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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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if during an ethnic conflict in 2002 to $3.00. wall street reacts as deutscher back lays out an ambitious restructuring plan for cutting thousands of positions and ditching its investment arm help turn the bank around and what's the plan for the future we've got full coverage. and big game hunting has grown into a huge industry in south africa but it's increasingly under fire what operation and the money behind it. this is your business report i'm stephen beard thanks for joining us ga bank shares tumbled more than 5 percent monday after the lender announced an ambitious restructuring plan with $7400000000.00 euros at the cost of 18000 jobs as c.e.o. christian saving or close the banks struggling equities trading business and shrink
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other operations significantly. investment bankers were the 1st to go entire teams were given the sack on monday from sydney to london. and could concentrate hard in the sector for years but to no avail this year it's not showing up yet another round of losses for the 4th time in 5 years the restructuring measures announced on sunday are aimed at freeing up the remaining divisions of the bank it's turning its back on its ailing international business and focusing on the domestic market. we've been planning for quite some time that after achieving stabilisation last year cleaning up the balance sheet having costs under control now we want to take the next step and that's to align the bank with its strengths and that's what we're pleased to announce today that the. bank was devastated by the global financial crisis and the share price is yet to recover. legal disputes compounded delicious problems the bank was forced to pay billions in fines for russian money laundering breach of sanctions against iran and syria and for its
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role in the subprime mortgage scandal we're e after years of uncertainty someone vester see this radical reboot as an opportunity. for dawdling around for the last few years is now over the steps are being taken to give the bank a new direction and that's what's been missing for the past 5 or 6 years from 6. even those most acutely affected the employees except retrenchment is necessary. and if i take a painful step today at least it hurts in a socially acceptable way and that can help move forward into the future then it's important we go along with it. puts a cost of restructuring at $7400000000.00 euros however it hopes that will enable it to retake its place among the world's leading financial institutions some analysts are skeptical whether the measures go far enough to solve problems and restore the one time poster child of global finance to the top tier. and let's take
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a closer look at the biggest plan cut in 2800 corporate and investment banking side earned more than 13000000000 euros of that almost 2 came from selling global equities and that's the business it's now getting out of now compare that to other big investment banks j.p. morgan earned 6200000000 euros in equity sales goldman sachs 6800000000 and morgan stanley 7.9 in other words georgia was pretty far behind now wants to focus on managing financial transactions 1st big corporate clients especially german ones and that's the global transaction banking you see there and unions back home welcome the move because it means more job security for them in fact the head of germany's the b.v. union chief called it the right direction. so german employees breathe a sigh of relief but can do it your bank thrive again by focusing on the domestic market now for more on that let's talk with our financial correspondent in new york jose luis de haro jose could have you with us do investors really believe that this
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restructuring plan from georgia can actually work. time will tell stephen but some investors are indeed referring to a plan as too ambitious and too optimistic according to analysts it's important to have in mind some of the challenges ahead for didn't plan to be successful i'm on dam the absence of a high return platform which could guarantee higher profitability in the near term and also d.l. evaded funding costs in d.m. there are several downside risks to consider here some as simple as a slow don't need to global economy which could cause to rationing credit quality and we could revenues which could affect the bank's profitability in india's regard the easy be 0 interest rate the policy is not going to help to increase profits also the reason is secure it is a crucial not to discreate ability to maintain employee motivation while regaining market share in a very competitive market so it seems as stephen their legal room for error this
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point for. and of course is that georgia has said that it does not need additional capital to put this restructuring plan in place now it's not the only bank that's tried to make it big in the u.s. the only european bank that is why do they struggle so much to be successful in the u.s. . it is a very tough market stephen especially so after the financial crisis regulations and leverage restrictions significantly shrink profit margins make it very difficult not only for european banks a trying to challenge wall street into global investment banking and rina but also for u.s. banks that solves more recently managers said hedge fund. investment bank that businesses are increasingly cutting cost cutting services from big names thanks to technology or in favor of a smaller boutique firms so it's not only european banks even goldman sachs is diversify and away from its traditional trading and of the story routes into retail
