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this is deja vu news live from berlin catastrophic flooding across south asia scores of people have been killed and millions are now contending with high waters across the fall india and bangladesh to get the very latest from that region also coming up. president trump's tweets directed at for minority congresswoman triggered accusations of racism why did he single them out. and in the hot seat south africa's former president jacob zuma defends himself before
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a corruption inquiry as millions watched on t.v. he's accused of looting state funds. painful anniversary for turkey. it was 3 years ago today that failed to lead to mass purges from army generals to schoolteachers tens of thousands have been imprisoned for have lost their job. i brought in thomas thanks so much for joining us some 1000000 people are on the move in nepal northern india and bangladesh fleeing floods and high waters rescue efforts are underway now as authorities warn the region faces a potential health crisis from water borne disease. a deadly monsoon season in much
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of south asia. in nepal the off the moth of mass floods and deadly landslides for the displaced there's more rain to come. by in bangladesh it's the same story dangerous flooding and mudslides. and for the hinge of refugees from neighboring mine the rain and landslides have washed away thousands of hillside shelters leaving several dead. hundreds homeless or we're having problems during this rainy season getting food the kids are suffering from disease toilets and bathrooms are a problem the kids are not able to go to school and schools are falling into disrepair these are the problems we face so much a huge swathe of south asia used to monsoons is affected by the floods in india erin shell pradesh west bengal and assam with well over a 1000000 people affected as well as lifestyle and crucially crops some say that
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the biggest loss has been the crops as soon as farmers begin sowing irrigating the land with electric pumps and all then the rain began the rainfall has also been extreme 70 to 72 hours of continuous rainy the water level kept increasing and slowly submerge the farmlands nearly all of the crops have been destroyed. by the climate change means more extreme weather and many a concern about how that's affecting food systems this monsoon and a ruined harvest will be felt well beyond the end of the rainy season. let's go now to do the abuse wall who's standing by in delhi for us let me show what's the main priority for authorities where you are as they try to help some of those 1000000 people who've been displaced. well brian the plot it is how
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so long into action and why and these floods have been have taken and there's been a massive loss of life they are also an annual affair in india the national disaster response force is one of the biggest in the world and has handed similar disasters in the past as well or you have this you know their approach to cycling finding and preparing for it was also commendable because there was actually an incredible rescue and relief effort that can also be seen on the ground here out of the n.p.r.'s forces are deployed all across flooded states in the country and they're carrying out rescue and relief operations they have kids of people across the border in the fall as well thousands of security forces have been deployed but there are serious challenges communication dollars a down and made highways of blocks of these are the conditions that security forces and disaster management forces are dealing with they are actually waiting for them one suit is so that the water levels to see them better force can be carried out to help the people as you mentioned these monsoons or an annual event but how does
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this year compared to previous years. well there are also of course that in the fall the flooding has been worse than the past few years but extreme weather conditions are also becoming more common as you are born you are in india for example there have been floods there were massive floods last year. and of course the problems over here in these mountainous regions are very different from built upon it as like mumbai or the city of chennai but there are other areas in india that i hit by drought studies have been formed that this is related to climate change and extreme weather conditions are expected to be much more likely as we progress if nothing is done right now about this in fact there is a study by the massachusetts institute of technology that predicts that 80 percent off just for predation ville be exposed to extreme weather conditions by the end of the century if more action is not taken right now it's to prove and or the fact
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that climate change is having in the subcontinent bangladesh's facing some special challenges with hundreds of thousands of refugees from being more now in the country will will these refugees be getting the help that they need. but bangladesh of course has a very specific and of a unique challenge and we have lots of bizarre we've seen visuals from there of people in temporary housing is trying to keep up the must light since april has taken lives and is also a product of heavy rainfall but bangladesh also is different from india and nepal in that the regions we're talking about in india and nepal are more mountainous regions while bangladesh itself is a low lying country 80 percent of the country is floodplain says way prone to flooding and other populations and none of these are also all so susceptible to these just saw of course while there are programs and efforts by parties as well as
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international programs like the world food program there's a higher risk of waterborne illnesses there's a higher risk of death because of these months later so there's an additional challenge basically to the already difficult plays these will engender fiji's are leading in their future homes let me show thanks very much for that from delhi. let's preview now some of the other stories making the news at this hour india's national space agency has a boarded a highly anticipated launch to the moon the decision was taken less than an hour before blastoff because of a technical snag found in the launch vehicle in the as a means of gum the 4th country to achieve a soft landing on the moon surface. in brussels e.u. foreign ministers are discussing how to get the iran nuclear deal back on track tensions in the ga gulf have worsened since u.s. president trump pulled america out of the deal last year around recently began breaking limits set on your rainy i'm in richmond in breach of that agreement.
