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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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you. mean to. go to college. keep learning merged reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture of facts instead of make ideas should deliver us. from the reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start with a devise a service. on t.w. . if you remember this you are showing your age because this is a 1st generation apple computer who would have thought a back then that digital devices would soon come in all shapes and sizes and would
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run away every day life's apps gadgets and other must have technologies are there to make our lives easier and safer most of us use digital aids every day with more appearing all the time but is it all good do new apps also create new problems time for a mate to give you an update on the digital revolution and firstly what drives take engineers and entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas how many startup founders say they want to help do something good and that money isn't their primary concern to dig deeper we caught up with the founder of an online platform where people can donate to climate protection projects. your novel was just to the take open air festival here in berlin where the best and brightest of the scene come together each year to present their projects and to brainstorm well some are really very techie others seek to apply the latest developments and technology to pursue social
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political or environmental goals like your done over. but she's not at all ashamed to show emotion we are part of the system we don't. respect. your nor presents herself as a climate advocate but she's an entrepreneur she's also something of a celebrity and invited speaker at the tech open air festival in berlin. i want to find out if she's really motivated by wanting to make the world a better place as she claims. is typical of many startup founders showcasing themselves here they're all somehow into sustainability and they say that money's not the most important thing so. you're going overseas it's fighting climate change . i have this kind of sense of justice within me that makes me feel quite sad about
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the flag but also. feeling quite responsible about the fact that i can do something about it so i take it as an honor that i can respect the information that has been given to me to actually do something about fighting climate change with my own existence 2 years ago your nova launched a platform called planet 8 a reference to the notion that when it comes to our planet there is no plan b. anyone can donate money here for climate protection projects in regions vulnerable to global warming how would you. go a commission. if it was something you really thought was groundbreaking. for free. or to be honest with the fees that we charge at the moment which is. the. kind of platform that helps companies are going to get funding we kind of are charging nothing quite ok with this because i don't see the point of coming.
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by the fact that i've dedicated myself to a cause that makes sense for all of us humans today. charges a fee of 3 to 8 percent the startup is still mainly financed by jordan over savings . she earned the money working in investment banking and the fin tech sector. so basically you're about getting businesses on board the businesses want to look good today. we do not work with their own we want to look good to their constituents in the purpose of this is that historically there's been a lot of green washing that has happened in companies that are involved in all you have been explaining how sustainable they are so the companies that we work we did take it to sustainable mindset before we even kind of started talking to them and they are the ones that understand the responsibility that businesses are simply you know to to address climate change and also such that i understand how important
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this message is to their employees and their consumers one of the projects plan a collects money for supports reforestation in kenya the east african country has little forest cover trees help to prevent erosion make the soil more fertile and improve groundwater quality environmental organizations in the countries themselves carry out the plan a projects. how to get here today. and by means of transport you can buy a bike by bike yes i think you know what about your place where you buy them i bought this is made out of recycled plastic. i bought it from a shop that i found in berlin and then i had the shoes for the last 3 years and then i don't have anything else. thank you the impression a lot of these lofty minded entrepreneurs i don't like concerned about the long term perspective if a company isn't successful close it down and start up
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a new one great for credibility. i plan on making planning my life project they feel a lot of potential for the work that we do create to start this century having results across the other spectrum for other industries. unfortunately experience shows that many of these idealistic projects will fail but i think your and chances are pretty good she's authentic and seems like the real thing. i have to tell you but you're the nova is not your typical european found up one she's a woman and you're a typical founder yes guested male in fact 83 percent of all european startup founders are men they usually have a university degree and they found their start up at the age of 35 on average the
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most important soft skill is that they share critical information with their employees and they're almost all of a real team player at least 94 percent of all european startup founders are considered to be just that did i just describe you well then good luck to you because your ability to find this is very important pitching is an art form that every startup has to master to make a name for itself. if you have a business idea good for you do you believe in it even better but the real test is convincing other people what is my product do or does it solve what makes the company threat so what is not easy to copy those are the kinds of questions startup founders often find hard to on soft even though they know the business models inside out or could best be the problem. on pictures i often see that startups are too focused on what they're doing and can't explain it to the audience
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because they're too through inside to the topic that was the case with goals startup iconix used to say i see predict how people will react to videos explaining that in the short and snappy way something he still has to work on again and again . in making the case in pitch for the we always have to have the right pitch for the right audience on the field pitch it differently to convince a customer as opposed to an investor has to win over investors you have to get them to think you can do it it's less. about the actual topic getting. even a great idea can fail if it's poorly packaged which is why tech startups are constantly tinkering with their pitches there is no magic formula but some helpful tricks to pitch a good pitch has a story or problem i solve how can i do it and bring in some lively examples
