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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d w news value for a day and a rescue ship carrying nearly 50 migrants docks in the italian force of lampedusa alex lands in defiance of the ban by its news hotline interior minister let's say itself and the standoff continues with another aid organization vessel standing by just off the coast and seeking a safe course to offload its you've been all day also coming up at the women's world cup sweden the england in the 3rd place play off to ensure they don't leave
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france and. i'm mackinnon thanks for joining us. and italian rescue ship with $46.00 migrants on board has docked in a silly despite being banned from doing so about an hour ago the alex arrived in lumper to say the ship is operated by an italian and mediterranea its crew declined an offer to sail on to mull to say the long journey would have been dangerous for the people on board italy's interior minister. has tried to close a tally in force to the charity ship. now do you correspondent i mean as sick as steve sent us those pictures he's in lampedusa and joins us now i mean joining us to tell us what the current state of play is right now we understand that this
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italian a rescue boat has docked in lampedusa. that's right there's quite a commotion of the port here right now it's a surprise docking from the al aqsa ship from the n.-g. o. the italian n.g.o.s meditate on a they were out at sea for over an entire day over 24 hours nearly 2 days actually in the hot sun it's just a sailboat as you can see not a big rescue ship so they declared on twitter just 2 hours ago that they could not wait for anybody to come out there and take them in they could not wait for the maltese government which offered to take them after the italian government declined to let them enter the port they could not wait for them to come they declared a state of emergency and came into this port almost unannounced. there is a commotion behind me a lot of italians are here gathered around i heard a guy saying yelling that the should not come here illegally so it's really
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a tense situation here on the port there like you said there's over 40 migrants $41.00 migrants the ngo says on that ship as they were out at sea the italian coast guard actually came out to take a few people off about a dozen they brought them in yesterday but the rest of them were just still out there in the hot sun it's very hot here on the dock i'm sure it was hard for them so they came into the port saying that it was a humanitarian emergency all right grave concerns about the well being of the people on board what about the german sea i rescue by which is in the same waters and in limbo. well the cia as you said has been out there it's also waiting to find out what happens to it the italian government has made a decree that they can't come into the port they can't bring the rescued migrants into the port so they're there waiting on some kind of signal from italy that they could come in maybe from malta which is is 150 kilometers away from here that's a bigger ship they have more resources so it's not the same situation that this
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ship was facing there's over 60 migrants on board the 60 rescue uses silent seekers who want to come into port and so they're they're waiting on some kind of signal what happens to the migrants once the boats they are on dock and they are left on the land was a pretty regular procedure it doesn't come across very well in the media perhaps but there are migrants coming here. very often i would say i've been here for 3 days and i've seen 3 ships come in carrying migrants what happens is they take them into in vans and ambulances directly to the immigration center where where people are staying and awaiting their fate and whether or not they can declare asylum in italy so it's a fairly standard procedure this has gained news of course because italy has positioned itself against the n.g.o.s who are picking up migrants in boats off the
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coast of libya and bringing them here to lampedusa which they say is the closest safe port that they all right and in a safe in lampedusa thanks so much for your reporting. a magnitude 7 point one earthquake has struck southern california the region's strongest tremor in 2 decades the epicenter was some 200 kilometers northeast of los angeles injuries and saw as have been reported it's the latest in a series of recent quakes to hit california and experts are warning that mall a likely to come. residents watched helplessly as the quake hit the most powerful in 20 years. no no no the tremors traveled as far south as mexico for tourists visiting the region it was a surreal moment well we were just you know it's alright what if you didn't know and all of a sudden the room started sort of shaking and we didn't know you don't really know
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what it means to make what you did it doesn't register straightaway that until being killed every everything's moving in the chandelier was shaking in there and the kids were saying that's an earthquake that you have heard and now we're not although i was sitting on my share and i don't think weight issues will be a word for it and they will realize. when we run out of. the quake triggered fires power outages and damaged roads minor injuries we're also reported . and it was the 2nd to strike the region this week the 1st came as americans were celebrating the 4th of july experts are urging residents to be prepared for earthquakes of all sizes. so this earthquake is yet another opportunity for people to be aware that there will be a big earthquake in southern california it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when but the really important thing is just not to prepare for the big
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one even these moderate earthquakes like the one that happened yesterday in ridgecrest can cause damage. the anxiety has reignited fears of what's called the big one a predicted catastrophic earthquake the san andreas fault line runs through california the statewide warning system is currently being created to inform residents of impending danger. it's display now where the annual with festival of something mean has kicked off better known as the running of the bowls the 9 day celebration in the northern city of pamplona attracts hundreds of thousands of business every year but it is a controversial event hundreds of dead devils run through the. treats with the bullies before the animals of them killed in a bull fight animal rights activists have staged a protest demanding the bullfighting be banned.