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nearly 300 people have been arrested across france after algerian fans took the streets to celebrate their country's qualification for the africa cup of nations final in marsay which has a large algerian community police had to fire tear gas to break up the crowd it's. it's to the united states now where president trump has been accused of racism after posting tweets attacking democratic congress women of color in them he said they should quote go back to the crime infested places from which they came rather than loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states how to run the government the speaker of the house nancy pelosi tweeted when donald trump tells 4 american congress women to go back to their countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again senator and
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presidential candidate cory booker tweeted about his own experience as a person of color in the u.s. you don't belong here you're not one of us go back to where you came from we've heard this our whole lives now here from the oval office. and the women the president heard to have all reacted as well congresswoman alexandra cause here cortez tweeting mr president the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states johann omar the only one of the 4 women who was born outside the united states tweeted your stoking white nationalism because you're angry that people like us are serving in congress and fighting against your hate filled agenda so far republican party representatives have not responded to the tweets or criticism
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in south africa former president jacob zuma is facing questions at a public inquiry today broadcast live to millions across the country zuma is accused of overseeing a culture of corruption while in office including giving out state contracts and favors to allies he says the allegations against him are politically motivated he was ousted by his own a.n.c. party last year during his testimony he claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy that has been a drive. to remove me from. it is come in different forms and that's why. they've been people who said he would do it all of trying to. run for more.
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let's go straight to johannesburg in our correspondent adrian krishna following this for us adrian this is not the 1st time that the former president has faced corruption charges what's at stake for him this time round. right this is a commission off inquiry that is basically trying to find out how the state capture network really came up so they don't have prosecuting powers but they can refer their finding to the relevant agencies so for jacob zuma at stake for him is mainly his reputation and he's been seeing himself as he has rightly said as a victim for a long time he's been saying that even people in his home party are going against him seeing him as a scape goats and so you have to understand that zuma does not have an official position anymore in the country but he is still a very powerful man the a n c the governing party is basically split in 2 major factions you have the one of the current president who is portrayed as somebody who wants to clean up his own party and then you have affection of people zuma and
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people around him who are trying to keep the status quo and the outcomes and findings of this commission will basically have a strong impact on the followers ship of jacob zuma and his people ok i was assuming adrian is not legally required to appear at this in korea and has no process sure tauriel powers as you mentioned so why did he choose to do so. well there was a long back and forth before that his lawyers actually asked for the questions to be handed to him before he was appearing the commission refused to must bill decided to show up and as i said most likely to clear up his name because remember there's really strong allegations on the table against him reaching from using state money to build his private residence then there's a lot of allegations when it comes to an arms deal where he was way that's what the claims are that he was involved in to that and also there's a lot of stories around his involvement with the group the family from his long
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term friends who are said to play a major role in this state caption it was at one point that's what the allegations say that they were even in charge of naming ministers this is how far that's what the allegations say when you know considering all of that and considering these proceedings are being televised live across the nation this must be getting a lot of public response and interest. absolutely it came as a surprise is that knows too much support to say here today normally when he has a legal hearings he always brings a lot of his supporters along because especially in his home region he still has a lot of supporters but many south africans here i talked to they just really want to finally find out what really happened during the zuma years there's been a lot of allegations a lot of stories circulating but no court really extended any truth nobody really knows what happened so they want to hear the facts and they want to have evidence ok well perhaps we'll get them over the next few hours if you increase for us in johannesburg thanks very much. this is dative news live from berlin still to come
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on the show to ebola health workers are killed in congo that in its rampant mistrust of hell authorities are handling the outer. major of damage is now spreading to a few city in the east of the country. but 1st turkey is marking 3 years since a failed coup against president everyone since then many questions as to what actually happened remain unanswered including whether top ranking members of the our armed forces or foreign powers were involved in that coup attempt although questions remain the consequences of it are very clear. the night of july 15th 2016 was filled with chaos and violence elements of the turkish armed forces launched an operation to unseat president richard eyre to one aircraft attack government buildings troops occupied bridges and squares as many
