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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm CEST

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chicago. 45 minutes. and. language courses. video and audio. hello and welcome to drive with the motor magazine on t.w. this week only available as a hybrid the lexus p s midsize sedan and his story tourists see as u.v. model. and a new variant on an old classic the v.w. passat.
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the v.w. push side is the most successful mid-size in the world more than 30000000 of them have been sold since it was introduced in 1973 b.h. generation of the model has been given a facelift and is ready for launch the only problem says our car to so young but here is that some would say little or nothing has changed and when it comes to the exterior you're right that changes are under the hood and the new push side is the 1st car to carry the latest generation m.-i be 3 modular infotainment and the 1st with a used travel a say so in the catchwords are always on updates over the air connected services a voice activated and partially automated driving young once did i try it out in the isn't gonna. be me up.
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the range of technical changes may be why. changed a little. slightly. and a pair of redesigned headlights. in back. has been moved to the middle of. the exhaust trim has been reworked as have the tail lights. says the percentage can't blame him up yet but the interior is packed with digital bells and whistles does not come as sure as will instantly notice the analog clock is gone and doesn't fit in the bright new digital world but yon is focusing on the mit 3 every precise now comes equipped with a sim card so the car is always online and that brings a whole range of advantages the car's system can be updated wirelessly like a smartphone and the vehicle can also receive traffic updates in real time speech
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recognition is intuitive so you don't have to use standardized commands but can just talk to the car. i don't. want to. hear how he demonstrates telling the person that he's hungry and it replies by providing a list of restaurants in the area and asking him to choose one yawn decides it's time for a quick bite. although the modular infotainment system is new the v.w. engineers didn't touch the cockpits fundamental structure customers do however now have a wider range of upholstery and trim colors to choose from. along with the mit 3 d. w. has also done a lot to his collection of drivers his systems which are now consolidated under the name i drive a new app is the travel is his system which allows level to automate in driving
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a fully autonomy's car where passengers don't have to do a thing but sit back and relax would be classified as level 5. like beaming says yeah but that's still quite a way down the road the new push side has levelled to autonomy the system can take over steering but the driver is still responsible for what the car does and is required to monitor try. and the system and take control when necessary the travel assist system is activated via a button on the steering wheel after pressing it the person begins following the lane and automatically braking when traffic is approaching a speed limit change or an intersection or action is coming up says he afterwards it accelerates again to an appropriate speed. the system has a speed range of 0 to 210 kilometers an hour and works on highways and country
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roads of a car uses radar to measure distances and cameras to track lane markings he travels system also has access to navigational data and road sign david as a counterweight so control strategy. it works fine as long as the capacity of steering senses the driver's hands on the we hope. and that's been a hit man says that he's someone who easily gets enthusiastic about technical developments and the system functions very well but he also likes driving himself and has to admit that in the course of the day when he turned on the travel with his system he was much more tense than when he was in control that's because you have to keep an eye on the system all the time he says and. good even if i want. you know. most wagon has also worked over the adaptive suspension system and shock absorbers along with the standard comfort normal in sports
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settings you can now find 2 in the driving experience by choosing from a range of 15 intermediate setting. dances volkswagen has never been a pioneer when it comes to installing new technology in his current. cars other manufactures adopted more quickly but when we double the doesn't stop what he says and the systems will generally function very well in our intuitive to use and that's the case with the new president as well which has now caught up with the times with the addition of the m.i. b 3 and travel wishes to stops. this is the b.m.w. 430 i convertible the bavarian car maker launched the 4 series in 2013 as
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a successor to the more luxurious 3 series and it's been a resounding success more than 400000 of them have been sold worldwide since now alongside the coupe a and grand prix models the convertible is meant to draw even more customers to a brand known for its good handling but it also weighs 225 kilograms more than its cousins will it live up to the image. our car to still is kind of posed as that despite as 1900 kilograms the convertible is quite sporty you notice the extra waving curves of course but it doesn't particularly bother him. the convertible resembles the rest of the series closely though it has been given the twin headlights and fog lights the front security has also been all.
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the models long hood makes the b.m.w. look both dynamic and elegant and the snapper rocks blue paint job on it was his car makes it even snazzier though buyers would have to shell out the $100.00 euros for the extra standards for the lecture in line include chrome highlights on the body which give the $430.00. i find one jury is free of b.m.w.'s hallmark l. shaped l.e.d. taillights complete the picture in fact. it takes at least 20 seconds to open or close the section to our top roof.
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thanks to the reworked improved variable sports steering the b.m.w. takes corners and curves of the greatest of these. sites to do a sound check. the 2 leader 4 cylinder twin turbo engine puts out $185.00 kilowatts of power and tops out at $350.00 newton metres of torque it can hit 100 kilometers an hour from a standstill and 6.3 seconds its top speed is 250 kilometers an hour.
