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this is deja vu news live from berlin finland assumes the e.u. presidency and says solving climate change should be europe's next heroic act the finnish prime minister says he's been listening to young people especially those taking part in friday's for future demonstrations across europe also coming up. a showdown in the gulf of british royal navy frederick frigate drives off the iranian boats to try to intercept a british tanker but iran denies that any confrontation took place. and helstone
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says biggest foreign visit to blitz italy's riata coastline that storm injures some 20 people causes damage to buildings during the peak proceeds. and their sports stream lives on madagascar are in football fever as its national team prepares for the quarter finals of the african cup of nations. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us for the next 6 months the european union will be putting climate change at the top of its agenda finland has just assumed the block's 6 month rotating presidency in the finnish prime minister says the e.u. should provide global leadership on the issue he says it's important to take seriously the demands of europe's young people. 16 year old.
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spent many fridays traveling 2 hours each way to protest at the finish parliament holding signs pleading for climate action the climate itself wasn't too cooperative as he stood there through the winter it's really horrible in front of the it's all over the end it will be raining or snow or ice most of politicians just go by and don't even look at us. or say hello and some even come to us but says it was all worth it as prime minister until in now has declared solving the climate crisis should be europe's next heroic act at the very least it's the top priority for the finnish e.u. presidency has credited the youth climate strikers for inspiration got to thank him in person and vice versa i really. have a listen to their young. a little more yeah i think for backup
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appointed green politician picked the harvester as foreign minister to press the message in the foreign policy arena already overflowing with wars nuclear threats and humanitarian disasters harvester knows it will be difficult. and it's a climate. that the silence around the table you can hear the silence in the way that it's so surprising but harvesters says it's the activists to whom he feels responsible. actually think that power. but i think it's good we need to see the society as opposed to politicians helsinki is determined not to be a hypocrite it's maximizing sustainability minimizing everything else meetings will all be held in the capital there will be no bottled water mostly plant based meals and e.u. bureaucrats travelling to finish meetings we'll. a unique gift half
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a 1000000 euros worth of air emission offsets spent on projects in developing countries and yet lycee head of the presidency secretariat says the finnish way is not to lecture but to lead by example we want to be practical and what we promise we want to keep. says whatever finland achieves is great but that so much more is needed he'll be protesting outside the e.u. meetings rain or shine or sleet or snow. ok we're happy to be joined now by todd you're miller is a longtime climate expert x. divest an analyst for the eurozone luxembourg foundation think tank close to the german left party thanks for coming in times or having me what do you expecting from the finnish presidency of the you well 1st of all i'm expecting what has been the power for the course for european policy for the last several decades which is to talk a good talk but fundamentally not deliver anything the really existing record of
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european policy is lousy our central climate change policy how it is trading has not delivered any actual emissions reductions while creating a new playground for financial criminals and that is the main time of policy and financial criminals but but but climate c o 2 carbon trading is going on there but it is not delivering any emissions reductions and that's the central point if you look at the history of e.u. climate policy it hasn't done anything to actually reduce emissions and we're seeing a situation where. in late spring in northern germany there were forest fire is next and therefore already meant to fulfill an already now we're living in a climate change world so if i hear somebody saying we're going to climb a new 2050 that's about as relevant as telling me there's a man going to be on miles by 232030 years won't think ok well we're using the carbon trading is not working a france is proposing a flight on every plane takes off in france germany is looking at taxing carbon consumption and energy more seriously is that the way forward townsite times is the
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way forward on for consumers i do believe that a carbon tax would be a better more efficient way to protect the climate than emissions trading however you need to look at fundamentals the only thing in the last 40 years that has measurably reduced global greenhouse gas emissions is reductions in economic growth when the eastern bloc collapsed in the early ninety's that led to global emissions reductions where are you saying we need less economic growth absolutely in fact economic growth the fact that we have. an economic system that perpetuates it infinite growth on a finite planet is precisely the reason why we have not only the climate crisis but also the diet of biodiversity finds in others and the european union is fundamentally an economic growth project as a result i know that the european union will not deliver climate protection ok well climate activists have been targeting flying sometimes to really mention this as a major environmental threat in the sweetest 16 year old character to bird of course has been spearheading europe's anti flying movement that encourages people