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even for complex technical products you sometimes need to use analogies. and these 2 have down parts some people might say newsgroup is just a news page but they call that wiki pedia for the news that young journalists from around the world can publish on the platform the aim is to break the monopoly of big media companies more than anything it includes the stories of people around the world who are living the news so i feel it'll bring about democratization of news bringing in masses from around the world to create new. business concepts that impress the jury for this year's global media forum or was it just a convincing presentation ultimately a good pitch is half the battle. and the other half of the battle that comes down to luck and the ability to take challenges head on take the
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logistics sector for example it's struggling with too many empty trucks on the roads usually on their way back from a delivery the best start up cargo next came up with a great idea that won them a nomination for this year's german entrepreneur award they came up with a tool that helps reduce the number of empty runs thus alleviating traffic congestion and air pollution take a look. it might be hard to believe but one in 3 trucks out on the roads of germany has no freight on board in many cases after dropping off cargo drivers have nothing to pick up for the return journey that's bad for business and the environment. but hope is at hand in the shape of multi dimensional artificial neural network intelligence all money for short money is an algorithm that works autonomously with the help of several
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1000000 items of data provided by shipping companies. it learns from experience that learns to predict where the trucks will be headed and how to determine prices in advance it also learns how to combine trips. because we have the technology on the one hand and real world trucks on the other. so joining the 2 is pretty complicated as. an example a fully laden truck drives from a to b. normally it would return empty but money knows that transportation will be needed not far from the end just a couple of hours time that enables the truck to make the return trip with cargo on board. this sector has a very traditional structure. people tend to be wary when we talk about using a i. in what way opposite i'm very skeptical about whether it works whether it's reliable whether you can trust it. another potential hurdle to use the money
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companies have to access a website operated by carbon x. customers and to the specifics of it decides transport request online and money determines the most suitable option for a fee the system determines what the trucking firm earns based on past rates. so how does this artificial intelligence manage in the real world this trucking company in hamburg started using money a few months ago it has trucks on the road all over europe. so those car will next thanks to cargo next we've been able to reduce our empty runs to 15 percent. uncanny live with the prices. it's mind very well it's not like we're getting overpaid that's for sure. they've got the prices pretty close some firms will benefit others not so much. but it's
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worth it for us. $6000.00 freight companies have already signed up with the system finding it to be effective however could make them dependent on money giving carbon x. free reign to become the uber of the logistics sector. and the kind of the rules and of the horse where you don't want to see a monopoly but demand is so high that everyone can work it out for themselves. and straight forward is can decide for themselves how much business they do with us if there are no contractual obligations if each trip is negotiated from scratch. so it's up to each company how they use it. and more uses for money means fewer empty trips and hopefully less traffic a system with the potential to revolutionize the freight hauling sector. as more and more aspects of our lives become digitalized things become easier and
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more efficient but also more vulnerable to disruption cybercrime is a big problem for the economy companies often underestimate the danger of cyber attacks especially small firms tend to be ill equipped making it easy for hackers to get into the systems and to tamper with crucial data to prepare for the worst case scenario managers can now seek advice from professionals at i.b.m. . in this special equipped truck they simulate every company's worst nightmare. today i'm playing a sea of a company that is facing a lot of problems because it's being attacked from the internet. the other
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journalists here are playing department heads at his company a major bank alexandra cruz is a cyber security expert at i.b.m. . you can let me thank you in an office was. hackers have taken control of a cash machine. where is the idea. ok they get their money as soon as possible the case for germany is that. 67 percent does not even have a plan in place for responding to a cyber attack and the feel of those who know how it's only half of them train it when people are under pressure in a critical situation like a cyber attack is if it's written somewhere that has taken down the company then they are not prepared to respond in a way that will reduce the impact on the company and our simulation the question the journalists face now is do you shut down the banks i.t.
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systems and reboot them in real life such a situation might well trigger a panic with senior staff members reluctant to take responsibility and take charge of them but is a chain of jewelry stores in germany in early july hackers took over its servers and encrypted all its data they reportedly demanded and received a ransom in bitcoin to restore the company's access to its. data. but we also advise companies that have a website that my site is a website you've already prepared and now you can dodge it for what they see from where we. were. in the simulation the bank doesn't have a backup website like that the situation is getting worse a photo pops up on twitter the hackers have hijacked a lift at headquarters. 2 years ago danish shipping company mask was hit by the not petty way it caused days of global havoc that was eventually able to
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re-install thousands of servers and computers from backups that were almost up to date for a while it's hard to communicate with clients via what's up. there is never any parent see or 100 percent security as there is always as well with risk it's always a matter of how much risk are you willing to take on but we can say that there is a certainty that you can train some of these things down to a level where you can reduce the impact i'll pretend to bank and i'll get an e-mail apparently from one of its executives he says hackers not demanding money or they'll attack and cause huge damage luckily the participants determine that the email is a fake. we just see this thread landscape all being very badly and even an i.b.m.
