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this is the only news life for berlin guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison a german court delivers that its verdict on a 22 year old in iraq a man whose asylum request was rejected just convicted him of killing a 14 year old girl a case that fueled a national debate about migration and violent crime also coming up on the american has seen trembling in public for the 3rd time within a month fueling concerns over the german chancellor's health and that of britain's
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ambassador to the united states resigns amid a dispute over the leaks and diplomatic memos search him and there are came under fire after cables revealed he called don't trust in security and inept. thank you so much for your company everyone a court in germany has sentenced a failed asylum seeker from iraq to lace in prison for the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl while the case prompted a public outcry because the suspect should have been deported after his asylum application was rejected but instead he was allowed to stay in germany and kill the girl last year. life imprisonment for 22 year old shot that's the toughest sentence allowed under german law the judge said he had shown neither compassion.
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re morse foster son as mother this made it even harder i love to write on the one hand i'm grateful for the verdict he can't do anything to any girl or anyone else anymore but on the other hand it still doesn't bring my daughter back. in may last year but have raised and murder it's a santa 2 weeks passed before any trace of her body was found acting on a tip from another migrant who had been living with bashara police discovered susannah's corpse next to a railway track in a hole covered with dirt and branches the rejected asylum seeker and his family fled to northern iraq but he was arrested that and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing says sana but denied raping her. son his father said he was shocked by bashar unrepentant misfortune istic remarks as were others at the trial. the perpetrator showed no remorse
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empathy or understanding that he could have done something wrong could this was really a crime. and as the presiding judge also put it as if the perpetrator tried to blame others implying the girl was promiscuous and her death was her own fault and that he is not guilty that all. the more to improve to go. far right wing groups have seized on the case saying it shows the government's migration policy has had disastrous consequences for thora he's had denied by request for asylum and he was supposed to have been deported long ago the extent of his crimes means he's unlikely to qualify for early release. faces another trial on charges of raping an 11 year old girl. right here with me in the serious political correspondents simon young you've been there following this story very closely for us simon the court handed. down
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a life sentence is that the maximum punishment under german law yes and what life usually means in germany is 15 years and then. the prisoner can be released but if the court decides that the crime is especially serious then they can prevent that release of the 50 years and that is what has happened in this case so this man won't be released for quite a long time one of the prosecutors today said he doesn't expect it to be for at least 22 years and in fact this man is also facing trial for another crime against a minor and if that sentence were also passed and you know there could be a total he could spend at least 30 years in jail so a very long sentence the longest in fact prison sentence possible really germany right now this killing of course has sparked really
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a nationwide debate and fury as well because she his asylum application failed but somehow he wasn't deported or something went wrong in that process has there been any political fallout since this case well indeed since this case and there have been others but the government has been reviewing those procedures and in trying to ensure that people who are. you know he says solemn process has been rejected that they can be deported effectively but there are problems about sending people back to countries where there are still security problems ironically of course this man when he was accused of this crime his 1st action was to flee to his country so that rather undermined his asylum occupation i should say of course as was said in the report there the far right have seized on this case and others like it. play up people's fears about the effects the negative effects
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of mass migration into germany the government says you know this is an absolutely tiny minority of people committing these kind of crimes and in fact when we look at the whole crime statistics for germany we see that they've been continued to fall even during the influx of migrants into germany but of course a case like this will always grab headlines that's very shocking indeed while i have you here with me i want to get your take on another story that we're tracking for you because there are now new fears here again regarding germany has on america we seen shaking in public for the 3rd time within a month this has sparked renewed concerns about her health and this latest incident occurred today she stood with finland's visiting prime minister watching military honors to mark his arrival.
