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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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bagpipes garion a wedding is the place where you just don't drop your crap. before we set off on those journeys the great fantasy author j. r. r. tolkien once wrote not all those who wonder are lost talking of course didn't travel with a selfie stick or use any hash tags still his words have become the motto for young travellers who are anything but lost in fact they know exactly where they're going and what photos they're going to take when they get there to put on instagram now it is know it delete backed off. from the hype and the results are often destructive or just plain annoying. to be out in you apparently the picturesque glued to commute charms not only residents it's become a mass phenomenon 1st on the internet then in the real world. the perfect instagram photo unique and oh so who originally we thought cat in a window and the man kind of shut the door i don't know if you can and you forget
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that this is like a residential area we're coming to appreciate it not exploited so i think that's a big. video and photo shoots have now been banned the residents have had enough. is that if these instagram is would only spread themselves around paris more they would disturb the residents here a lot less. to travel can affect any photogenic location some people will do anything to get that perfect shot poppy field in california 50000 visitors in just one weekend this was the result helicopter also landed tourism researcher desmond he says this is a big problem for the travel sector and the environment it's not the fact that they get too many tours which is a fact but they get too many tourists who only stay for one hour to pick that picture for instagram and they disappear. well this is the biggest problem
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doesn't detract from the beauty of a place if it's exploited as a motif the troll tongue is a seemingly isolated cliff in norway but how idyllic it is depends on the framing the number of visitors has exploded. travel blogger melissa schumacher says people are in denial about what happens behind the smart phone camera is the one thing off i believe that in many places reality no longer quite matches what's conveyed on instagram there are so many places you have to queue to take a picture you have a whole photo backdrop. of justin bieber used to gorge in southern iceland as a backdrop in a video the photo hunt began as the environmental authorities were forced to close the area for a while. what's challenging is that many places that are not prepared for tourists become a tourist mag that for example some waterfall gets hyped and all of
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a sudden streams of visitors come in but there are no toilets there are no garbage cans in the end nature suffers because so many tourists come although no infrastructure is created for them or the impossible to physically shuffleboard instagram fame has a major impact and brings a new generation of young digital savvy tourists. would you read a discolored fly's head or 1000 or egg well to double your presents or meghan we did and she loved her cohen every tour of the taiwanese capital continues and the last installment of our series tasty taipei this time magazine's guide and co reporter has her dining and a 5 star hotel. another pretty thread on oh we need to. do it all yeah and you have to get born enemy to follow.
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if you are looking for really good modern cuisine in taipei you could go to the un restroom w taipei the current scheme has infused classical dishes with stylish innovation creations artistic colorful and sometimes looked too good to eat 1st up braised noodles. very savory and the temperature just perfect to climb and it's cool it's just right . these. dancers very. done take. advantage is what they say about the beginning you know when it's green and go to choose your cue and very into the. brave brave brave
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brave feet. that's missing so here we have the festival and every time you know select different kind of know it alls for people to try and show so it's really something very special this thing and one thing you must try when you're here in taipei and up in 34th floor in the 5. point very different anything any of you. they're the mazing food. just the way you want em and the absolutely amazing. promise him soon and you can go to market cuisine this is time pay cash joining me like you've never seen it before. time to try and d. trying to run in braised stock. right down some look at that brought up in cope with orders to our.
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recent history of 30. 2 bits. of frenchy deep fried rice which is what do you think was 15 pounds so you get in this like small ball for all of this present. crunch case different taste sensation. fresh and also crispy celery and the rest well it's just like. you know i think. yeah there how describe all this like there. is in your mouth so rich it's not simple it's rich and rich is never yeah even though taiwan is such a small island but we need to have the diversity and we have the features of the really best aquatic and agricultural techniques to hear that we have all this food
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that can be presented like this it's hard to pinpoint just one favorite national dish because it seems that you are very proud of everything would be everything but i'm going to thank you for covering the taiwan you know wonderful experience thank you for introducing me tiring you believe i'm a fan of youth band. and back to europe now where fewer and fewer couples are choosing to get married but in our series europe ties the knot we've been meeting young lovebirds going against the trend this time we're heading to both garia were newlyweds antonia and victor have agreed to show us the wedding rituals in their country now pressure to get it right guys. probably could also does it tell you know what my crown actually fell off. earlier the priest told me several times how important
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this moment is how sacred. area stunning natural landscape is the perfect backdrop for antonio who bunch ever and victoria center also dream wedding it's here they feel most at home. on their wedding weekend begins at the foot of the troyan balkan mountain in the town of some part. exchanged vows at a local church in a ball gary an orthodox wedding ceremony. during the centuries old tradition the bridal couple are crowned the best man or a column borrow exchanges the crowns on their heads 3 times to symbolize jesus his crown of thorns after the crowning the couple drank wine from a common cup to show that from now on they are to share everything in good times and in bad times and to sweeten their future life there is chocolate. and.
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the ceremony takes close to an hour from now according to church law the door send off and antonio who bunch of our managed wife. the day after the bulgarian orthodox church wedding the guests head for a meadow on the troyan both in mountain at an elevation of 1800 meters 6. then the musicians play the governator a kind of bagpipes that's been played across the balkans for centuries. victorious send off now has to undergo a shaving ritual was. now a victor can go and fetch his bride the flag goes along it's traditional for bachelors to ask the parents of the future bride for her hand in marriage if they agree the flag is hoisted on to their roof. afterwards the maid of honor removes
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antonio evansdale this symbolizes her transition from innocent made in to mature young bride. sonali of the traditional wedding ritual is the horo of all carrion folk dance. scenario find a way we will. get picked or send it off and antonio who bunch of a can incorporate some of the magic from the party into their daily lives there are certain to have a bright future. and you can catch our whole series europe ties the knot as well as tasty taipei on you tube of you tube dot com slash did over you're a max now this weekend marks the end of the 53rd toward jazz festival in switzerland and in one tour they've got a pretty broad definition of jazz this year's headliners included elton john the legendary rock band z. top we'll leave you now with some highlights from the festival for me and all the
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crew here in berlin thanks for watching. leaving john. folk icon joined by as has been on a farewell tour for more than a year up last week she also said farewell tumultuous with songs from 6 decades. history it has lost it just as long as the last time i got on with burning in hell . i'm going through the book to the church. to get the book and this band has been going in various constellations since 968 challenge power one of this year's highlights at the montrose jazz festival. is. supposed chemists.
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to be coming. to the book for them. to. stay.
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more intrigued international talk show. 4 journalists discuss the topic of the week 50 years at a critical juncture as its parliament prepares to vote on a new commission with europe facing pressing challenges leadership is more important than ever will it emerge from the process with democratic deficits that's our topic on country can join us. 30 minutes w. . bush . carefully. go soon to choose to do good.
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by. oh. love. and respect. turkey has received the 1st shipments of a russian missile defense system at a military base in the capital ankara turkey a nato member is going ahead with the deal despite the threat of sanctions from the u.s. the russian weaponry is incompatible with nato systems. the united nations is calling on europe to restart my current rescue operations in the mediterranean.


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