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the reality behind the explosion. starts july 24th. this is d.w. news live from berlin stirring words for europe on its duty to care for refugees the united nations tells brussels it needs to do more to stop violence from traveling in the mediterranean and un wants the e.u. to resume the rescue missions it seems despite resistance from some member states also coming up new zealanders start handing in their weapons a government buyback program starts just months after dozens died in
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a mass shooting into last look at the latest christchurch. plus a severe drought in its district water rationing for india's poor but not for its politicians. i'm gone assman thanks for joining us 2 united nations agencies are urging europe to take more responsibility for migrants in the mediterranean un's refugee agency and the internal organization for migration have called on european union nations to relaunch rescue missions that save people from drowning earlier this year the e.u. suspended its main naval operation that carried out these rescues and critics say that is having deadly consequences. bodies of drown migrants have brought to the shore 82 people went missing when the boat sank on july 1st
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most have since been retrieved from the water did the migrants stop with their journey in water only b.-a and drifted into journeys in waters before sinking. one of the few survivors remembers have they calls for help went unanswered. and i don't doubt that it is and i'm going to you know pins you pick us up in the water on the. boat was sinking. but they did not answer a call. on the. operations of fia the european union effort to curb migrant flows across the mediterranean stopped rescuing shipwrecked people in march and italy's populace government has shut ports to private rescue ships the country's interior minister says his policy has been a success. i mean you know i mean prevention is better than the cure for went down from 80000 the rivals in this period in 27 seen just 17000 last year to just 3000
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this year you know the level school for that i mean. the private rescue organizations have been challenging solving these hotline a project correct cancer was arrested after she illegally docked the sea watch 3 italian island of lampedusa with 40 rescued migrants on board in the long term i hope that you will change its policy and that that will be a safe possible option for people refugees in particular to cross station so that some rescue will not be needed anymore. in the short term however we hope that the criminalization of rescuers will stop so that those who want to help the people in need able to do so without any fear of 1st time and channel. the rescue operations were halted because the block was on the able to agree on how to distribute migrants amongst the member states so for now the private rescue groups
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say ships like the sea watch 3 of the best type to save migrants lives it's a. to somalia now where at least 26 people are dead after al shabaab militants stormed a hotel among those killed or a politician foreigners and journalists security forces in kiss may say they ended the siege and killed the militants officials are calling it the deadliest day in the city's since insurgents were driven out in 2012 the islamists have been trying to topple the government for more than a decade for more on this i'm joined on the line by journalist abdul aziz below in somalia's capital mogadishu thank you for joining us now we just heard the basics of what happened can you tell us any more details about this attack. well to mention that he's one of the deadliest attack 2. 1000 some odd of course town is
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a strategic reason the lifeline for the radical militant group al-shabaab now exactly what happened is history tiger balm a detainee couldn't exclude you late in get going on the entrance of a popular restaurant in the hotel known as as he that is in the downtown area which might be for several devices stormed in the facility and began shooting down chalo occupants most of them apologies most of them members of the diaspora. now exactly as a situation in somalia now is. back to normal the hotel is under the control of the government forces accused of $26.00 people have died some of them a dual somali nationals including britain and. canadians and also kenyans and attend any and and all the 2 chinese nationals were injured those are among the foreigners who were injured in that attack but overall it was a deadly attack that rocked town but has been rather stable now the other thing the
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noughties election the due to be held next month in the point to give just my own regional election because president. coming off is one of the 4 years and there's so much opposition against him and thought what shall the do that is one of the bases for the main opposition group so it's unclear if these attacks are intelligent but then again the regional president did talk about it and condemned it and called for argent action to stem all thoughts about from that region. what about this hotel itself do we know why this hotel was a target. well as most politicians in somalia reside in hotels the don't reside in their homes easily it's much accessible for people who want to come visit them and we treat them much better so that they come in they'll tell whether they can they can get the good citizen the child rather than their home so most of the politicians most of the campaign is because taking place in a privately owned hotel on the cost of the city so this particular one it's not
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clear why 2 of the targets but most of the opposition are lawmakers who are converging at their time of the attack probably most probably might have been the targets but al-shabaab is saying that the objective of this attack was to inflict every last on the government officials to show that there are shabaab is chilling charge and it can still carry out a deadly strike in case my are very careful kitty that is under the control of the jubilant forces as well as members of on its own and they can be able to launch deadly attacks in the heart of the july after all of these below in mogadishu for us thank you very much. here's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world activists in hong kong are holding fresh protests in a town near the border with mainland china they're demonstrating against the activities of chinese traders who operate in the area the rally follows weeks of protests in hong kong against policies seem to favor china's central government. deadly monsoon rains of flooded the nepalese capital cap and do at least 15 people
