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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin france celebrates busted all day with a vast display of pomp pageantry and military prowess we'll go live to the french capital for the latest also coming up protesters call for u.s. detention camps for illegal migrants to be closed but inside the white house is ministration is not backing down calling the situation on the mexican border a crisis. and as india prepares to launch of mission to the moon it's hoping to
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inspire a whole new generation of would be astronauts to go to delhi to find out how they are getting involved. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in france where president a model micron has showcase europe's defense capabilities at this year's best steel day parade the focus on european military cooperation on the french national day comes at a time of growing tensions with the united states key e.u. leaders including german chancellor angela merkel joined by kong to watch the annual parade down the day which marks the anniversary of the start of the french revolution speaking after the parades americal called it a great a gesture for a european defense policy. correspondent lisa lewis has
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been following both field day parade and she joins us now from paris so lisa what were some of the highlights at this year's parade. well at this year's parade the theme was european defense corporation and that meant that you could see spanish german portuguese soldiers walking along french soldiers you could also see the spanish and portuguese plane flying planes flying overhead because in markov president in my call wants to underline that europe will in the future work closely more closely together when it comes to defense he founded this new initiative the so-called european intervention initiative about each year ago and he had invited the 9 other member states of this initiative he wanted to show that they would create a common strategic approach when it comes to defense strategy this would obviously not be that easy that in reality because you would have to bring together very
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different trains such as for example the ditching of france and germany and france which is very much a lot more intervention savvy than its neighbor is germany is hoping that they see a new in will call to you know to foster dialogue but is not really looking at launching common interventions. well as we already mentioned german chancellor angela merkel was among the guests of honor and she gave a statement a short time ago what did she talk about. but she said that she was very happy to be here and that this was a great step towards european defense cooperation now this is not only important for europe over the call wants to show with the initiative and with today's parade that europe can very much stand on its own feet when it comes to the yes you know 2 years ago the guest of honor was donald trump from the united states. but since
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then john and michael have very much for the now their relationship is rather frosty after the us left the paris climate agreement and also the iran nuclear deal and mark karr is now saying that european defense policy can be you know linked to nature but no longer doesn't does no longer have to be complimentary to nature so this really sais that he wants not to go it alone but he wants very much say to the us you know we can do this on our own we don't need you anymore all right lisa lewis reporting from paris thanks so much. well turning to the united states now where vice president mike pence has said that the situation at the mexican border is in crisis this comes as he visited 2 overcrowded migrant detention centers in texas president donald trump said he had sent pens there to dispel reports of dire conditions at the facilities there are new calls to shut the
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centers down a vigil in front of the white house calling for the closure of detention centers it was one of around 700 nationwide the activists here say that the way migrants are treated is incompatible with american values. because of the kids held in cages because of the horrible treatments going on the borders of the united states we really need to demonstrate show people there were a better country than that we can really open our borders and welcome people i think we've deviated from our founding values and we need to return and i'm pleased to see this group united here and in many other places across the country almost 400 men were at an overcrowded and foul smelling detention center that u.s. vice president mike pence visited in texas. but president donald trump insisted the migrants are being treated well. they're the ones that said there were drugs they
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are proud of a lot of people but there were good i did with ice and i did with border patrol a lot they love those people governor broke the border they love them after touring detention facilities some members of congress have criticize the separation of families the lack of drinking water and say migrants are forced to sleep on concrete floors was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag but president trump has pledged to continue his policies aimed at discouraging immigration he said nationwide raids to deport illegal immigrants would begin on sunday. our washington correspondent carla blacker is following the situation and she joins me now for more so we just
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mentioned that this weekend there were going to be raids on undocumented migrants color who exactly is being targeted in these raids. the main targets of these traits are immigrants who have entered the us recently the trunk administration has said that one focus will be on criminals but families will also be affected and you have these traits going on across the country in major cities including los angeles use in chicago and new york. now how have migrant families been coping since the announcement that these raids would be started this weekend tensions are running high in the migrant communities so you have migrants who are not leaving their house today who are not going to work we're not even going to the storage of pick up groceries because they're so worried and you have volunteers who have been hosting many know 1 your rights workshops over these last few days and
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one thing that they are telling these migrants is you do not have to open your doors when i come knocking unless these agents have assigned warrant from the judge all right so the strategy is perhaps not to open doors if an ice agent shows up but what about those who do get arrested what happens to those migrants. they are taking to detention centers as those that we have just seen in recent locations across the country from there the plan is to fly them back to their countries of origin as soon as possible and president trump has made it very clear that he wants those out of the country sooner rather than later. is washington correspondent carla biker following the story for us many thanks indeed.
