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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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is the commercial space race about to see its 1st public listing virgin galactic plans to sell shares by the end of the year so could it propel richard branson space tourism company to even greater heights. also on the show france says it will tax plane tickets beginning next year and use the revenue to fund environmentally friendly transportation in the country. and the down side to the east who are crazy to european streets as police cracked down on ruling and often drunk electric scooter riders. this is your business report i'm stephen beard thanks for joining us british billionaire richard branson says his space tourism business virgin galactic will go public by the end of the year it would be the 1st commercial spaceflight company to be listed which could help it compete with deep pocketed rivals blue origin and space x. the branches company must 1st completist merger with already listed acquisition
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company social capital had a sophia which will take a 49 percent stake in the firm of virgin galactic says it already has $600.00 reservations for flights which could begin as soon as this year. and for more on this let's go now to our financial correspondent in new york yen scored a yens this seems pretty unique in terms of listings so what kind of interest could virgin galactic generate. well i mean if you want to invest into the vision of now you might get the chance because yes it is the 1st real space company going public it is by the way a pretty unusual way because they're going to merge with another company that is already listed on the new york stock exchange but with this merger automatically virgin galactic would become a listed company here on the floor the question is if you do believe the bank u.b.s. actually predicts that the market for space tourism in about
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a decade could be worth a good. $1000000000.00 sold there seems to be market. analysts make the comparison to test the company often is not necessarily profitable but you can invest into this. obviously by listing it can raise more capital for its competition how is virgin galactic viewed against its competitors blue origin and space x. . well in general it seems like virgin galactic might be the 1st of the 3 that could become profitable the company itself is saying was in 2 years the company could be profitable but if you look at the business models they have been different if you look at tesla company for example they are already in service but they're not profitable and they're focused mostly on commercial purposes for example delivering the space station and they're also aiming for mars if you look at who
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originate from amazon they're also more at this point and they're looking at landing on the moon and virgin galactic that's really a leisure trip for $250000.00 apiece if you want to hit space and virgin galactic itself is saying that it's already there and there was that here we might see the 1st flights of virgin galactic so overall busy they seem to be prepared and could be the 1st off the 3 that might turn profitable was in the near future so big invasions in the space tourism industry quarter there for us in new york. over the u.s. california allman farmers are caught in the middle of donald trump's trade conflicts last year farmers could offset the pain of chinese tariffs in part by selling their produce to india but now those sales are also in jeopardy. jake winger's family has been farming in this area for more than
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a century and has been growing omens for nearly 40 years and much of their crop ended up on tables beyond u.s. borders. this year's harvest brings uncertainty last month india impose tariffs on all men's and $27.00 other u.s. products including apples and walnuts in retaliation for the united states ending india's preferential trade status. the india towers were a double whammy coming after judi's of 50 percent china placed on aman's last year california supplies 82 percent of the world's $7000.00 growers. india used to be the 2nd largest export market in the last year became the largest because of a lot of that new product going into india that would have gone into china so going into this year it's a another greater level of concern because india was a place that sort of helped even out the impacts from the china tariffs now we see the new tariffs in india and it certainly gives formers
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a big question mark as we just are getting into the harvest season. it's a question that's likely to remain open until the end of the year when growers send their all means to the co-op for processing and export. that's when they'll find out how much their harvest is worth and they'll learn the true cost of the trade war. now to some of the other business stories making news around the world. boeing is set to lose the title of the world's biggest plane maker u.s. firm reported a 37 percent drop in the liberals for the 1st half of the year due to the pro long grounding of its best selling backs jets numbers indicate that boeing's full year deliveries are likely to fall behind european rival air bus for the 1st time in 8 years. european regulators have ordered inspections on some older airbus a 380 super jumbo planes that after cracks with attempted on the wings of some model airbus says it has identified the issue and it does not affect the air worthiness
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of the a $380.00 which is the world's largest passenger aircraft. deutsche bank shares fell for a 2nd day on wall street investors remain skeptical that a massive restructuring plan announced sunday will return the bank just ability in an attempt to rally confidence chief executive christian saving has said he will spend 25 percent of his income buying company shares. and shares in german chemical giant b s f tumbled after the group slashed its earning forecast for the year b.s.f. says preliminary 2nd quarter figures are significantly lower and it blames the impact from trade conflicts and chemicals companies are often considered bellwethers for broader economic trends. global icon of cute hello kitty now has official freedom of movement in the e.u. after the bloc find the japanese parent company send rio 6200000 euros for restricting cross border sales to trust commissioner marguerite as dogma ruled that
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sun real must allow online sales of toys mugs bags and other products featuring the cartoon cat girl between member states and staying in the e.u. france will introduce an eco tax on all flights departing its airports beginning in 2020 the new levy is expected to raise around 180000000 euros and perhaps spur other e.u. members to follow suit. one euro 50 that's how much economy passengers will soon be paying on top of the regular airfare for most flights leaving from france business class passengers will be taxed 9 euros with those flying to destinations outside the e.u. paying up to 18 year olds extra that whole sit on. france has committed to what europe is putting forward and taxing air travel there is increasing awareness things are beginning to move but this is urgent other countries we have decided to put in place an equal tax on air transport on all flights departing from france to
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have to leave our phones france is interested in more than an equal tax it's also pushing the e.u. commission to end a controversial tax preference for airlines who are exempted from aviation fuel tax something germany has also criticized the e.u. members like the netherlands are also interested in living an equal tax on flights france says it will use the proceeds to boost sustainable transportation like its rail network the country has long sought to lead the e.u. on environmental policy but with mixed success president emanuel mccrone was forced to shelve a plan to tax on diesel fuel after widespread protests by the yellow vest movement . quick convenient and hip east scooters are the newest trend on european streets but the usual traffic laws apply and of course violations are already cropping up police in the danish capital for example are already cracking down on intoxicated riders. that summer evening in copenhagen time for
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a few beers and then a quick ride on an east curator to the next place on lock it with a mobile app and away. you're not allowed to drink while you're running one of these but no i don't really know the right. and it seems that not many know how much they can drink before taking a scooter there's no limit as far as i know no idea. over the weekend police in copenhagen arrested 28 people for riding east commuters while intoxicated. it's troubling that there's so little knowledge about the rules or that so many intoxicated people just don't care. for. the limit is erode point 05 percent blood alcohol content and the fines are actually much more severe than for riding a bicycle while drunk a 1st offense in denmark carries a fine of 2000 crowns about 2 $160.00 euros the 2nd time someone's caught riding an electric scooter under the influence the fine doubles and
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a 3rd offense carries jail time. offenders also pose a risk to themselves and others the problem isn't just limited to denmark other cities in europe are also preparing to crack down on dangerous scooter drivers. in transportation new problems now to something older in terms of transportation 6 decades after the original mini 1st rolled off the production line in oxford current owner b.m.w. has unveiled a new electric version. it will go on sale the 1st quarter of 2020 at a price of $27000.00 euros b.m.w. wants more than 2 dozen different electric models under its brand by the year 2023 of the news comes after the munich based firm announced that c.e.o. khalid kuga would not stay on after his term expires in april 2020.
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and that's it for me and the business team you can find out more about these and all of our other stories online at www dot com slash business you can follow us on facebook and twitter i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for watching.
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