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forests and. tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th. this is the news coming up on the program. for their faith more than a 1000000 we must and my daughter to continue to be held in chinese detention camps . on the diplomatic offensive to justify its actions how long can it continue with what the u.s. has called concentration camps also coming up. it was expected to happen. after. the settlements. begin to pick up the
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pieces. destroying the world of professional wrestling on its head. with a fierce some. in the ring. welcome. it's good to have you with us now they've been called internment camps even concentration camps but they continue to be built they're part of china's program of detention of goods and other muslim minorities in the province of. all to fight terror and now this has opened international support in a letter to the un human rights council just days back at least 37 countries have supported china us. court counter terrorism and do that it allows or for measures
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in changing including setting up vocational education and training centers some of these countries you must know include north korea or saudi arabia or even myanmar but upwards of a 1000000 weekers and turkey minorities have been detained in the camps their crime their faith $32.00 western countries also in a letter to the un human rights council have asked china to stop these arbitrary detentions but china sees things differently. this is what china once visitors to see a full dance outside the largest mosque in the country the spectacle belies the sinister realities of life for shin johns we go. up to $1000000.00 of whom are thought to be held inside reeducation centers like this part of a growing complex of sprawling secretive camps. for journalists trying to get close
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to the prisons. plainclothes police stage ruled traffic accident and run old fashioned interference to stop outsiders finding out what's happening inside. a former inmate described his or deal in an interview last year. they grabbed me and put me into a metal chair like device and if you stand still and cannot move your arms are secured by the metal parts and your chest is exposed. after 6 hours of this device my whole body ached the pain becomes unbearable. this is why 10 years ago we go rioted after 2 workers were killed by a han chinese 200 people died in the clashes fearful of a repeat the crackdown against the leaders continues to this day. independent
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analysis shows that in recent years the number of camps in the far western state has tripled last month the government allowed ria controlled access to the canteen and dormitories at one facility access all areas it was not. the busy food market in downtown cashcard tells a very different story but despite appearances here this is still a province shrouded in secrecy. but german researcher adriaan sense is looking to change that through his work he joins me now from washington d.c. i was as it's good to have you on the program not based on the research that you regularly conduct what is the me just what is happening on the ground in. later situation is that the chinese government is actually trying to move into a longer term solution obviously you cannot keep hundreds of thousands or one to
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2000000 people in internment a long time to extract e.g. is to move them gradually into settings or forced labor and then to reintegrate them not into freedom into what's basically a police state. it just sounds extraordinary a police state in the 21st century and china appears to be getting away with it do you think enough international pressure is not being brought to bear on china. international pressure has been very slow to mount so hampered by the fact that the united states left the united nations human rights council and the international community is unfortunately not sufficiently united about the issue and as you can see a good part of the developing world especially countries that themselves have a very poor human rights records and even been siding with china because of economic interest this is of course you're referring to some of the 37 countries that signed that open letter to the u.n.
