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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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w. . this is d.w. news live from the rise and rise of the woman germany calls a. sworn in to her 1st job in the federal government she's approached as a german chancellor going to many believe she's being groomed become the country's next chancellor also on the program. after months of conflict sudan's military council and pro-democracy opposition sign a document that should be a major stride among the road to democracy. in the tourist drug
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lords while he. is jailed for life in new york he also faces a girl of $12600000000.00 from the proceeds of his drugs. welcome to the program the politician many see is germany's next chancellor has taken up her 1st job in the federal government and. she's widely known in places on the line as defense minister and lead so i'm going to a christian democratic party and many political commentators believe she's being groomed to take over when chance of a macro steps in 2021. there are gross ways to spend your day as you turn 65 and when america was treated to flowers by her cabinet colleagues
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actually treated herself to congratulating her now former defense minister was a laugh on the line on what is equally a victory for macko her election as new e.u. commission president. later the german chancellor got to lift a 2nd to a higher political level by appointing adequate come successes c.d.u. party leader as new defense minister quite a celebration. a.k.k. as she is known then carried out her 1st inspection of the honor guard and delivered her 1st remarks as minister. influence never forget that men and women that serve and fight abroad for us. this is a great responsibility which i'm very aware of and will live. and i very much look forward to the task ahead of itself which to come. no
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questions allowed but with no experience of defense she will have some convincing to do. you have to lead the nato spearhead until 2023 we don't have the time for her to learn on the job. at times a.k.k. has struggled to shake off the provincial image as the former leader of the small state of the. now is cabinet minister can't callandar will have to take orders from the chancellor trading some of her liberties as party leader getting closer to one day perhaps becoming chancellor. political correspondent saddam and young welcome simon so we're going to come back out about was moved to defense was a surprise. a big surprise phil because previously she ruled out taking on a ministerial job she said she didn't want to be in miracles cabinet she wanted to
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concentrate on her job as leader of the christian democrat party which she's had since the end of last year but the truth is she stumbled a little bit in that role so this gives her a new momentum and also what it will give her is some ministerial experience which she hasn't had up until now she's been the interior minister and then leader of the small german state czar land but she hasn't had a national level cabinet job and she doesn't really need that i think because the playbook sais that she should in time. and especially from the c.d.u. point of view will be the best placed person to succeed angle americal as chancellor and of course a bit of ministerial experience won't harm her at all in that effort
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but this is rather a challenging ministerial brief to have to cut your teeth on defense has been a difficult day here in germany what sort of challenges does a. face. it is challenging and ursula fonda lyon has not left the defense ministry in a particularly good condition there are problems for instance with weapons systems that need modernising plenty of other equipment doesn't work properly there is a need to recruit germans to the armed forces a lot of them are on willing to join there's been money wasted on expensive advisors have plenty of other internal problems and also there's the question of the military budget and a great cram karrenbauer is known to support the idea of increasing military spending but of course you have to argue that out with the finance minister and one of the chancellor angela merkel she's in her final as chancellor does she still
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carry the or far too she used to when she said she's not going to stand for chancellor again so she's in her final years but i think it's been a good couple of days for the chancellor she's got to have her close allies now in the front rank and of course with us live on the line in brussels. will be assured of being at the very least heard and understood. at the top level of the european union and the movement of care of our into the defense job i think is also good for america all because she too is a close ally but it also means that a potential successor is no longer you know scheming in the wings as it were she'll now be on stage and being tested so you know moving more women into top jobs was also something that angle america has said she wanted to do she's certainly done that over the last 24 hours and i think she's got lots to celebrate
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today which is her 65th birthday of well. simon young thank you. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world turkey has said it will be tally 8 after a gunman shot dead one of its diplomats in iraq this one other person was killed when an attacker opened fire in a restaurant in a bill in iraq's kurdish region has been no claim of responsibility. of forces in pakistan have arrested they suspected mastermind of a series of attacks on the indian city of mumbai in 2008 a fees saeed founded the islamist militant group an lashkar e tayyiba which india and the united states blame for the attacks u.s. president double trumpet praised pakistan for the arrest. of the south african musician and i'm here part time activist johnny clegg has died after a long battle with cancer.
