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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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the but. this is news coming to you live from berlin at least 26 people are dead after extremists. in somalia security forces say they've killed all the militants after a 14 hour siege in the port city of to smile also coming up. people in new zealand start handing in their weapons a government buyback program starts just months after more than 50 people were killed in a massacre as 2 mosques. and apollo 11 artifacts and go under the hammer
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as the word prepares to celebrate hof a century since astronauts 1st walked on the mall in the sailors who killed her richard phillips at that historic moment 1. 100 i'm under to achieve in somalia accused 26 people are dead after a shabaab militants stormed a hotel in the city of kiss my 0 among those killed are a politician foreign nationals and journalists security forces in case maya say they have ended the siege and killed the militants officials are calling it the deadliest day in the port city since insurgents were driven out in 2012 the extremists have been trying to topple the government there for more than a decade for the very latest to have genesis abilities below on the line from the somalian capital long edition of the disease what more can you tell us about this
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deadly attack. well you just as you have mentioned is one of the deadliest attacks to ever walk a. mile and if i may shed more light on this i think some of. the credit for the attack up to be to making an exclusive lead in general on the entrance of a tel bodies in downtown area over to smuggle that back as well for a number one detainees at the bomb one has been injured by security forces and us has been arrested until that time has been neutralized of the legacy just the plans to cool to put a few hours and you have mentioned 26 people were killed in that attack now if i may shed more light on doctor 3 kenyan national leaders any nationals one canadian one british and 2 american somebody nationals also killed in that plot attack now all of them are being buried by regional parties the more d.g. budgies my about 56 people have been injured or do you know which has been
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airlifted to the capital mogadishu bothered to the kenyan capital nairobi for medical treatment so these attacks as a because through one of the particular case miners who could you colonel optimistic group al-shabaab was overpowered and then lost control of just my over the top of them to pray give be a major source of financial major source of a financial lifeline for the militant groups or hurting them money to confide out of attacks from outside the city but you did that 5 times but the group of money to run such a brazen attack in the heart of the taking the newsies village in this in mogadishu thank you very much for that update. let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the sudanese capital khartoum and other cities to mourn dozens of demonstrators killed last month men in military fatigues shot and beat crowds outside army headquarters on the 3rd of june saturday's rallies marked 40 days
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since the raid. agree media struck a ukrainian t.v. station building in kiev no immediate reports of injuries police are investigating the incident as an act of terrorism the t.v. station had plans to air a controversial documentary featuring russian president vladimir putin critic saw it as too favorable to moscow. to the u.s. now where new orleans is bracing for to venture rains as tropical storm barry leaves the shore as a class want harvick and water levels are already high at the city's levees and weather forecasters say the slow moving storm is likely to dump more water than otherwise authorities are warning of potentially deadly flooding across the gulf coast 50000 people have lost power in louisiana. want to head humphrey is in new orleans she gave us this update on the situation
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there shortly before the storm was upgraded to a category one hurricane as you can see the winds are really starting to pick up here in new orleans as the city braces for the landfall of tropical storm barry and when it hits it's expected to be a category one hurricane currently wins all raging at around 150 kilometers per hour but the real concern is that the rainfall and i should say that the mississippi river that you can see behind me right now is abnormally high you for this time of the year we're expecting up to haul a meter all the rainfall this weekend alone and that would be a record not seen in decades and. the president has declared a state all the emergency for the entire state of louisiana so i don't know how have people there been preparing for the onslaught of heartache and very. well 3000 national guard troops have been deployed across the state with rescue
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teams and helicopters and boats on hand in the historic french quarter which is very prone to flooding sandbags out many of the shop fronts are now boarded up people have bought out all the bottled water from a grocery store was and so on for the 1st time in history we've now seen all of the floodgates shot in new orleans and engineers a confident that the levees will hold but just to give you an idea the mississippi right. river is expected to crest at 5 meters the levees are at 6 metres so there's not a huge margin there and it's also fair to say that there is some public distrust in well the off the mark that still lingers the trauma from hurricane katrina which saw 1800 people killed but given the true law from a hurricane katrina how confident are people that the authorities have taken added good measures this time a lot of people have simply been taking matters into their own hands leaving the
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city if they have the opportunity they know the drills they also know how to hunker down when a hurricane hits i think the criticism if there has been any to come in more is down to the response over the past 14 years since katrina in $2514000000000.00 u.s. dollars has been invested in flood defenses those flood defenses all still not finished . in new orleans thank you very much for that update from there. police in new zealand save a buyback of automatic weapons has begun successfully was the 1st event in a nationwide buyback scheme to be had over the next 3 months automatic and semiautomatic weapons have been banned following a massacre to last and christ church earlier this year. police in canterbury held with play called an outstanding response as gun owners handed in more than 200 brave booted firearms on the 1st day of the buyback. it was just just
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a. get another one with the right saw as. illegal in a way too easy to access. it wasn't for. the knicks not sure you can actually. change it if i wanted but. the buy back takes place 4 months after new zealand's worst ever met shooting on march 15th in australian white supremacist shot and killed 51 people in attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch scores more were injured new zealand a nation of just under 5000000 people went into shock stunned that an attack on this scale could happen in this small island nation prime minister just sindh dern was praised for her leadership in response to the attacks less than a week after the shooting she vowed to tighten new zealand gun laws.
