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we haven't heard that from the germans the germans have 16 seats and i think the total of the social democratic faction in the us and the faction that political group that has members of almost all countries is 154 so from those 16 we really haven't heard anyone saying that they would vote in favor of fonda line but we've heard from many other social democrats the spanish are the biggest political group right now in the social democratic group and they are in favor as we understand even the leader of that group so the leader of the whole social democrats who haven't said the spanish is stood up and gave her standing ovations also the italians are inspected to vote in her favor we also expect the brits to vote in favor of fundal line because she made such a strong stance on on bragg's it saying here in this speech also she is ready ready to push the withdrawal date even further back if there is a if there is a good reason for that and you can imagine what would happen in parliament when she
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said that because you have many bright city years in there are a lot of booing but it will get her the votes of the social democrats of the u.k. who are in favor some of them at least of no bragg's it at all so you can see she played her cards quite well mixing it with her personal story makes it with the fact that she's the 1st woman candidate for the european commission presidency by all accounts she really did the right thing here. and you know it's interesting because that's the view from from the european level but melinda here at home we do see some social democrats criticizing the opposition to fund alliance of the kind of to say frankly we see them see sawing back and forth sigma gabriele the former party leader the former foreign minister said shortly after this backroom deal had been done and arcelor funded line had been declared by the heads of state to be their preferred candidate he said well you know that might be grounds to actually for the s.p.d. to leave the coalition. he is totally backtracked on that now and said he thinks
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that arcelor front and would make a good commission president other leading s.p.d. members including head of the parliamentary group here in germany not in brussels but here in the in the bundestag have also said the same but frankly they are looking in considerable disarray and the big question would be and i don't think this is what's going to happen but if in fact she were to fail today if she doesn't come out on top in the vote and it's a narrow vote and it turns out that those 16 german members of the s.p.d. delegation in proselytes are the ones who helped to to turn it that way then frankly i think that will be a very big source of contention here in germany she caterina barly who we just heard from has said oh it's not going to bring the commission coalition down but i think that the chancellor spoke out very clearly this week saying that she could
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not say emphatically enough what a problem this was for her that her junior coalition partner is going the other way i think there would be some real strife and dissension following such a defeat how do you see it i mean could it bring the coalition go. there are many different. issues for this coalition at the moment my bet would be that it wouldn't do so immediately that it would however be a further further negative for them and then going into regional elections in the fall if we see essentially very bad results for those 2 lead governing parties then in fact we may see an early end to this coalition but that is all speculation at this point very hard to call or underline also addressing the historical significance of her candidacy if successful she would become the 1st woman to serve as president of the european commission. as we see it is with great pride that i'm
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able to say finally a woman has handed it to the presidency of the european commission. senate. women thanks to all those women who broke through the barriers and the conventions i am that woman thanks to all of us who built a europe of peace of unity and a europe. because. so max i'll turn to you with that what would it mean for the european commission to have a woman at the helm because i mean gender has been a topic there in the e.u. hasn't. it would be a very strong signal obviously like for any other strong position where you have a woman in power and in the past the commission always struggled to have that gender balance so strong signal but also something that might help her get elected here because this is one of the most important topics to the leader of the social
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democratic political group here in parliament maybe one of the reasons why she gave her a standing ovation at the end of that speech and apart from that many in brussels and more so than in germany i got the feeling really think that it was a tough one a lot. as qualified for the job it's not just that she's a woman she actually knows what she's doing she speaks 3 languages very well she's always shown a very keen interest in european topics she is a very well known entity here because of nato with a lot of visits so she is known to be true to be strict to know how to organize and all those things come in handy if you want to lead the biggest administration and the most important ministration in europe in the biggest administration in the world she's also broken glass ceilings here in germany hasn't she well in that she absolutely did woman as defense minister and a woman who was prepared to go into that defense ministry and really shake it up
