomachs food for the eyes is the name of this exhibition is always the moment it's a feast for the eyes of the exhibition shows how photographers have dealt with food motifs since the 19th century often at these empty malls and on the its top and food has to be beautiful to taste good fun.


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