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today i'm announcing that new zealand will been all military style see me or a medic with hands we will ban or pats with the ability to convey semen automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon or within a month after the message new zealand's parliament passed the gun reform law by a vote of $119.00 to $1.00 saturday's event was the 1st of more than $200.00 local buyback days planned until the end of the year rewarding owners who surrender their newly banned weapons. a report for us regulators are fed to find the social media giant facebook a record $5000000000.34 and a half 1000000000 euros it follows an investigation into privacy violations and the mishandling of user data involving up to 87000000 facebook users now do job
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use alec forest whiting has been tracking that story and joins me now welcome alex 1st of all can you explain exactly why this fines be levied well the u.s. federal trade commission or f.t.c. is basically the consumer protection agency and it is been investigating allegations that the british political consultancy firm cambridge analytical had been accessing the data of tens of millions of facebook users the cambridge analysts ago which has since collapsed had a quiz on facebook where it was harvesting this information and the company was also alleged to have had links with donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign the issue is whether facebook broke regulations in not notifying facebook users that they were using their data and sharing it and that they didn't get consent from those users so that is what this f.t.c. investigation has been about also talking about
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a record fine of $5000000000.00 that everyone's happy about that that's right and on this commission there are 3 republican commissioners who backs this but 2 democrats who didn't because they apparently did not think that this was tough enough on facebook now that seems crazy when you look at the amount we're talking about $5000000000.00 u.s. dollars huge but look at facebook their revenues just for last year 56000000000 u.s. dollars and expected to be $70000000000.00 by the end of this year so many saying that look this is just a drop in the ocean and really it's not going to hurt the company at all what about regulation. yeah regulation is a hot topic and in fact we have the head of facebook's public affairs here in berlin nick clegg and he was here saying that governments need to regulate social media companies like facebook because they don't believe that they can possibly police all the content themselves so the question is will the f.t.c. do more to limit what facebook can do will they say you know you have to be limits
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to the amount of data you can store and also what ads you can put to use and focus on these facebook uses but just look at that commission a majority like what is being offered this 5000000000 dollar fine and perhaps won't want any more however it would be up to the department of justice whether they go ahead with this and do not think that facebook is completely out of the woods there are other investigations going on including from outside the us so we just have to read and see how it pans out alex forrest whiting thank you very much for those insights next week it'll be half a century since humans landed on the moon for the 1st time on the apollo 11 mission in the lead up to the anniversary auction houses in new york are preparing to seals of artifacts including the original if someone really film images of but i can make one small step for man one giant leap for mankind moment. this could be
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the highlight of the upcoming apollo 11 auctions the lunar module timeline of flight manual of step by step instructions for bringing the missions lander to the surface. it contains dozens of notes handwritten by the mission's astronauts. it's annotated by them in real time on page 10 aldrin has written the landing coronets of eagle and this is the 1st writing done by a human being on another celestial body. eric a manual that helped make these moments possible could fetch up to an estimated $9000000.00 making it one of the most expensive books ever sold. another auction highlights what's touted as the best quality video recording of the 1st steps taken on the move the former nasa in turn bought the footage from the space agency in 1976 only in recent years did nasa realize it had sold off the
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original real. bids are expected to climb up to $2000000.00 for tapes offering unparalleled glimpses of a turning point in the history of humankind. now for some sport in simona halep has defeated city now williams to win her finest wimbledon singles title williams was the overwhelming favorite for the match but failed to find her best as the roumanian made of blistering start the one number 7 kept the momentum of the 2nd fed sealing a 2nd grand slam victory in commanding style the score 6262. and in formula one racing a must fit is drawing of the boat as has taken poa position at the british grand prix just ahead of his teammate lewis hamilton on the finish drive a put on a fine performance despite create pressure from hamilton who had been hoping to make it 5 consecutive years on pole at silverstone ferrari's chas electric and red
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bulls max pushed open would start on 3rd and 4th positions. coming up next on one of the stories a look at the stories making the headlines and the people behind them and don't forget lots want to website that's due to be dot com about. the forrester equivalent to the sun which is cleared. for consumers or is causing a radical depletion just. for 25.


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