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but lewis is impressed by the sound design behind the 4 cylinder engine he thinks it'll appeal to people who like sports cars one disadvantage of fooling hard tops compared to soft tops is the added weight opening and closing one also takes longer and in the $430.00 i you can't be moving faster than 18 kilometers an hour and with a top down cargo volume in the convertibles already small. trunk drops even further from 370 leaders to 220 that's a reason why b.m.w. will probably opt for a soft top again in the models next generation. optics luis's the $430.00 i has convinced him and that it bridges the gap between sportiness in comfort and feel safe in the curves even when you push it he says but it's an experience you'll have to pay for. the 430 i
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convertible started selling at 60000 euros in germany and the cheapest version before 20 i is just 10000 less. the 7th generation alexis c.d.'s has been out since the spring of 2018 this stylish japanese midsize sedan is a familiar sight in many parts of the world it's a bit more rare in europe where it only debuted in 2019 to compete with the audi a 6 b.m.w. has 5 series and the mercedes e. class but only the hybrid version is available here the 1st. time. what enters card testing is patriot about the newcomer is for one of the design but also was due about the technology that she starts on the outside so on
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here. a grip on the door handle unlocks it without a key the right touch in the right place watch it again. has a lot to ina's that's consistent with top of the line luxury. inside the iesus neatly arranged control seems fairly straightforward with a sleek less is more design. the finally worked aluminum trim running around the interior was inspired by traditional japanese swords the engine starts at the press of a but. very little can be seen of its hybrid character aside from the green ready light that indicates all systems are go in the car.
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my car was a miss calls up a screen on the $12.00 inch multifunction display that shows each individual component as well as the energy flow past it. ok the i'm still she can select the various menu items on this touch sensitive trackpad the cursor not only jumps to the next item on its own but gives both audible and happy or tangible feedback i want she says that's cool but if you have to enter a long street name you have to drag the cursor all over the place to pick out each letter. and i'm. like just gave the $300.00 a chance latest generation hybrid drive it combines a new 2 and a half meter gasoline engine with
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a more compact yes more powerful electric motor new transmission and a new battery the whole system together puts out $160.00 kilowatts a new hybrid system controller delivers a more even acceleration much like with a conventional engine short stretches can be covered at low speeds on all electric drive. i just this work really fits that another fee change discourages really cool is the push button change of alignment of the central digital movement to the right to make a little more space to the left eye that's very convenient when you want to see displays for the drivers insists they appear to the left of the dial. actually in is have already seen this feature in the r.c.s. but here it's another touch of 1st class watch from. the dynamic radar cruise control in tandem with the lane keeping assist make for
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a nearly automated driver support the car just said speed to the vehicle immediately ahead even figuring in a sudden stop and independent acceleration but ultimately. intro of the vehicle remains with the driver. moving back outside yes the contour seem to flow back from the groom across the car above and below the l.e.d. headlights wrap around to the sides and blend in seamlessly with the body shape. the newly yes as 5 centimeters to the wheel base the roofline t. pers off to the rear like on a cooping the body design directly affects the space inside there's plenty of lake room but taller occupants might feel a bit squeamish to but. the
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taillights to wrap gracefully around the rear corners. it's a snap to unlock and open the trunk remotely because the batteries have shrunk and are now placed under the rear seats there's 454 liters of cargo space back here but they can't be expanded as the rear seat backs can't be lowered. emissions test car has the f. sport trimline it's highlights or sporty accents on the body and in the interior it also includes 2 extra driving modes in addition to the normal and eco setting. out there even is says the sport and sport plus modes can be selected via this
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control and that if you activate them the gas pedal grows much more responsive as does the steering that she has that the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. i why even take control of shifting if you want to thank you about that for the money . and all cyprus in. so what's the bottom line. day in and says the design of the s. in history fake and she has to say that she almost prefers the exteriors to the interior because it has such beautiful lines and the export hybrid that she tested has plenty of juice she says but it isn't really the car for you if you like to put the pedal to the metal because it has a top speed of only 180 kilometers an hour. or
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. our car test a model shaffer says he's in spain or the home of say where he'll explore how would the other car makers to produce its very own family of this u.v.'s which includes the term rocco you take it and the smallest of the a room where did those names come from he's on the road to find out. it helps to know that spaniards are very proud of their home like. this it isn't a minimalist says we're driving the taco seance largest s.u.v. in the place they gave the vehicle its name the city a town to go into its with but now we're going to isn't the same as to rocco is it yes actually it is over 2000 years ago when the romans conquered this city they called it. over the course of time latin word to rocco morphed into today's name that are going to be about. the
