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if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. list. the streets. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes that have been a is found guilty of war crimes because these rebel chief estimates of the sexual enslavement of the i.c.c. also on the show. african leader has launched deadlock is she remains in a well that's worth $3.00 trillion dollars the colosseum going to continental free trade deal benefits the africans like you and me.
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you're welcome to the show. now he's been found guilty of rape and sexual slavery as head of a rebel army in the democratic republic of congo international criminal court has convicted. of 18 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes his brutality and him the nickname the terminator. is only the 4th presence because of war crimes by the i.c.c. . he calls himself a revolutionary and a soldier but judges at the international criminal court found bosco to gondor is a war criminal who both commanded and committed horrific acts against civilians and child soldiers is after a 3 year trial to gondor was found guilty on 18 charges coming early to 4th person ever to be convicted of war crimes by the i.c.c.
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for the reasons i just summarized the chair having all of the evidence but isn't it by the part this finds you as. one guilty of murder ascribed against humanity guilty of intentionally direct think again civil defense as a war crime and guilty of sexual slavery as a crime against humanity to go on to lead a rebel army that fought in the gold rich he toured the region in the democratic republic of congo's ne in the early 2000 observers say tens of thousands of people suffered under his command human rights watch documented some of their stories. i was 11 years old we were playing when buster took on the soldiers abducted us and took us to him. we were tortured to toughen us up.
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he was brutal to me. you know when you gave me by raping me. despite an international arrest warrant to gondor went on to become a general in the congolese army yet he lost power and in 2013 he surrendered himself to the i.c.c. to gondor now awaits sentencing he faces up to 30 years in prison. so could this be an economic game changer for africa it took 17 years of tough negotiations or this weekend the african continent over free trade area was born it's a trade zone that will unite 1300000000 people and create a $3.00 trillion dollar economic block $54.00 of the $55.00 you member countries signed on to the deal at the weekend i would try to assess it still thinking about
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it and design or from july 1st 2020 to give nations time to make the necessary preparations at the moment african countries treat only about 16 percent of the goods and services amongst each other that's compared to 65 percent if you would be in countries by the african union estimates african trade will increase by 60 percent in the next 3 years thanks to distil challenges remain toll for rude's on the rule the lines bolland's hits areas strict border controls and rampant corruption will have to be dealt with to make this continental featured zone is access joining me now is johnson trickle managing director. management limited an investment banking firm based in lagos nigeria now justin thanks for joining us so this trade agreement has been called a potential economic game changer for the continent but what is the benefit
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for ordinary africans like me what do we get from this. well thank you for having me when i'm in africa afrikaans which is i mean when you start implementing double question if. you actually pointed out that you need. to make. plans about. the next couple of months and what it's believed has meant in the. production of most companies look at them africa so that they cannot. market and. women. will actually this size of my mind in africa. because you might add that you haven't got to be on that what you have got to do you have
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enough of the ignition. you have 55. ok now now africa's largest economy nigeria has signed up to the deal but yes still very skeptical about what the major concerns of this deal. this is going to be in. africa on the best. information. that africa. to be granted that that was made in africa and. look. what i have done isn't it. that you could actually walk in. the country. i believe. and i have provided. now for cars always one tad high on negotiation with all i stick obviously one
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tile we're still negotiating now how will this deal stranding africa's negotiating on the international stage. well africa when i'm come it's been good for them good luck. with the 1300000000. about 3 point clark the last. time they picked up the. prince and i meant come in to be still after that mean that we can't buy again. and then pop. back with. a few advantages that are going to do. just thank you very much spare time. now unorthodox stop taking africa by stole 10 you're all they need the entertainer as surfing is superstars we were happy for being on songwriting talents we can have
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one of my dearest on the continents. now that. the international scene. needs 10 years of talks and one of the biggest names in one year is booming music industry 26 year old has never been scared to stand out she says confidence and believing in what she does is key to her success. if you don't have the mentality. of. success. i don't know just how you should be but i don't want to be like that going to be me it's a terrible thing to see along with a striking stage presence that's making have found favor and music festivals like to be fast a major event on the lagos cultural calendar to be models. that excitement like the
