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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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d.w. . this is g w news wife of from berlin tonight iran in violation of the nuclear deal inspectors confirming that iran has upped its enrichment of uranium a move which reaches term stipulated in the 2015 nuclear deal iran says it can reverse course if europe protects it from he was also coming up tonight he ordered the rape and murder of civilians and forced children to kill mr turner international criminal court in the hague finds former congolese warlord paul still
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to go guilty of crimes against humanity and a mammoth restoration project gets underway in amsterdam dutch experts begin work to clean up at the rim brands to celebrate the night watch and they're doing it all . in front of the pub. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us world leaders are expressing concern tonight at iran's warning that it is now enriching uranium at levels forbidden by the 2015 nuclear deal the international atomic energy agency confirmed tehran's move today from seeing hand-wringing in europe and huffing and puffing in washington with the nuclear deal now all but dead iran's decision has added to spiraling tensions between the country and don't trump's white house.
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oil tankers on fire in the gulf of oman a massive u.s. drone shot down by tehran the wreckage proudly displayed on iranian television a seized a rainy an oil tanker suspected of violating sanctions. the tensions were already sky high in the run up to iran announcing its latest move in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement that was supposed to provide sanctions relief in exchange for restrictions on tehran's nuclear program but now iran says it's enriching uranium beyond 3.67 percent the threshold allowed by the agreement and threatens more moves to come other percent enrichment is an option even enrichment higher than that is an option is are all options but at the appropriate time. speaking via satellite israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it's time for the world to
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get tough with tehran. the whole american drones are firing missiles at their neighbors and it's important to respond to these are not going to reduce in the press. but by increasing the press we should go after iraq was aggressive. this latest escalation started when u.s. president donald trump walked away from the agreement that his own country had been instrumental in crafting he said it wouldn't stop tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. on monday vice president mike pence stepped up the rhetoric. iran's should not confuse american restraint with a lack of american results i believe to the best that the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect our interests and protect our personnel
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and our citizens in the region we will continue to oppose iran's malign influence we will continue to bring pressure on their economy and under president donald trump america will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. analysts have warned that in the current atmosphere any mistake on miscalculation could quickly escalate to open conflict in the middle east for some analysis now i'm joined by simon mabon he's a middle east analyst from lancaster university in england it's good to see you again so we've heard what the u.s. vice president is saying but can you tell us because we're not hearing it from the white house what is the u.s. strategy here is there an end game with iran. i think it depends who you us which member of the us ministration that you us canucks fundamentally
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the problem is if you talk to someone like the president always key advises such as john bolton then you got a very different and game $2.00 to $2.00 other voices we know that trump and bolton have both been incredibly different towards iran we know that that their end game is to suffocate the the islamic republic to put as much pressure on on the iranian state as possible but we're hearing a range of different and in many ways in cone grew and less just coming out of the u.s. administration from the different branches of it that did up top slightly more hopeful that the europeans can exit said that more influence and bring the rand back to the negotiating table so i think there's a great degree of of confusion perhaps but also ringback perhaps just many different ideas of what the end game actually is so it's just contingent on who you ask and when you compare u.s. policy towards iran with u.s. policy towards north korea you've got 2 completely different pictures they are
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you've got north korea which has nuclear weapons being treated being legitimized by the u.s. president and iran the total opposite do you think iran is maybe thinking that it too can become the next north korea. well perhaps i mean north korea has shown that by testing a nuclear weapon it can exit a great deal more influence on the world stage and and try and circumvent the isolationism that it's experienced in recent decades but let's not forget the iranian case is dramatically different it's a signatory of the number of ration treaty but it also exists a great deal of influence across the region broadly and that's incredibly different to north korea so iran has numerous cards to play in this game and it's this regional influence that has been a serious cause for concern for many in washington but also for key u.s. allies in saudi arabia and israel so i think it's dramatically different but north
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korea has certainly shown what getting hold of a nuclear weapon can do well i should just stress that the iranian leadership has vehemently denied that that's what it's trying to achieve that is the is true we know that the french president is sending his top diplomat to tehran tomorrow to try to salvage this deal and to deescalate the situation we know that the iranians want the europeans to deliver something that many people say is impossible that is protect them from these u.s. sanctions is it feasible for the iranians to demand that from europe. well if we think the europe is played such a key role in getting that deal off the ground again the nuclear deal is to a comprehensive plan of action off the ground european states were integrity in making this happen they were the ones responsible for this diplomatic effort to actually bring iran in the u.s. to the table and getting the deal over the line so i think it's not particularly surprising that iran is trying to put this pressure back on europe and whether
