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that story and a whole lot more coming up next with your heart out 1st in the business africa i'm a little rock n roll and on behalf of all of us here thank you for spending in this part of your day with us i hope to see you again tomorrow evening. india. how can a country's economy grow harmony its people meant. when there are do worse look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clipper projects from europe and. the kopi india on w. coach of british. link to
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scream africa the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news it is easy town what i would say to debbie that comes from africa have joined us on facebook t.w. africa. tough times for south africa minus global trade winds deliver a blow off to blow to business oh my disputes over ownership rising operating costs busy some weakening demand for gold stealing diamonds leads to a continued contraction across large parts of the sector. and stops and rhonda it's not all fun and games as the scene struggles for recognition i'm fina. also on the show the german government wants companies to be open about coming. in the
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international supply chains board for legislators to force them to ensure human rights for their far flung workforce. is his business africa and he w i'm going to have our 1st welcome bad news from south africa's mining industry the sectors production has contracted for the 7th consecutive month it was down 1.5 percent on the year in may south africa has now lost the top spot as the continent's leading producer of gold in may that fell by nearly a quarter on the year and the decline was even worse in the diamond industry output tumbling just over 30 percent the south african miners currently face many challenges the sector suffers from weakening demand amid a worsening global economic outlook meanwhile the u.s. tariffs on imported steel have hurt the sector other countries and towards the unreliable electricity supply has also contributed to higher operating costs not a pretty picture there both for workers and investors in the big mining of
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corporations let's now speak to the w.'s correspondent erin krishna's in cape town adrian how important is the mining industry as an employer are we going to see big layoffs that south africa. since you seem to be having some trouble there with adrian adrian can you hear me you know there's some difficulty there adrian if you can hear me. ok we're going to our next story the united nations have called today world population day and says there are 7700000000 of us on the planet today and brace yourselves with another 2000000 people coming along over the next 3 decades in europe the population is shrinking but it's still rising in africa where it's expected to double by 2050 the trend will almost certainly put more pressure on the continent's
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resources unless say governments in africa need to invest more in infrastructure to cope with growing demand and create jobs for africa's youthful population. talk about africa's youthful population rwanda is ending to become africa's tech hub if you believe founders and investors around us seems to have what it takes to thrive as a tech ecosystem in a developing economy many startups have popped up there over the last decade and young tech savvy people are pushing hard to get their products to market. these young people are stars on rwanda starchild seen. they work for a software development company also missed the lab which is created a car sharing and ride tailing out for german car giant fox. working of all so again i was really pushed us to another level because you had to deal with
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a cop and it's been there for so many years and that is a good reputation so you have to vote something that is really useful for the society and for folks like that as well. the young company also has other international clients it's currently designing digital health care op locations and has developed a weapon form for an eclipse room. the technology lab currently employs 15 people. the emphasis is on professionalism creativity and good vibes. the team has been together for so long from our school so they know each other so well they get to work with each other they are just watching. and when it comes to energy and innovation the applications are far reaching rosina and with the nasally is working on a tech solution for rwanda and farmers. my idea was to develop
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a software in the hardware system that would enable foremost to automate the. so of the you know the time indoors. in 2016 was in a one an african wide competition called myth geek where young women in i.t. pitch their ideas her supposed to use oil sensors to optimize irrigation. decisions in this so it says to most of the story field in sand come on to this system in this system know that there is a need of water in there to a committed to the rigorous in. she in turn team developed a prototype and would like to go into production with the system the challenge is now to get the project financed. covering these prototypes who like to quote those who come in hope so it is really kin for us to have the investors to come and work with because you have a good product i think it's really important for governments and investors to have
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the same people in africa so that they can grow their crops in a very sustainable way in the coming months will be crucial for rosie needs t.v. will the project die from a lack of funding or could it become another rwanda success story. well let's talk about the african tech startup ecosystem with jeremy gaines is a consultant specializing in african startups and joins us now from frankfurt germany would you rather invest in a startup in rwanda or here in berlin. i think i'd go for kook kigali any day i go for lagos i go from nairobi and the fact is the growth figures speak far more in favor of african startups than berlin startups and the venture capitalist market is soon seen that i think in the last 3 years we've seen 50 percent growth in investments in startups in africa each year which is enormous i
