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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2019 8:45am-9:01am CEST

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good stable. appearances can be deceiving this dusty landscape is not the moon but a volcanic surface on the spanish island of land. where we have some basic. from your love affair. and french astronaut training or not i giving up for the next moon landing or they're testing special equipment and gathering igneous rock which is similar to that found on the moon if mathias mera does make it to the moon he'll need to be able to identify everything he sees. and i think. that's the beauty of a. this is what i was looking for but in when i walk on the
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moon there will be many rocks there are rocks all around us. i know why should i bring this one and not the others well that's part of my training. on this in the volcano 2 days ago. but also. doesn't mean it's all a being is a mineral that comes from deep underground from close to the earth's mantle and there this month this was the geologists are really keen on making a discovery like this on the moon because samples like this could tell you a lot about the moon's composition. this morning when i was with you also with the hope of course is that someday i might find a great stone or sample like this on the moon and i feel. so miserable i just 5 minutes away on foot there's a command center this team is practicing how to communicate with astronauts on the moon and the scientists are in the blue tent next to it ground control.
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we are seeing sight she was 1700. m. . looking still we got a read of it on the good. outside journalists awaiting them mainly from the local media they're interested in mathias moua the astronauts. could look at the go here yes that you've been able he recently tweeted life isn't always fair my 2 good friends did all the hard work and only i got the attention which after all the commotion my own returns to the desolate landscape. here when i'm walking on the surface of. i feel a bit as if i'm on the moon the movement on. i'm really getting to get there 1st one after that some more laws but i can tell from the technology that it's still
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a long way off we've still got to learn a lot improve a lot. from our is 49 he was born a year after the 1st moon landing some of these scoops state back to the apollo mission they are being tested here to see if they can be improved on the northern agreement with the way. it's been decades since astronauts have practiced a lunar landing. it had gone out of fashion for a time but now interest has revived all over the world the astronaut center in cologne germany is part of the european space agency. we have so annoying that there's a new race to the moon that's not between the soviet union and the us like 50 years ago i'm going on this is much more of an economic race it's about being the 1st to fly to the moon the 1st to achieve dominance in space. and various countries have realized that they can seize and create an economic advantage given in the 1st ones
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who can get there will make the rules that the u.s. of course wants to be 1st and stake its claim with china has taken them on so they want to land on the moon by 2030 and also to build their own space station that's one of. china is investing heavily in space travel so is learning mandarin as well as russian he wants to cooperate with chinese astronauts and eventually fly to their planned space station. moments from. those closest to you can make beautiful things from plastic. this is what. the chinese mentality. young. young superhero. p.o. younger than she herself and 2 years ago mao to went to china for some training everything
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took place in mandarin. or the ocean a chinese the words for moon are always the same you're the 1st i thought it was you. know i kept saying i wanted to fly to the us. i thought i should have said you joe. i've advised if i can see the moon i have to say you're longer down there more like the moonlight is beautiful i have a very low when i say i want to fly there i have to say you troll right. ok. ok. the chinese space capsule will have a white limit for astronauts 75 kilos so fitness is a key part of training. this is a typical exercise that prepares you for space a space suit is so tight that you can practically only use your arms when there's a risk of injuring your shoulder muscles one is the cause of the fight as well so
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we do special exercises to strengthen all the tiny muscles not the big ones which i also don't have right now but the tiny ones on the inside and. some of the edge that. the. system. has that's was mine this is what you need very often when you're doing evy a training ground is important internal pressure is 0.4 bar so just moving my hands takes the same effort is trying to squeeze a tennis ball. we practice by taking heavy weights and walking around it's called the farm walk. and these aren't special exercises to insure that astronauts are fit for the moon they still have to be developed these exercises were designed for the international space station mauer will most likely be going there soon but he still has his
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sights set on the moon. oh oh. next stop is virtual new reality is practicing how to use the technology on the moon. ok if i were. here on the virtual noon were the sky's the limit. to pick that one up. and see how strong i am i would throw it towards the. discards i want. i was the missing one i feel right get dangerous. to the left but with so much training what is the biggest drawbacks of life as an astronaut. drawbacks there aren't any it's kind of don't feel like i'm missing out on anything i'm really enjoying it i mean every day is different and the days are
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long and intense i put in more hours than an ordinary 40 hour work week but i enjoy it and i have the right to say it's getting to be too much but i enjoy it and it's a really interesting job. i love talking about it telling people what the training entails how we're preparing for the future. but then telling people how important it is and sparking their enthusiasm. what we're doing these next 10 years will determine what directions things will take in space and who will come out on top so to speak before we europeans have to be part of it and i thought. to spread the word mara does a lot of air travel to training sessions in china or norway or to a p.r. event in spain but today in berlin he takes the bus instead of a taxi. think of him as an astronaut so my carbon footprint is bad enough as it is .
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that's how it is. that's. in the evening he has a little time off well almost like he's made it a colleague for me so. i'm on one stupid macadamia please and one blueberry cream and you know. so you know i so what's his favorite flavor of the coconut but there isn't any today. this is blueberry ice cream blueberries are supposed to be good for the eyes. it's making russian cosmonauts often eat blueberries in the station it can hurt things i wish i didn't think of it i mean. it's a how's it look with our council this november. and that's a lot of changing of course the americans are no longer planning for 2028 but for
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2024 of us out there it's going along. we need to make sure germans are involved also. germany and europe want to be a part of the u.s. is ambitious plan to send people to the moon by 2024. mathias mera is a 1000000000 planetarium to help convince politicians and business leaders to support the moon mission. and he might be there to be an astronaut mathias melba it's great that you're here welcome. please complete the sentence i'm glad that people are going back to the moon because i see them because it will be an amazing adventure and not only for astronauts. with the right technology we can bring everyone along using virtual 3 d. technology that people can just put on a headset and join us when we explore the moon. everyone here agrees they all want
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to go to the moon but what america's real chances of landing on the moon. and there are 7 active astronauts in the european astronaut corps so you could say that i have a one in 7 chance. but i think it's a bit presumptious to say that i have such and such percent chance. it's something you have to work towards over the next few years i'll have to work hard to make sure i'm in the pool of candidates simply because i'm going on also in russia. and not will depend on government policy in november he says council of ministers will decide whether to pump money into the race till then mathias mara will continue to dream of being the next person to set foot on the moon.
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am i am or how am i am it's 50 years since the moon landing. and the adventure continues today scientists are still trying to determine where the celestial body came from. the astronauts are training approaches. thanks soon to receive a visitor from. the farm. work
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or all for. the quiet melody resounds michael white of the mood. ready and. resonate with in its song. the moonlight and the music. rain tovan 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters b.t.w. made for minds. translation.
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cheerfully. don't know mulhall since the. choose to do good. disco. ilok. documentary. odd. place. to blame.
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blame blame. blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame. this is just live from berlin catastrophic monsoons across 3 asian states scores are dead and more than a 1000000 are fleas floods in the fall india and bangladesh and the continuing bad weather is hampering rescue efforts also coming up india of course a much anticipated mission to the moon less than an hour before its last stop what went wrong. was playing. turkey marts.


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