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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2019 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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this is news africa here's what's coming up. on education hundreds of thousands of children still don't go to school and the u.n. is wanting. to speak to an education specialist. also coming up. it's rare it's expensive and it's produced in madagascar we'll hear how the island nation became africa's. you're welcome to the show education it's a fundamental human right but a new u.n. report says it key deadline for making sure everyone gets an education is about to be missed 262000000 young people without access to school it's worse than
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sub-saharan africa and this one's changed much in the next decade says the un's education you don't see you know school to be this. funded war and violence children becoming refugees corruption. only 4 percent of young says in low income families stay on to the end of secondary school. is one country where progress is being made and has invested in education and more female teachers almost all children are now in road in school challenges still remain it's a special day in this rule school close to. the distribution of report cards the beginning of this summer holidays parents were invited to participate in the year ceremony as a way to involve them in their children's education. that i gradually managed to get on english we don't have much education we have
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a low status in life the school is good it's a place where our children develop a vision for the future so that they become independent they will help themselves and also help us develop. in ethiopia improving education is a priority the country has the world's 2nd highest percentage of the national budget dedicated to education over 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas and significant efforts have been made to build schools in the countryside but the mindset of parents is one of the remaining challenges for keeping children in school. not little i'm going to make one big issue is to find a solution with parents the aim should not only be to send their children to school they have to get involved and pay attention to their children studies you must not even at a very young age household chores often get in the way of education girls are especially at risk with a 19 percent dropout rate during the school year after that 7 of the so they have
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to help their parents are trying so they fetch the water after the cattle plow the land and the girls also have to cook shermanesque continued a. teacher is trying to sensitize parents to their children success read yet as one of the pupils honored for outstanding performance. and the 2nd in my class that i'd like to become a doctor. improving infrastructure is also crucial to ensure children stay healthy and make the most of their education classrooms are still very basic with no electricity less than 40 percent of schools have access to water with the support of an ngo this primary school now has new bathrooms as well as a library. but this remains a luxury. in the u.k. providing schools for children used to be difficult but nowadays the main problem is the lack of libraries libraries are very important in schools because students need access to general knowledge not just textbooks that will help them develop
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a culture of reading. in addition education specialists warn about the importance of proper teacher training. for. the. most difficult or more 70 percent of development displayed by. the government is that. even if it meant creating the kind of the government. and. well improvements have been made in primary schools improving access to secondary schools and addressing the persistent gender gap i needed to ensure that children like graduates have a chance to become doctors and much more joining me now is while the 5 international education specialist other west african recess in dakar senegal.
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thanks for joining us and now the un says all children should be in school by 20 betsy but it seems that education go once the mats now what are the main challenges in getting all african kids in school. yes thank you very much and i do say i think it would be really it good to meet you. in sub-saharan africa. and increasing demand i do know you when you. look at least if you don't i mean look at it in do you live alone. and the fastest growing population. by. year and the chips. are going to 10 and. watch supposed to stand there and. who are you going to be.
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going to every day. and if you don't know. if for sure to keep it down family. going to be. like santa and you. you've answered a bit of what my 2nd question was going to be to how important i was for parents so i actually managed to get the kids to school clearly a lot of education even has to go on to make them believe in the whole education system but also it's not just about getting past access to school is it because it's also important that teach at training how important is it. yeah doing it is important because when we joke when you talk about it again. if you didn't need to. before. you go but if so that's really
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a very important point and so i mean you did it no you know quality because. they're going to stand it is going to be investing in it. in education. fact and you're going to see investing in the hood you need to be very wealthy and if you. are still need. if you do act and get it. on investment you're going to be very busy i'm going to say what i think is very. future but also to have. you know our national systems exactly now now while you grew up in senegal linking to your past on experience how difficult can it be to access primary education
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yeah actually it is very very discreet and if i take my gift when i was you know he was very used to work. they do go to eliminate school so now. there have been. a lot of you didn't get to distance. the school. holidays from it. and. most of it has just ended. ok your meeting didn't need to prove you didn't see it well said thanks for sharing and pass on experience for that while if i had occasion
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specialist west african research center thank you very much. the island of madagascar is well known for its unique wildlife and its production but now it has a new claim to fame it's where the 1st and only african kaavya has been produced the business is an unlikely project in a country is set by grinding challenges bobby entrepreneurs behind the i.b.s.a. luxury foods like car via company important part in improving the nation's economy . it's a busy evening in this high end restaurant in the malagasy capital the restaurant's chef is considered one of his country's best and he's creating new recipes using malagasy caviar the 1st ever to be produced in africa. question you know. i like mixing caviar with salmon because of its mellow slightly fatty nature which
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doesn't distort the taste of the caviar i've added an egg on the side perfect. a liking gradients which are not too strong so the caviar is not affected only if nobody actually did that yet the caviar is processed in this factory 60 kilometers outside the capital after the cussing weighing and rinsing comes the all important step of salting the caviar. and forget if you really have to respect the 62nd time limit if not the caviar becomes soft because of the salt without it if you go over a minute you might completely ruin the eggs the. malagasy caviar is sold for $750.00 euros per kilo that's $2.00 to $3.00 times cheaper than is french equivalent but the producers say the quality is just as good. though you can see it's got a nice gray color. when i smell it i'm getting fresh powder and when i taste it it
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rolls nicely in the mouth i think it's good caviar. much of the sturgeon fish are imported in fertilized egg form from russia kept in carefully monitored conditions in a lake that said almost 1500 meters above sea level. or lake as a very very pure water fed only by rain water was no industrial or commercial activities in the surrounding area we also produce that the shooter fresh projects from madagascar are all natural so the fish are extremely healthy. malagasy caviar production still has a long way to go with only one tonne produced last year in a world market of 340 tons but the entrepreneurs behind the project are ambitious they want to increase their production 5 fold this year. to restore now of an
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airplane that flew from capetown to cairo but this was no ordinary plane and it was flown by some extraordinary pilots this plane was built by 20 high school students 6 of them have a pilot's license and they landed it in cairo on monday it was the last stop on a 12000 kilometer journey from south africa to meet stops in the media. yeah zanzibar tanzania and uganda given what's a very small talk's for teenagers along the way one of the pilots 17 year old son very sad the adventure was meant to quote africa that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. that's it for an hour from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website facebook page and so the next time it's i find out.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of those. things back i work at the w.


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