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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin and the u.s. vice president says the migrant detention system on the texas mexico border is quote overloaded his comments came after he visited 2 detention camps on the border where hundreds of people attempting to enter the u.s. are kept in cages under insanitary conditions around the country hundreds of vigils have been held calling for those camps to be closed. and our u.s. correspondent helen humphrey is in new orleans where storm barry has made landfall
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. this storm has brought powerful wind and rain to new orleans and old fart is a warning to the state of louisiana still faces a significant threat in the coming days. imus waiter thank you for joining us the u.s. vice president mike pence has admitted that the situation on the mexican border is in crisis his words came after a visit of to 2 of overcrowded migrant detention centers in texas president donald trump said on friday that he had dispatched pens to the border to dispel the multitude of reports of dire conditions at the migrant detention centers meanwhile vigils were held around the country to call for an end to the trump administration's migrant detention policies. a vigil in front of the white house
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calling for the closure of detention centers it was one of around 700 nationwide the activists here say that the way migrants are treated isn't compatible with american values. because of the kids held in cages because of the horrible treatments going on the borders of the united states and we really need to demonstrate to show people they were a better country than that we can really open our borders and welcome people i think we've deviated from our founding values and we need to return and i'm pleased to see this group united here and in many other places across the country almost 400 men were at an overcrowded and foul smelling detention center that u.s. vice president mike pence visited in texas. but president donald trump insisted the migrants are being treated well. they're the ones that said they were brothers they are proud of a lot of people but there were good i did with ice and i did with border patrol
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a lot they love those people governor bush the border they love them after touring detention facilities some members of congress have criticized the separation of families the lack of drinking water and say migrants are forced to sleep on concrete floors was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag. that women were being called these names under an american flag but president trump has pledged to continue his policies aimed at discouraging immigration he said nationwide read's to deport illegal immigrants would begin on sunday. tropical storm barry has hit the u.s. golf course near new orleans is a relatively weak storm but weather forecasters say very slow speed means it could dump huge amounts of rain over the region water levels are already threatening
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city's levees as authorities warn of deadly flooding across the gulf coast tens of thousands of people have already lost power in the state of louisiana. and joining us now from new orleans is dubious correspondent helena humphrey helena barry it was a hurricane it's now weakened to a tropical storm but how big of a threat is that still pose to the region where it's made landfall. make no mistake my it is still very much a threat meteorologist say it is normal for a storm to be downgraded once it hit lands and once it hits land because then it is not over the water where it sucks its energy up so this is rather normal but at the same time of course the warre with barry has always been the water in a flood plain prone area where we are now for example in new orleans we worried about that long slow epic drench of water in the coming days and i will say that
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one levee one river has already overflown and levee not here by the mississippi river the river but about an hour and a hoff away from here and there we saw a flash flooding triggered i've already sold and ground in another part of the state we saw 12 people have to be rescued by helicopter today and even if this storm has been downgraded we normally see the 1st hurricane of the year on the 10th all organists already this is one month and it's not just the levees right there are fears that the mississippi river might overflow its banks is that still a concern that has been a concern what i can say right now is that the river is very swollen as you can see it has reached about 5 meters today and the levees are at 6 meters they were significantly rebuilt in the wake of hurricane katrina the governor says right now that they feel confident that they will be able to hold the tides back so right now
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it seems that everything is in place all the flood gates are closed and that risk has subsided here in new orleans and of course new orleans is the city where over a decade ago hurricane katrina absolutely a vis aerated the place brought enormous amounts of flooding our people there confident now that the city can withstand a similar event. i think opinion is divided my on there does remain a great deal of public mistrust i spoke to some people this morning who said that they know of people in the neighborhoods who had just simply taken the choice to leave if they could and of course that memory of that trauma which saw 1800 people killed is still high on people's mind when they're faced with a storm like this and some people just take matters into their own hands they are the sandbags up their house or they just choose to leave although there was no show in forced evacuation due to the fact that this was
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a hurricane category one and not normally only happens with hurricane category 3 s and helena humphrey forrest in new orleans thank you so much and please stay safe. more than 25 people have died and dozens more have been injured in a suicide attack on a hotel in somalia suspected islam as a gunman stormed the building in the city of kismayo and help people hostage overnight here's more. of the aftermath of the deadly car bombing a night long siege is plain to see the facade of the hotel left charred and in tatters a suicide bomber rammed to feel loaded with explosives into the entrance gates gunman then stormed the hotel in the southern port city of kismayo the al qaeda linked islamist group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack it's the deadliest terror related incident in the area since the extremist organization was
