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simply a human. being was you know armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin at least 26 people are dead after an extremist storm would tell in somalia security forces say they've killed all the militants after a 14 hour siege in the port city office meyer also coming up. people in new zealand start handing in their weapons a government buyback program starts just months after more than 50 people were
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killed in a massacre at 2 mosques. and we have liftoff as a rocket heads to space carrying the german russian extra telescope ready to probe some of the mysteries of thinking about a. color of a will welcome to you i'm a retired cheema in somalia at least 26 people are dead after militants stormed a hotel in the city of kiss my 0 among those killed are a politician foreign nationals and journalists security forces and just meyer say they've ended the siege and killed the militants officials are calling it the deadliest day in the port city since insurgents were driven out in 2012 the extremists have been trying to topple the government deafened more than
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a decade. for the very latest one have jenna's abilities below on the line from the somalian capital mogadishu of the disease what more can you tell us about this deadly attack. well you just as you have mentioned this is one of the deadliest attacks to ever walk a. mile and if i may shed more light on this i think some of. the credit for the time to be taking an exclusive lead in general on the entrance of the hotel bodies in downtown area over to smuggle that back as well for a number one detainees at the bomb one has been injured by security forces and of has been arrested until that time has been neutralized of the legacy the plans to cool to put a few hours and you have mentioned 26 people were killed in that attack now if i may shed more light on doctor 3 kenyan national leaders any nationals one canadian and one british and 2 american somebody nationals were also killed in that plot
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attack now all of them have been bothered by region on the part of the more d.g. budgies my about 56 people have been injured or do you know which has been airlifted to the capital mogadishu bothered to the kenyan capital nairobi for medical treatment so these attacks as a because through one of the positive it's going to school to travel after militant group al-shabaab was overpowered and then lost control of just my job to them to pray give based on a major source of financial and they just sort of up a notch a lifeline for the militant groups or hurting them money to quantify out of attacks from outside the to give money to define time but the group of money to run such a brazen attack in the heart of the taking of the newsies village in use in love with issues thank you very much for that update. now let me bring you up to some other stories making news around the activists in hong kong have clashed with police in a town near the border with mainland china thousands took part of the protests
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against the activities of chinese traders in the area this comes after weeks of rallies against hong kong's policies seem to favor china's central government. a gritty it has struck a ukrainian t.v. stations building in kiev there were no immediate reports of injuries police are investigating the incident as an act of terrorism the t.v. station had plans to air a controversial documentary featuring russian president vladimir putin and critics as to favorable to moscow. to the u.s. now where new orleans is bracing for to wrencher rains as tropical storm barry moves ashore as a class one hurricane water levels are already high at the city's levees and weather forecasters say the slow moving storm is likely to dump water than otherwise authorities are warning of potentially deadly flooding across the gulf coast around $50000.00 power.
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joining me now from new orleans is dede obvious correspondent helen humphrey and you know what is the latest situation where you are. i'm rita as you can see the winds are really starting to pick a new orleans as the city braces for the landfall of tropical storm barry eye when it hits it's expected to be a category one hurricane currently wins all raging at around 150 kilometers per hour but the real concern is that the rainfall and i should say that the mississippi river that you can see behind me right now is abnormally high you for this time of the year we're expecting up to haul me to all the rainfall this weekend alone and that would be a record not seen in decades and. the president has declared a state all the emergency for the entire state of louisiana so i don't know how have people there been preparing for the onslaught of hi rick and barry.