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human rights council supporting john as actions. do you think this is reflective of china's clout and the economic power it weaves in the world at the moment yes it is about in road initiatives supposedly benign and when where is at least in part a global influence operation that's working both successfully to make countries economically but also politically dependent on china it's astounding that among the $22.00 countries that condemned china's atrocities in sion young which mostly targets muslim majority groups there was not a single muslim country joining this letter of condemnation however among the $37.00 countries that supported china's policies 15 of them are muslim i geraghty this by itself is absolutely astounding and shocking but also a testimony to china's increasing clout and influence especially in the developing
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world so would you say that if there is a there's a weaker person watching this broadcast there is nothing they have to hope for essentially they are on their or dead. in many ways yes however speaking out does help desk the example of the australian broadcast an australian father has 2 year old son and wife and shinji young and cannot believe he has not even seen his son one single time now the australian government at least has launched an official petition to the chinese embassy in australia if those 2 can leave china and be reunited it's also the wife was called to do a local police office and questioned international media attention does have an effect and it must continue but now we have evidence on the table. especially does months additional research came out about parents being separated from children about white sprint forced labor schemes to obtain to entire minority societies it's really no time up to the politicians and the multilateral international bodies to
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put some action behind their supposed values right and hopefully that does happen. for speaking to us about this subject thank you. the united states is heating fold of me and mas top generals with sanctions or the mosque killings of rohingya muslims men must bigotry has been accused of a campaign of violence in the kind state which is there to more than 700000 fleeing the country over the past 2 he has the military leaders identified in the u.s. sanctions include me in my c'mon live in chief i mean the end scene however the country civilian leader aung san suu kyi also targeted are his deputy and 2 other subordinates the sanctions bother generals and the immediate families from traveling to the united states. other steps of washington strongest yet against me and muffle what it called of the ethnic cleansing of my daughter tito as
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u.s. secretary of state might bump a.o. had this to say in his statement he said quote we remain concerned that the burmese government has taken no actions to hold accountable those responsible for human rights violations and abuses and there are continued reports of the burmese military committing human rights violations and abuses throughout the country but from across the border from myanmar hundreds of thousands of india now live in all the crowded refugee camps and they were hit hard by recent monsoon rains floods and landslides give that least 10 people and swept away of thousands of shanty homes now they are trying to rebuild what little they have. the monsoons aftermath in the cox's bazar refugee camp home to a 1000000 range is. mostly even flimsy shelters built on hillsides which collapsed after days of torrential rains. the stormwater demi drugs and broke 3 bridges.
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locals are now forced to negotiate dangerous walkways for their basic needs. and mudslides have damaged many of our houses and people are suffering children can get sucked away crossing the canal. with the monsoon season only just beginning construction teams are scrambling to rebuild thousands of shelters destroyed in the 1st rains. in the heavy rains trying. fortunately. with managed to get a significant amount of done. this way for the next few days at least. the rains might have ease for now but refugees are facing a shortage of food and safe drinking water it's also shared that flooded toilets could trigger a disease outbreak in the crowded camp. not a story of a 19 year old woman. blazing
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a trail that crosses the boundaries of the sport and entertainment north is already a strange unscripted walled off. as one of the few women to become a headline fighter but the phoenix as she is known doesn't just back of. the ring she also carries a message for muslim women trying to break down barriers in sport. 1st comes the mirror check then comes the show where nor diane becomes phoenix. small in stature and barely over 5 feet tall phoenix wrestles men twice her size and gets thrown around the ring like a rag doll. but phoenix rises from the ashes and gives as good as she gets. 8 14 years old she became obsessed with the art in sport of wrestling but refusing to do it without her he jumped caused problems early on. so. it was.
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like it a lot of that congress because i. was out. proudly sporting her he job phoenix does more than entertain she also serves as motivation . i. guess i do believe that she has had all my dough and it's patient office goes out there. i don't think this thing goes as a whole i think she had about a. spoof it and i mean she can do it and. taking down the competition phoenix has gained a following on social media and hopes to encourage more muslim women to be true to their faith. and their journey thanks. that's a phone call to all of the stories on the dot com forward slash on facebook and
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believe you with pro wrestling. bring to. everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list. must treat. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word can.
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use in germany. why not live. simple online on your mobile and free. music he learning course. german. a decades old conflict becomes a present day trade fight south korea says it's taking steps to wean itself off of japanese equipment and materials as a spat between the 2 countries over wartime reparations it's. also coming up for the next time you buy a lamborghini what closer fakes are trying to bring from brazil to iran. this is it'll be a business as usual i'm sure and welcome it's a fight dating back to the japanese occupation of south korea in the early 20th
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century this court over war era labor compensation has snowballed into a rapidly escalating trade conflict between the 2 countries seoul said today it was moving to reduce its the pendency on japanese exports and japan may yet remove south korea from its list of preferred trading partners the dispute could hurt lobel supply chains allies like the u.s. are concerned. executives of some songs headquarters are currently discussing supply disruptions at the beginning of this month japan placed restrictions on the export of some chemical materials to south korea samsung needs them to produce chips and touchscreens the conflict has caught the attention of washington. so fundamentally there ok.


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