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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2019 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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those are big changes and most start with small steps. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world but news helicopter could convert those to green energy solutions and reforestation. to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. to use the multimedia environment series on w. . welcome to global 3000 this week we learn why matchmaking agencies are so popular in china. we talk to farmers in colombia who are putting their hopes in
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legal cannabis cultivation. but 1st we hear how classical music has brought some calm to a place often associated with war and chaos. the democratic republic of the congo the 2nd largest country in africa with a population of 94000000 has a violent history the independence gained in the 1960 was followed by bloody civil war and says he years of dictatorship under mobutu today the d.l.c. is still plagued by political instability but there are oases of peace and serenity the capital kinshasa is known for its lively cultural scene and that includes one of central africa's only symphony orchestra's. conductor. is tough and demanding he says this is how he gets the bed. from the
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students. you have a problem with your flute. i'm actually a pilot but music is my passion. but it's true i don't have any academic training in this area. this is what passion is what helps us get to know our instruments and to learn how to play with us. everyone here shares that same passion for classical music barely anyone has professional training instead they all trained right here together a missile construct. a missile i'm happy here and i have a lot of friends. started learning the violin at the age of 12 and right from the start she was determined to join an orchestra.
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lives in this district music she says has helped her enormously. learn music music has changed me classical music has something very calming about it so much it has helped me to reflect and react in my everyday environment with my friends and others in the city i think ms amy having me plus she took. finn's family lives in a modest house her father sings in a choir and was supportive of his daughter learning an instrument it was only possible because the orchestra subsidize the cost of the lessons but the conditions were far from ideal. number the clubs there were 30 students but only 2 violins in the mornings i went to school and in the afternoon i had violin lessons. but actually i could only hold the violin briefly then already it was the next child's turn to say memphis had gone live you know.
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2 2 2 2 now duffin practices every day and she rehearses with the orchestra 5 times a week also studied and is doing an internship with the foreign ministry the 28 year old hopes he might get a job there later. finding work is not easy in the democratic republic of congo unemployment is high and poverty is widespread. over 70 percent live under the poverty level less than 2 euro's a day. life in kinshasa is difficult sometimes. it's like living in anarchy it's tough but we stay here nonetheless. to difficile where. the government frequently fails its citizens and churches bridge the gaps the orchestra is run by a free christian church it offers people support and has also built
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a number of schools and hospitals in 1904 it's set up the orchestra. music lessons take place within the church building there are no music schools in the democratic republic of congo so how is anyone supposed to learn how to play an instrument. the i love music school ever since i was little so when i listen to music i feel good. this is the soundtrack to everything. was. the church is now building a real music school it wants to give more people access to the power of music the new school will also have rehearsal rooms for the orchestra the project is being funded by the church and above all through donations. the conductor is supervising the construction work. of course and so she i visited. visited music schools in other countries and i noticed that children started learning an
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instrument they're very young as it seems we did and i thought. that's what i want for our children to do the new building will have 5 floors everyone here is prepared to roll their sleeves up and get to work even the musicians. you. see for this you see the work is not difficult and afterwards at 4 o'clock i go to choir something. the church also runs a large choir and until the building is finished the 80 or so singers rehearse outside. and then they're joined by the orchestra they're rehearsing a come title from mendelssohn psalm 42 in german.
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it's elegance and the sense of we're a large symphonic family many musicians have found their own voice here. and the orchestra simply accompanies each musician in their dreams. idea this school shapes the news issuance of tomorrow he said it in. the. back in 1971 then u.s. president richard nixon. declared war on drugs since then the united states alone has sunk more than a $1000000000.00 into the campaign. according to the u.n. more than 225000000 people worldwide use illegal substances. globally
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speaking the illegal drugs trade is worth around $300.00 to $500000000000.00 a year. is there any hope of winning this battle. this path through the forest leads to an illegal marijuana plantation it's just one of many in southwestern colombia. shows as a field. he also used to grow cannabis illegally and spent 2 years in jail for it the colombian government isn't a major presence here. until a year and a half ago this area was under the control of fark rebels. i believe about 80 percent of the population here grow cannabis. and that they all want to stop participating and necessarily go activity if you raise cattle or grow
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plants like money off her bananas but hardly anyone can make a living from it. for couldn't a town of 13000 people medical marijuana is a real opportunity this used to be in the middle of fark controlled territory and for 50 years there were few ways to earn a living here. and the mayor is pleased about the new business he says a dozen farmers' cooperatives have already signed agreements with pharmaceutical companies. we want to change things including because of criminal gangs drug cartels and mafiosi we've had a lot of violence here we want to replace them with these cooperatives and businesses. but he says. colombia is looking to become a global export leader in medical marijuana 91 domestic and foreign companies have already obtained growing licenses. the 1st one was issued to the canadian colombian
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firm fatima c.l.o. which is based. in october 2017. c.e.o. side of it. says they've already invested more than $40000000.00 in modern production facilities. colombia's climate fertile soil and a peace treaty reached with park all helped win investors over. 50 vehicles over. where. medical cannabis could become very important to colombia's economy the industry could be worth $40000000000.00 worldwide as things stand now colombia could already meet 20 to 30 percent of global demand. that read going to an astronaut. the company grows cannabis in its own greenhouses it's required to obtain at least 10 percent of its raw material from small and midsized growers that's why pharma c.l.o.
