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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and the clashes erupt again between police and pro-democracy protesters in hong kong over the controversial extradition law the demonstrators faced off against right police in a luxury shopping mall in the chinese territory after another day of street protests also coming up from celebrates best field day with a vast display of pomp tash intrigue and military prowess we'll get the latest from the french capital. and india is just hours away from making spacefaring
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history with the launch of its 1st litter landing all goes to plan each hungary out to probe to explore the south pole of the moon for the 1st time. thanks for joining us police and protesters have clashed in hong kong as public anger over a controversial extradition law shows no sign of letting up the confrontations came at the end of another huge rally against what protesters see as china's tightening grip on the semi autonomous former british colony. they turned out in their tens of thousands in shot in a suburb between hong kong's main city sprawl around the harbor and the chinese border. like most of the protests over the last month that started out peacefully
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the mood resolute well pretty well you know it was the killer right and. i've read all. the demonstrators unwavering in their main demands the resignation of the territories beijing backed chief executive kerry lamb and the formal withdrawal of a hated bill allowing suspects to be sent for trial in mainland china. we're on the isle of call the reds. and silences all the option. protesters also called on the authorities to up hold the freedom of the press we are not asking police to treat is better than all people with respect and i think the media has done quite a good job there and says including all parties involved with this but it's so i hope it will be become usual. later in the day there were ugly scenes inside the
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shopping mauthausen luxury brands protesters wielding the now familiar umbrellas clashed with police. it's the 5th straight weekend of mass dissent and this little sign of are the sides backing down. earlier we spoke to journalists him on the platform in hong kong and he explained by the protest are persisting even though authorities have said the extradition law is dead i pulled the whole protest today and what people say is that she said it is dead and she even used a chinese expression for it but she reached used to use the word we drove in we would have legal consequences where i was the biggest debt it means ok we cannot promise you that we're not going to pass it but it still is still there somehow so people don't trust the government of hong kong there is a deep distrust and because of that and let and she will it's officially withdrawn
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from the program of the leko illegitimate let it consume that we keep protesting the. wannstedt people who have been arrested so far to be released they want the protests not to be a little old right and even more and the last edition of this long list is they want popular election so you can see that it has targeted with a very controversial bill that apparently the government didn't dissipate woods and pad going to the people of hong kong so much but now the whole political system the hong kong we are at stake. to france now where president emanuel mccraw has showcased europe's defense capabilities at this year's festival day parade the focus on european military cooperation on the french national day comes at a time of growing tensions with the united states key e.u.
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leaders including german chancellor angela merkel join mccrone to watch the anymore parade down the shelves always a witch commemorate commemorates the start of the french revolution one of the most i catch in pieces of hardware on display this year was this fly board which will be tested by the french military. our correspondent lisa lewis was at the parade and sent us this the theme of today's busy day parade with european defense corporation president in myanmar call had invited the 99 and the other member states of his so-called european intervention initiative launched about one year ago he wanted to depict himself as the european leader germany's angela merkel one of the guests of honor here today said that this was a great step towards european defense school peroration today's parade was also a further attempt to say that europe can very much stand on its own feet when it
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comes to defense and that it doesn't depend that much anymore on the u.s. but a common european defense strategy also means bringing together military dr eans that can differ greatly especially when it comes to germany and france which is much more intervention savvy than its neighbors so it remains to be seen if the idea that has showcased here today will really become reality. oh a few hours after manorama call reviewed the best day parade several 100 yellow vest protesters gathered in the heart of the french capital some tried to occupy the shells of as a blocking the road with metal barriers and debris police fired tear. gas to disperse the crowds which led to adjacent streets to regroup prior to sunday's celebration authorities had banned all protests near the venue. and now bring you some of the other stories making news around the world wildfires on
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the italian island of sardinia have forced residents to evacuate with flames reaching campsites and private homes firefighters battle blazes fanned by strong winds wildfires are common during italy's dry and hot summers. flash flooding and landslides in the paul have killed at least 50 people with dozens of others missing incessant monsoon rains have pounded many areas of the mostly mountainous country since thursday the flooding has submerged large stretches of land inundated homes and destroyed roads and bridges. the british government has says an oil tanker loaded with iranian oil could be released if temper and guarantees it will not be sent to syria british royal marines sea used to be graced one tanker in the mediterranean earlier this month on suspicion of violating e.u. sanctions. while excitement is growing in india as the country prepares
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for its 1st moon landing mission the usual launch in just a few hours the ambitious chandrayaan to include a robot rover that will explore the lunar surface close to the moon south pole and if all goes to plan it will be the 1st mission to land in that region. to india's most challenging mission so far a highly complex undertaking. the spacecraft should reach its destination at the beginning of august when it enters an elliptical orbit of the moon. then it will approach the lunar surface. when the landing robot vic ram separates from the craft the most exciting phase begins india's 1st soft landing on the moon.
