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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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one young japanese entrepreneur has come up with a tasty answer. is this business and the only w. i'm proud of is welcome governments need reform to make their economies resilient says the o.e.c.d. in its annual going for growth report that has a couple of recommendations lowering inequality improving education and making the labor market more inclusive reforms in these areas could help policymakers come up with the answers to some of the current problems posed by globalization digitalization and environmental degradation emerging markets especially need more policies to protect the environment china could address its pollution problem by better and forcing existing laws and raising energy taxes says the o.e.c.d. and india could improve its infrastructure to promote the efficient use of energy and water resources. joined by thomas look senior economist at the o.e.c.d. you worked on this report he's joining us from paris thomas thank you very much for
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being on our show we've heard about china and india there which other economies in asia would you single out for urgent action. so much can you hear me. it seems we're having problems with that line to paris and we might come back to thomas a bit later in the show our next topic china's trade surplus with the us burst wide open today as beijing's customs authority published fresh important export figures china's imports from the u.s. plunged 31.4 percent in june from the year earlier amid the tile floor with washington as a result the trade surplus with the u.s. widened by a whopping 12 percent to $138000000000.00 u.s. dollars china's exports to the us also dropped during the 1st half of this year.
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now china is pouring millions of dollars in aid and low interest loans into the south pacific many think because they are looking to keep australia new zealand in check in the tiny kingdom of tonga there are signs that a battle for power and influence among the much larger nations is heating up. life moves at a slower pace without traffic lights or fast food chains snuffling pigs roam dusty roads but in a country with few jobs tongue's worry that chinese immigrants are taking over the small business sector. first of all our supply most needed chinese slave retail shops they have 99 percent chance of them. so have basically controlled what the. many fear that the chinese could be expanding their business interests into farming and construction made of beijing
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led investment drive in the region china already gave several gifts and loans to tonga the country of 106000 people i was about $100000000.00 u.s. dollars to china's export import bank equivalent to about one 4th of its g.d.p. but the chinese say it's increasing footprint in the south pacific is nothing to worry about. college. is trash. talking. nevertheless after western allies overlook the south pacific is a somewhat sleepy neighbor to his trailer in new zealand and the united states there now responding in an effort to check growing chinese influence after cyclon
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destroyed tonga's historic parliament house last year the government 1st suggested china might pay to rebuild it then new zealand stepped in and out now considering jointly funding the project. and we've reestablished i. line to paris where thomas calls logan a senior economist at the o.e.c.d. is standing by for us coming back to the always india report about the needed reform in many colonies in the world we thought about india and china that again my question which other asian economies would you single out action. oh i'm happy to be here but the country i think that is worth with singling out this is japan which faces an acute population aging problem and really changing challenge and to make the most out of it basically japan has to prepare for the
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future of work and make sure that all available talents are well integrated the job market this means this is basically addressing issues such as they were market segmentation of labor market dualism the production of fixed projects versus the rest of the labor market bring in females older workers making the conditions for them to participate in the labor market rather encouraging or discouraging early retirement rather than encouraging early retirement it also means making the japanese economy more dynamic is the demographics it's not just the people demographic it's actually the business demographics is also an favorable firms are not entering the market so regulatory simplification are allowing firms to join the market tax system that is more fabled to growth they are the major challenges facing the japanese economy similar problems in korea. that has to be addressed with reforms so much they in the report you say china needs urgent reforms needs to better take better care of its environment growth in china is slowing down the
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country afford it. china china is a very interesting case right we have a growth in china slowing of forecasts from the around 6 percent in 200-100-2020 not the same as the double digit that we were used to in the previous decade but china cannot afford not to care about the environment they said we have evidence of from various sources and it is about $1000000.00 deaths per year premature deaths because of air pollution we have evidence of economic costs of pollution in china so china needs to get its act together about pollution and things are going on it's part of a bigger problem so it's not just more ambitious environmental policy it's also law enforcement it's linked to the rule of law in china which is another growing for growth priority on in our report and also the fact that the level playing field in competition the fact that you know older inefficient performing and less environmentally friendly firms would need to enter the market whether enjoy support that keeps them on the market so it's
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a bigger problem that needs to be addressed with a complex set of policies and these are the policies we are recommending going for growth. senior economist at the o.e.c.d. who joined us on paris today thank you. well china says it will impose sanctions on u.s. companies involved in a potential to self ruled taiwan earlier this week the u.s. approved the obs to taiwan worth some $2200000000.00 includes battle tanks and missiles the approval by the u.s. has infuriated beijing which considers taiwan a breakaway province. trade tensions have driven japan and south korea part recently today fishel from both countries met to discuss their africa differences a delegation from seoul straight ministry travel travel to tokyo to meet their japanese counterparts japan is tightening controls on high tech air force from south korea hasn't given specifics about why but it followed for ian demands for
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tokyo to compensate forced laborers from the 2nd world war also on friday south korea called for an international investigation into japanese claims it's failed to fully enforce sanctions against north korea. nobody likes to see food go to waste but when it reaches its expiry date and has gone on seoul shops often have no choice but to throw it away one japanese entrepreneur is tackling that part of the problem head on now using little more than a bicycle and a website. unsold and uneaten it's estimated almost $28000000.00 tons of food ends up in japanese trash cans each year but grabbing the issue with both hands is you yes saito his innovative business aims to keep bread out of the big. head that a 3rd of the world's food gets thrown away even in japan it's not uncommon to see
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bakeries took out of around 10 percent of the bread that they make these bakeries are unhappy that they have to throw away food so i started rebate as a way of resolving that problem. through the rebate website you year connects bakeries struggling to shift bread nearing its expiring date with buyers happy to take it he also sets up shop around once a week outside a park in tokyo there he sells expiring loaves at knockdown prices around a $1.40 for one piece for $4.65 for customers don't seem troubled by the fact the food's nearing the end of its life. and on what they need it means that it's such a waste to throw food away the bread looks perfectly fine cinna for me what a good night the ones. it does though so i thought i found out about them when i passed them in the street but when i heard they were selling bread that was about to expire i thought it was a really good course something coming back every week i think their. promises any
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bread bought will still be good for 2 days later and a share of its profits goes to whether organizations that promote living sustainably. and to some of the other business stories making headlines today boeing has announced that the head of its troubled 737 max program plans to retire every glynne plant has been in charge of the project since august last year most high profile the partial since 2 of the aircraft crashed when the 50 people died in the. asian shares a mostly high after the dow hit a record high on thursday climbed above 27000 much to the delight of u.s. president donald trump in the york markets have been high on investor optimism that an interest rate scott is on the way. the british travel group thomas koch is in advanced talks with chinese investors
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about a rescue deal the proposed agreement is worth over 800000000 euros it would see thomas coke's biggest stakeholder china's frozen take control of its 2 a business the cash injection would give struggling company enough money to trade through to the end of 2020 its chief executive calls 2 proposals pragmatic but admits that the outcome management. and that's it from. slash. is next after this quick markets.
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as a date of their new life from turkey takes delivery of a russian defense system despite washington's objections the 1st shipment to be asked 400 system arrives at an average there the turkish capital ankara the u.s. wants its nato allies but it risks sanctions for buying russian also on the program . tropical storm barry closes in on america's louisiana coast it's forecast to make landfall late on friday lashing the region with heavy with dread.


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