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sear groom a roman tracker racing horses and chariots has remained from that here it has become a popular tourist site. that we know where they started in 73. far as we know the construction last. 20 years called was a very large city because it was the capital city of the province we know that there where 40000 inhabitants. $30000.00 in the course of. this historic site is where the money well is beginning his trip through the history of c.n.c. is u.b.s. . the spanish carmakers 1st design came in the year 2000 with the songs. some features from the scar that we still have in the d.n.a. from all around for example the connection in the one in the 2nd attempt at the class was the tribal which appeared in 2007. it has
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a very robust aspect especially because of the wheel arches this square this with arches is something we have almost the same in the attic right now and finally the last in the group was the action 2011. we were already trying to find personality. in the eyes of our cars and this is definitely right now in all our as serious. as this model says it's interesting to trace how designs changed and developed over the years and notice that the last one is quite close to what we see today and say it's an issue of the series we've also learned quite a bit about the history of. that are going as it's called today and the history of s.u.v. . now it's time to head to our next destination he says. name
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let's not take up. the 2nd brother and say and the fan. his name for a spanish town too like almost all the car makers models that's not surprising since as we've already mentioned the spaniards are quite patriotic. commando says it's around 330 kilometers from cairo going up to a take that means that given spanish speed limits we're in for about a 3 and a half hour drive meanwhile a look back at our last thought rocco test drive one of the let's go to. rocco is the largest s.u.v. in the seance stable it's also the youngest on the market since 20 teen the model shares a platform with a v.w. to go on all space and the skoda kodiak caracal sells for just under 30000 euro.
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but let's get back to the here and now this good shop manual says we've reached out to take a picture a small town of 2000 souls and no one knew about until see one of his s.u.v. he's after he now it's become relatively well known it's going to have a look and move on from the taco to the take then we'll be on tour next destination you know i think. just a few of the states. there they are says you manuel right and i take a central square i can already see that it's relatively small but tranquil and i am pretty sure in. the narrow streets are inviting but career stroll rather than a drive nevertheless residents are still proud of the fact that saying i'd choose to name one of its cars after their town. if there be a take a 1000000 from all inclusive of all says you know see people taking pictures in
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a rambling in the streets he doesn't have precise numbers but there's no doubt more people are now coming to get to know and take the given that it is for when you come in. then it's time to get into the and take it and head for the next stop on our tour. to help with the take i'm behind it emanuel says we're on the road to madrid why madrid because our next stop is our own and that's on the island of 10 or if. we need to take a boat or plane to get there and the closest airport is in madrid about 220 kilometers away that will give us time to look back at the a take as development of a size about the one side course that would make these why me. all do not take up. your ticket is the mid sized version of the 3 models and also the oldest it's been
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around since 2016 and was such a huge success that c.n.n. had to put a hold on orders because it had pre-sold all the units that could be produced in the year we had take it sells for about $21000.00 euros. time to board the plane for a hop over to turner reef the next morning we'll travel on to our room in a road. which they could never be 100 kilometer route takes says up over the mountain system on a well so we can see a bit of the island i will give us some time to look at the aroma of the no want to it's about. the little room has been on the market since 2017 and like the 2 others see out as u.v. models it's also available with a natural gas powered engine the aroma shares a platform with a skoda comic and a v.w. t. cross the room to start selling at $16000.00 euro. off when the manual says that on
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the way it's certainly a great idea to stop in the mountains and it's not too cloudy to enjoy the view that. is peak is over 3700 meters under. it doesn't look like it from here because you're already at 2000 meters that's all let's get back in the car and i had 4 around and starting on my feet i had one found by thought and she fished bought at a one off once. with $80000.00 residents a rona is much larger than a take it's a city whose wealth flows in from the tourist bastions like adolescent memory cuts and lows cristiana. yet not one animal sums up the tour for us i'm saying because he's been able to gather many impressions some learned a lot as well and he's curious about c.x.
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next and she will be called and what place and i will be named after. him. and next time i'm driving a mercedes present as class s.u.v. the new g.l.'s. and we take the audi t.t. as kookery out for spins she had them on drive. chicago
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crime where. there's been an explosion of violence in america's 3rd largest city. in some parts of town right up there are fighting over territory and innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire. many local residents say it's time to stop the bloodshed. chicago. 15 minutes d.
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a twit of. my choice in this card because even the way to. transmitted to the troops. my name is not much and i want. to top. the forrester equivalent to 30 some of which is clear if replaced so our consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forced. me please. for 25. forests and money. the tragic reality behind. the exploitation.
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starts july 24th p.w. . played for. play . this is d w news live from berlin and clashes erupt again between police and pro-democracy protesters in hong kong over the controversial extradition locks the demonstrators faced off against riot police in a luxury shopping mall in the chinese territory after another day of street protests also coming up to the front celebrates.


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