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experience and explore pass an eating world cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage 36050. 60 w. news live from berlin iran's nuclear deal on life support us duran announces in full now violet a key component of the agreement a year off for the us. tehran will it raise your regular richness in richmond levels no significant market in the deal that is meant to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons leaders say they remain open to diplomacy also coming up.
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i hope to see the protest leaders bring tens of thousands to the streets again in hong kong this time to get their point across to shoppers from the mainland china also on the show if you're a fan of the underdog the netherlands is your team in today's championship game the women's world cup you expect it to be just some u.s. fun anything can happen in a cup final. i'm as welcome to the program iran has warned that it will begin enriching uranium beyond the limits set by its own raveling 2050 nuclear deal with world powers at a press conference iran also said that in 60 days it would reduce its commitment.
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without giving more details unless the pact signatories moved to protect it from us sanctions tehran says it comes a year after president donald trump unilaterally withdrew the u.s. from the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear program that has led to heightened tensions in the middle east raising fears of a wider conflict that could engulf the region vital to global oil and gas supplies . i'm now joined by markus khan from the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the studio monitors let's let's talk about the technical aspects 1st the breaching the limits of your ania enrichment what does it actually mean their original question is a cornerstone of the trip c.p.o. into drawing complex comprehensive plan of action under this regulations are and is restricted to in their original level 3.67 percent and indicated that it would be ready to enrich until 5 all you 20 percent and 20 percent is
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a critical junction here because from 20 percent on words you could talk about nuclear capable your and would then be used for a nuclear weapon what is the ron hoping to achieve here i think we have to keep in mind that it has no will not legally withdrawn from the from from the agreement like the united states has done one year ago so my point would be some kind of playing with a regulation than some kind of violations of the agreement so my on our lives as would be is more political signal a political signal to the other signatories they it's the europeans germany great britain france china and russia to step up their efforts to keep a rainin around in within the reman meaning for the thank you to facilitate the benefits of the agreement being trading oil. that that signal apparently has been received by israel they've been the 1st. to react at 7 listen.
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iran has violated its solemn promise under the u.n. security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level then which one of your enemies is made for one reason and one reason only for the creation of atomic bombs. the leaders of the p 5 plus one promised and committed to snap back sanctions the minute iraq did it just. where are you. strong statement there from the benjamin is and. can this deal be safe and what could be done to save it i hate to say that i had to say it but i'm afraid instead it's not legally dead yet but i think the the signs at the wall are pretty clear that the unless the europeans are capable of providing the benefits of the agreement meaning facilitating the right of oil and financial means were to come with aid to iran i think we're going to see that legally around will
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withdraw in the foreseeable future maybe in one month or 2 months what does that mean with this brewing conflict for this growing conflict with the u.s. i think it will accelerate the tensions within the region with around leaving the green sanctions will snap back international sanctions which then would be applied by the other signatory states as well and we were basically back before to the situation before 2015 without any agreement and that would raise the concerns about orion for pursuing the nuclear power to a nuclear weapon. on the german as you sense a national security fest and i'm very much. in hong kong tens of thousands have been marching against the territorial government again this latest rally ended outside the train station linking hong kong to the chinese mainland and the activists wanted to raise awareness among tourists arriving from mainland china about what they consider anti democratic policy proposals the protests were sparked
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several weeks ago by a bill that would allow hong kong to extradite suspects to mine and china the government put the bill on hold. are now joined by didn't use much he has but who is in hong kong what he has on monday is similar protests has turned violent protests as ransacked alleges that as to what is the atmosphere like like right now. today is completely different. you can see people are quite unhurriedly marching on the roads they have that the awful march has already ended some young people are out here again they are blocking some roads they're blocking the traffic on some roads we've seen some stand off some verbal stand offs that involve the finest companies swearings but no physical violence with the police people are still angry at the
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police but this march today was meant to be to signal also to the authorities and to the broader public that despite monday's events protestors still stand together and they are not taking a violent car what exactly are. the people trying to achieve. well it's quite hard to say at this moment the original aim was to scrap a bill that would allow for extraditions to china this bill has been postponed people are not happy that it has not been off issue really scrapped but the issue has become much broader after. a police operation that dispersed protesters in a way that was perceived as extremely and unmeasured leave violent people angry at the police now they are demanding and in the city geisha and into the police tactics that day and action that day and people are of course unhappy with hong