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to stop flying by by air to lower carbon emissions but how much difference does it actually make to travel long distances by trains for example here's how it compares on a 600 kilometer journey from berlin to munich a train emits 34 kilograms of c o 2 per person with a typical car it moves up to 90 kilograms but flying pumps out a mass of 300 kilograms of c o 2 perhaps that's left many people thinking twice about how they travel. on their vacations. it's summer break in germany temperatures have topped 30 degrees celsius around the country many germans are happy to take their vacation without getting on a plane martina flicka and michelle get a car among them they've shown trips abroad on budget airlines for years. for the saudis they were dumping was it all of course i could say i take life so i can have a vacation somewhere who cares. but that's so short sighted that it's
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a terrible legacy to leave the world for the next generation was and the loss of so is it right to assume some people are taking a stand on the climate crisis by staying closer to home. to you young people leading the climate protection movement giving us a lot to think about not thinking of infantry gets a bad conscience for going away on vacation especially by plane on long haul flights but what else can you do especially if you want to see more of the world after opposite it was not a tough one for the masses in recent events and this travel agency in the city of friedrichs often is fielding questions by vacation planners are the climate protests having an impact it's off to the usually high prices are a pretty biting factor the want to travel package or a feeling is cheap then other considerations go out the window stood to e a nationwide travel agency says travel choices haven't changed that much long haul trips are as popular as ever and booking numbers are increasing analysts say they
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don't expect that trend to change it's not we're not seeing any difference it's really hard to make total sense of these numbers because you have to factor in other things like weather and the political situation interest destinations we can say that travelers are thinking twice about what. he says 3 times more people have registered with carbon offset organizations than this time last year the travel sector is counting on governments to take more action. sector you have to remember that we're talking about very large investments for example in alternative energy in the air travel industry will require political support this and if the protests are encouraging that then we hope. it remains unclear what political support should look like usually it means taxpayers should help out but taxpayers still like to travel on oil burning cruise ships and
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budget airlines. martina still couldn't they have taken the train to lake constance instead of their car no guilty conscience. yes it does a good thing people should question the rule the place i usually take the train to work instead of the car. they say they're much more flexible with their car especially with all their baggage the protests it seems haven't yet made their mark on german vacations. so what should be happening here the climate change activists extinction rebellion recently announced plans to disrupt flights to and from london heathrow airport this holiday season by using drones is that the right way forward well 1st of all the right way forward would be to change the incentives around this would be to have political decisions whereby we tax at plane fuel or reduced value
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added tax on train tickets or do not cut back on regional train lines as been happening around him for example for many many years the point is that individual decisions about when and how to travel take place in a particular framework if the framework is airplane travel is dirt cheap. then i'll probably do app and travel because it's faster than i my my my one of the hours and days are getting cut back all the time ok so raising the price of what i'm saying is that not going to start raising the price would be one option the point is we need to make collective societal decisions about how we want to behave in this world now i do think that people asking themselves should have enough life is a useful exercise it's a useful exercise not in shaming oneself as as a sexual myself i don't think that shaming people into changing their behavior is going to be a very good effective way however we are solver an ethical individual act as we can decide not to be on the i'll give you one example if your favorite luxury hotel and
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your latest nation were having its towels cleaned by it's actually exploited mine as i wouldn't want you to feel shame about going that hotel i would you want you to decide not to go to that hotel because there should be politics and not shaming presidents is the way forward taja miller climate expert activist and expert at the rosa luxemburg foundation thanks very much thank you very much and we have much more at the at our web site on the story w dot com other news britain says 3 iranian boats tried to intercept a british oil tanker near the persian gulf as they were driven off by royal navy frigate the h.m.s. montrose escorting that tanker in the strait of hormuz the frigate seen here escorting other ships aimed its guns at the arena in boats as a warning but iran has denied that its vessels tried to stop the tankers saying they were carrying out routine duties while the british government called for calm after that incident we are concerned by this action and continue to
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urge the iranian authorities to deescalate the situation in the region. now this incident comes after a warning yesterday from arraign president hassan rouhani he said that iran was ready to retaliate after one of its oil tankers was seized off the coast of draw last week britain claims that rain tanker was trying to deliver oil to syria in violation of ease sanctions. it is. great britain are the initiator of insecurity and you will realize the consequences later on the know you are so hopeless that when one of your tankers wants to move in the region you have to bring in your frigates to escort it because you're scared. that's just when i was a rain president hassan rouhani was more details on this as they come in this brief you know and some of the other headlines around the world ukraine has installed a giant metal cover over the destroyed nuclear reactor chernobyl structures meant