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know that for example frankfurt fin text a looking as part of the lagos frankfurt twin city campaign to start tweeting with lagos looking to work both in lagos and in frankfurt we'll have a good chance here frankfurt is down there and i think it's on top of all else an ethical investment because it serves to help african development in africa you were very clear of that and recommending kigali and other african cities to invest your money in startups but what about the race quest and investors worry about things like infrastructure energy supply corruption is that justified. i think what you want trainer just showed is that the start ups are actually overcoming the infrastructure difficulties if i think of startups in lagos there ensuring that people can move towards more efficiently quickly ordering food all return license from their homes ensuring retailers can get their goods to people overcoming
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traffic gridlock making sure people don't waste time. i think those things make very much in favor and corruption is not something that's going to affect you now to have again thank you very much for this input thank you. many companies today pretend that they're socially conscious and ecological but if you look at the supply chains things often look very different in the textile industry very often workers in africa or asia who actually make the garments end up with a pittance and work in terrible conditions the german government is now threatening companies who sell these products in germany with legislation if they continue to fail cleaning up their supply chains. their quiet and above all emission free electric cars millions of them will soon be rolling onto the streets of germany and every battery that powers those electric motors requires cobalt to work the badly
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needed metal is being mined here the democratic republic of congo is home to the majority of the world's cobalt stockpiles mining cobalt is bad for the environment plus it often takes place under in human conditions and involved in child labor. that's why car manufacturers have started an initiative to ensure the origin of the cobalt can be traced that would also make it possible to check the conditions under which it's extracted and processed. carmaker b.m.w. even wants to discontinue its use of cobalt from the d r c. but how can companies guarantee that the whole supply chain has protected the health of workers in developing countries. can suppliers guarantee safe conditions and compliance with human rights standards. critics say not enough is being done they demand an internationally binding agreement but that could be
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a long time coming. cruise it's long been the preserve of wealthy american retirees seeking to see the world after a lifetime of work but the average cruise passenger is looking quite different these days chinese tourists are increasingly taking to the seas creating a growing market for cruise ships and the industry is responding. welcome aboard the spectrum of the seas one of a generation of new cruise liners built specifically for the asian market gone of the formal dinner dances and bingo halls perhaps associated with the traditional cruise traveler they've been replaced with robotic bartenders and other top end tech it's all in an attempt to appeal to a growing market china the u.s. remains by far the biggest source of seafaring tourists in the world there were 13100000 of them last year but now in 2nd place sits china where 2400000 people took
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a cruise ship holiday during 28 team puts it ahead of other traditionally big markets such as germany the u.k. and ireland and australia. talk up unease in china say infuse the us and for cruises is growing as more and more chinese gain the wealth needed to see the world we can see that the ships that get in that chair and there are more things like living on the ship is like living. daily living you can live on a share for days well getting caught up in the construction of bigger fancier ships is seen as a major problem particularly by environmentalists last month activists prevented a ship from leaving the german port of kill citing the large amounts of so for oxide the boats pump out to sea and communities in tom cruise destinations of also complained about their impact this a parent's near miss between a ship and a smaller boat in venice is congested canals caught on camera at the weekend this further view of the movement to get them banned from the italian city. new industry
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regulations will force cruise companies to cut their emissions next year propelled by chinese growth they'll continue to ferry millions of people to destinations all around the world including some where they're not always welcome. and that's it for me and the business africa team here in berlin for more. business news analysis and lots of back wrong stories check the w. dot com slash business and a stay tuned v.w. news hour for is next right after this quick look at global markets that's for sure .
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laundry international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week fuse at a critical juncture as its karlin it prepares to vote on a new commission with europe facing pressing challenges leadership is more important than ever will it emerge from a process with democratic deficits that are shouting from country to join us. 60 minutes. people for
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information. the fenians want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch follow us. home . this is news africa coming up on the program he's a black muslim immigrant from somalia majid magid was just 5 when he came to the u.k. now he's a member of the european parliament who says brief eugene's these they have better . need to treat people with compassion and we need to treat people with dignity nobody choosing to leave their family their homes the community plots he's been discriminated against told me and i'll be you know in my lot but now he's using his newfound celebrity status as us and musician suffice to stick.


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