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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight and the bowl break in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization declares an international emergency to w h o's chief says it's time for the world to take notice after the disease spreads to the country's borders we'll ask the w.h.o. what its emergency measures are are they enough also coming in german politics the rise of the woman known as k.k. on the grid is sworn in as the country's new defense minister she is
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a protege of chancellor angela merkel and many believe that she's being groomed to see her. and the notorious drug lord your welcome good smith known as el chapo is sentenced to life in prison by airports in new york he also faces a bill of 12600000000 dollars from the proceeds of his drugs empire. and as arctic snows melt scientists are and he sweats over a heat wave in a land that usually follows in the entire year. i'm off it's good to have you with us tonight the world health organization has declared the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo a public health emergency of international concern although. it's
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a rare designation that used only for the most serious epidemics it comes after the virus spread to the eastern city of goma on congo's border with rwanda ebola has killed more than 1600 people in the country since last august the w.h.o. decision followed a meeting of experts in geneva today the w.h.o. its chief says now is the time for the international community to play a greater role in fighting the. now is the time for the international community to stand in solidarity with the people of the democratic republic of congo not to impose peace even counterproductive restrictions that we only said to isolate them i stress this the government of b.r.c. is doing everything it can they need the support of the international community. for more now i'm joined on the line by christian lynn meier from the w.h.o.
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in geneva mr lynn meier it's good to have you on the program tell me what can the international community do right now. but a couple of things of course and want to reinforce measures right now is for the world to realize it is a national community realize that funding and support for the country is needed heavily so that the channel also said today and the states man that we need unless the international community steps up to now and sons to respond now we will paying we will be paying for his break in the future and a much higher price so there is now a financial crime agreed before so called for strategic response plan is being prepared and we don't have an effect from yet but it will run into hundreds of millions for this is an important part of the charming. and the monetary support but also the political support the new for the political support and the monetary
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support to move ahead the world remembers the last major ebola outbreak in africa back in 2014 and we know that the w.h.o. was criticised and due to budgetary cuts at the time promises were made back then to be better prepared the next time do you feel that you are better prepared this time. i think the whole world and better prepared this time also because it is it was a fairly new situation then with if it will end soon then we have many more improvements we have a vaccine we know what to do and how to find people and how to trace them how to may ring the vaccination around people who were infected who are infected how to talk to the community that because let's not forget this is a new fees which are facts of the community in an area where handling the scene and handling the sick people is a task for the family for the loved ones of the community to go and tell such such
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people in such a community to do that for us strangers tell them how to deal with a loved one is a huge task we know how to treat patients instead of having them in isolated tents then out in tents which have a clear cover clear plastic sheeting so you can see through so the loved ones can be outside the tent and watch and communicate with the sick ones inside the world has learned a lot since then i think the wasn't much better prepared but yet it needs money it needs funding and in its infancy. and the efforts of all to get all pulling together with the n.g.l.s on the ground with the ministry and the people on the ground of the communities don't forget the vast majority of the staff on the ground fighting to see one of the things is able outbreak are congolese in the democratic republic of congo i think to a missile in my that people around the world may be puzzled a little bit that if there is a vaccine for the bola virus then why is it still so difficult to control the
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spread of the virus is it is it because as you were saying that the local traditions of how to treat and handle the sick and the dead is that the biggest challenge. it is not the biggest it is it is actually something which a community in the stands very well and it's an amazing it's not surprising how well the communities handle this and how much they have prepared from that in most cases the foreigners which are most of the time by the way congolese but not from their own area so these are not these are not the these are foreigners from outside but we do use congolese stafford is to tell them how to treat their loved ones one of the biggest challenges and it's least it's a volatile cocktail which we feed and then you know he's called congo that's on some get about a year ago we had an outbreak in the west of congo which was i think hardly anybody remembers because the most down to me because also treatment was given vaccine rings when they contact were found quickly and the situation was put on the control