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well 3000 national guard troops have been deployed across the state with rescue teams and helicopters and boats on hand in the historic french quarter which is very prone to flooding sandbags out many of the shop fronts are now boarded up people have boarded up all the bottled water from a grocery store was and so on for the 1st time in history we've now seen all of the floodgates shut in new orleans and engineers a confident that the levees will hold but just to give you an idea the mississippi river is expected to crest at 5 meters the navy's are at 6 meters so there's not a huge margin there and it's also fair to say that there is some public distrust in the off tomorrow that still lingers the trauma from hurricane katrina which saw 1800 people killed now given that a hurricane katrina how confident they feel that the authorities have taken
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adequate measures this time. a lot of people have simply been taking matters into their own hands leaving the city if they have the opportunity they know the drills they also know how to hunker down when a hurricane hits i think the criticism if there has been any to come in more is down to the response to the post 14 years since katrina in $2514000000000.00 u.s. dollars has been invested in flood defenses those flood defenses all still not finished . in new orleans thank you very much for that update there. in gothic fun a joint drug and european team has just launched a mega telescope into outer space it's called interest the to and it's being hailed as the worthless advanced extreme telescope is it only being data back to earth or 70 as it can record matter both visible and invisible to the human eye one of its
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key missions this to measure so for the dock energy of a force scientists i yet to observe directly. 2 days lift off is a big event and the guys more drawn by current one i was there in the cosmic step 4 weeks ago when the user was supposed to fly and there was plenty of drama after all this launch is about putting a very unique telescope into space last time it didn't take place into their world that was a big disappointment for everyone so i think today they all are heavy. drama as heroes if they could finally begin its long journey into space for the 1st time ever the entire universe will be mapped out we won't just be discovering our galaxy but thousands of others as well and if all goes well then the 1st results results can be expected after 2 months secondly this mission is a successful cooperation between germany and russia russia is not only launching
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the one telescope into space it is also sending its own telescope into space along with your azita and of course these cooperation between the german max planck institute is russian love which can institute and the baikonur cosmodrome to date kazakhstan also with the russian space agency ross cosmos is a very important political step especially now in times of confrontation between russia and the west these kinds of joint projects of enormous symbolic importance because they are still working both on earth as well as in space. that was. chief in moscow police in new zealand say that a buyback of automatic weapons has begun successfully it was the 1st event in a nationwide buyback scheme to be held over the next 3 months automatic and semiautomatic weapons have been banned following a massacre 2 mosques in christchurch earlier this year. police in canterbury held
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what they called an outstanding response as gun owners handed in more than 200 brigid firearms on the 1st day of the buyback. it was just just a form to get another one with the right saws. illegal and a way to easy to access. license for. the next month or you can actually you know change it if i want to but. i actually laura. to buy back takes place 4 months after new zealand's worst f m s suiting on march 15th in australian white supremacist shot and killed 51 people in attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch scores more were injured new zealand a nation of just under 5000000 people went into shock stunned that an attack on this scale could happen in this small island nation. prime minister just dern
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was praised for her leadership in response to the attacks less than a week after the shooting she vowed to tighten new zealand gun laws. today i'm announcing that new zealand will been all military style seamy automatic weapons we will ban or pats with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon or within a month after the message new zealand's parliament passed the gun reform law by a vote of $119.00 to $1.00 saturday's event was the 1st of more than $200.00 local buyback days planned until the end of the year rewarding owners who surrender their newly banned weapons. that most people do to procrastinate but one nigerian artists have turned scribbling into an amazing art form a self-taught visual artist she stumbled upon the idea 4 years ago now she uses are
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asked to give voice to the challenges nigerians face. my name is. what begins as a key canvas of front to curves and squiggly lines turns into something beautiful anyone can scribble. can make the messy mesmerizing. or. i could find. it. a feast or. so i thought was a stand. for me to express myself in the past 2 years she has produced more than 100 works from portraits to everyday
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scenes often allegories of frustration or on social challenges like regular power outages at the hands of meet the national electricity company. so i decided to fill one of the lines. to give us life a little bit so you know so that she should know like an average huge screen. some of her pieces take a few minutes while others take months. pay at least 113 use for a drawing recently she's begun working with digital tools to raise awareness and make her work more accessible. i also make scripts. i did so. i was basically just trying to play with what i use an exhaust pipe for me and then an order months working instead i also do the arts where i just. form.
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discovered the art form doing an artist's work shop and has since begun mentoring op incoming artists herself helping others to find beauty in the monday. now from sport simona halep has defeated serena williams to win how fast wimbledon singles title and williams was the overwhelming favorite for the match but failed to find him best. as there remained in made a blistering start there was number 7 kept the momentum in the 2nd set seeding a 2nd grand slam victory in commanding style the score 6262. 1000 formula one finish a drive of voters has claimed to pull a position in the british girl prix they will be in all of the cities a front row at silverstone with voter spics team mate lewis hamilton to 1st spot both us currently trails the briton by 31 points in the drive us standings
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