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has also signed a contract with a co-op and cut into that include $63.00 families. colombia only permits the export of medical cannabis products not the flour. the government wants the country to develop its own processing industry sugarcane is also grown in the current a valley but only a few locals are living from it the mayor hopes that legal cannabis will do more to increase employment. we mainly produce sugar cane here a tech has a field of pay and creates just one job one hectare of medical marijuana creates 10 to 15 jobs in the 1st year alone we're expecting between 101500 new jobs in the region i mean that's you. have nano to and yet doesn't want anything to do with the local drug mafia he joined with more than 100 other farmers to found a cooperative. after years wait they've received their official growers license.
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he hopes that a legal way to earn a living will make a big difference for his family. she says. i hope my son will be able to attend a good university. once he has received an education then maybe he can work here to . bring the story when the pictures are not without doing anything illegal or dangerous and without having to deal with criminals. from myler. more ways to earn a living legally will also help bring peace to the region the remaining rebels and the drug lords have withdrawn into the mountains at night they're marijuana fields glow. the lights are intended to make the plants grow more quickly. but they're also a warning that drugs aren't yet ready to throw in the towel. this
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week in global ideas we're off to jordan in a country where water is extremely scarce to find out more about the challenges of water management in an arid region are reported on his fed met people near the capital amman. waters his families all of to ease every day. but water only comes out of the mains once a week on wednesdays. so that's when they're always busy stocking up. everybody here has a tank on the roof or a sister in the garden. it often doesn't rain for weeks on end here. the village of a new shot is 50 kilometers from the capital amman water from the mains just one day a week is standard across jordan. when there are problems at the water works it sometimes
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doesn't show up at all even on one stays. steady how there's no water it affects everybody and everything. in the cleaning the family and the animals the olive trees and all the other trees. water wasn't always as scarce as it is today dallas father ybarra remembers when it was plentiful thank him from a nearby river. but those times are long gone. by any of the 1960 s. there was always enough water. that we had a big fat 12 inch pipe from the river. but bennett was kept in 1904 because it was less and less water in the river. that river bloody i watch has no shrunk to
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a mere trickle. it's the same in most parts of the country. very little rain falls here and water is extremely scarce jordan is one of the driest countries on earth. at the same time its population is growing so demand for water in the cities has soared in model for example. 200000 people live in the area at an elevation of 800 meters. water has to be pumped here from lower lying regions hundreds of. kilometers away that takes lots of equipment and energy and it's expensive the country's aging water supply system heats up around 15 percent of all the electricity used in jordan and a lot of the water it transports is lost due to leaks. but some hajek is an
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engineer who's here to work on improving water resource management he's employed by germany's g.r.i.z. development agency old pumps use a lot of electricity high acas installing new ones that use a 3rd less. that will give us a way to sustain water supply for the communities and also it itself will be able to use the savings in the energy to maintain the facility to maintain the network so on and off the wall this will be reflected in you know positive impacts on the community as a whole. the price of the electricity that powers the waterworks has just soared 40 percent in jordan so pressure is mounting to hike water prices too but with more efficient pumps power consumption will decline and they should make the water supply more reliable as well.
