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post. this is g.w. news live from for a lead germany's arcelor frontal line makes her final pitch for the european union's top job to. retire you might see the inside know. fight us from the outside. those words went down well under line also set herself a series of ambitious targets but will it be enough to win over europe's lawmakers we'll go live to strongs for also coming up. we will not be we will not be
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silenced the defiant message from for nonwhite congresswoman after donald trump doubles down on racist tweets which have outraged america. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program germany's arcelor founder live has addressed the european parliament in strasbourg as she winds up her bid to become the 1st woman president of the european commission it was her last chance to make her case even lawmakers still on the fence about her nomination underline needs to secure a majority and a secret confirmation ballot being held later today in her speech she sought to allay concerns of lawmakers who have criticized her for being overly vague laying out a number of ambitious policy points on topics including trade quality migration and brags. there was also a big appeal to the green lobby with founder line pledging
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a green deal for europe in her 1st $100.00 days achieving her goals on climate change she said would require a new sense of unity. we must 1st rediscover our unity. if we are united on the inside no body will divide us from the outside if we close the gaps between us we can turn to more of sed challenges in tomorrow's approach to tease. honorable members almost pressing challenge is keeping our planet healthy. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times let's bring in now did have used chief political correspondent melinda crane who joins us here in the studio and our brussels bureau chief max hoffman is standing by at the european parliament in strasburg max i'll turn to you 1st because her nomination has been controversial
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especially among parliament deputies this was really her last chance to convince them do you think that she did because i mean we just heard from the greens and they say they're still not back in her. it seems though that the stars are aligning in favor of was enough on the line we talked to a couple of them a piece here in the mean time and even the greens that were the 1st to say we're not going to vote for and after meeting her last week said this was a pretty good speech we talked to one representative of the belgian greens for example and on a scale of one to 1010 being the best score what do you give. for that speech and she said a 7 or 8 so she really managed to cater towards the greens whether this really changes their overall decision not to vote for her that's something they're going to have to hash out this afternoon when the political groups meet but if even the greens are a little shaky on their position it means that she probably swayed some votes among
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the social democrats probably also means that the p.p. is even more firmly behind her than be before the conservatives her own party so most people we talked to here seem to think that she's going to make it ok and a matter which way you cut it though at the end of the day this is a historic vote this is the 1st time that a woman as gone up for president of the european commission she addressed that issue let's have a listen and then i'll get your reaction there after i will ensure full gender equality in my college of commissioners can t. if member states do not propose enough female commissions i will not hesitate to ask for new names since 9958. there have been 183 commissioners only 35 were women.
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that is less less than 20 percent we we present how awful for our hope she'll lation we want our fair share. quoting some embarrassing says to 6 there melinda is this gender card working for her or against her you think we'll know if this evening but i think it could very well for her because the party groups that she most needs to convince she has the conservatives behind her anyway and they like by the way the fact that she is she's a woman but she's also a mother of 7 children that that plays well with conservatives so the other party groups that she needs to convince are social democrats and also members of the liberal party that's the market friendly party and i think on both counts there are a lot of m e p's members of the european parliament who do support stronger roles
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for women so i think she is possibly likely to ratchet up a little bit in their estimation on the basis of that really quite clear statement right at the outset of her speech next tell us because one of the big issues has also been the fact that she is not the so-called lead candidate the bits encountered at just walk us through the controversy there and how big of a barrier this could be to her election. well as you know the lead candidate principle was invented 5 years ago and the idea behind it was that only one of those lead candidates of the different political groups in the european parliament would be a little to become commission president afterwards this worked quite well 5 years ago because the 2 biggest groups back then the social democrats and the conservatives were on the same page and said ok the european people's party the conservatives had the largest share of their vote and junko juncker was their lead
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candidate and therefore he will be elected among parliamentarians we have a majority and this will work so the leaders really didn't have another choice but to predict knowledge this and say ok we're on board with it if they didn't want to risk a huge institutional fight this time the parliament did not have a majority behind one of those lead candidates neither behind the lead candidate of the conservatives who was monthly veba neither of behind nor the candidate of the social democrats who was found to months and that's why leaders took over they took control of the process and now the european parliament is complaining about it was a foot on the line because she was not on the campaign trail because she was not one of the visually candidates and because effectively it takes away some of the power that the european parliament fought for and actually got 5 years ago. well linda how is her candidacy playing back at home in germany mixed at least here to for we don't know about the response that german citizens will have had to hearing
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that i must say unusually strong speech coming from ursula found a lot of she's not known as a fiery speaker but there was quite a bit of emotional power at the end of that speech so last week a survey showed that only about one in 3 germans felt that she would make a good president of the european commission that depended a bit on party affiliation those who are affiliated eye with either with the conservative party or the free market oriented f.d.p. liberal party they a slight majority said they did think she'd make a good commission president but on the whole not a lot of resigning support that's partly because she's had a tough job here as defense minister instituted reforms that haven't yet fully played out there has been criticism of her leadership and in some ways her image here at home is less bright than it is in many other european countries. max how will this vote now play out for the rest of the day and do european leaders have
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another surprise candidate perhaps up their sleeves if parliament votes are still a funded line down. right now she's still being quizzed in the plenary room of the european parliament here this will go on until approximately 12 o'clock local time so another hour or so because many of the parliamentarians still have questions there's only so many things you can talk about in about 40 minutes each so they'll be more specific questions she's being grilled but the the big politicians and the top shots the political group leaders have already asked their questions then in the afternoon the different political groups will meet to discuss how they're going to act it doesn't necessarily mean that all the members of those political groups will follow the recommendation made by the group take the social democrats for example they will most likely recommend voting for on the law and but the german delegation of that group the s.p.d.
