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this is g.w. news of live from berlin tonight a german politician bent her final push to secure the european union's top job parcel of on the line and today quit as it is germany's defense minister and she is making concessions to her political opponents in brussels on the eve of the european parliament's decisive vote that could seal her fate also coming up tonight it was president donald trump defending a racist tirade on twitter telling for non white american congresswoman to go back
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into the crime infested places where he says they came from and south africa's former president jacob zuma shrugs off corruption allegations on live television but his testimony enough to counter the evidence against him. plus congo's ebola outbreak spreads with the death toll already at $1600.00 the virus reaches the crowded city of goma on the border with rwanda the world health organization describing the new case as a potential game changer. by brinkerhoff it's good to have you with us tonight germany's ursula fund ally and has announced that she will step down as the country's defense minister min she has big plans for host. is that the european parliament will vote tomorrow to give her
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a new job as the 1st female president of the european commission now though that outcome is far from certain from the faces skepticism from parliamentary groups angered at the way she was foisted on them by national leaders so she's been on a charm offensive making around the promises to win over lawmakers. keeping up with. it's not an easy task last week. she was on the move constantly meeting almost all of the political groups of the e.u. parliament. she needs to convince enough parliamentarians that she's the right woman for the commission presidency and that could be a problem especially with the social democrats in the european parliament. they've called her commitments to being and they dislike that fund and i and wasn't even one of the lead candidates especially the german social democrats are up in arms
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about the members of the social democratic group in the parliament has not taken a final decision yet i guess there are some that might still consider. that need the questions and of those who are. already. clear that they want including you including me. so fun needs to do the math will give her a hand she needs a total of $376.00 votes to be elected commission president let's just say she'll get all $182.00 from our own group the conservative view of the tea party now it gets dicey the liberals from renewed europe who have 108 seats seemed rather positive but not completely convinced it will calculate with 70 votes. onto the social democrats lots of opposition but all. so lots of support from the spanish
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delegation there are $153.00 seats total if she's lucky might get $100.00. finally there are the conservative euro skeptics from the e.c.r. group seat total $62.00 realistically she could expect 30 seats maybe even more. and that would put her over the hump. to get those votes in has a twofold strategy number one make sure the e.u. parliament feels respected the world is calling for you know for more europe more engagement and therefore we must draw all our strength i came here to work with him and and i'm confident that we will work to. number 2 emphasize her
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european side so now she's tweeting in german english and french. nevertheless it will be a close call to succeed we'll probably have to give the speech of her life right here in the european parliament in strasburg. and the speech of her life in parliament. brussels bureau chief. good evening to you max we understand that has now written to the parliament's social democrats do we know what she said. well she touched upon many of those topics where the social democrats insisted that she still needs to do some work you remember she visited the social democrats last week in in brussels but there were many questions open and the feedback from those members of the european parliament was that she's too vague so she wrote this 8 page letter now saying that she wants
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a fairer and social europe for example that she wants to have more competitive or tougher goals to counter climate change to fight climate change for climate protection but what really struck me was that she told him she would use the full tool box when it comes to enforcing the rule of law in certain countries because some of the social democrats that said she was being too soft on countries like poland and hungary where the commission has some some beef as you know all because of the rule of law procedure that was kicked into action against those countries and of course it was a tough one i will need some of those votes but now she clearly took positions she said she would be for on those procedures that might cost her a couple of votes on the right from those countries you see it's a real balance it's a balancing act and do you think max that you know this letter to the social democrats and the promises that she's made is this going to be enough to bring them on to her side on the road to more. what we're hearing is rather