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then the police came and we learned the reality when they detained us. forces loyal to heir to one put down the coup his government has since arrested tried in jail tens of thousands of soldiers teachers journalists and other public servants many more have been removed from their posts they stand accused of supporting the attempted takeover or at least disloyalty to the government many more turks at home and abroad still support heir to one but that's not guaranteed to last a week currency skyrocketing inflation and high interest rates have shaken his grip on power relations with the west are at a low point. then there's a mama lou an opposition figure and the next mayor of istanbul erda one held the post before he ascended to the national stage a parallel not lost on some voters. the president was merritt's well a criminal who is following the same path we will see added days. no one can say when those better times for ever once opponents may come he survived the bang of
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a coup attempt the whimper of everyday politics may pose the bigger challenge. let's go straight to istanbul now our correspondent dorian jones dorian how is this day being marked in turkey well it's a major event on turkey's calendar it in fact is a national public holiday and the since the failed coup in commemorations are being planned all through the day in fact they started late last night just down the road from where i am there was a major opening liked an old video display recalling the dramatic events of that failed coup images of turkish fighter bombing the presidential palace in the parliament but the main events all today well the president will be addressing a public rally at the in the ok we apparently have a loss of connection to istanbul we'll see it get up later in the show let's go to
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other news now and officials have confirmed that the current ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo has now spread to go mano that's a major city close to the rwandan border with 2000000 inhabitants they've all epidemic in congo's east is being called the 2nd worst in history and it continues to spread to largely to mistrust by people there both towards health workers and the congolese army which is struggling against multiple insurgent groups hundreds of people have already died in the outbreak during the current. situation with the virus which has been raging for nearly a year. heavy rain is the least of the troubles for nordan and his team again they're on their way to pick up a corpse and the people in this small village near the east congolese town of potential are suspicious they've heard many disturbing things about it bowler. and his team are here to make sure that those who died of
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the abode of virus are buried correctly a family member in a protective suit is allowed into the house to bring out the body of a young woman to pull with did we do this to avoid rumors the family needs to see that everything is done correctly but there is a difficulty with rumors and superstition are only one of the obstacles in the fight against a bowler. but we always hear that the organs of the dead are stolen to make money that's why they're hidden in the sacks but i saw that my sister's body was intact and. the body is now taken to the nearest mortuary here the body of a child is also being readied for burial another ebola victim the boy's father is filming he wants to ensure that it's his son that will be buried later on today.
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the recovery team tirelessly clears things up you mustn't touch the sick not even the dead explains lord and that one that i am to safely bury it bola victims they need the congolese army that's because there's fighting in the area around. even treatment centers are attacked by rebel groups. but the people don't trust the government soldiers either. does it equal well attentions are one reason we have problems with local people in dealing with ebola. last year the elections were postponed because of ebola and then rumors spread that ebola was invented in order to prevent the election and civil. war but it is far from an invention it's a bits of reality with almost $1500.00 deaths so far in a region that's already one of the most troubled in africa. the young woman can now
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be buried with dignity under the protection of the soul just a tiny success for the funeral team they're. there and. there's more at on that story in our website dot com or on to some sports now in tennis novak djokovic is the men's wimbledon champion after coming through an epic 5 2nd counter with fellow titan roger federer the match lasted about 5 hours with the 1st set going to a tar break before the serbian prevailed 1312 when he is his 5th title women wimbledon the world number one feast on some center court grass when the match was over this is the 16th time the 32 year old has won grand slam success. and sells more about this incredible matches only moho talkee from you know views workaday to you alina what really stood out for you was an incredibly tight match how close was
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fader to his 6th wimbledon when incredibly close to the point where roger federer could see victory he could smell it he just couldn't taste it federer in the final set he had 2 points to win it but he just couldn't dig deep enough you know somebody that could know that joke a faint with a brilliant comeback fight and it just shows you why he is the. number one and despite roger federer with the better numbers he had a better sphere of percentage he did not drop a serve in the 1st 4 sets he had a better return game he won more breakpoints is joke of it with with his incredible defensive game his self belief that stole the show and we ended up with a game for the ages ok would have been of us it would have been his 9th right. given that federer is almost 38 years old which is old for tennis isn't it what is this was this is lost when will to hear this a thing federer is like he's setting new standards and that's what makes him so incredible and look he may be old a but if judging on that match yesterday he did