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was very was very adamant about not voting for her by the way something that raised some eyebrows around here also among social democrats from other european countries and then this evening at 6 o'clock we have the secret ballot we have the vote it will take a while to count all those votes and we do expect an official result by $730.00 we do expect her to win maybe by a small margin but she can't be sure because it's a secret ballot and if she loses we're back to square one and the leaders will have to suggest someone else over the summer. a very jam packed day today the stakes are high certainly a historic day for the european union max hoffman in brussels melinda crane here in the studio thank you so much to both of you. and of course here on news will be having full coverage of that vote a little bit later today to stay with us but 1st a quick check of some other stories making news around the world monsoon flooding in south asia is getting worse a some state on india's border with bangladesh in myanmar has been particularly
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hard hit 4000000 people have been displaced from their homes there in recent weeks and forecasters warn of further rain to come in many parts of eastern india bangladesh and the poverty. in puerto rico protesters have stepped up their calls for the governor of ricardo was elo to resign they're angry after the leaked text messages were fields and culture of intimidation and sodomy inside of his government. has so far refused to quit saying that it is the island's best interest for him to stay off your committee for u.s. president donald trump has doubled down on a series of racist tweets he made over the weekend his remarks were aimed at a group of 4 nonwhite u.s. congresswoman one suggested that they quote go back to the countries that they came from at a press conference on monday the lawmakers hit back at the president's language but said that they intend to keep a focus on his policies not his words but speaking at a white house news conference trump appeared eager to fan the flames of this latest
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controversy. donald trump has seldom been one for a claimed. to be so it was no surprise when he stood firmly behind his controversial tweets from sunday. but if you're not happy in the u.s. if you're complaining all the time very simply you could leave you can leave right now. but they have to love they have to love our country their congress people and i never used the names may not have named names but there appeared little doubt he was referring to an outspoken quartet of congresswoman that calls itself the school all of them u.s. citizens 3 of them born in the u.s. and none of them white they certainly felt singled out on like the president they didn't mince their words sadly this is not the 1st nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president our her urge house leadership many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today he's
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launching a plainly racist attack on florida duly elected members of the united states of house of representatives all of whom are women of color this is the agenda of white nationalists or people our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just worded he tells us that i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better and that's what i'm here to do. but even after that response trump was unrepentant and back on twitter this time he referenced the 4 progressives claiming that the hate the us israel to and that they are endorsing socialism. typically the president seems unlawful by any of this among his last tweaks of the day was one containing just 4 familiar words in black capitals make america great again. well today marks 50 years since the
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apollo 11 spacecraft blasted off from earth on its historic mission to land humans on the millions tuned in to watch the apollo 11 setting off from cape canaveral in florida the iconic images have now been restored of color for the 1st time 4 days later the lunar module touched down on the moon surface nasa the u.s. space agency is commemorating the anniversary with a week long series of. a quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here on germany's herself on the line has made her final pitch to become the 1st woman president a big european commission to set out a series of ambitious pledges on trade the environment i gratian and brags that a confirmation vote will be held in the european parliament later to the full. up next how did the that have become a global export products for a documentary on bananas and the public's for get more news coming up at the top of
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the hour i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching great to. see. her firstborn english. doors grandma is arrives. join your regular jane on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary.


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