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banking and technology development so a challenging market there for everyone joining us from new york and the banks problems may have started in earnest when they tried to swim with the big u.s. investment banks but there were plenty of other missteps along the way take a look. which a bank listed in new york in 2001 after decades acquiring european and american banks it was now the world's 4th largest asset manager. steered it during the 2004 to 2008 u.s. housing credit bubble a senate investigation said later that day which a bank had helped fuel the global financial crisis by continuing to sell subprime mortgage packages even as markets collapsed in 2008 the bank lost 3900000000 euros its 1st loss in 50 years come on got it through the financial crisis without needing a government bailout but his reign was marred by several scandals before he finally
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resigned in 2012. he was replaced by joint c o's yogen fiction and i'm sure jane 3 years later jain was forced out after u.s. and u.k. regulators found the bank had been rigging the key libel interest rate deutsche bank was fined more than 2000000000 euros for the scam and fiction went in 2016. british banker john cryan took over but left in 2018 after failing to hold the slump deutsche bank shares have devalued while he was at the helm finally after a mooted merger with germany's number 2 comets bank failed to offer any hope of recovery through synergies current c.e.o. christian saving decided it was time to cut dortch of bank back down to a more modest size. and moving out of europe the game farming industry in south africa has 4 pillars live auctions of game trophy hunting eco tourism and animal
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products the whole sector is now worth around one and a half $1000000000.00 a year almost half of which comes from that trophy hunting pillar and what critics call the practice crawl and unethical many locals depend on the income and insist they're doing business in a sustainable fashion. but less than 30 minutes until nightfall south african professional hunter tony de braun and his american clients are looking for a golden will to beast if ill kloppenburg succeeds in killing the animal he will paid professional hunter 6 $1500.00 for it. is one of the estimated $8600.00 trophy hunters who visit south africa each year. having in south africa has made more variety of animals much different than what we have in this united states so it's a much different style of hiding in the united states trophy hunting alone generates an estimated 600 $94000000.00 and become according to a 2018 report by the department of environmental affairs we look for the old.
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that is not breeding anymore and that's not going to leave the in other words i'm not going to expose the conservation value of brie they've done everything that was supposed to do on this earth now they're going to america. the game industry in south africa has mushroomed over the past 20 years after legislation was passed in 1901 the permitted the private ownership of game animals. since then the number of private game farms has risen from 3500 in 1902 to over 10000 farms in operation today. well it's the only industry that south africa has a unique comparative advantages in terms of the nature of the species that we farm with as well as the natural biodiversity of south africa being the most by. country in the world. it's not all
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about trophy hunting the industry also depends on eco tourism game auctions and animal products like biltong tasty dried meat snack. healthy. but i really not. that it's easy to eat snacks to those who didn't need to get substituted for a meal. just some other consumer. game farmers are now pushing for legislation that will allow them to slaughter game on their farms which wildlife ranching south africa says would exponentially increase production for both domestic and international markets. eurozone finance ministers have welcomed croatia's bid to join the currency block calling its application a sign of confidence in the single currency ministers said zagreb had made progress in banking supervision and governance gracious seeking to join what's commonly known as the euro a waiting room that is a period in which countries wishing to join the euro keep their currency
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fluctuations within certain bounds while their applications reviewed croatia join the e.u. itself in 2013. and that's it for me and the business team. as always you can find out more about the stories dot com plus business let's watch.
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it's been 50 years since the movie minding. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon . as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he flew anything no matter how dangerous. go to the pole. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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a hero a legend born simply a human being. who was new warm strong starts july 20th on t.w. . down in the book you i know i'm going to keep. the length of. exposing injustice global news that matters w. many home runs. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes that have been a tough is found guilty of war crimes because these rebel chief is the big sexual enslavement of the i.c.c. also on the show. african leader has launched deadlock is seated at the events in a well that's worth doing point 4 busy trillion dollars how does the afghan
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continental free trade deal if it's odd not the africans like you and me.


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