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have been killed by torrential downpours and landslides across the country the annual monsoon rains can last into september. in contrast to neighboring india parts of the country are seeing their worst water shortages in decades including the coastal city of chennai scientists say climate change is making extreme weather more common with longer dry spells one possible result combined that with poor infrastructure and resource management and many indians are struggling to get enough water. india is drawing this summer. this train is carrying water to chennai india's commonly fracturing hub because they are simply out and india's tech hub pingala route is also down to 0 climate change and bad water management mean that indian cities are running on empty and no more so than in new delhi. this is where rich politicians and business
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leaders as well as this stuff don't have to worry but millions of poor people are now unable to access enough to drink 1000 on illegal and on regulated water tanks. none of the issues that we're facing is that we don't get enough water we have a big family and we only get 8 to 16 leaders every 3 days we don't even have enough to drink. how we get enough water to bathe when we're hardly getting anything to drink thank god. it is funny because people come and beg that we vote for them during elections they're not that now that they've won they don't even come and show their faces. on it in the. climate change means summers a hotter and rains more unpredictable these go on water in many places it is going down what do you do this but if you whole you going to just move back toward. peace
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you know what they could put in me so that people who do you can go for it but you want to also get basically a plane board to board and that's a huge got access to water is quickly becoming a major issue of social justice. police in new zealand of hail the outstanding response from gun owners as they handed in more than $200.00 prohibited firearms on the 1st day of the buyback buyback takes place 4 months after the country's worst ever mass shooting on march 15th of this year an australian white supremacist shot and killed $51.00 people in attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch scores of people were injured as well saturday's event was the 1st of hundreds of local buyback days that are in the works. for more on that i'm joined by alexander fox he's a journalist in christchurch now it sounds like today's gun buyback went smoothly has there been any resistance to this so far. well not to be not too many to be
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honest because most of the people were very happy to hand the weapons back to the police and they got some money in return just because of what happened and question it's left them of so much harm or so however a council of licensed firearms owners spokesperson said that some owners were unhappy with the compensation package that was out on hold so there were raids rather than retail prices but the overall response was really really good to be honest. so as we heard some 200 firearms were turned in today can you put that number into perspective for us i mean how much of a dent does this make in the number of weapons in new zealand yeah it was exactly 825 firearms and 217 parts such just munition for example that were handed back by 100 in 69. you have to imagine that there is
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probably 1.21.5000000 firearms in new zealand and lovelies the government expects that only 13 fairs and 500 firearms are military style simply out to take weapons so if the people keep up going to the for those even they will be really good and handing most of those weapons back to the government and if they don't in this half year where these events take now they yet they have to be there's a legal so if you will own a semiautomatic weapon are what is even you have to face prosecution maybe big buy back happening there in new zealand thank you very much for us in christchurch. all right to tennis now and in the women's wimbledon final serena williams will be taking on simona halep later today serena is looking for her 8th victory of the all england club but she has another even greater milestone in mind one more major tournaments title would bring her level with australia's bar great
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court as the most successful player of all time. serena williams is on the cusp of making tennis history. already a legend and considered one of the greats of the sport the 37 year old's passion for the game. i love what i do you know i wake up every morning and i get to be fit and i get to play sport and i did to play in front of crowds like at wimbledon not everyone can do that you know it's like me really just kind of break it down and have a great job and i love what i do and i'm still pretty sure what i do. she faces a very unpredictable opponent in simona halep. hallock herself chasing her very 1st wimbledon title thank her it's an amazing feeling in them really they said even though so nervous because of this it's one of the best moments of my life so i'm
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trying to enjoy as much as possible and could be happy that they could go through the fight. williams can take comfort in the numbers she's won 9 of their previous 10 meetings but this isn't just serena versus halep it's reno versus history. is within touching distance of equalling margaret court 24 major wins. a record that stood for 46 years williams is now just one match from equalling but since winning her last major in 2017 she struggled to overcome that last hurdle losing in last year's u.s. open and wimbledon finals. to rein in the 2 more slams to stand alone as the greatest she may turn 38 in september a few would bet against her sitting get another milestone. a reminder now the top story that we're following for you at this hour the united nations has told process it needs to do more to stop migrants traveling in the mediterranean the u.n.
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wants the e.u. to resume rescue missions at scene despite resistance from some member states. you're watching news live from berlin coming up next it's film of the new soft wrote china's move on the west don't forget with all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com i'm carl aspen thanks for watching. the 1st economy was. sure as grand old as her arrives. joining a reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. and on regulating returns home on t w don't come to tanks. going.


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