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and that is an unfinished work no question there are still a lot yeah a lot of problems within the german military and particularly with the german hardware but also with the awarding of contracts and so on there were some scandals that surrounded her reform efforts as she brought in a well known strategic consulting companies to help her try to sort that out but the fact is she has absolutely broken glass ceilings and i think the commitment that we heard from her there in that sound bite is absolutely genuine i think she's also as max just said absolutely genuine when it comes to the role of europe in the world she is known here at home as a convinced european undoubtedly not least because of that childhood experience that she described in quite moving terms at the end of her speech and she did call in 2011 for a united states of europe as the proper response to bringing europe back from the
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financial crisis i think that probably makes some conservatives an easy because it could imply some things about financial transfers from north to south and so on so it will be interesting to see what she would do to flesh that out but looking beyond that her calls. for what did she say of the world is calling for more europe it needs more europe and we need to act faster particularly on a common foreign policy i think that very much comes from that pro european stance that we've seen her take here in germany in a very committed way and i think that positive message there for the e.u. parliament is surely one that will resonate with a lot of its man and he will indeed see if it does resonate within the next couple of hours max just walk us through what we can expect throughout the day today as those. m.p.'s get ready to to to vote indeed on her candidacy and also what happens if she does not secure the top job what happens next.
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there are lots of questions right now she's still in parliament and she will speak some more later we have the reactions of the different group leaders right now the reaction so far as far as i can tell are rather positive non surprisingly from the european people's party where the group leader monthly who by the way himself was the official lead candidate for that party said that she has the unconditional support of her group which is not a surprise don't expect her to get all the votes all the 182 votes of the european peoples party always especially in a secret secret vote you always have some some stray votes but you'll get the large majority of the of those votes no question about it also the statement from the leader of the social democratic political group was quite positive and surprisingly even the speech of the green leader philip blumberg was wealth rather
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positive you said a lot of progress had been made huge step forward in that speech i'm not sure if that indicates that maybe the greens or at least some greens will change their mind and vote in her favor hard to tell at this point we're going to try to figure that out so all of this goes until 12 o'clock after that there might be some behind the scenes meetings with was enough on the line and some of the representatives of the different groups where she still hopes to sway some votes we know for example that the social democrats will get together as late as 4 o'clock in the afternoon for a political group meeting that will take about 2 hours where they will make their final recommendation to all the members of that group they should vote in favor of from the line or against fun to lie and it is not binding zewe so we don't expect the german delegation here the s.p.d. to change their mind but hey you never know and then of course you have the vote at 6 o'clock this evening will take a while to count this because they want to make sure they get it right so they will count the votes 2 or 3 times manual count and we do expect the results by 730 this
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evening now she doesn't make it because that was one of the question 2. remember correctly here well then we're back to square one because she only has one shot was enough on the you can only have one try in the european parliament doesn't make it it means that the leaders will have to reconvene over the summer and make a new successor so a jam packed day which is certain to have historical significance for the european union and just remind everyone you've been watching live special coverage of earth of the founder alliance speech before the european parliament and we'd just like to have a listen to an excerpt of that speech some are churning towards also we tarion regimes some of buying their global influence and creating dependencies by investing in ports and wrote. and other such turning towards protectionism none of these options are for us we want multilateralism we want share trade
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we defend the rules based order because we know it is better for all of us we have to do it the european way. thank you but if we are to go down the european path we must 1st rediscover our unity if we are united on the inside no body will divide us from the outside if we close the gaps between us we can turn to more of sed challenges in tomorrow's opportunities. honorable members almost pressing challenge is keeping our planet feet. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times. i
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want europe to become the 1st climate neutral continent in the world by 2050 thanks to make this happen we must take bold steps together our current goal of reducing our emissions by 40 percent by 2030 is not enough we must go further we must strive for more a 2 step approach is needed to reduce c o 2 emissions by 2030 by 50 if not 55 percent the european union will lead international negotiations to increase the level of ambition of other major economies by 2021 because to achieve real impact we do not only have to be
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ambitious at home we have to do that yes but the world has to move together to make this happen i will put forward a green deal for europe in my 1st 100 days in office i will put forward the 1st ever european climate law which will set the 2050 target in law this increase of ambition will need investment on a major scale. public money will not be enough i will propose a sustainable europe investment plan. and turn parts of the european investment bank into a climate bank this will unlock one trillion euros of investment over the next decade to pay.