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music. on the radio and it's just as good if not better. i got. sick sex in the music industry has also turned her into somewhat of a feminist icon with her uncompromising tomboy style she's hoping to pave the way for other female artists however they want to express themselves. as a lot of. days. since it was possible to keep any come close to date. with more than a 1000000 followers on instagram and how you choose video is racking up tens of millions of views tenney the entertainer has truly asserted have presence african music scene. still the international market and she's got her sights set on one day
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filling london's wembley stadium. there were mouth watering clashes over the weekend in the after cup of nations in egypt the host fell to south africa on the fairy tale is continuing for. the now march on to the quarterfinals of the beating. defending champions cameroon also lost 3 to 2 to the super eagles of nigeria joining me now is that of used isaac mugabe who is a sports fanatic and has been closely monitoring the competition many thanks for your time to see you now how do you expect south africa to kick out egypt's. well it partly has but you know but remember you know south africa has never lost egypt from egypt but if you look exempt had the advantage of the home grown under that south africa were prepared to you know start bucks to make sure that you cited about fun about fun and is prepared for that big head playing in front of him with
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grown in cairo we're talking about people who love football whether it's at a club level or at national level so depressing when we did south africans played they weren't going to executing the moves when it came to defending really after the 1st round you could see that that really dominating that managed to keep the likes of most i mean just to get that base percentage 20 and and then if i allowed to go behind them that's closing speed at which you can take off is terrific so they didn't want to make take any chances no look they don't go that came out of the much by the 4th minute from launch this is a young boy who has proven to be a young talent at club level and he's shown that even at national level he can really deliver when moving on moving on now going on today isaac moving on now what's any one of them seem to come to say no more about what about not augusta seems a fairy tale as continuing progressing the progress of the quarterfinals. yes many
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people underestimated my guts got especially during the group stages when played to this but because of nigeria it's a disgrace to disappoint you goes with the gift of 2 goods you know just to be tense and this proved that ok if you think that your country we are going to show you what you have said to them in terms of interrupted yeah born i don't believe in this. saying of the and i don't disagree it's not but i guess that showed that she did not do that builds and that obviously it's about you because so dear a c. was cautious you know it when you vote because i think it beats you did you know them go for you go well common defining sometimes i've also been kicked out my giraffe aggress but by the way before you go isaac i know it's still an e. to ask about who's your money on to lift the trophy. i think i generally have quote go there to find those i guessed maybe south africa cynical but at this stage like i said you can never know who really we dystrophin
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special that or defeats your ticket but more record egypt have been kicked out we don't know who is next you know one can go in one can take it ok isaac. africa many thanks for your time. that's the fun hour from news africa see you same time next time. for now. it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about i don't do this because we can't stay in venezuela i'm not i don't know the place that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for minds. go to the euro max you tube channel. a good line of stories. with
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exclusive. must see concerning. your own. to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe don't miss out. on welcome to news from the world. well be looking at the unusual history of drones in an exhibition in southern germany. in a production of cheney's tour and thought. and in our continuing series 101 must reads a novel cold why we took the car. drones
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have become really popular in the last 10 years due to technological advances which meant they were easier to control and at the same time federal aviation authorities began to give out commercial licenses soon you could be getting your post and certainly your possibles delivered by drone however an exhibition zeppelin museum in friedrich solving in southern germany shows that drones in some form or a been around for centuries. the 1st drone in history launched a frenchman into the sky in 1783 of the landing in paris the hot air balloon was attacked by an angry fallenness there was the funding but they had no information whatsoever about this experimental voyage they thought the hot air balloon was some sort of saddam or something mysterious in any case something so the frenchman and his hot balloon were to be dangerous and the balloon was destroyed no.


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