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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight history in the making as the european union gets a new commission president a madam president of the european parliament elects the german conservative politician ursula from the alliance making her the 1st woman to hold europe's top job she says fighting climate change is top of her agenda we'll have one of the 1st interviews with fund a lion after the election that's coming right up also coming up tonight the fight to combat the spread of a child be a report from south africa on signs of progress in the battle against the disease.
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i'm brant goff it's good to have you with us today members of the european parliament made history by electing the 1st woman to be european commission president germany's outgoing defense minister ursula fund a lion one lawmaker's backing to take the job and the lion has promised a quote united and strong europe saying that she will work constructively to achieve it she will succeed. in the top job after winning by a very narrow margin. uncertainty until the very last minute. the members of the european parliament here in new with a vote on the next commission president was going to be close but not even the
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candidate herself was enough on the line would have thought it was going to be that close. vote the 5 votes in favor of the ship 383. on the line secured the majority by just 9 votes a week results in the end still enough to celebrate. my message so on of you is let us work together constructively because the endevor is a united a strong euro. the former german defense minister spent the last 2 weeks building a majority trying to convince the political groups in the european parliament to support her bid should this be her final address to parliament which some called the speech of her lifetime seem to have tilt of the scale in her favor for having the backing of her conservative p.p.p. group she could afford moving towards the left and resonating with other groups on
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issues such as climates. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times i want europe to become the 1st climate neutral continent in the world by 2050. 1 the night has vowed to fight for a greener fairer and more brutal based here but relying on a problem and so fragmented building majorities around any of these issues is likely to prove difficult. or so if underline will step down from her role as germany's defense minister on wednesday and she'll be succeeded by on the group. the head of chancellor angela merkel's conservative is c.d.u. party now prompt common bomber who was known as a k k she took over for america as head of the christian democrats at the end of weist year she is widely seen as america's protege as the next translator of
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germany. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least 10 people have died after a residential building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai rescuers are looking for several others feared trapped in the rubble collapses are common during the monsoon season as heavy rain weakens poorly constructed buildings climate activists from the group extinction rebel you have blocked the entrance to a concrete factory in london they're trying to stop the construction of a rogue tunnel under the river thames and they've planned a week of disruptions in 5 british cities urging the government to take action on climate change. the 1st ebola patient in goma a major city in the east of the democratic republic of congo has died prompting fears that the contagious disease could now take hold there the victim was a pastor who became infected last week when visiting a town that was heavily hit by the outbreak. well staying in africa
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a report from the united nations indicates that the number of new hiv infections around the world is falling but that downward trend apparently is slowing the report's authors blamed that slow down on a reduction in funding for public information and south africa is one of the country's worst affected by each of the aids one in 7 south africans is living with a virus health professionals say a hard hitting educational campaign is helping to ease the crisis there w. correspondent adrian creech he sent us this report from the town of show in kwan's zulu natal province. engineering student. way to the campus health center students can get tested for hiv free in the waiting room is a video advertisement for print a preventative medicine that protects against the virus she began taking prep few
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months ago which involves taking one tablet per day and going for a checkup every 2 months. hiv aids is spreading like very fast these days these years in our unit so i thought it would be a good being so protect myself and actually i'm proud they wish like everyone can do it because i think there is that easiest way to prevent it has been is from speeding she is trying to persuade more students to use prep to protect themselves against hiv she says that while she wouldn't talk to her parents about hiv the subject is no longer to be amongst her peers funniest in a way you would most of our youth we don't like using condoms or section yes we don't like using condoms so just in case we're not feeling like using condoms we can use a cause we know we don't have a problem because we know that we have to protect if it is to face that's why using the college often ph is one of the 1st to offer age i.v. health center on campus it's part of