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it means change all of us and every sector will have to contribute from every a she to maritime transport to the way each of and every one of us travels and lives emissions must have a prize that changes our behavior. to complete this work and to ensure our companies can compete on a level playing field i will introduce a carbon border tax to avoid carbon leakage but honorable members. what is good for our planet must also be good for our people and our regions of course i know about the importance of cohesion funds but we need more we need to just transition for all not all of our regions have the same starting point but we all share the
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same destination this is why i will propose a just transition fund to support those most affected this is the real pre in the way we are ambitious we leave nobody behind and we offer perspectives. t. if we want to succeed with this ambitious plan we need a strong economy because what we want to spend we have to earn it 1st. that we need to strengthen the backbone of our economy the small and medium sized enterprises they are innovative they are entrepreneurialism they are flexible and agile they create jobs they provide vocational training to our youth but they can only do all these if they have access to capital everywhere in this huge single
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market let's get rid of all the barriers let's open the door let's finally complete the capital markets union our small and medium enterprises deserve it. thank you and we need to work with the stability and growth pact when vestment and reforms are needed. we should make sure that i can be done we should make use of all the flexibility allowed in the rules we are proud of our economy we want to make it stronger but there's also a clear and simple logic it's not people that serve our economy it's the economy that serves our people
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thanks and our social market economy we must rican syal the market with the social therefore i will refocus our european semester to make sure we stay on track with our sustainable development goals and i will stand for fair texas whether for brick and mortar industries or digital business when the tech giants are making shoe profits in europe this is fine because we are an open market and we like competition. but if they are making these profits by benefiting from our education system our skilled workers our infrastructure and our social security if this is so it is not acceptable that they make
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profits but they are barely paying any taxes because they play our tax system if they want to benefit they have a share of thank you and you have been watching germany's are so fond of and as she makes her last big bear before european parliamentarians to become the 1st woman president of the european commission that vote taking place later today back with our brussels bureau chief max hoffman and our chief political correspondent melinda crane max i'll turn to you did we just watch the next president of the european commission speaking there can she get this. i'm inclined to say more yes than before her speech she really touched upon all those topics she needed to touch to might get some of the votes of those political groups that are not naturally inclined to vote for her and how she makes her know a personal story also a mother of 7 woman historical moment that was very clever and that's the feedback
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we're getting around here as well so if i really had to put my money on yes or no i would say yes that's the next president of the e.u. commission but you know this is without any guarantee and you always have to keep in mind it's a sacred secret vote and a lot of things can happen in a secret vote melinda do you agree i'd absolutely go with the same i think that she will pull it out i think she will make it there were 2 areas where she had been criticized for being too vague not ambitious enough one was on climate the other one was on rule of law rule of law is all about how do we deal with those eastern european countries that are chipping away at democratic processes and systems hungry poll. and how they're dealing with judges other issues she was pretty specific and pretty ambitious on both of those points and i think that will convince some of those who were on the fence so i'm going to go with max and say yes a unifying message will resonate we will find out in just
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a few hours' time thank you so much to. max hoffman there in brussels and melinda crane our chief political correspondent thank you. just to quickly recap what you have been watching over the past hour and a half special coverage of germany's. underline has set out her stall in her bid to become the 1st woman president of the european commission she was keen to play up her own european court and chills saying that europe must rediscover its unity she stressed that europe should be open to a world and bracing multi-lateralism and fair trade. there was also a big appeal to the green lobby on the line said that the most pressing challenge is keeping the planet healthy she pledged a green deal from europe in her 1st 118 say. she set out ambitious goals such as making a year of the 1st climate neutral continent in the world much money $50.00 and on brags that she backed and extension to the u.k.