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this is the same things we would like to do in the northeast of congo but we do have a situation now where we have basically a civil conflict since he is an infant many years range and we have people in the thousands on the on the move in my cleaning across borders running away from conflict zones hiding being fearful of of anybody who is a stranger coming into the entire town into the village into dia so this is a dangerous cocktail all right christiane that linspire with the w.h.o. joining us on the line tonight from geneva muscle in my we appreciate your time tonight. and with helping us understand this breaking news situation with this ebola outbreak thank you thank you very much. in sudan tonight the pro-democracy movement and the country's ruling military council have signed a document outlining a power sharing deal it's an important step in the transition to civilian rule
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following april's military overthrow of the dictator omar al bashir amid mass protests the 2 sides are still working on a more contentious constitutional agreement that will specify the division of powers but there was a celebre tory told after today's sign these signatures marked the end of a bitter power struggle sudan's military and opposition have agreed to install an interim government 1st to be headed by the military and then by the opposition new elections will be held in 3 years time. that it says doric moment in the painful history of the sudanese people it marks the beginning of a new era in which the army and units will work together with old civilians and with the leaders of the opposition. but chance for
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a new era following months of upheaval the long time dictator omar al bashir resigned at the beginning of april perhaps the protest movements greatest success but if 1st the military hunta did not want to give up power on june 3rd special forces brutally cleared a protest camp more than 120 people were killed and hundreds were injured. the international pressure led military and opposition back to the negotiating table a basic agreement was reached but details were still being hammered out until tuesday night. at the fork of the green it is at least a preliminary breakthrough an important step on the road to peace but it's by far not enough for a permanent peace. with deep seated mistrust on both sides the challenge for sudan now will be implementing the terms of the treaty. but here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world that turkey has said that it will retaliate after
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a government shot dead one of its diplomats in iraq at least one other person was killed when an attacker opened fire in a restaurant in erbil in iraq's kurdish region there has been no claim of responsibility in the netherlands families of those killed in the malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17 tragedy are marking 5 years since the disaster most of the victims were dutch the plane was shot down in eastern ukraine killing all $298.00 people on board 3 russians and they ukrainian are facing charges for murder. authorities in pakistan have arrested the suspected mastermind of a series of attacks on the indian city of mumbai back in 2008 faeces saeed founded the islamist militant group lashkar e tayyiba which india and the united states blamed for the attached this president donald trump today praised pakistan for the arrest. with the politician that many see as germany's next chancellor has taken up her 1st job in
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the government's kept it under great cramp or a k.k.k. as she is widely known replaces ursula fundal aryan as the country's defense minister a k k leads i'm a christian democratic party and many believe she's being groomed to take over when chancellor merkel steps down in 2021. there are ghosts ways to spend 2 per day as you turn $65.00 and going to america was treated to flowers by her cabinet colleagues she treated herself to congratulating her now former defense minister was a laugh on the line on what is equally a victory for macko her election as new e.u. commission president. later the german chancellor got to lift a 2nd to a higher political level by appointing adequate compound successes c.d.u. party leader as new defense minister quite
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a celebration. a.k.k. as she is known then carried out her 1st inspection of the honor guard and delivered her 1st remarks as minister. for let's never forget that men and women that serve and fight abroad for us. this is a great responsibility which i'm very aware of and will live up to. and i very much look forward to the task ahead of itself which to come. no questions allowed but with no experience of defense she will have some convincing to do. you have to lead the nato spearhead until 2023 we don't have the time for her to learn on the job. at times a.k.k. has struggled to shake off the provincial image as the former leader of the small state of. now is
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a cabinet minister come callin bar will have to take orders from the chancellor trading some of her liberties as party leader by getting closer to one day perhaps becoming chancellor. in the back row but i'm joined here of the big table by our political correspondent simon young simons good to see you so the woman known as a k k she is now germany's defense minister. why does that bring her closer to possibly becoming the next german chancellor i think mainly because so far she hasn't had this cabinet level experience that she's now going to again in this important job but defense up to now she's been a regional politician she was the interior minister and then the leader of the the state premier in the small state of zod land before she just at the end of last year became the leader of merkel's christian democrat party so we should say karen
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that was christian democrat now and that's a job she's going to keep going forward with this new ministerial job so she's going to be incredibly busy but obviously if she can make a success of both of these jobs at the same time then that will set her up very nicely to succeed angela merkel which is what anglo-american apparently wants and it all looks good it has to be said that the omens are not necessarily that good in the job as party leader she hasn't been doing very well with poll numbers have been falling back actually that's why some in her own party of said it would be a good idea if she did take on a ministerial job then she could get out of the other job no she's going to do both she says so we will see but certainly this puts in the limelight in a way that few other politicians have been and it also puts or as you said exactly where we think the german chancellor once or to be and it comes in the same week where we have another person for the line becoming president of the european