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now let's have a quick check of some of the other stories making news around the world police and protesters have clashed in hong kong as anger over a controversial extradition laws shows no sign of letting up thousands of people rallied in suburban neighborhoods demanding the resignation of chief executive carrie lamb earlier this week said the proposal was dead but conan's wanted to formally withdraw. the british government to set an oil tanker loaded with iranian oil could be released if tehran guarantees it will not be sent to syria the greys one was seized by british royal marines in the mediterranean earlier this month on suspicion of violating you sanctions. now india is gearing up for its 1st moon landing mission scheduled to launch in just a few hours the ambitious chandra around 2 includes a robot rover that will explore the lunar surface and if all goes according to plan
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it will touchdown on september 6th it will be an exciting moment for india not pleased for its school children. it's just an obvious school day but their heads and the starts. gets in a school in new delhi can hardly contain their excitement over india with more mission. jumps around duis india's 2nd mission to the moon. was in the making the launch deepest ocean several times over the last year. but now we despite may be over for what could be a historic mission for the country. for these children from off tomorrow also in the astronomy club it is an inspiration. our neighborhood should mark like it or do a little more the searches of this planets and. discuss.
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the moment they came to her with the machine that was released i did not be that my dad is going to be good for trying to send this mission to moon and irish mike anderson says. misquoted in the evening if we find 400 of course before he reached his old boy. for space is an organization that works on promoting the study and pursuit off astronomy missions like tundra onto opera which are. the only who can see that all their organization is also competing in the space race so and also i can tell my students just like today i'd almost do is that there is no need to war in foreign countries riyadh having 2 children a one on country as well. the kids have built their own rule was a nando's and ready to test them out. a perfect soft launch. the
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2 sets off for 2 51 am local time on monday. but these children are excited enough to fight to stay up late on a school night to watch it ok. ok. well for more on india's lunar mission i'm joined now by roger. she's a senior fellow and head of the nuclear and space policy initiative at the observer research foundation which is an indian policy think tank thanks so much for joining us so tell us what is unique about india's moon mission and what is it doing with its moon mission that perhaps other countries are not doing with their own space programs. no i think the most exciting bit is the fact that they tend to will be soft landing on the south pole of the moon and i think that something that has no other country has that and so far but this is also to be
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lived in the larger context of the general space competition that speaking up you wouldn't get in this domain so you had china outperforming the soft landing on the far side of the mornin january this year they landed or in the near side of the moon couple of years ago so this is a larger competition that is picking up ever since the u.s. . came into office he talked about going back to the moon again so this has to be looked at in that context i think that's also part of the part of the calculation in a sense but did i get to the 1st mission in 2008 when there was not so much of this competition and this was supposed to be a follow up mission for the next couple of years but obviously we had some delays with the mission of the robot in particular and therefore i think the delay has happened but the meantime you have had this geopolitics of space picking up bodies and that's that's that's how you see this finally happening now but the most
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impressive aspect is going to be the soft landing of the moon on the south pole which no other country has done and making india the 4th country to do the soft landing on the morning of well i think it goes without saying that a space program is very expensive how does india justify its spending so much money on the space program when the country is still facing problems of poverty. i think this is this is a very old to be india has been faced with what has been a long time to get to the i think the debate was primarily on us to how. for instance more on the defense spending as to why india a country that has so much of. an issue several millions of people below poverty line should be focusing on such kind of aspects i need now today they had that gun was as red has time to become something like gun was a satellite. debate so to say but i think there are couple of important
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input it is $42.00 plus 2 that the space program one is that much of the space program has to be in vo to woods develop and missions in a sense. and 2nd i think also the global commercial space market ok's and but i'm afraid i'm afraid we have to leave it there thank you so very much for joining us you're watching d.w. news. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make an exit. raring to. go like this. just. the streets. go to the girl.


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