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the grammy nominated singer who starred for in sulu crafted hits inspired by township harmonies that defied south africa's institutionalized racial segregation by forming multi racial balance he was 66 sedans pro-democracy movement on the country's ruling military council have signed a document outlining a power sharing deal it's an important step in the transition to civilian rule following april's military overthrow to take to omar al bashir amid mass protests the 2 sides are still working on a more contentious constitutional agreement that would specify the division of powers. these signatures marked the end of a bitter power struggle sudan's military and opposition have agreed to install an interim government 1st to be headed by the military and then by the opposition new
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elections will be held in 3 years time. it's a historic moment in the painful history of the sudanese people it marks the beginning of a new era in which the army and armed units will work together with all civilians and with the leaders of the opposition. a chance for a new era following months of upheaval a long time dictator omar al bashir resigned at the beginning of april perhaps the protest movements greatest success but a 1st the military hunta did not want to give up power on june 3rd special forces brutally cleared a protest camp more than 120 people were killed and hundreds were injured. the international pressure led military and opposition back to the negotiating table a basic agreement was reached but details were still being hammered out until tuesday night. at the green it is at least
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a preliminary breakthrough an important step on the road to peace but it's by far not enough for a permanent peace. with deep seated mistrust on both sides the challenge for sudan now will be implementing the terms of the treaty. russia can drug lord hakim chapo guzman has been sentenced to life behind bars in the us prison a judge in brooklyn accused him of overwhelming evil and ordered him to forfeit more than $12000000000.00 in ill gotten drug proceeds before today's sentencing course been denounced the trial and complained about his conditions in solitary confinement here's a look back on his life and crimes. he's been notorious for decades as the head of the scene a lower drug cartel mexican drug lord were keen guzman also known as el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement as
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a high security new york prison since he was extradited from mexico to the u.s. in 2017 during his trial in brooklyn special security measures were in place including the deployment of a gas detection device because man made to order from jail in mexico most recently through an underground tunnel dug by accomplices in july 2015 a worldwide manhunt followed but there were few clues to his whereabouts until guzman invited american actor sean penn to interview him at his hideout for an article in rolling stone magazine along with mexican t.v. star kate del castillo who wanted to make a film about his life u.s. prosecutors spent years piecing together the case against guzman detailing a vast web of torture contract killings and bribes that reached all the way up to mexico's former president. guzman faces the rest of his life behind bars
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but the cartel he founded nearly 30 years ago is still incredibly powerful. and he remains a hero among the communities in mexico who benefit from the profits of his crimes. now to a heatwave in the arctic scientists in canada say they observe record temperatures this week at a weather station with the world's most northerly permanently inhabited spot it's a military base less than 600 miles from the north pole. t.-shirt weather in this treeless tundra here in the alert the northernmost permanent human settlement on the planet where snow and frost last all year temperatures hit a record high of 70 degrees fahrenheit or 21 degrees celsius. this summer has wreaked havoc on the arctic chill bringing balmy weather to a land not adapted to deal with it. a recent report showed greenland glaciers are
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receding faster than previously thought. this video from a greenland climate researcher went viral sled dogs sloshing across melting ice on the inglefield fjord. an uncommon number of wildfires like this one in anchorage alaska have also lit up the arctic and sub-arctic regions this season fires are not unheard of in the arctic but scientists say this summer was an omen of global warming. there have been unprecedented wildfires in the arctic since the beginning of june according to the world meteorological organization over 100 intense and long lived wildfires were recorded in the arctic circle the northern part of the world is warming faster than the planet as a whole that heat is drying out forests and making them more susceptible to burn the wildfires in turn spew more carbon into the atmosphere increasing the effects of climate change scientists warn it's a vicious cycle that puts the future of the ice caps in doubt. the police of
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spain's barcelona airports are used to ingenious drug smugglers finding novel ways of smuggling contraband into the country this week was no exception this man wearing a hoss band the suspiciously large wig caught off as attention so they asked him about it just arrived on a flight from colombia they asked him to remove the wig so during as he was told he revealed a half a kilo of cocaine glued to his head he was that arrested what police called operation to pay. genius this is. not coming next in business africa of facebook's plans to launch a crypto currency backlash. benefits for african communities hits when traditional banking facilities staffs. because they will laugh that story of
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business i forgot i just a moment i'll be back with more world news at the top of the hour i would. take full personally. with wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. that all true for. more than a foot.


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