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sharing children is just good decent tap on your smartphone smartphone users number sure i would. imagine the impact you and your friends are going to have together weekend and global please download the app. this is the news africa coming up on the program he's a black muslim immigrants from somalia majid magid was just 5 when he came to the u.k. now he's a member of the european parliament who says refugees deserve better. need to treat people with compassion and we need to treat people with dignity nobody choosing to leave their family their homes their community plots he's been discriminated against for being an i'll be you know in my life but now he's using his newfound celebrity status as a musician to fight the stigma. eddie
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micah julia you're welcome to the show he's a 28 year old somali refugee who fled his homeland at the age of 5 and moved to the north and bridge a city of sheffield he watched his mother being a racially abused child and his teenage years were troubled by then he became politically active at 28 my jeered was elected settled youngest and it's fast muslim a he's been hailed as a breath of fresh air by some while out as described him as an insult to the people of sheffield in me my dad was elected as a rupee and member of parliament for the green party but on his very 1st the other european parliament in strasbourg he says he was asked to leave because of the way he looked his response i know i'm different i'm black and my name is my git i don't
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intend to try to fit in get used to it. magic magic joins us now from our studio in brussels majid welcome to the show now tell us how are you dealing with the challenges of being a black muslim immigrants from somalia and a member of the european parliament you know i'm just still of if i and i'm just being me just there with me and you know this is this is nothing new it's not very exclusive sirup a part of and a lot of the same challenges i've been dealing with when i was lord mayor of sheffield or before that so yeah i'm familiar with it but to be honest with them i'm just going with them and yeah it's fine to be honest because there's a bit tricky at times but it's cool when you say you're dealing with it by just being yourself how do you mean by lynch because i think one of the hardest things especially being in the european parliament in such an establishment like that when everyone dresses the same all wherever you just kind of about the way they interact
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and behave for me the biggest challenge was being myself and been unapologetically myself and think you know what i'm not going to betray my car if i am going to say who i am because this is what got me elected so when i was standing as a and he counted it when i was loaded basically people wanted authenticity people need to see themselves in their politicians and in their representing their representatives so for me as i write this is how i stood this hour on my election and i'm in space going to be me and of course i'm respectful i just want to me in lots of people who was the point of the one and for me it's the issues that i'm out of the most inaccessible of the the climate change rather than be the immigration refugio crisis at the moment this is the issues i want to face and i should tackle head on let me take you back a bit walk where the most difficult and memorable aspects of you growing up immigrant in the u.k. . so i guess whether that be from just going off is so
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there's a lot of challenges and because clearly growing up in a city with a multicultural city and i'll be quite honest with you i would put a really diverse community where people spoke many different languages one of the be do people from the yemen people from west africa and the caribbean and it was really quite excited about course it comes on without me when i was that way whether that be through even just for the media and i honestly like the way they demonize immigrants every day that of course will have its toll not just myself on my family the way they demonize muslims and whatnot so that was a constant pressure because then people reflect when we go outside and i found what i have basically like especially when there is a lot more difficult for women because women visually look different so when my mother says aware of that scarf and they're out and about there is an easy target for them so women always have a saudi they have a lot more tougher than men now how are all these experiences added any value to
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you as the politician right now. yeah definitely grounded me this is a form of my politics all my struggles all my everything has made me who i am today and of course i reflect on now a lot of times and yes the morals and values of coming from a minority background and what my ethics that literally led me to basically becoming an m.e.p. and i'd be lying if i said you know one it's all through hard work you know hard work a lot doesn't get you far enough it's taken sacrify learning a lot like other sites such as my mother finally bring in the u.k. other fiji don't not be my friends who grant me the people of sheffield i like to meet people yorkshire at home so it's a collective thing you know and of course when i'm in the parliaments in brussels all without being straws i go when we have the way under supports and the responsibility on the love of all those people who supported me and all those