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to contain radioactive dust from the reactor explosion there in 1906 was the world's worst nuclear disaster. police in spain and 3 other countries have arrested 6 suspected members of a gang that trafficked women for sex they seized 3000000 euros in assets as well the women were mainly nigerian and were working as prostitutes in finland and sweden. supporters of the french quadriplegic vincent lamberto have held a prayer vigil for him in paris he's expected to die in the coming days after being taken off life support against his parents wishes he spent more than a decade in a coma. the last ever a volkswagen beetle has rolled off the production line in mexico the final new beetle brings an end to a series that began with the w.'s 1st model back in 1938 the original beetle was in production for 65 years. while this woman
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wants the top job at the european union. and she's been campaigning for in brussels germany's defense minister ursula fonda line has been on a charm offensive there as part of her quest to become president of the commission on her agenda if she's successful fighting climate change and integrating europe's own forces. walk. through the busy it's fun to lyons 1st public appearance as nominee for the e.u. commission presidency the european union's top job her priority is to speak with m.e.p. is 1st to clarify her position and gauge the mood she's meeting with european social democrats who are critical of fund a lion a conservative and i mean for she was specific on some issues but on other areas she stayed quite vague so that was definitely not the end of our discussions. fund
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a lion needs 374 parliamentary votes to get the job it's not clear how much support she'll get from social democrats greens and business friendly parties she can rely on the 182 votes from her own group the e.p. p. and possibly the european conservatives and reformists or e.c. our critics are hinting their decision on her stance on climate policy rescues of migrants at sea and the parliament's rights of initiative. in the end of london i'm convinced she's a passionate european but in some of her statements she was still quite unclear she'll have to deliver more by next week and not. from the lion has little time to engage in further talks the outcome of the secret ballot is hard to predict. 18 people have been injured that after a freak storm of huge helstone splits the town of skaro on italy's adriatic coast one woman was seriously hurt others had to be treated in hospital for cuts and
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bruises. the east coast of italy during an aerial bombardment of ice. came down here and bowls the size of oranges. further inland streets were awash. people took refuge in doorways and whited 10 to 15 minutes until the deluge had passed all along the i dreaded coast people were surprised by the sudden onset of the storm. an enormous cloud arrived there was an incredible downpour with wind rain a really big storm. the wave of bad weather also broke windows in windshields in the resort town of milan no matter team a about 200 century old pine trees were knocked down by a tornado. one woman was taken to hospital in a serious condition. the storm came at a bad time for tourists currently on the coast and it was devastating for many
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tourist operators there. was it was 3 of them and all the things i patiently built up over the years have been ruined in just 2 minutes and we had to build them. the heavy rain came after weeks of sweltering heat in italy and one day after authorities issued a yellow alert for rain and high winds in the north of the country. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show a hero's welcome for the champions new york hails the u.s. football team after they win the women's world cup. but 1st we're saying with football madagascar is gripped by football fever after a national team defeated 3 time champions nigeria to top their group in the africa cup of nations will now face tunisia in the quarter finals it is a huge deal for this nation where people are saying their team's success has already made their lives better. this celebration as if they were
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already well champions football fans on the streets of the capital singing for the national team not against to have won 3 matches in iraq and now they're just 2 wins away from the championship game. it's one of the all time fairytale stories in africa cup of nations history and the whole nation is behind them. 24 year old to the. suit is a huge fan he's been playing football most of his life but suddenly everything feels very different police took the route the team's success is so inspiring if they can be this successful it's proof that everyone can achieve their dreams. lots of children have now started playing football on the street it's fantastic every time madagascar when it makes me want to play more. i just want to play every day
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every day. madagascar doesn't even have a professional leak the football helps people forget the challenges of everyday life about 3 quarters of the population live under the poverty line here but the national football team's success is giving them a sense of hope babies are born during the africa cup of being named the team's nickname the official football jerseys are almost all sold out and the market traders are enjoying the profits yes we are really selling a lot of jerseys probably about 1200 every day. even foreigners want them go but am. i to go to the r.s. on remanent sue is certain madagascar will win the africa cup but even if they don't that are a a success has made a big impact on malagasy society. from. their success has really brought people closer together foreigners and malagasy are mingling more because we all watch the