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we see the vulnerabilities that take this is is on the rise because now we have more digital societies so a larger texas this and that tech is obviously they they try to make use of that for example a phishing campaigns is something that is reaching very broad and one 3rd of all attacks are phishing these simulations help i.b.m. clients prepare for possible does. in the real world. one of the techniques they use here is to target business travelers on their behaviors in the airport and that could for example the. setting up fake wife eyes so that when you connect through the airport why fire you think it's effort by 5 but it's actually an attack of that has said and why fight that imitates the airport wife i . thought it was. exciting as i
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expected to be but in the end i have to say i've pruned a lot of things for example a c.e.o. has to handle a lot of information all it wants and he has to act as processing can because every minute counts sometimes it's such a relief not to be seen bus agenda next. and if that report got your alarm bells ringing things couldn't get even worse changing your passwords on a regular basis can help but hackers tend to catch up quickly data shows that cyber crime is on the rise hurting individuals companies and whole societies there are some facts and figures. how steep is the rise in cyber attacks. very steep attacks on ransomware increase by around 350 percent a year and on the much hyped internet of things it's
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a whopping 600 percent. where do the hackers come from in 201720 percent came from china 11 percent from the u.s. and 6 percent from russia. who are the victims 2 thirds of companies with fewer than 1000 staff and experts say that in the next 2 years attacks on medical technology are likely to quote your people. how much economic damage does it cools. it's estimated that from 2021 onwards it will exceed 5 trillion euros a year and stolen company data accounts for 43 percent of that damage. the digital revolution has created new challenges and new opportunities just think of all those new careers that were created like you tube bloggers or social
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influences or everyday services like online banking inconceivable before the internet and in the next step money became digital to cryptocurrency is like bitcoin a seen as highly volatile but as the system doesn't require a central authority it can offer an alternative to the restrictions posed by the regulated banking sector something many filipinos without bank accounts could benefit from. well it was so bad my choice to clean the house because i'm the only girl in the family that's why i had to learn how to clean the my. rubella cruises growing up without her mother and taking on the responsibilities of an adult. my. mom is not in the philippines. i miss her because it feels like i don't have a mother. and
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. she's working in dubai for so. she's working to pay for school. she's working to be able to give us what she dreams of for. this in young. arab elmer's mother is one of $10000000.00 filipinos working abroad because of the lack of jobs and her own country she sends money home every month it's usually a little more than $200.00 euros arabella and her father go pick it up in the city . she uses private companies to send the money rather than banks and they take a 10 percent commission. 80 percent of filipinos can't open a bank account and get cash from an a.t.m.
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start ups that work with crypto currency can help. with going is really a decentralized financial system doesn't need a government it doesn't have central authority it's interoperable it's global it's borderless basically it's an option for people who. are excluded from the existing systems custom. as can use me where you can it has platform to buy and transfer of bitcoin at a reasonable rate the start up makes most of its profit from trading with the crypto currency he's betting on prices going up in the philippines there's 15000000000 people younger than that are 24 and below and. they are tech savvy they're not afraid of technology they're not afraid of british old you know world because of don't trust the banks. it's kind of like brewing you know like we see it
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a perfect storm for this kind of technology you have to call. even established institutions like the country's central banks the potential it's approved more than 30 cryptocurrency platforms but it also wants to have some control over the technology. we did this allow the use of virtual currencies like. this what they have done is that the regulated entities that actually accept. these kinds of virtual currencies because once you regulate the. requirements. the philippines has approved more crypto currency providers than practically any other country on the planet. the prevalence of mobile phones in today's world has been a massive boon to financial startups. so big that people go to the virus.
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was 1st put banking they're. really not the banks and you can bank. by putting. the bank in the smartphone it's so much more accessible can you tell launched his app this year it allows users to pay for things and transfer money directly via smartphone you know we're not here to. existing systems are here to work with them and to connect with them and we want everybody to benefit that by connecting our up to existing systems that you know it makes it it makes the transition easier . as parents also have fun so they could soon benefit from the technology although that's small consolation to the family right now there are below hopes that when she has children she won't have to leave home to find work she just wants to see her mother again and. i wish we can all understand
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now you're up to date on the digital revolution that's it from made this week we look forward to you joining us again next week until then good bye and a. clean.
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slate. then why not look that appetizing. but they're very popular with or maybe. c.q. comes. through a sea creatures are found in southern man against. the corn into strict ecological regulations. to make
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a number of police say i'm going to match. $13.00 . board. for. my 1st boss was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this motion towards the middle something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't missing since i was a little girl i wanted to have those by cycle of my home but it took me years to been made there's. finally the game bob invented by me on my side that but returns to the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than rising on bottles and snarl i want to meet those women back home who are bones by their duties and social rules and informed him of all good basic rights my name is the
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amount of people home and i work at the them. i'm not often crap at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing whipped up and the german thinks deep into the general culture of looking at the stereotype quirks but interesting to see. the country that i don't blame. needed to take his grandmother down delete because it's cold out there. i'm rachel joins me from meet the gentleman from d.w. . post and planet earth let's listen to sky for germany's. i love berlin. 50 nations to store them 15 very personal cumberlands very best features.
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of the book no planet or grow back series every week on g.w. . player play play. this is the w.'s live for less she's made history now the 1st woman to become an e.u. commission president sets her sights on europe's future. it's necessary that we have to take bold action. was a fun guy tells t w what's high on courage genda as she takes over the top job also
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coming up while the families of those killed on flight m h 17 receive justice the malaysia airlines flight was shot down over eastern ukraine 5 years ago today.


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