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people that voted for me now before you go how would you describe your relationship with your country of birth somalia i'd say it's a strong one because i unfortunately i still speak the language fluently even though i came to the u.k. when i was 5 my mother did a very good job of instilling the culture not just from some of the clothes i wear the food we eat the language that i speak our with my moment one not so yes so it's still a big part me to show ok now we write before you go 30 seconds refugee crisis is still going on what you make of they were treated especially in europe quickly us is quite quite disgustingly you know honesty we need to treat people with compassion and we need to treat people with dignity nobody chooses to leave their family their homes their community if they had no choice and we really need to start treating people as people and not as numbers well said and in perfect timing magic magic the green party member of european parliament thanks
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a lot for your time. thank you very much but i. now most rural households in africa depend on firewood for cooking but this is dominating the health of entire families according to the world health organization indoor air pollution kills about $4000000.00 people globally each year now in rwanda a group of women is changing vats with the help of pigs. it's far from glamorous the district team has proved beneficial to 48 year old children will come together and her family of 5. in the district in north america one most households use firewood for cooking. has chosen to use bio gas instead she mostly uses the menu from her pigs. movie at 1st i did not like the idea of keeping figs now i say can get
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a good of amount of manure from the animals from pig manure because it's a little different from calm and here it is just a whole menu so you quote. homestead is about an 8th of an acre in size the body digest it doesn't take up much space every day she and her husband collect manure and process it. first the menu is diluted with water and stirred in a kind of mix up. then the content is released into the bio digester where the waste decomposes to produce the gas. from and from going from going to. a pipe connected to the bio digest and then delivers the gas to her outdoor kitchen. i used to use for a wood and the kitchen would feel we smoke which was difficult for me it hurts your
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eyes making them red and sore. more than 80 percent of households in africa reliance firewood for cooking wood burning stoves and the leading cause of indoor pollution according to the world health organization the risks of cooking with firewood considerably higher than smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day putting the lives of millions of women and children at risk what it. says she decided to switch to bio gas for health reasons. was a feeling i like about by you guys is that i can leave something on the stools if i do the right amount of heat i can leave the food and good and do something else. then when you open a can of the wine we still might have a shot. with only 11 percent of africa using
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energy there is hope that more will be convinced to make the switch to a safer fuel source. now to the story of malawi and i'll be no busker who is using his newfound celebrity status to fight the discrimination many are being as face last throes she asked himself been a victim of violence but now with a new album and after performing with his message is more powerful than that. yes that's a roast chick one darley has used music his life to escape the violence he's experienced because he's an albino. many believe albinism to be contagious or the result of infidelity and many of benaud's full victim to the illegal trade of body parts it wasn't easy to make a living for lazarus busking on the streets of long way for small change and
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constantly feeling threatened but then an english tourist filmed him performing and everything changed the footage caught the eye of a music producer in london now lazarus has recorded an album and he's using his music to teach people that everyone is the same. a lot of people with albinism who live in remote areas aren't safe sometimes their doors don't close or lock and it makes it easier for people to come and kidnap them and then do whatever they want with them. i hope my music will raise awareness about issues around how people with albinism are treated in malawi and hopefully change things along the way. despite his growing success lazarus still fears being targeted because of his albinism and he worries about his sons to have him also have albinism who but a kickstarter campaign launched by the team that produced his album is raising
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money to build him and his family a secure house. and through his performing lazarus is fast building up a fan base which includes the singer madonna. he produced a documentary about lazarus and has called him a powerful voice who won't be silence because of his albinism voice the seems to be having an effect already. it's true that persons with albinism are invisible now society leisure is his work as a role model help society look at people with albinism as able people who can contribute equally in all spheres and we appreciate that he is raising awareness at different levels to work with. chick one daddy's album stomp on the devil will be released in september. that's beautiful a lot of this for was premiered at other tribeca film festival in new york what
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a successful that's it for an hour from the news africa to catch all our stories on our website. for the next 5 minutes by for now. turning to. and c o 2 contempt into a. it's found in flames because clothes food clogs up the. planet it's high time to reduce c o 2. made in germany.
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