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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 3:45pm-3:59pm CEST

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the japanese occupation of south korea in the early 20th century this court over war era labor compensation has snowballed into a rapidly escalating trade conflict between the 2 countries seoul said today it was moving to reduce its the pendency on japanese exports and japan may yet remove south korea from its list of preferred trading partners the dispute could hurt global supply chains allies like the u.s. are concerned. executives of some songs headquarters are currently discussing supply disruptions at the beginning of this month japan placed restrictions on the export of some chemical materials to south korea samsung needs them to produce chips and touchscreens the conflict has caught the attention of washington. so fundamentally they are ok in japan must resolve these sensitive matters and we hope that resolution happens soon the united states as a close friend and an ally to both will do what it can to support their efforts to
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resolve. the region welcomed the offer of conciliation just last week the u.s. state department to tear down that it prefers to stay out of the dispute but says korean protests against japan have increased at the japanese embassy in seoul a demonstrator wearing a mask depicting japanese prime minister shinzo was symbolically slapped in the face. and large supermarket chains have removed japanese products from their shelves the conflict threatens to develop into an emotional costly economic war that affects more than just the electronics industry. joining me now in the studio is 5 democrats maher he's our correspondent in south korea currently on a brief visit to berlin welcome to you now if i mean this is a historical conflict with very current consequences could you tell us what it is that the 2 countries actually want so if you to understand that conflict we have to go back to the 5 minutes when both countries not with ice their diplomatic
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relations and japan at that time paid financial compensation because of its walk rhymes and also wrongdoings during the colonial period however south korea was a military dictatorship at that time and it use those funds not a didn't allocate them to the victims but use it to build up infrastructure and so actually after south korea opened up and became a democracy the civil society and also the victims of war crimes demanded compensation and also of apology however japan sees this conflict as settled it is solved and they don't want to south korea to bring it up in the international community so there is a conflict and the recently south korean president basically backed the claim of the south korean civil society and also the constitutional court ordered japan's biggest filmmaker to pay financial compensation to the form of victims of forced labor so basically the straight war is a retaliation by japan for the historic dispute i see and it's as we say spilling
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over into today but it's also spilling over in a region that's already made complicated by the north korean issue now how big of a role does that play into days cautions quite a big role japanese media have reported that south korea has exported bent goods towards north korea namely a hydrogen fluoride which is received from japan and then. supposed to be exported to north korea that would be a violation of international sanctions however seoul rejects that claim so we cannot verify it cannot falsify it and both countries have a quite different stance towards north korea south korea really wants peace it once engaged in towards north korea japan however is highly skeptical and they do a lot to keep this status quo actually. now this is obviously very complicated a lot of history and a lot of present day trade tensions these export curbs could ripple all across global supply chains now do you see any potential at all for
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a resolution well i think it will only get worse i think there will be further escalations and last friday we've seen working double talks between a delegation of japan and south korea to solve things but what happened actually it made things only worse there was a really cold reception the japanese sides didn't even properly greet or bow bow down to words the south koreans in the end both sides didn't even agree what was discussed and what should be disclosed to the public and i see many friends and acquaintances in south korea actually individually boycotting japanese products and there's a lot of strong anti japan sentiment well that sounds like it's gotten some very emotional dimensions indeed but we're also coming to a time where the us has decided to wade in on this discussion despite initial reluctance to do so that signals to was that this could lead more for the wider world what's your take on that well between on this i find it pretty said that both countries japan and south korea share a lot of history
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a lot of culture they're both allies with the us and they're both democracies and still they cannot get over this dispute and i think it's quite historic it will take another generation to really solve that conflict and interesting the south korea always points at germany in that conflict especially that of former president bill brown who was kneeling down in 1970 to apologize for the holocaust and they basically want japan to do something similar basically kneeling down to apologize for their war crimes when they do that no no i don't i don't see any solution with there must be a mean he's quite it takes a lot of. revisionist stance when it comes to japan's current history so i think with obvious no solution to the conflict another generation to solve the conflict between south korea and japan thank you very much father for your insights very fascinating. antitrust regulators will investigate
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amazon the world's largest online retailer to see if its use of other merchants data breaches the block's antitrust rules meanwhile here in germany the consumer protection agency have a victory against the e-commerce giant german authorities are making amazon change how it works with 3rd party merchants in europe both the sellers and amazon and need to take more responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate order fulfillment will also need to wait 30 days before blocking or closing selling at closing the seller account excuse me in exchange germany's federal cartel office says it will drop its investigation into amazon. now the latest figures from the international air transport association show demand for passenger aviation in the next 2 decades is going to surge and the asia pacific region with countries like china indonesia and those leading the charge but in europe so-called flight shame is increasing social pressure on travelers not to fly as they're made out to
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consider the environmental impact of each trip. 100000 that's how many people come pain in my whole scene wants to pledge not to fly in 20 twentieth's but they only have to follow through if she reaches her target. holes and gave up flying 10 years ago says she's convinced 4 and a half 1000 others to do the same the people who sign up they have to feel engaged in this and try to convince people around them and i think that will be easier the closer we come to. a growing number of people in europe are choosing not to fly in suites in the movement has become known as feet of flights. environmental activists like. a leading the charge. it spurred an increase in train dedicate to travel business start up tuck's mr meaning train vacation office group towards markets
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interrail cards and organizes conferences for train enthusiastic. there are some other actors trying to get into trains but they also sell plane tickets for example and we have this monthly interest in sustainability interest so it's for real and i think people want to support stuff that they think are the right thing flying contributes more than 2 percent of global carbon emissions and travel costs have been kept low in the e.u. by the lack of a tax on jet fuel and limited taxes on tickets among other factors the number of global passengers in 2008 almost double to an. 4.3000000000 in 2018. easyjet stuff an analyst says cutting its carbon emissions with measures such as modern aircraft and use the flight route takes to. the average you with over 32 percent since 2000 and that's
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a lot where we believe we can do more my own tools against neighbors with some of the 1st to be convinced to give up flying but she still has a long way to go to reach the target i think it's not about that people don't want to make sacrifices because in other situations we're willing to do so much i think that's. the problem that most people politicians are recession they don't really talk about climate change in a way that makes people understand that it's here and now that we just have to do this and drew same hopes her campaign persuades enough people to act before it's too late. police in brazil say they've shut down a secret factory that was producing sake lamborghinis the cars that were offered on social media for $45.00 to $60000.00 a lot of money but just a fraction of what the real thing would cost you and brazil isn't the only place where you can lay your hands on your dream car. this engineer has stolen the show
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at this terror run tech fair but that's not all he's stolen shots my suv moratti spent 4 years building his dream car a lamborghini the economy of the islamic republic is plagued by shortages and imported luxury cars from abroad or out of reach of nearly everyone so the next best thing is to build your own. i apologize to lamborghini for copying their idea and their design but really it's the italians own fault because they're the best. had it on been of that a more the 40 years after the islamic revolution iran is as isolated as it is ever been and american sanctions are hitting the economy hard many here.
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this is data of your news life for lead she's made history now the 1st woman to because e.u. commission president sets her sights on europe's future it's necessary in them to not have to take bold action. was the funded i'm tells t w was at the top of her agenda as she takes off on one of the issues top jobs also coming up with the families of those killed on flight m.h. 17 get justice the malaysia airlines flight was shot down over eastern ukraine 5 years ago today a look at where the end.


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