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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2019 5:15am-5:29am CEST

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i have something to share. and i hear it. and i work at. it this is the news africa coming up on the program the story of a young kenyan who was recruited by al-shabaab skate and is now helping to make his country safe. the dream lives on. has been gripped by football fever as its national team prepares for the quarterfinals feature of the african cup of nations found c.b.r. team's success has made life better.
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i'm eddie michael jr your welcome to the show we start off in kenya a country struggling to deal with the effects of terrorism despite government efforts to islamist militant group al-shabaab continues to recruit and radicalize young people a 2 day conference is taking place in nairobi that by the un which aims to tackle extremist violence speaking at events the kenyan president who kenyatta called terrorist groups can see that groups and can affect a whole region he fought in the conference un chief on don't you get to visit that in nairobi that's helping young people while boyd radicalization by learning new skills and finding employment online. the u.s. is facing enormous challenges that employment is as i said in the beginning probably the biggest societies but the us as a much bigger capacity than the older generations to understand the digital world
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and to use the little tools from social media to. visit the world which means that you are much better prepared to face the challenges of more than. for those young kenyans who joined al shabaab returning home is almost impossible but some able to escape like. he was with in the kenyan city of mumbai. that paradise it's now struggling to draw in this. new group like 102 years of fighting with the terror group is now back home and helping to make the city safer. mohammad moved for nearly 2 years for the terrorist group the former christian converted to islam and went to somalia as a foreign fighter. now he speaks out for the 1st time about his radicalization and how he got away from. for security reasons we need to cover his real identity.
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from me to be childish like you see you have kids they don't go to school eat like one meal that day and. it's just been used unemployment dollars. each. and all still leave. because they don't have jobs to. grateful for. a terrorist recruiter promised mohammed $500.00 monthly to fight in somalia he accepted like many others he saw his recruitment as a job the only way to flee from poverty mohamed was then. trained in mombasa and sent to somalia you know and used to shoot 10000000 thomson to the border you stepped issue do you not that a big. event shoot up our room is one maybe number goes up
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pregnant moment they almost did i could see a baby crying mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy. and myself was destroyed. mohammad managed to escape but he was wounded back in kenya he was given amnesty. but others still undergo the same recruitment because up to date based security expert. there are people who are still being groomed. their group that are being. radicalized dead a lot of videos flying around messages flying out targeting. people that is physically the point you it's. just 10 minutes away from the mombasa city center lies key sony mohammad who was radicalized here the sony is known to be
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mumbai terror but there are people here who want to change that imad study mahmud is fighting radical priests trying to convince the young and angry at there is a peaceful islam to it as a result. from this or what we just told them that they've been getting along situation of the kora of syria the only thought that as leaders just watch as our young people suffer most of us we decided to give them the rights their protection . had in mind in a minute we have to study mahmoud tries to solve the problem of radicalization inside the community but his efforts often nullified by the police the constant raids nurtured terrorism rather than eradicating it says up to date. the government has just given the. you know t.v. and then sold them and then the national park the beaten by the by the. boards now for super disappearance is what is now causing a lot of people unlike a lot of lutes in mombasa to be more agree 52 are joining and being practical
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eyes down being on the government side and thinking about their country but mombasa has indeed become a safer place be that because of or despite the police intervention mohammed is now supporting the authorities that was the main condition for his amnesty he now wants others about the risks there is nothing like all you indicate on it find a good share only teach you on trusts. stay away from. people you might feel. a muslim. now they have modern you but you don't know where their income comes from but as long as poverty prevails there will be young africans who follow the call of money law enforcement alone will never make places like mombasa northern nigeria or other parts of africa more peaceful.
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now it's time to celebrate downs in senegal a call of down this is a new documentary film about the nation's vibrance down scene it took 4 years to make and it's zooms in on airband downs exploring the traditional rhythms and sounds so senegalese life so put your dancing shoes on and enjoy. all of them. or. so. it is with your. losses this is. what i wanted to show that precise moment when human beings dancers shift into a different world when they can't resist moving their body. be
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a through joy because of tradition being part of a group or in a competition. dance is about roots as well as about opening up when we say we talk about roots it means really delving inside traditional dance which is pure to us and opening up to the world to other dance styles. i want to show that we can make a change. thank you but through my dancing i can carry messages just like any
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influential politician in that i can reveal things change mentalities it that i can earn a living bring money in and create jobs. for decor downs moves now. by football fever malagasy national team defeated 3 times nigeria. in the africa cup of nations they will now face to the quarter final stage it's a huge deal for the island nation and of madagascar people see. has already made dreams. lots of children have now started playing football on the street it's fantastic every time madagascar when it makes me want to play more. i just want to
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play every day every day. madagascar doesn't even have a professional league but football helps people forget the challenges of everyday life about 3 quarters of the population live under the poverty line here but the national football team's success is giving them a sense of hope babies are born during the africa cup of being named the team's nickname the official football jerseys are almost all sold out in the market traders are enjoying the profits yes we are really selling a lot of jerseys probably about 1200 every day. even foreigners want them go but. potter wadda ya gotta go to the i.r.s. on remanent sue is sus and madagascar will win the africa cup but even if they don't the burress success has made a big impact on malagasy society. up front people to their success has really
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brought people closer together foreigners in malagasy are mingling more because we all watch the games together and i think it's a chance for the whole world to get to know madagascar's. this is about more than just sports team success the madagascar there is hope this will make the world sit up and take note of what the country is all about. from africa you can catch stories on our website the facebook page we leave you with more ecstatic football fans from across africa. cheering the teams on in the africa cup of nations meet my team got a result so for me the best team win the next time it's 5.
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entering the conflict zone to sebastian weeks of mass protest in hong kong showed no sign of coming to it as my guest this week is from the tong a member of the hong kong government's topics to deal so it is now except that you extradition which provoked the crisis should be scrapped now i'm so close to
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russia's obviously for the. conflict so for me to talk. troops and their forebears were brought to the ottoman empire as slaves. even today their descendants are treated like outsiders. know they're demanding change. to 60 minutes. any time any place. in. he had at the back of those. songs to sing along down to this to come back
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from super. to. take advantage because he's kind of into active exercises are you talking about that deep down you don't come slash documented on facebook in the app store. and then jam and so for a deafening. the. government has already show the bill that would be the end of it would not come back to washington every amnesty for the rest. isn't that erosion of rule of law isn't going to give me time right sort of you let me finish this is a heated discussion no no it was easy didn't it there's got to give you a chance to answer my question time to time what you said i'll interrupt and then i can answer weeks of mass protest in hong kong show no sign of coming to an end but how long will break put up with my guest this week here in the city.


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