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positive right now if for example take the brits the british delegation up until a couple of days ago said that she they would probably not vote in favor of fun the lion but now she also has a page letter had a chapter where she said that she would do anything in her power to avoid bragg's it basically and that is something that goes down well with the social democrats of great britain not with other parties but with the social democrats it does so she can expect some votes from them we really don't have that much opposition anymore within the social democrats except from the austrians and also when you saw the report you know and from the germans that really seemed to be. absolutely convinced that they need to vote against it was a fun allied yeah and explain to people around the world watching max why are german social democrats why are they so against one of the there fellow
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countrywomen especially when it comes to making history like this at the e.u. top level fred it's not only that it's also that the german social democrats are in a coalition with the party it was enough and aligned the c.d.u. they govern together in berlin and yet here in the european parliament they're absolutely opposed against or the reason or one of the reasons is that up until the end the social democrats were hoping to get their lead candidate through to have their lead candidate become commission president funds to moments and things were looking really good in the end it changed again it's which and it looks like i'm going to back a head or way and that's something that the s.p.d. so the german social democrats often had that they look like they you know they would have their will but in the end i get a makeover wanted to seems to be that feeling that is motivating them and come tomorrow if the lion she loses this vote do european leaders do they have another surprise candidate up their sleeves that they can pull out. they would have to come
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together again in summer and decide on that surprise candidate we have some names but quite frankly we're not there yet you know a custodian or gear given is one of them she's the director of the world bank at the moment she is also a conservative she's a woman but she's not backed by her own government back in bulgaria we do know that if was enough and does not make it the post of commission president or the next suggestion at least from the leaders will again be a conservative somebody from the european people's party so even if the social democrats the german social democrats in this case prevent it was funded by and they'll have another conservative candidate after that. right next off and on the story for some straw for a difference tonight max thank you. for now to those tweets from donald trump the u.s. president is under fire for a series of racist tweets which were aimed at a group of democratic congress women now in the tweets told before lawmakers to go
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back to the countries that they came from despite of course all of these lawmakers being u.s. citizens 3 of them were born in the u.s. . troops tweets targeted for freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez rashid at a leap i gonna pressley and ilan omar all of them democrats all of them women of color in a series of tweets the president said they should quote go back to the crime infested places from which they came rather than loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states how to run the government 3 of the 4 congress women targeted by the president were in fact born in the u.s. including ocasio cortez whose birth hospital in new york is just a few miles away from donald trump's this was her response she tweeted mr president the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states. and
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we should note too that according to the u.s. constitution all members of congress have to be u.s. citizens in order to run for office well the u.s. president he has defended his tweets he was challenged by a journalist to justify his statements during a white house press conference about 2 hours ago take a listen to what he said doesn't concern you that many people saw that tweet as racism and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point doesn't concern me because many people agree with me and all i'm saying they want to leave they can leave now it doesn't say leave forever leave all right let's go to the u.s. capitol washington d.c. or correspond all over sal it is on the story good evening to you all the verbs so we heard from defending its tweets. what do they have to say to his defense besides saying that these these women can leave the country. well 1st of all he
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said he doesn't think that his remarks and his tweet so were races he said whoever doesn't like it in the united states may leave the country but frankly donald trump has never liked to defend himself so whatever he does when when attacked is fighting back in a tie attacking even harder than he was attacked in the 1st place and that's exactly what we're seeing right now he's returning the attacks if you want to look at the speaker of the house nancy pelosi he now calls nancy pelosi being racist he then went on to more of the muslim representative in the house of representatives. the only one by the way of the 4 congresswoman who were not born in the united states but of course she's an american citizen as well and he calls her. being anti-american and solo false accusations a lot of accusations are actually taken out of context creating a lot of confusion here in the united states and sparking fears debate here in the