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forced out of the city in 2012 those killed include a local politician kenyans americans and 2 person a prominent canadian somali journalist and her husband have also been named as the monks the. people around the world to pay tribute to 46 year old had done in my life welcome to the bush admin take i remember they had my facebook ally that is joining their local power nanny the mother of 2 grew up in canada and was well known for her work within the somali community there she was described as a beacon of hope and someone who maintained her somali integrity. the african union has condemned the attack saying the incident aimed to derail progress in somalia as the country rebuilds and consolidates the gains made on peace and security. and for the very latest we're joined now by journalist abilities below he's on the
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line from somalia's capital mogadishu thank you so much for joining us what was our trying to achieve with this attack and why now. well according to media reports that we received the militant group message was. still existing and that despite a report by africa command on the somali government security. being overpowered the group's message was that yes we are still around and we can strike at. any time so this little attack was kind of a surprise attack because nobody expected the militant group al-shabaab which is kind of attack in the city of to smile we have seen such kind of deadly attacks and hotels each number the capital city of addition where many people but this is the 1st time that a similar type of peace nature has taken place in case my and they did not target for the militant group this time was a hotel that is mostly frequented by the down legislative plan as it's so their
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main objective was to kill as many people as possible so that elections that are due slated for next month can be compromised and the government might be able to rethink and try to look one of the venue to all these elections are immediately postponed these elections so the status quo is the one that is affecting us or what they wanted to cause. so that the government was a regional administration rather than the government in order to shore restarted i don't think about that election can take place there of course al shabaab coming out to say we're still here implies that they've gone away is there a sense now that they're gaining strength in the region again. well in recent months the particular case my own its surroundings that there's been an increase in that strikes me by the u.s. africa command at least like i've been very effective in the sense that they've managed to contain al-shabaab militant groups for a couple of months now in the early general. strike in.
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50 kilometers northwest of my kid almost at 76 militants and that was a big shock to the militant group and this is one of the reasons experts here nobody to a thing that prompted the group to try to wage and not tackle tried to smile because they've not been able to do any kind of attack there for the last 6 years so these crews of the regional administration has been able to contain the tracks that is caused by the group but these attacks raises serious concerns in the sense that even the attackers were wearing police uniforms or regional college to put to task to explain how the militants acquired these uniforms before launching such a brazen attack in the center of the city until it is below speaking to us from already to thank you so much. and you some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the sudanese capital khartoum as well as other cities in the country to
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mourn the dozens of demonstrators who were killed last month men in military fatigues shot and beat crowds outside army headquarters on the 3rd of june saturday's rallies march 40 days sense that. insurgents have killed at least 3 security officers after storming a commercial building that houses a hotel in western afghanistan the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in kabul the capital of the buggies province the defense ministry says 3 attackers were killed and 2 others arrested. police in new zealand say they successfully launched a buyback program for automatic weapons today it was the 1st event in nationwide buyback scheme more will be held over the next 3 months automatic and semiautomatic weapons were banned in the country earlier this year following the tragic massacre at 2 mosques in christ church. police in canterbury held what they called an
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outstanding response as gun owners handed in more than 200 brave booted firearms on the 1st day of the by the act. it was just just up the phone get another one with the right saws make it. illegal in a way to easy to access. lawson's for. the next march or you can actually you know change it if i want to but. i actually law regarding the years. to buy back takes place 4 months after new zealand's worst f m s suiting on march 15th in australian white supremacist shark and killed 51 people in attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch scores more were injured new zealand a nation of just under 5000000 people went into shock stunned that an attack on this scale could happen in this small island nation prime minister just sindh dern
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was praised for her leadership in response to the attacks less than a week after the shooting she vowed to tighten new zealand gun laws. today i'm announcing that new zealand will been all military style seamy order medic we fans we were banned or pat's with the ability to convey semen automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon. within a month after the mess occurred new zealand's parliament passed the gun reform law by a vote of $119.00 to $1.00 saturday's event was the 1st of more than $200.00 local buyback days planned until the end of the year rewarding owners who surrender their newly banned weapons. and in sport simona halep who has defeated serena williams to win her 1st wimbledon singles title well iams was the overwhelming favorite for the match but failed to find her best as they romanian
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made a blistering start but world number 7 kept the momentum in the 2nd set sealing her 2nd grand slam victory in a commanding style the score was 6262 you're watching news from berlin coming up next d.w. documentary my actuator thank you so much for joining us. on your. doors granulomas arrives. on your journey back to freedom to you know work interactive documentary. returns home.


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