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kong system of governance that's at the basis of all of this people want a greater say in politics they feel that their government is not relying on the people that it's not it's not responsible to the people but to beijing to the opaque system in mainland china and this is what drives people onto the street today basically they made the statement that they are not backing down on any of their claims and demands but he has been in hong kong thank you very much. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world greeks voting in a general election today and opinion polls suggest that opposition conservatives are likely to take over from the left wing party of the prime minister. comes as the country is emerging from a decade long financial crisis. another rescue ship in the mediterranean the german boat island cordie with 65 mile ones on board has been denied docking access by
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malta more than half of the rescue easy unaccompanied minors ship is at sea after italy's refusal to let a dog on the island of lampedusa. across europe hundreds of thousands have marched for gay rights as the l.g.b. team movement celebrates its 50th anniversary organizers of the london tried parade are calling it the largest and most diverse celebration so far huge crowds also joined marches in other european cities including the spanish capital madrid. the curtain comes down on the women's world cup in a matter of hours with the united states aiming to defend their title against the netherlands in the final in lille our correspondent moody is that. apparently we did not get that line sorted out to ali
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and we're going to just waiting for my producer to tell me what we're going to do next the england team and the very same competition we're left to rue yet another controversial intervention by the video referee in the 3rd place play off again in nice phil levels side hit back once after going to goals down to sweden in the 1st half hour only to be denied a crucial 2nd goal. the penultimate game at the women's world cup offered consolation to 2 teams who appeared genuine chances to sing on the big stage sweden settled 1st to take advantage of an england era with just 10 minutes gone. as loni with the 1st before the breakout star of the swedish side sophia jakobsen
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extended the link. adding to her growing highlight reel from france as england looked desperate for a spot to finally ignited by stiff friend could be but the stunning solo with. the linus's could suddenly smell blood again and look to a draw level with the opposition only to come face to face with the toughest opponent of the tournament the video assistant referee helen white for oil does video killed the football star for a 2nd strike match and the sweet finish 3rd. and the final of the women's world cup takes place in just a couple of hours the united states i mean to defend that title against the netherlands it's the 1st time the dots have ever made it so far in the tournament they go into the matches underdogs against the mighty american spot they won't be intimidated by the size of the challenge ahead. there can be no questioning the
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quality of the support that the netherlands have enjoyed in france but sunday's final won't be won in the streets or the stand your reigning champions the usa are in fine form so far no opponent has posed this squad any great threat they've cruised to the final at the canter it's no wonder they're feeling so confident. we have that sort of undying dying confidence in ourself always whether it's a 4 game or you know a sprint test or could have world cup final whatever it may be a stiff task for the netherlands could be made tough by the potential absence of midfielder martins an injury headache that coach serina vague man could do without still ahead of the biggest game of her life the dutch boss seems strikingly serene we have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and that's how we approach every game the expectations are different now. the u.s.
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is the favorites and we are on a dark and we are fine with that as indeed all the travelling supporters. their idols are just 90 minutes away from the biggest prize in the game. final of the copa america later on sunday between. peru the brazilians are favorites and say the title of the peru could surprise again interestingly enough brazil have reached the final without their star neymar who is sitting at the tournament because of injury. into rachel rio de janeiro brian peru trained one last time preparing to end the copa america drought it's hard for most trying to see anything other than the sand boys saluting in the final but even on hunting if the brazilian style is
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a weary. no methanol with it is the final and they deserve to be in the final they eliminated teams that are directly stronger than our opponents we beat parkway in argentina but they eliminated europe way and chile so we need to have a lot of respect for this one has been produced with. the previous meeting between the 2 was lost so i added up the hum saw this missing one key ingredient. please just. go to clearly if neymar were here it would be better for us and we will have a player of such a quality of it will fill the world renowned and who's brazilian a great player who would help us a lot but he's not here much of it we need to get over this and why we have to make the best out of it get over the difficulty system that's about it and put our stamp on the game. and that's about. brazil it will be any 2 we need to 9th copa america title when the final gets on the white on sunday in rio.
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you're watching news live from then then we leave you now with one of the unforgettable songs of fall joe basso pioneer of the bossa nova so good musician died at his home in communication and they are. listening to their new so. he takes it personally are you ready with wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than such online.


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