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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 7:00am-7:02am CEST

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germany's whistle funded mine has made history as the 1st woman picked to serve as a u. commission president lawmakers at the european parliament have confirmed the former german defense minister will fill the post for the next 5 years it's the most important job in the block and she's voted in by a narrow margin fundal and has pledged to make fighting climate change her top priority and in an exclusive interview she told you should bring a divided europe back together to europe has to be united there are many many big
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questions we have to tackle and you have passed to play a role and we only can do that when the united. the u.s. house of representatives has voted to denounce donald trump for the president's tweets about 4 ethnic minority congress women all house democrats condemned his call for the lawmakers to go home oh but for republicans voted against the symbolic resolution but the u.s. senate is controlled by the g.o.p. and its leadership is backing the president. and scientists in canada say they've observed record temperatures in the world's northernmost settlement the military top 20 degrees on sunday and monday in a lush a military facility need north pole the average july high there is 7 degrees it's the latest normally in what has been a warm summer in the arctic. this
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is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fight against hiv aids a u.n. report say's africa is winning well tell you about the efforts that have led to a reduction in the number of people dying from aids and the decline of a chevy infections the constant. and getting help from about how drugs saw saving lives in remote parts of the water. i'm perceived wonderwall come to news africa i'm glad here today in the un says the number of people contracting hiv and die of aids related illnesses.


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