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leaving bill europe in a beyond the october 31st deadline should more time. and to keep it here on news we will be covering that vote a little bit later this afternoon but in the meantime we'd like to get you up to date with some other news around the world because u.s. president donald trump has doubled down on a series of tweets that he made over the weekend his remarks were aimed at a group of 4 nonwhite u.s. congresswoman one suggested that they quote go back to the countries that they came from now a press conference on monday highlighted the fact that lawmakers were hitting back at the president's language but said that they intend to keep the focus on his policies and not his words speaking at the white house news conference trump appeared eager to fan the flames of this latest controversy. donald trump has seldom been one for a claimed. to be so it was no surprise when he stood firmly behind his
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controversial tweets from sunday. but if you're not happy in the u.s. if you're complaining all the time very simply you could leave you can leave right now. but they have to love they have to love our country their congress people and i never use that in names trump may not have named names but there appeared little doubt he was referring to an outspoken quartet of congresswoman that calls itself the school all of them u.s. citizens 3 of them born in the u.s. and none of them white they certainly felt singled out on like the president they didn't mince their words sadly this is not the 1st nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president our her urge house leadership many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today he's launching a plainly racist attack on florida duly elected members of the united states of house of representatives all of whom are women of color this is the
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agenda of white nationalist despite the occupant of the white house a tips to marginalize us and to silence us please know then we are more than 4 people our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just worded he tells us that i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better and that's what i'm here to do. but even after that response trump was unrepentant and back on twitter this time he referenced the 4 progressives claiming that the hate the us israel to and that they are endorsing socialism. typically the president seems unruffled by any of this among his last 2 weeks of the day was one containing just 4 familiar words in block capitals make america great again. let's get
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world monsoon flooding in south asia is getting worse awesome state on india's border with bangladesh and the on mar has been particularly hard hit 4000000 people have been displaced from their homes there in recent weeks and forecasters warn of further rain to come in many parts of eastern india bangladesh and the party. in puerto rico protesters have stepped up their calls for governor ricardo rosello to resign they are angry after a leaked text messages were fields a culture of intimidation and sodomy inside of us government result has so far refused to quit saying that it's in the island's best interest for him to stay on and york and police in italy have seized a stash of weapons including an air to air missile from a suspected neo nazis in the north of the country remember detained intervened and knocked the memorabilia and the nazi propaganda c.d.'s. so sports news now in
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cycling the tour de france we're heading there where of all fond of the young bo fizz the team has won the 10th stage in a sprint finish today as the 1st rest day of the race and at the half point. still holds the yellow jersey while defending champion grant thomas has moved up to 2nd over all. germans are still a founder line has set out her stall in her bid to become the 1st woman president of the european commission she was keen to play up her own european credentials and stressed that europe should be open to the world and bracing multi-lateralism and fair trade there was also a big appeal to the green lobby from the line he says that the most pressing challenging challenge is keeping the planet healthy she pledged a green deal for europe in her 1st 100 days and on brags that she backed an extension to the u.k. leaving the inner union beyond tobar 31st deadline should have more time you know
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all through if you choose. if you're watching news still to come on the program the european parliament on a new e.u. commission will be business as usual or will we see brussels take a harder stance on the trade dispute with washington monica jones has all that more in just a few months time. you're watching t.v. you news live from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at d.w. dot com you can follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great. more
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a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a place she seemed anything no matter to. church or go to the mole. business trying to be took part in the greatest adventure in history. neil armstrong the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t w. e you were lawmakers will vote on a new commission president today the nominee is german defense minister also left on the line we asked business of what they expect from her should she secure the bodies top job. also on the show quotes glass from germany support of the historic apollo 11 mission 50 years later we look at the role of high tech place in today's
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space exploration it's. come to be a business and all.


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