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europe can pull it off remains to be seen i'm not entirely convinced they're not entirely confident that that is able to do this to able to exert pressure on the united states or indeed to get russia and china 2 of the other key states in all of this to play ball with with iran using this this new financial mechanism that there is far too many variables but europe certainly has an important role to play although i doubt that it's going to be able to do everything that teheran wants it to do. so i mean maybe in the middle east analyst in lancaster england joining us tonight simon as always we appreciate your insights thank you thanks for having me . and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world ukrainian president hold'em is olinsky has met e.u. leaders in kiev for the 1st time they discussed the conflict in the eastern part of the country so when he says that ukraine is moving towards a sustainable ceasefire with russia russia is backing separatists rebels in the
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east of ukraine new york prosecutors have charged billionaire financier jeffrey at sting with sex trafficking authorities say that he exploited and abused dozens of girls as young as 14 epstein has long been a high profile figure with links to u.s. president donald trump and former u.s. president bill clinton police in the turkish capital ankara have clashed with a student demonstrators they had gathered to stop a plan to bulldoze an on campus forest in order to make room for dormitories protesters camped out for almost 2 months saying that the plan would produce an environmental catastrophe. germany has no plans to send ground troops to syria the comments from government spokesman stephens i've heard of followed american calls to germany to be increase its military involvement in the fight against so-called islamic state says that berlin will continue to support the u.s. led coalition without deploying ground troops through the international
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criminal court in the hague has found a former congolese warlord guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity it has to do with crimes committed in the country's north these dating back to 2002 bosca the gonda was charged with a series of crimes including directing massacres of civilians and ordering the rape of men and women to go on to maintain his innocence throughout the trial. he calls himself a revolutionary and a soldier but judges at the international criminal court found bosco to gondor is a war criminal who both commanded and committed horrific acts against civilians and child soldiers has after a 3 year trial to gondor was found guilty on 18 charges the coming early the 4th person ever to be convicted of war crimes by the i.c.c. . for the reasons i just summarized the chair having all of the
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present there by the part this finds you as. guilty of murder ascribed against humanity guilty of intentionally direct effects against civil defense as of war crimes guilty of sexual slavery as a crime against humanity to go on to lead a rebel army that fought in the gold rich the tour de region in the democratic republic of congo's ne in the early 2006 observers say tens of thousands of people suffered under his command human rights watch documented some of their stories. i was 11 years old we were playing when bosco tag on the soldiers abducted us and took us to him. because. we were tortured to toughen us up.
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he was brutal to me. allies me by raping me. despite an international arrest warrant to gondor went on to become a general in the congolese army yet he lost power and in 2013 he surrendered himself to the i.c.c. to gondor no awaits sentencing he faces up to 30 years in prison. it is one of the world's most famous paintings were in brent's night watch it depicts a 17th century civil. when elvis masterpiece is undergoing what's being called a live restoration at its home in amsterdam rights museum visitors will be able to watch the process live as it happens. the night watch is one of the world's most closely studied paintings it's no secret that rembrandt put himself in it and experts agree the golden girl in the middle bears a resemblance to his wife saskia but what other secrets does the work kind.
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imitation makar exodus through the senses fluorescent scanner should give us some answers that west scanning the whole image bit by bit to find out what's in it is very elementary for barracked for example it can tell us about the painter rembrandt use and how he used it. and that that intention slight on his working methods. on the head of. this ghana also reveals the changes that have been made over the last 4 centuries to the 170 kilogram canvas 20 research has a working inside a specially designed glass case said that visitors to the museum can follow each step did not ask is the night watch is the beating heart of the rykes museum the whole museum is built around it so we can't just rip the heart out of it that's why we're doing this in public we think this is an exciting adventure that we want to share with everyone to view the daily miti today the restoration is expected to
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take more than a year and cost $3000000.00 euros. but the world's most expensive soccer player neymar could be in trouble he didn't show up for the 1st day of training with his paris teammates neymar seen here earlier this year joint p.s.g. from barcelona 3 years ago he's recently. been linked with a return back to spain in a statement p.s.g. said that neymar was not authorized to miss training adding that it will take appropriate action. at cycling sort of france yulian has taken over the leaders yellow jersey after winning stage 3 the fringe men broke away from the rest of the field with 15 kilometers remaining he held off the chasing pack up a steep climb to win the claim that when it's the 3rd tour stage victory of his career. you're watching news up next the doors of
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a slashing 18000 jobs worldwide germany's biggest lender is struggling again stephen beard's and we'll have that and much more in just a moment stay right here i'm sure he would like to have your company. and. language course in. video and. media center.


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