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games together and i think it's a chance for the whole world to get to know madagascar's. this is about more than just sports teams that sets the magic africa there is hope this will make the world sit up and take note of what the country is all about. in the cycling peter sagal slovakia has won the 1st stage of the tour de france the 3 time world champion sprinter to the finish to claim his 1st stage at this year's tour well despite losing time at the top of the standings france's felipe retains the yellow jersey heading into stage 6 that's today. while the u.s. women's football team enjoyed a new york ticker tape parade as the country celebrated their team's 4th world cup victory after beating the netherlands the team was praised for pushing themselves on the field and for underscoring the issue of equal pay in sports a heroine's welcome for the champions of the world after their historic title
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defense in a moment that was always going to be about move on just. as evidenced by trump 2020 flags hanging above the crowd the larger part of which was here to dote on that darling megan rapinoe who had tussled with the president in recent weeks. it's our responsibility to make this world a better place i think this team does. an incredible job of taking now on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have in the platform that we have in this world yes we play sports yes we play soccer yes or a few male athletes over so much more than. statements like that one of a large part of the reason that rypien 0 has become such an icon for her adoring fans. i honestly i couldn't bring knight in or the mouth
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after she came out and she was and she made a statement not just with her words but with her probably just really a spot that she was a great representative of. peano's refusal to meet president trump and the team's on going fight for parity of prize money with the american men have won her and her teammates plenty of admirers many hope that this team can provide an inspiration for the next generation we are so proud of this u.s. women's team they are so outspoken and they're so brave they're also just on believable soccer players and experiencing it with my girls is really wonderful wearing the world champions crown is no novelty for the usa but this time they hope to build a legacy that will out last their current moment in the sun. well india's capital delhi is already notorious for its traffic congestion health threatening pollution
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but now residents are having to contend with a different kind of urban problem monkeys the primates have long been a nuisance but people living in the city say their growing numbers have caught city officials off guard. laxman cooma isn't monkeying around this is his job. these rhesus monkeys are terrorizing new delhi's residents no one knows exactly how many there are people here are calling them a plague and it's up to him to chase them away. so that's i've been driving the monkeys out of this neighborhood for 7 or 8 years and i use this special cool. as soon as they hit my voice they get out of the trees and run away. new delhi city government has hired 25 monkey scares in this district where lawmakers and cabinet ministers live residents here say the number of monkeys just keeps growing. the
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problem is the monkeys break into houses and steal clothes and food by the children the climb into roof terrace is an annoyance and get into the houses from the. many people in the indian capital feed the monkeys for hindus their sacred animals the monkey god handle man is believed to bring strength and fortune but the well fed simians have been making their presence felt in government buildings they tear up documents and destroy equipment but the government has a plan to end the monkey business and a lot of the name of the government is providing 800000 euros to sterilize the monk is new delhi a city administration has put out a cool for 10 doze but no one has signed up for the job yet so if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and friends now laxman kumar and his colleagues remain the 1st line of defense against the pesky primates. let's get you
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a reminder now of our top stories at this hour britain says a royal navy frigate has driven off a rein in boats that tried to intercept a british oil tanker in the gulf region iran has denied that any confrontation took place. finland's prime minister says he's been listening to young people especially those taking part in friday's for future demonstrations and is putting the climate action at the top of the european union's political agenda finland has just assumed the use rotating 6 month presence. and ursula from the line has sought to win backing for her nomination to the european union commission presidency germany's defense minister said that if elected she would focus on the rule of law climate action and improving european defense integration . this is due to be news live from berlin coming up focus on europe looks at how ukraine's new president is raising hopes for peace in the east of that
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country and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock our website interview dot com i'm brian thomas with the entire news team thanks so much for being.
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i'm. searching for identity and recognition of. turkish citizens with african roots. their forebears were brought to the ottoman empire as slaves. even today their descendants are treated like outsiders. know they're demanding change. passed on to deal.
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with them how to be done because somebody has won the highest spying if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents on the dangerous lot of the theme of the open a beautifully it would. love one son to the other one little to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story and for migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. welcome to the euro max you tube channel. like.
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to see something. to eat yourself network to. subscribe to. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm larby below thanks for joining us today it's been called the forgotten war but the conflict in eastern ukraine continues to claim lives 5 years after it started ukraine's new president a lot of resilience he says ending up fighting with program one separatist is his number one priority well the politico.


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