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united states and he doesn't even seem to worry a lot about the accusation that his remarks were racist as you just heard in the sound bite that you played he said it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me and if you look at his fan base that 3 might actually be the case. strong reaction today from democrats. not much from republicans who have the republican. we haven't got a lot of response from the republicans and no public outcry no one has really come down with these remarks these tweeds the only one who spoke publicly was actually a close try south carolina senator lindsey graham who spent the weekend playing golf with donald trump and then today appeared on fox news. giving him at vice in fact and he said that all of these congressmen were american citizens who were duly
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elected to the american congress and therefore don't come should rather focus on attacking their policy rather than attacking them personally that's by the way in stark contrast with the response of the democratic party in n.c. the speaker of the house nancy pelosi is now calling for a vote on a resolution publicly condemning these tweets as racist president jumpy certainly as news stream. regis comins comments that would have sunk other senior politicians and so is this episode is it going to harm him goal. that's right and especially if you think back to the 2016 election campaign when he raced out of all the authenticity of barack obama's birth certificate so he's always raising doubt about the origins of his political opponents he then later acknowledged that barack obama was in fact born in the united states but then falsely claimed that he was not the one making up this rumor that was eventually
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a hillary clinton so does that go down well with his supporters well the question here is certainly that a lot of people are getting used to this kind of rhetoric and getting tired of the kind of. fall of the white house here and that is certainly a danger here. you have a decent country and we don't resemble the story for us in washington over thank you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world british foreign secretary jeremy hunt said it's still possible to salvage the iran nuclear deal e.u. foreign ministers are in brussels to discuss how to get the agreement back on track tensions in the gulf have worsened since donald trump withdrew the united states from the iran nuclear deal last year very police in italy have seized a stash of weapons including an air to air missile from suspected neo nazis in the north of the country 3 men were detained in terrain and nazi memorabilia and the
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nazi propaganda was seized nearly 300 people have been arrested across france after algerian fans took to the streets to celebrate their country's qualification for the africa cup of nations final in marsay which has a large algerian community police fired tear gas to break up the crowd. rwanda's health ministry has warned its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to eastern parts of the democratic republic of congo that after a case of ebola was confirmed near its border in the city of goma it's the 1st time that the virus has reached a major urban center since the outbreak started in congo last year and global health officials they are now sounding the alone. it's a health workers worst nightmare a highly contagious disease reaching
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a city that's now happened in the democratic republic of congo after a year long the bowl outbreak goma a regional capital home to $1000000.00 people has reported its 1st case of the virus a local pastor many of those who have been in contact with the pastor have been identified and some vaccinated global health officials have praised the response and prevention efforts but also expressed concern for what ebola in a major urban center may mean for containing the outbreak. the identification of the cases in goma good point and surely be a game changer in this epidemic. that's because in addition to the high concentration of people goma is also a transit center on the border with rwanda ebola has already claimed more than 1600 lives in this outbreak u.n. officials meeting donors in geneva today said the global response would get a lot more complicated if the disease reaches rwanda and the situation is already extremely difficult we're dealing with one of the world is most dangerous vitus's
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in one of the world is most dangerous it is rival militias and government forces have long been competing for power in this region of the congo health officials aren't immune to the brutal violence over the weekend 2 workers were murdered by unidentified assailants now the w.h.o. is weighing whether to declare the outbreak an international health emergency that could provide the containment effort with the additional resources and money it needs to stop the outbreak from spreading. well former south african president jacob zuma today denied allegations of corruption at a public hearing in johannesburg he argued that he was the target of a character assassination by political enemies who he says want to push him out of power as he was testimony is being broadcast live on television it is due to continue on friday or until friday rather. this isn't the 1st time former south african president jacob zuma has had to answer to corruption charges but this
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was his 1st appearance before a high profile commission into graft he allegedly of a civil zuma is accused to presiding over a culture of must looting of state assets during his 9 year tenure that was before he was ousted as head of state by his ruling a.n.c. party last year speaking uninterrupted over to our was zuma dismissed the multiple graft allegations against him he claimed he was a victim of a conspiracy that has been. drive. you. to remove me from the scene it is common different forms and that's why. they've been people who said it would be a way of trying to dodge things in one form without.