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ok. the new pumps have been flown in and have just passed through customs a little while later they arrive in modern. they cost a quarter of a $1000000.00 euros and were paid for by the g.i. z. . high x. says they're a good investment and good for the environment although jordan is shifting to a new a bulls most of its electricity is still generated by fossil fuels which emit vast amounts of c o 2 into the atmosphere so you want to equip an introduction that will be in the range of 800000 kilograms you 2 per year just want to from this one station all but about the water cycle in mother about is also in 28000000. c o 2 equivalent. as well so. there are other stations and we are working to cover the whole cycle as one. snarky shot him runs
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a small commercial garden he has greenhouses a few outdoor planting beds and of course his own reservoir. and. the problem is simply not enough water and that's why i have to use mostly recycled waste water i mean. it's ok and it's cheap but it is wastewater. that is you know much. about without it and my plants wouldn't grow that be nothing left no reason. but some hajek says everyone here is concerned about the water supply and all are looking forward to improvements. we believe that in the future a community will feel this effect as well but their services but their maintenance and quantity of water. hajek stops by the family home. either
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a team says he's looking forward to the day when his water supply really is reliable. once the new pumps are up and running. most people dream of sharing their life with a special someone but in china the odds are stacked against would be grooms for every $100.00 women there are $113.00 men in a population of 1400000000 that means 34000000 more men than women it's the sad legacy of the government's one child policy when more boys were born than girls now matchmaking agencies are helping lonelyhearts track down potential partners. and. this man is on the lookout for women. but not for himself
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in john and his female colleague matchmakers that turf the malls of shanghai the objects of their interest are supposed to be pretty stylish and elegant and there's a height requirement to at least one meter 63. i say hello to them and introduce myself and tell them about my work then compliment them on their beauty and then i ask them if they have a boyfriend or if they're single. some say what are your. looks for potential marriage partners for well female. but the 1st women he approached today have given him the cold shoulder. these matchmakers work for a special marriage agency they have $6000000.00 registered clients which is rather small for china but they offer tailor made match ups starting at $10000.00 euros
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a year. james wang would like to get married he works for a car importer which gives him very little spare time that's why the agency is finding candidates for him and organizing rendezvous is. she looks quite sweet she's from shanghai says matchmaker your parents are civil servants. james wang owns an apartment and a luxury car impressive status symbols here if you have a better car maybe you have a better chance to find a woman but for me i wouldn't i don't want to take this into this this path because i would like to find the right woman no woman or girl not just of value me for these things i have but more likely my person. about $200000000.00 chinese are single the pressure to marry can be intense but people
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are choosy especially when it comes to money often love is not enough. financial security love is wishful thinking and. your financial status is a requirement. of course it's not the only thing that counts but it is a factor. for well heeled clients the match makers will keep looking for as long as it takes the agency success stories line the halls trophies in the hard for chinese marriage market. this park in shanghai matchmaking takes a more traditional form parents are here on their children's behalf the notes on the young brothers brag about their children's accomplishments a degree from abroad a job at a foreign company a good salary owning an apartment is a major draw parents of china's one child generation worry that son or daughter will never marry and never have children. by the time singles are in their mid
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twenty's. and being nagged about wedding plans. to give cupid a boost this agency offers a speed dating session every evening china's formal one child policy has led to a large surplus of men but that doesn't mean women have an easier time finding a partner many say that's because women are choosier and are usually aiming for a wealthier mate men on the other hand aim at their own social class just below it . nearby one of shanghai's most popular agencies teachers bachelor's how to attract a suitable mate or pay is $31.00 he runs a small company that doesn't own an apartment today he's learning breathing exercises pay is under pressure from his parents and it doesn't help that he's shy . sunny or young offers dating lessons and shows men what else matters in
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relationships besides owning a car and a home many of her clients struggle with basic social skills. the one child generation has grown up rather egotistical and arrogant they're used to everything being centered around them but if they now look for a partner they could also be too self-centered they find it difficult to feel empathy for the other person. is also getting wardrobe advice that's part of the $12000.00 euro coaching package which won't end until he's found a wife sonny thinks his lack of fashion sense is getting in his way he has nothing suitable to wear for a date she tells him to shop for higher quality clothes more businesslike and not so casual most of his wardrobe just doesn't pass muster. them as his posture he needs to stand tall and confident chest out stomach him. in just
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a few sessions sonny says he's already made progress. hardly. now i take the initiative and address women i'm more active which is very important that you know you'll hold on. to the time between now. he's promised his coach that by the next session he'll have managed to go on a date he's already got a candidate in mind. back to the high end matchmaker. has found a woman who's interested in the agency services he writes down the information but she doesn't want to say what kind of man she'd consider he takes a photo for the agencies file. she's writing what i feel we found a classically beautiful woman with a lot of charisma. she's one meter 70 tall and she's a personal trainer and a fitness studio. and then another stroke of good luck the next candidate is
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a bit taken aback at 1st but then she agrees soon she'll be on the agency's roster of eligible bachelor records. here. and that's all from global 3000 this week but don't forget we love hearing from you so please write to us that global 3000 a d w dot com all visit our facebook page d w global society take cash and see.
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dangerous dealings with medical supplies. pacemakers that have hardly been tested. prosthetics that poisoned their will. and it makes you feel like a guinea pig. more and more people are suffering harm or even dying from unsafe
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medical products in. cases from the implant. a 1000000 tons of flowers were dumped into the gun. she's in india every. the pesticides concerning her. now a study of converts use flowers into shut coal and chemical free incense sticks. even able to save 70 gauges of your best results from getting into the world. in 60 minutes from d.w. . down to from the but you are now going on. thank you thank you for. exposing and justice global news that matters w.
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me from heinz. i'm secure that the fire more that hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we was in the back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances. what's your story ready. and what i was and women especially of victims of violence in. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. are not a visitor not the guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. or. frankfurt. international gateway to the best
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connection self care road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. marion's outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. flash flooding and landslides in nepal have killed at least 55 people with thousands of others missing incessant monsoon rains have pounded many areas of the mostly mountainous country since thursday the flooding has submerged lodge stretches of land in indicted homes and destroyed roads and bridge.


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