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quire. resume. prison and it's. amusing. to confess 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fight against hiv aids a u.n. report saying africa is winning tell you about the efforts that have led to a reduction in the number of people dying from aids and the decline of h.i.v. infections on the continent. and getting help from about how drugs saving lives in remote parts of the wanda.
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i'm perceived wonderwall come to d.w. news africa i'm glad here today in the un ses the number of people contracting hiv and die of aids related illnesses has plummeted in africa and a report released today the u.n. says 7 and eastern africa is meeting the way with a 28 percent reduction in infection rates and in south africa which hosts the world's largest hiv treatment program infections are down more than 50 percent since 2010 but it's not all looking good north africa has seen a 10 percent increase in infection rates the u.n. also warns that global if it's 3 eradicate the disease was stalling because of a drop in funding we spoke to peace again from the joint united nations program on
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hiv and aids we asked him what is contributing to the successes in easton and southern africa. there is a lot of financial resources that have gone to the response in east and southern africa those resources have come both from national governments for example so that africa base for a large fraction of its response but it has also come from a donor countries and of course it is the region that has the highest problems or the occurrence of hiv infections and therefore likely it is both a hyper authority priority in the country and also dollars are ready to contribute to work through the response in those countries some of the programs that have been successful in their free agent include programs that do mail medical circumcision and so several countries actually have already achieved our goals that have been have been set for those programs including kenya or ethiopia also in the
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region we see the start of programs that distribute perhaps. pre-exposure prophylaxis so we do staking drugs by people who are at high very high risk of hiv so down that it will prevent them from becoming infected and a lot of programs also that are important are going to use we continue to see overall an increase in the levels of quantum use but at the same time you see we're still far away from reaching 90 percent of quantum you will see among people who have known regular partners one thing to do that it's also worth pointing out is that within africa there is quite a difference that exists between the relative success of east and south africa and much slower progress in west and central africa so invest and central africa we see
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a much slower reduction in the number of new infections and we also see how slow. reduction in its related mortality so certainly more needs to go to those countries and we do and those who are poor is very nice to also be lifted to our priority or action. of our lives. continues to be very important some progress has been made were received especially in countries that have hard problems or also countries that are in love also for treatment that stigma levels have reduced and so we do call on the. international community and on communities and countries to continue to work and reduce actually stigma and discrimination not exists that was peter geese from the joint united nations program on hiv aids an extraordinary is
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a nigeria where people are divided over an open letter written by the former president obasanjo in the letter to president obasanjo warned of the attacks between full any herdsman and farmers could result in an uprising against he's and that it could be like the run to genocide now by central said that nigeria is tipping towards a dangerous cliff and only the president could forestall such a looming disaster the decades old communal conflict between for any herdsman and farm is intensified last year human rights watch says at least 1600 people were killed and another 300000 displaced as a result of the violence. for more on this i've. responded. to see if i just say that the government was treating the conflict between the the felony herdsman and the farm is with cattle gloves in instead of the hammer what do you mean by that. well awesome
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joy is not the only one that holds this sentiment many people here in nigeria feel like he's not being the headsman crisis because of the level of toughness and seriousness that the issue deserves and many of them are citing the examples like the be after us separatists months ago where the president sent troops over to the east of the country to calm down to calm down the situation and they feel like he's in the best position to handle before that he has meant crisis especially because he's also a full on the man ok obasanjo also writes that the government is poorly i'm paraphrasing here poorly of mismanaging the country's diversity what was he getting at here is nigeria a divided country well it depends on who you talk to the manger is a country with around 200000000 people the populations are all 200 media and we
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have hundreds of different really jones called chose languages believes and all these people have their own different interests and the president has promised to unite the country while obviously because of the the huge number of people here in the country that is a challenge and many people are depending on who you talk to whether you're on the side all your your on all points would say that. is not really doing the doing a good job in terms of unifying the country many people have said that he has divided the country and especially with the increasing insecurity in the country and the way he has responded to the fire on the has meant prices tell us about the timing of this flourish why was it written now. it's obvious that the let's i was reaching now because of the tensions the current
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tensions are happening in nigeria the other now repressing the beginning to feel like they're not safe and this is not something that was the case in the past it's increasingly getting scary for i would say to many people living in nigeria because in the past which has been. talking to me father we've been age 4 right now it's the full on the has meant crisis is affecting people in every part of the country so people feel like this particular issue is he seen closer to home and so that's why they left i mean at this time ok corresponded to in lagos for us thank you. now to the way of doctors in remote areas are getting a little help from above maybe can now order a much needed blood and medical supplies by text then have them delivered it by a drone technology companies apply and has developed a system where drones are catchable said by supply into the
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a the pilotless planes then travel at more than 100 kilometers per hour releasing their delivery when they reach their destination in a month or so. after a short warning signal an autonomy is drawn is catapulted into the air its mission is to save lives. after all it's not always easy to provide everything necessary for quality health care here in rwanda but the drone flies high over hills and obstacles until it reaches the hospital then it simply opens its cargo hold and the contents safely float to the ground under a parachute. before to drive about 6 hours to get to essential medical products. like blood but this time with the horse blood was a phone call within 15 to 20 minutes to get the blood. here at the drone port outside the capital kigali blood reserves and medicine are stored in
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a temperature controlled building. as soon as a hospital requests a delivery the staff follow a specific procedure the medicine is gathered and safely packaged for the drone flight. if we did have to a probably have water made to protect us but. it's helped us in need to be sure to keep. the transportation temperature. between 2 degrees in 10 degrees today we. don't get affected the order of say was that it was to get cheap case or patient but more tender and good we give 8 kids for emergencies africa has become a kind of testing ground for various drone projects for fighting poachers or providing fast hiv tests for example the drone has quickly packed up for delivery and made ready for takeoff then it's time.
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here in rwanda it's people like maria do sabi who benefit from the system today her 2 year old son in manuel is content he enjoys cuddling with his mother but things could have turned out much differently shortly after his birth maria lost a lot of blood the 33 year old almost didn't survive. my baby was fine when he was happy but i almost died because of problems during his delivery. i told the doctor i was dying and thanked him for coming. thanks to the blood bag from the drone the doctor was able to save her life. the unpiloted drone returns to the distribution center where its flight is stopped by an arrestor cable a simple solution for what until now has been a major problem. isn't that incredible well that is
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a quote out from t.w. news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page i'm on twitter at 1.7 now we've seen drone saving lives in there also being used to take images from high vantage points today will leave you with some of those pictures captured in africa well next time i buy. the be.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word google coaxing germany. why not learn a little. bit simple line on your mobile and free. w z e learning course. german made easy. hello and welcome to arts and culture we'll be looking at one enterprising french architect solution to the housing problem in cities also coming up. streaming music or movies is the name of the game is big brother watching.
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techno in berlin through the eyes of photographer martin ever. more and more people all over the world are moving into the cities and it cities are getting cramped and there's less room for new housing so not 3 architects look upwards where there is plenty of space lab a blow the white tree is an extraordinary tower block in the southern french city of mobile yeah which aims to turn the bad reputation of living in a high rise on its head. it's an attention grabber the white tree it will pay you surprises passers by and delights its residents. this is the balcony where we have breakfast and here we have an opportunity and this is the balcony where we just relax. and mostly as spunky is having the last of
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her lamps hung she moved in a few weeks ago having sold her house in a suburb also.


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