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and i'm joined now by the report in the colorists who's following the story for us nicole a lot of controversy around this event why is something that apparently said to those around animal curious cruelty still allowed all some might argue it's just spanish tradition and culture heritage this event has been there for hundreds of years originally celebrating some 30 mean that's the patron of on phone or and then they fused in the running of the bulls because cattle farmers would move their animals from the countryside to the city to take part in the bull fighting so that's one argument but i think the biggest argument here is that some for me is a huge cash cow that brings $74000000.00 euros per year to complain or that's all through people joining the celebrations that we have lots of spanish tourists and also lots of international audience all come to see these balls running and maybe take part in the in the whole thing and then get hurt because that also happens a lot and so money is a big factor here also for the cattle farmers because once the bulls have taken
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part in the running then they're taken to the arena being filled and then they auction off the meat so it's all about the money i guess you know taste so again as we were mentioning earlier they have been significant protests by animal rights activists is this kind of resistance these protests about what as you say is a very old tradition as a having an effect do you think you can certainly say that there is a shift in spanish society i mean if you look at the statistics there is 84 percent of young spaniards saying that there are unhappy about spain having the tradition still there if you feel ashamed of their country and there has been a 60 percent drop and go fighting events across the country in the last 10 years the regions. spain have banned bullfighting catalonia for example or very early in the ninety's cannery islands as well so people are really tired of seeing the balls being chased through the streets and being killed in the arenas whether we see this
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change in san fermin soon as a still up to discussion because there has been thoughts of canceling the bull fighting and killing the bulls at the end at the end while the farmers have pushed back to ready and have that have said. no running so there's still this dispute but i would very likely say that you can also celebrate with your friends and your family like all those people do over the 9 days without balls so maybe the resistance will also reflect on something i mean is that some point that we shall see nicole or us like so much. cycling's biggest race the tour de force is underway for the 1st stage was won by dutch writer mike between us and from the jumbo business business team he took advantage of a big crash that caused mayhem near the end of the stage that was taking place across the border in belgium twin assen is the 1st dutchman to lead the race in 30 . and to the women's football world cup now in sweden have taken 1st place at the
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tournament beating england 2 watkins talk us through this i'm joined by tom donnelly from sports talk sweden have the consolation of getting the brawls the bronze medal have to tell us all about it yeah they've won the prize this angeleno footballer wants to win his 33rd place of course but it's still better than nothing and it means that one of the 2 teams who get to go out on a victory now and they're going to that's when on something of a hard of course now they went in front in the 1st half thanks to kosovar us lonnie . shortly afterwards they then double. stops. and producing the 2nd goal which was actually one. thing and pull one back shortly after that through from chess because he and they subsequently had another goal disallowed by the v.a.r. but what happened in the 1st call no reaction just because. in the 2nd half and
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then that is how things ended now phil neville the england coach said that when you've been trying to get him self motivated for this game. a colleague mentioned to him look it's only a bronze medal but if you hold it in a lot it looks a little bit like goat unfortunately he's not even going to have that pleasure but there's a positive in there for his swedish part and always the silver lining now the courage on peahens the u.s. to taking on the netherlands of the see in the final tomorrow but there's been something of a scheduling oversight as an absolute yeah there are also 2 men's final is taking place on the same day tomorrow that's the fun of the gold cup between mexico and the usa so both usa national teams in action tomorrow and the final of the cup america between. brazil and peru now this is obviously something of a distraction for the spectators from the women's world cup final which is the world cup final is the biggest and in football it doesn't really suggest that the women's game is how it is held in such high his statement by the responsible plan is now in the case of the corporate america that's the south american football association combo and concord caf in the case of the. gold cup now the boss of
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congress months early on he was also about this recently and he said he admitted that it was an oversight it would have been a mistake it wouldn't happen again then said ultimately for all the monsters of the calendar. you know start young players do exactly with whom the buck stops either way. there's been quite a bit of criticism of this party decision as you can probably imagine on meghan rypien oh star of the u.s. team is among those who are less than thrilled with a stunning oversight this is what she had to say when she was asked about it today now in this terrible scheduling for everyone don't you guys feel disrespected by that i mean as you know as someone who works in football as someone who plays in football that's a terrible idea to put everything on the same day in every way especially i mean obviously there's you know there's 2 other finals going on but this is the world cup final. you know this is like cancel everything day all right so tell the
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netherlands will be starting as underdogs and they could be without. yeah that's right mika matson's had to go off half time in the semifinal against sweden with the injuries she's a little bit of a doubt for the foreign oh she's been crucial for the netherlands so far in the tournament not least in their round of 16 game against japan which is called both goals now that was a guy that was i mean the netherlands were really under siege the entire game. but they weathered the storm of japanese chances and she scored both goal is to send them through so it's going to be quite tough for the for the netherlands if she if she doesn't make it they all of course no doubt underdogs going into tomorrow's game still european champions however and they have called themselves away to the finals just be hoping to be underestimated by their parents john i think so much. it watching t.v. news live from berlin we will leave you with some of the newly named wonders of the world the un's cultural organization unesco is missing right now to decide which
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places should be palsson the world heritage list here are some of the places they've already added thanks so much for watching and enjoy. the league's elite. team. which you have to get through the bundesliga break without a football 6 think again. the. emotion. that swings tonight to. the results here at long d.w.t. .


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