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commission we know that she is an ally of the german chancellor as well we've got christine lagarde is going to be the new european central bank all of these are picks in choices if you will of america are we seeing the next chapter or even the the i guess the final plans of uncle america's chance or are they being sealed in completed before our very eyes right now i think. so i think last night in particular was an extraordinary the last 24 hours was an extraordinary sort of move of movement on the chessboard if you like and it's a funny thing isn't it because we think of angle a miracle as somebody who's a very inclusive politician who's not really a power player necessarily she just does the logical things she often sees it's and it's all very soberly done but actually when you stand back and look at where we are now as you say angela merkel seems to have actually strengthened her position in the midst of all this she's now at the center of this nexus she's got her
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process in the defense ministry as i say poised if not exactly already placed to become a successor she's got a close eye life on the line there in brussels and she's got christine legarde at the the european central bank angle a miracle is not finished yet but we know that this is her last she's only got a couple more years to write and people are concerned about whether or not she'll be able to finish that term of their big concerns with episodes of shaking in public with the german chancellor today her office the chief of staff of her office said the chancellor has been given a clean bill of health and it was important for that announcement to be made wasn't it was because she has had these these these health concerns over the last few weeks we've seen these shaking incidents where she's been seen so the trembling really when she's had to stand still and they've they've tried to say that it's
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a psychological effect rather than any nervous problem or any other more serious health problem as you say how the brown the chance 3 ministers come out with him to be today he said he said she's in good health and she'll of course serve out her term until. 2021 and that's important that she does that was about so much work to do but you have f. in these concerns of the trying to allay the fears it's also important because we're at a time when. we're in the world of bricks it next week to resume a step down as the british prime minister across the atlantic problems with the trump administration congress has now officially rebuked the president for racist tweets the world looks to uncle americal still as a force of stability when she shakes the world trembles doesn't it. but i think that's a good way of putting it and when was it 2015 time magazine had her as the leader of the free world you know in the era of donald trump who's certainly shaken things
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up in in his own way and of course with major ructions around europe a lot of people continue to look to angle a medical as a solid anchor in these stormy times and so the sense that the final act and that you know she's as you say moving the people the pieces into place for when she's no longer around that i think will is both a matter of concern because it means medical it's coming to an end but also it reassures people because she does seem to be doing it in an unusual way very few politicians while they're still in office are able to organize the transition of power medical may be achieving that that's why the in germany they call their muti the mother of the country for it so i mean you know as always thank you for the german army has been hosting chinese troops at a military base in southern germany the 2 sides have been carrying out drills for
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one of the worst case scenarios they might encounter a disease pandemic the joint exercise aims to prepare both countries to respond to high casualty emergencies as they embark on you in aid mission. casualties injured by land mines are brought to a un military facility it could be anywhere in the world it's only a scenario but german and chinese armed forces medical staff a working together to treat the wounded the fictional operation in real bavaria is bringing unlikely partners together troops from the chinese people's liberation army are taking part in an exercise on german soil for the 1st time the chinese soldiers have been trained for the last 2 weeks with their counterparts from the german army the bundeswehr a german chinese military exercise seems odd at 1st but china is investing heavily in its military forces and it's bonding not only for unilateral purposes china's getting increasingly involved in un missions abroad and service germany which
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gathered a lot of experience in this field in the last couple of yes for example in mali where german armed forces trained soldiers both china and germany contribute in mali to the un peacekeeping mission during the abel outback in 2014 the country was severely threatened by the epidemic. back in the varia german and chinese troops are training for sea areas of possible disasters such as an outbreak of an infectious disease at a un refugee camp. a joint team runs tests in a mobile field. a lot about things that aren't available in our country the technology in germany is very practical and we can learn from that from the. corporation is so far limited to emergency medical scenarios there are no plans at the moment for joint military missions but even these tentative 1st steps help the un peacekeeping partners to