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the commission in charge of the inquiry hasn't been tasked with proving a case against anyone and zuma supporters are angry at what they say is the media's unfair portrayal of him. in the case of prison tickled zuma we've seen neverland just need to attack an avalanche of me dead child find in dresden to cook zuma kills it without a fair trial they keep on telling us nonsense but they don't give us a tangible thing to take people to court to to do jane this wouldn't do jamie now if somebody is wrong that doesn't would not mean jade. zuma set to face cross-examination at the inquiry which could last all week. correspondent adrian krege is following the inquiry in johannesburg. at the 1st day of the hearings ex president jacob zuma did what many expected him to do you put trade himself as a victim of a campaign against him but we could also see that he takes the whole process very
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serious and personal he actually said that it has a huge impact on the life of himself and his family but obviously also on his reputation remember he's still a very powerful figure here in south africa although he does not hold an official position anymore the a.n.c. the ruling party is basically split into 2 major factions and one of the current president. who is trying to reform the party and then on the other hand you have jacob zuma and his allies who are said to rather be happy if the status quo remains like it's so now it is really exciting to see how these next days are going to continue obviously zuma has a lot of supporters hundreds of them with you today and they have the opinion of jacob zuma but he is facing serious allegations and they are witnesses actually pointing the finger and jacob zuma now the question is where will this commission actually leads because it will probably still need a long time until the truth will be really established because this commission it will just try to establish the truth report it to the relevance of thirty's with
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a final report who could then take prosecution action possibly so it's still going to be a very long time and a long process until the courts and also the south african people really know what's happened on the watch of jacob zuma there was a drink reached there reporting from johannesburg turkey is marking 3 years since a failed coup against president richard pryor fair to one and since then many questions remain unanswered including whether top members of the military or foreign powers were involved the questions remain the consequences. they are very clear. the night of july the 15th 2016 was filled with chaos and violence elements of the turkish armed forces launched an operation to unseat president red chip type 2 on craft attacked government buildings troops occupied bridges and squares as many as 300 people were killed
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while michelle mone the 15th of july officers told us it was a trying operation but they just we went out onto the streets then the police came and we learnt the reality when they did time das. forces loyal to edwin put down the coup his government has since arrested tried and jailed tens of thousands of soldiers teaches journalists and other public servants countless others have been removed from their posts they stand accused of supporting the attempt to take over or at least of disloyalty to the government many motel 6 at home and abroad still support at around but that's not guaranteed to last a week currency skyrocketing inflation and high interest rates have shaken his grip on power relations with the west are at a low point then that's it from. an opposition figure and the next marriage to stumble at one held the post before he ascended to the national stage a parallel not lost on some voters. say much on the president was merritt's well
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remember luis following the same path we will see added i. say that. no one can say when those better times for everyone's opponents may come he survived the bang at the coup attempt the whisper of every day politics make post a pic of challenge. oh about 3000000 people are on the move in a poll in northern india and bangladesh fleeing monsoon floods and high water close to 100 people have been killed and more or missing the heavy rains have triggered landslides and deadly building collapse is like this one in northern india soldiers had gathered for a party when this 4 story. on top. of the flooding has also affected hundreds of thousands of or hinder refugees after fleeing their homes in myanmar during a violent military crackdown many no risk losing whatever shelter they've managed to fall. life refugees and cox's bazar is difficult as it is during
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monsoon season it becomes outright life threatening flooding and mudslides have killed at least 10 people in the overcrowded camps and destroyed some 5000 shelters authorities limit what materials refugees can used to build here their homes are meant to be temporary making them particularly vulnerable. the rainwater enters my house i'm suffering a lot i don't live in a tent mine is a connected house but the middle section has been heavily damaged there's a hole in it. but structural damage is just one aspect of the problem more than 200 landslides have been reported in the camp since april disrupting logistics and daily activity. in the rainy season we have problems getting food. get sick. toilets and bathroom hygiene are a problem when the kids can't get to school the school buildings
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a falling into disrepair it's all a big problem. the world health organization is warning that this could be only the beginning of a much bigger crisis. in an already unsanitary environment the flooding means there is a greater threat from water borne diseases and weather warnings suggest the downpour is likely to continue. and finally king the giant chinese panda see him right there we just celebrated his 9th birthday at berlin zoo he woke up this morning to find a cake in his enclosure but you can forget the sugar in icing this cake was made from sweet potatoes and red beets a special treat fit for a special panda. will take the sweet potatoes here as well right here is a reminder the top story that we're following for you germany's orsillo fund
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a lion has a step down as the country's defense minister as she enters the final phase of her campaign to become the european union commission president the european parliament will vote tomorrow on whether or not to make her the 1st woman to have that job. you're watching the news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see of it.
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after. allegations are serious. just turkey's intelligence agency carrying out of junctions across the globe. come . to men to tell their stories of. jail and torture. or the kidnappings of the heir to once beating. abducted. shows up next on the lead.
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where the real trial it resides. i come from there lots of people in fact know than a 1000000000 if you blood finance democracy give me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and the mission the book is right here in berlin after the fall of the lenin born and i remember thinking at the time if the battle in vulcan forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. when i do the news are often confronted difficult situations more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront floods leaders on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security
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question marcia nicely since. a lot has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is a mattachine and i work in detail fields. july 15th 26 steyn tanks occupy the bosphorus bridge in. military jets fired at parliamentary buildings in ankara. president early one calls on the turkish population.


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