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not look any more tired than joke of it and again this was an extremely competitive and extremely close match it could have gone either way 0 age was definitely not the reason that roger federer lost this match you know and we've had these conversations many times about roger federer when ever he loses a final you know it has to do with his age and between let me remind also review is that between 20122017 roger federer did a new goal a dry spell where he did in 5 years where he didn't win any grants and trophies but when he do at the end of that he surprised all of us he came back he won in 2017 what is it back to back a straight and opens as well as wimbledon so obviously this is a missed opportunity but the tank is still full when it comes to roger federer and age has not slowed him down ok so we might see him back again you never know what and also the performance against the dollar that and yesterday it's
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a testament to just how good he is you know joke about you know talk about his 16 grand slam title so federer has a record 20. conjunctive it suppress that hard look and leave the tennis world will agree on this if there's one man that can surpass roger federer his record it is novak djokovic i mean he is not. just incredibly talented but he also has time on his side he is 32 years young he's 32 years young he has as you just mentioned 16 grandstands just 4 behind larger federer and there's another factor to consider we know how human psychology works the closer you get to breaking a record you know the more you want it's on the losing about and of course his former coach revealed yesterday after the match that novak djokovic doesn't just want to be one of the greatest but greatest of all time so there you go we have motivation there and what's also really interesting is that during the presentation
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roger federer was asked about his age you know him being 37 years old to which he replied that he hopes to be an inspiration to other 37 year olds and of course djokovic and it up replying and saying that you know he hopes to be one of them and that his longevity federer's longevity has served as an inspiration to him so conceivably we could see them matching up again yes wimble to this is a possibility yes sadly both sides of the arch. we have some formula one for you know was how much the edging closer to retaining the driver's world title with a win at the british grand prix will turn as dominant this season winning 6 of the opening 9 races before this one and silverstone oh he was unbeatable once again. lewis hamilton started behind his mercedes teammate valtteri bottas the same who have clinched pole position in qualifying by a fraction of a 2nd managed to hold on to his lead for 19 ops i put hamilton
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hungary to win his record 6th british grand prix took advantage of a safety car deployments to put himself in front. the race was high on drama with 21 year olds charles le clerc ferrari and max for stop and of red bull engaged in a tight jewel for 3rd. first stop and was later rammed by law clerks teammate sebastian fattal and last i knew bill time i amidst all the hope of hamilton extended his lead at the front and freeze to victory in front of his home crowd at silverstone. repot task came 2nd followed by charles look lurking in 3rd the reigning world champion is now 39 points clear of nearest rival boathouse at the top of the driver standings. a low big day for cricket lovers england have won the men's world cup for the 1st
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time ever after beating new zealand in the closest final in the history of their competition the scores were tied at 200 $41.00 runs each at the end of the mass of both sides received one extra over england went 1st hit 15 score the new zealand then match however england's superior number of boundaries in the game gave them the when it was on home soil. while story from berlin now on. the giant chinese panda as celebrated his 9th birthday at berlin's zoo he woke up this morning to find a cake in his enclosure but forget sugar icing anything like that especially candles this was one that was made from sweet potatoes and. read fetus bashful treat for a papist. this is the date of the news live from berlin we have more news coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest at our
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web site as well for me brian thomas for now on the entire team thanks for being.
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tough. their music gives them strength and a glimmer of. the only symphony orchestra in central africa. hardly any of the musicians have professional training. their one being the symphonic family in which the musicians from kinshasa have found a home. global 3000. over the next month b.t.w. . 8000000 tons of flowers dumped into the jews in india and every. pesticides. come now
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a start of converts use flowers in some charcoal and chemical free consent sticks. to view new neighborhoods here some in b. cages up to impress designs from getting into the world. of good. and good in 60 minutes phone d w. china to burn the global tourist guide from germany's booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series to the bandana but in the sunlight turns into neat i love thing you don't want to show what's in a certain look like the tough swiss like me just drives us to the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's a very best terms for.
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