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some of it's very difficult to see the chancellor trembling that way this is the 3rd incident within a month yes it is it is worrying i think and you know people will last questions about this the 1st time was just 3 weeks ago also when the ukrainian new ukrainian president zelinsky was in berlin it was a very hot day and after that merkel said that she had just been a bit dehydration she needed some water and after that she felt fine but it happened again a week or so later indoors it wasn't particularly hot and so people ask questions there and it hasn't been that hot today in berlin so you know the people have gotten on my own this and people are beginning perhaps to wonder whether it could affect. work in any way. when asked about it she seemed to shrug it off and i think the see here what exactly did she say yes she says that she has been dealing with
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a problem and that she's making progress but it wasn't entirely clear what she meant by that but i suppose she's been saving medical treatment she thinks it's a contained problem she said that it would disappear as quickly as it cane and she also says she feels fine she feels 100 percent confident that she's able to do her job as chancellor there's nothing to worry about and you know you know everything is fine basically but that i don't it remains to be seen whether people will really accept what exactly i mean this is the 3rd trembling spell in a very short time span. i'm wondering will her explanation quiet some of the concerns that are growing now you know well people in germany are respectful they don't including the media by the way they don't demanding more information they don't want to see the medical records as you might imagine happening in some other countries they tend to think is a personal health problem and she should be left to deal with it but obviously each
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time this these incidents occur and the chance that hasn't suggested that they won't happen again you know there will be questions are asked and there will be concerns we know this is angela merkel's last term in office but there has been a lot of question from a political perspective about whether she'll make it to the end of that that time and now perhaps from a medical point of view as well when does her term and in a couple of years 2 years time 3 years to some young thank you greatly appreciate it. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making the news around the world. the united states wants to build a military alliance to safeguard the strategic waters off iran and yemen the u.s. says it is to guarantee navigation in the strait of hormuz and betterment dept both crucial treat route so well this comes amid an escalation of tensions between washington and tehran. us rapper and nicki minaj has canceled
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a concert in saudi arabia but she said she wanted to send a signal of solidarity with women's and gay rights in the kingdom was supposed to headline the jet out world of music festival next week backed out after widespread criticism over saudi arabia's human rights record. britain's ambassador to the united states has resigned from his post after blistering criticism from u.s. president donald trump circum derocher stepped down earlier today following a twitter barrage from trump he called their own pompous fool after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables and there were critical of the trump administration all the resulting raul has escalated now into a full blown diplomatic crisis with some senior british officials saying the leak may have been intended to sabotage bilateral relations. are at let's get you more on this story i'm joined now by our correspondent in london beer good to mosque
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good to see you appear good of course he was under a lot of pressure but he enjoyed the backing of the prime minister of the foreign minister was somehow there wasn't enough. yes though his own official explanation was that he wanted to end speculation about his role and he said he couldn't carry on his role as he would like to but there are many reports that that wasn't the real reason and that the real reason was that he didn't feel endorsed by the likely next prime minister so even though to his amazing has been standing behind him she is not long in office anymore and there is a leadership debate going on at the moment and boris johnson is the clear favorite to be the next prime minister he appeared on television yesterday in a debate against the other contender jeremy hunt and he didn't really fully endorse the ambassador and this is supposed to be the real reason for this resignation i
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know it's still early days very good but do we know who gets his job no we don't know yet to get his job we know that donor trump would actually like to have niger faraj mr bragg said here in the u.k. but he himself has said that he is not the right man for the job now really this is a very sensitive role because britain will be has to have to be working very closely with the u.s. of course as always this special relationship deep historical ties between the 2 countries but with this spat this really full blown diplomatic spat that now has reached highest levels it's a very sensitive decision that will most likely be made by the next prime minister and most likely be made by boris johnson what is the state of the bilateral relationship and how special is that special relationship today. well i mean this is really
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a big blow for it's reason maybe because she has done everything she can she could in order to well to to strengthen the tallies with the u.s. she has just a month ago faced a lot of criticism for rolling out the red carpet today on the trump with a full grown state visit and there were a lot of people here in the u.k. that were protesting against donald trump's visit and she has stood by and she has really given him the whole pomp and ceremony only to face now this really sharp criticism by donald trump not just against the ambassador but also against her own administration and her handling of threats and so it's a very big blow for trees and may and the truth is that the u.k. often breaks it which is most likely going to happen at the in this year in autumn that the u.k. will have to be really close to the u.s. because it's in need of new partners it needs to make bragg's it worthwhile if you
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want because they need to forge new trade relationships with other parts of the world and the u.s. would be the most important partner for for the u.k. so really the next prime minister has his hands full not just with brakes of the bill also to sort out this relationship with it with the united states and in the meantime we sold our know who leaked those sensitive memories that bridget marsh reporting from london thank you so very much. now it's a new york city because that city is in full party mode as the u.s. national soccer team ever turned home for with the greatest trophy in the game the world cup well the team made its way through the channel in light streets of lower manhattan financial district where the great and the good have been celebrated and tickertape parades for more than a century the u.s. team beat the netherlands in the world cup final on sunday and have been heralded as game changers for the way they push themselves and the equal pay issue in
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sport. you're washing to go unused thank you so much for spending in this part of your day with this business africa is next and i'll see again tomorrow. i'm going all out i am. going to want to. 15 years seems to me. she was the 1st man to walk on. for her.


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