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a project initiated by doctors without borders that has been usually successful in the last few years it's with the help of the project that the area has been able to reach the so-called 1990 goal a year ahead of schedule the goal was conceived at the un as a treatment target to help end the aids epidemic world white the aim is this by 202090 percent of all those living with hiv know their status 90 percent diagnosed with hiv infection will receive antiretroviral therapy and 90 percent of people receiving therapy will have viral suppression since 2 of the 11 when we started it . we many to pandemic have as it is called this excess of the project. by the way in which we approached it from the word go. community entry which allowed the community leadership to be part and parcel of the
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project. one of them is some big d. my you said it traditional leader who is open about being h. i.v. positive. when i 1st told people i was hiv positive they were shocked they took one look at me and said you can have aids and not look sick or lose weight no one had suspected anything until i told them only then did some people believe me and even have themselves tested as well. we caught the bus i'm a guy and i was so. young women are still of the highest grossing but health workers our also concerns about men many of them they say are very difficult to reach. at the main bus station doctors without borders have set up a testing center just for men. workers try to convince passers by to have themselves tested for free often without success less than half of young male hiv
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carriers take antiretroviral drugs. i think they're afraid to test it i think but they were using pump less often as i said in the canaries time so they can we give them when they call home and misting on it i think after proper contest for yourself. is convinced that her country is on the right path she wants to do her bit and continue to bring attention to the age iris amongst her friends. 50 years ago today on july 16th 19693 astronauts you see them behind me neil armstrong buzz aldrin and michael collins were poised to make history as part of the apollo 11 mission millions tuned in to watch the liftoff as we can see right here in these original black and white images the 1st manned mission to the moon took to the skies for nasa is kinda the space center in florida the crew reached
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their lunar destination 4 days later and with that step the united states one the race to the moon in what was one of the defining events of the 20th century. now that was the past but lunar exploration also has a future now sir plans to send humans back to the moon in the next decade as part of the next step in space exploration. new rockets are set to carry modules for a space station to orbit the moon the lunar orbital platform gateway or lucky for short is a modest successor to the international space station like the i assess this project will be developed through international cooperation under nasa as leadership.
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astronauts will be able to launch and monitor missions on the lunar surface from the new we're putting station. first they will study the moon with remote controlled robots to determine the extent and location of the moon's resources. later astronauts will be able to reach the moon from the gateway the aim is to build a permanent base on the lunar surface where technologies could be developed and tested. then they can advance further into space toward mars. with the long term goal is to use the gateway as a kind of assembly line and transfer station for the astronauts on their long journey to the red planet but that probably won't be possible until over a decade from now at the earliest.
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soccer's a pre-season is well underway for some of europe's biggest clubs fitness and finances are in focus but traveling is to manchester united are hoping that they get away glamour get away will help persuade their best player to stay while byron munich are soaking in the limelight in los angeles. well it might look like the start of holidays but by and munich the trial of our journey to california is the beginning of serious pre-season business still no amount of jetlag could stop the players from signing autographs or are. why i travel over 9000 kilometers just to prepare. a despotic i know no one is doing it just for fun it's a must these days we have big sponsor contracts and make spector's to present ourselves internationally as well as national drug suppliers and. we started doing
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these trips around 18 years ago we had 3 fan clubs here in america now we have 115 . in japan for their pre-season friendly chelsea is coming to terms with a play a transfer ban that means new coach frank lampard will have to read his magic with existing playoffs. think of a narrative very good players we can't bring any players in we know that this year . i don't need it i'm very happy with the squad and it's going to for us to be successful manchester united also on the move in australia but the manager can't avoid the same question about the future of world cup winner paul pogba there's always rumors speculations about money united players but when the league starts we batten the hatches down and we stick together as a team. works of unity from down under from
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a coach whose own future relies on getting united back on top. and here's a reminder of that top story we're following for you arsenal a fundamental un has been approved elected to be the next president of the european commission members of the european parliament today voted for her fund the lion is from germany she is the 1st woman to lead the european commission. and don't forget you can always get. the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d. w. app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. you're watching the news live from berlin coming up next business news with stephen beardsley stick around we'll be back with you in just a moment. bursts
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