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the selected landing site is about 600 kilometers from the lunar south pole a region of craters that has literally been on the dark side of the moon for billions of years the blue markings here show where satellites have spotted frozen ice in craters given the high plateau the landing robot should touch down gently amid rock that is older than anything on earth. after landing they will open its doors and release india's 1st lunar rover on to the surface. small as a briefcase it can cover up to 500 meters. with its 2 instruments the rover will measure water bearing minerals in the lunar rock as well as the concentration of elements such as aluminum silicone and titanium. meanwhile the landing robot will record moonquakes and explore so-called lunar plasma
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a thin layer of electrically charged particles above the surface. and the rover will be able to collect data for 14 days then it will be dark for 14 days that's when the temperature drops to $160.00 degrees. 0 celsius. the orbiter will spend a year gathering data about the moon the objective is to fill in the gaps from india's previous mission it has 8 measuring instruments on board their function is to investigate the moon's thin atmosphere and show which minerals and chemical elements make up its surface. for the 1st time a special radar will be used to determine the location and quantity of frozen water . india's mission is the 1st to bring this type of instrument to the moon.
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the united nations is due to hold a conference monday on the worsening outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of the congo the current epidemic in congo's east is being called the 2nd worst in history and it continues to spread due largely to mistrust by people there toward health workers and the congolese army which is struggling against multiple insurgent groups hundreds of people have already died in the area during the current outbreak of the virus which has been raging for nearly a year. and the rain is the least of the troubles for north and his team again they're on their way to pick up a corpse and the people in this small village near the east congolese town of potential suspicious they've heard many disturbing things about it bowler. and his team are here to make sure that those who died of the ebola virus are buried correctly a family member in
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a protective suit is allowed into the house to bring out the body of a young woman to prove that they did we do this to avoid the family needs to see that everything is done correctly that there is a duty. rumors and superstition are only one of the obstacles in the fight against a bowler. we always hear that the organs of the dead are stolen to make money that's why they're hidden in the sacks but i saw that my sister's body was intact and. the body is now taken to the nearest mortuary here the body of a child is also being readied for burial another ebola victim the boy's father is filming he wants to ensure that it's his son that will be buried later on today. the recovery team tirelessly clears things up you mustn't touch the sick not even the dead explains
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a lot of. what that i am to safely bury it bola victims they need the congolese army that's because there's fighting in the area around. even treatment centers are attacked by rebel groups. but the people don't trust the government soldiers either . does that equal well the titians are one reason we have problems with local people in dealing with ebola. last year the elections were postponed because of ebola and then rumors spread that ebola was invented in order to prevent the election and. roa. is far from an invention it's a bit a reality with almost $1500.00 deaths so far in a region that's already one of the most troubled in africa home. the young woman can now be buried with dignity under the protection of the soul just a tiny success for the funeral team. or to sports in
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tennis novak djokovic is the men's wimbledon champion after coming through an epic 5 set encounter as fellow heavyweight roger federer federer was dominant on his own swerve claiming 2 of the opening 4 sets but djokovic took the other 2 on tie breaks to set up a thrilling finale it all came down to a tense 5th set but the scores at 12 games all took of each took the victory via another tie break as his 5th title at wimbledon and his 16th grand slam when overall and meanwhile at the tour de france south african writer daryl impey one stage 9 from sandusky entered rio de after a perfectly timed final sprint its his 1st stage when home favorite julian of the felipe added to the best deal they celebrations and france by holding on to the yellow jersey for a 2nd consecutive day. you're watching t w news live from berlin
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more coming up at the top of the hour stage here for our documentary this week we take a look at the wave of violence in the u.s. city of chicago to forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site d.w. dot com i'm irish waiter thank you so much for joining and. the. first economy most of. the doors grandma was arrives in. your reckoning on her journey to freedom. in our interactive documentary during the regular returns home. don't come to tanks.


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