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gain a better understanding of each other. at 1st the idea of working together with chinese soldiers is strange it's a very different culture but every. day we work and practice together barrios breakdown and real friendships develop as it is to get financial from them difficult but if germany and china are deploying more military resources around the world this joint training should help both countries to run challenging operations more effectively in the future. you're watching t w news still ahead scientists sound the summer alarm in the arctic they say temperatures are rising significantly in a land that's usually frozen all year round that's coming up. or the mexican drug lord you're welcome. has been sentenced to life behind bars in
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a u.s. prison the judge in brooklyn today accused him of overwhelming evil and ordered him to forfeit more than 12000000000 dollars money that he earned by selling drugs before today's sentencing goldsman denounced the trial and complained about the conditions in solitary confinement outside the courthouse u.s. authorities took no chances with mexico's most notorious drug lord head of the scene a little a cocktail. also known as el chapo. violence misery and devastation inflicted on countless individuals and communities by the drugs that mr guzman and his organization inflicted on our country for more than 2 decades. but we can ensure that he spends every minute of every day. of his life in
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a prison here in the united states. court sketches show him bidding farewell to his wife. they are unlikely to be reunited. sentenced to life without parole plus 30 years defense said the trial was a miscarriage of justice it was a show trial and how it ended is exactly perfect all that mattered was the government's evidence of how flawed it may have been how many lunatics and sociopaths and psychopaths that it depended on el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement at a high security new york prison since he was extradited from mexico to the u.s. in 2017. security at his brooklyn trial was tight. twice from jail in mexico most recently through a tunnel in july 2015 a worldwide manhunt followed but authorities only found guzman after he invited
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american actor sean penn and mexican t.v. . to interview him. u.s. prosecutors spent years building their case against detailing an empire of torture contract killings and bribes that went all the way to mexico's former president. may be behind but the cartel that he founded nearly 30 years ago is still powerful and he remains a hero among poor communities in mexico which benefited from the profits of his crimes. in the arctic scientists in canada say they observed record temperatures this week at a weather station that the world's most northerly permanently inhabited spot a military base that's less than 600 miles from the north pole. t.-shirt weather in this treeless tundra here in the alert the northernmost permanent human
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settlement on the planet where snow and frost last all year temperatures hit a record high of 70 degrees fahrenheit or 21 degrees celsius. this summer has wreaked havoc on the arctic chill bringing balmy weather to a land not adapted to deal with it. a recent report showed greenland glaciers are receding faster than previously thought. this video from a greenland climate researcher went viral sled dogs sloshing across melting ice on the inglefield fjord. an uncommon number of wildfires like this one in anchorage alaska have also lit up the arctic and sub-arctic regions this season fires are not unheard of in the arctic but scientists say this summer was an omen of global warming. there have been unprecedented wildfires in the arctic since the beginning of june according to
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the world meteorological organization over 100 intense and long lived wildfires were recorded in the arctic circle the northern part of the world is warming faster than the planet as a whole that heat is drying out forests and making them more susceptible to burn the wildfires in turn spew more carbon into the atmosphere increasing the effects of climate change scientists warn it's a vicious cycle that puts the future of the ice caps in doubt. when el the case of funny follicles and they suspicious scalp police at spain's barcelona airport are used to drug smugglers finding novel ways of smuggling contraband into the country but this past week was no exception when this man wearing a hat and a suspiciously large wig called officers attention so they asked the man who had just arrived on a flight from colombia to remove the wig doing as he was told he revealed half a kilo of cocaine glued it to his head he was then arrested and what police are
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calling operation. to pay. you're watching the news of next conflict zones jim sebastian is in taipei i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you this.
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evening. the 1st. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital time is chose she was seeking the nomination because he is fro beijing politics a carbon tax as china pushes with increasing agency from unification come
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a time when east continue to reject its quota has his party come to a conflict. next. why go to politics. keep learning march to reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture because facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a measured reality to cryptocurrency your topics for live in an ever changing digital world lets talk digitalisation. shit. on g.w. . you're going to want to fishel estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally.
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i'd return to venezuela. to visit friends and i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. we can make china a peaceful country if you ever said no to beijing yes but many times i'm telling you the facts why don't you listen politicians in taiwan has been out campaigning in presidential primaries ahead of next year's elections with the topic of relations with china very much on the agenda my guess this week outside the capital taipei shows she way who's been seeking the nomination of hughes probe aging party the kuomintang as china pushes with the increase.


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