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this is. from berlin tonight an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization declared international emergency to w h o's chief says it's time for the world to take notice after the disease spreading to the country's borders will ask the w.h.o. what its emergency measures are and. also coming up after months of conflict sudan's military counsel and democracy opposition have signed a document that should be
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a major strong along the road to democracy. and the notorious drug lord known as. sins and still wife in prison by a new york court he also faces a bill of more than $12000000000.00 for the money he made selling drugs. plus president. of south africa. inspirational and heroic voice. johnny clegg musician and anti-apartheid activist has died after a long battle with cancer the grammy nominated singer crafted hits inspired by township. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight the world health organization has declared the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo a public health emergency of international concern now that is a rare designation used only for the most serious epidemics it comes after the virus spread to the eastern city of goma on congo's border with rwanda ebola has killed more than 600 people in the country since last august the w.h.o. decision followed a meeting of experts in geneva today. the w.h.o. as chief says that the international community should now play a greater role in fighting the outbreak now is the time for the international community to stand in solidarity with the people of the democracy republic of congo not to impose peace even counterproductive restrictions that we only said to isolate them i stress these the government of b.r.c.
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is doing everything it can they need the support of the international community for more now i'm joined on the line by christian lynn meier from the w.h.o. in geneva mr lynn meier it's good to have you on the program it tell me what can the international community do right now. but a couple of things of course and one of the 4th measures right now is for the world to realize it is a national community to ready realize that funding and support for the country is needed heavily the director general also said today and the states man that we need unless the international community steps up now and sons to respond now we will paying the movie paying for it is in the future in a much higher price so there is now a financial crime agreed before so called for strategic response plan is being
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prepared and we don't have an effect from yet but it will run into hundreds of millions for this is an important part of the funding. and the monetary support but also the political support the need for the police political support and the monetary support to move ahead and 0 world remembers the last major ebola outbreak in africa back in 2014 and we know that the w.h.o. was criticised in due to budgetary cuts at the time promises were made back then to be better prepared the next time do you feel that you are better prepared this time. i think the whole world is better prepared this time and also because it is it was a fairly new situation and with it will end soon then we have many more improvements we have a vaccine we know what to do and how to find people and how to trace them how to may ring the vaccination around people who were infected who are infected. how to talk to the community that because let's not forget this isn't fees which are facts
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of the community in an area where handling disease and handling sick people is a task for the family for the loved ones of the community to go and tell. such people in such a community to do that for us strangers tell them how to deal with a loved one is a huge task we know how to treat patients instead of having them in isolated pens they are now in tents which have a clear cover clear plastic sheeting so you can see through to the loved ones and outside the tent and watch and communicate with the sick ones inside the world has learned a lot since then i think the world is much better prepared but yet it needs money it needs funding and in its infancy. and the efforts of all to get all pulling together with the n.g.l.s on the ground with the ministry and the people on the ground of the communities don't forget the vast majority of the staff on the ground fighting the feeling of i think is able outbreak are congolese in the democratic
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republic of congo i think to a missile in my that people around the world may be puzzled a little bit that if there is a vaccine for the bowl a virus then why is it still so difficult to control the spread of the virus is it is it because as you were saying that the local traditions of how to treat and handle the sick and the dead is that the biggest challenge. it is not the biggest it is it is actually something which a community in the stands very well and it's amazing it's not surprising how well the communities handle this and how much they have prepared from it in most cases the foreigners which are most of the time by the way congolese but not from there all the area so these are not these are not the reason for not from outside but we call established to tell them how to treat their loved ones one of the biggest challenges and it's issues it's a volatile cocktail which we feed and then you know he's calling on congress that's
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on some get about a year ago we had an outbreak in the west of congo which was i think hardly anybody remembers because the most down to the because also treatment was given back seen rings when they contacts were found quickly and situation was put on the control this is the same things we would like to do in the northeast of congo but we do have a situation now where we have basically a civil conflict since he is an infant many years range and we have people in the thousands on the on the move and like leading across borders running away from conflicts and hiding being fearful of anybody who is a stranger coming into the entire town into the village into the area so this is a dangerous cocktail all right christiane with the w.h.o. joining us on the line tonight from geneva missile in my we appreciate your time tonight and helping us understand this breaking news situation with this ebola
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outbreak thank you in sudan the pro-democracy movement in the country's ruling military council have signed a document outlining a power sharing deal it's an important step in the transition to civilian rule following april's military overthrow of the dictator omar al bashir the 2 sides are still working on a more contentious constitutional agreement which lays out the division of powers but today there was time to stop and celebrate. these signatures marked the end of a bitter power struggle sudan's military and opposition have agreed to install an interim government 1st to be headed by the military and then by the opposition new elections will be held in 3 years time. it's a historic moment in the painful history of the sudanese people it marks the beginning of a new era in which the army and armed units will work together with all civilians
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and with the leaders of the opposition. but chance for a new era following months of upheaval a long time dictator omar al bashir resigned at the beginning of april perhaps the protest movements greatest success but a 1st the military hunta did not want to give up power on june 3rd special forces brutally cleared a protest camp more than 120 people were killed and hundreds were injured. the international pressure led military and opposition back to the negotiating table a basic agreement was reached but details were still being hammered out until tuesday night. a green it is at least a preliminary breakthrough an important step on the road to peace but it's by far not enough for a permanent peace. with deep seated mistrust on both sides the challenge for sudan now will be implementing the terms of the treaty. our here's some of the
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other stories now that are making headlines around the world authorities in pakistan have a rest of the suspected mastermind of a series of attacks on the indian city of mumbai back in 2008. founded the islamist militant group lashkar e tayyiba which india and the united states blame for the attacks you as president donald trump has praised pakistan for work the arrest turkey has said that it will retaliate after a gunman shot dead one of its diplomats in iraq at least one other person was killed when the attacker opened fire in a restaurant in your bill in iraq's kurdish region there has been no claim of responsibility in the netherlands families of those killed in the malaysia airlines of flight m.h. 17 tragedy are marking 5 years since the disaster most of the victims were dutch the plane was shot down in eastern ukraine killing all 298 people on board 3
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russians and a ukrainian are facing charges for murder in connection with that german authorities have handed down the 1st verdict in a child sex abuse scandal at a campsite in the western in town lead to get a regional court to engage the 49 year old accomplice a probation sentence more than 40 children were abused at the campsite over a period of several decades. or the politician that many see as germany's next chancellor was she has taken up her 1st job in the government's cabinet and a great crown. or a k.k.k. as she's also known is replacing ursula found a lion as a germany's new defense minister a k. k. leads. c.d.u. the christian democratic party and many believe that she is being groomed to take over when chancellor merkel steps down in 2021. there are ghosts ways to
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spend your day as you turn 65 and when america was treated to flowers by her cabinet colleagues she treated herself to congratulating her now former defense minister was a laugh on the line on what is equally a victory for macko her election as new e.u. commission president. well later the german chancellor got to lift a 2nd to a high of political level by appointing advocate compound successes c.d.u. party leader as new defense minister quite a celebration. a.k.k. as she is known then carried out her 1st inspection of the honor guard and delivered her 1st remarks as minister. this man the influence never forget that men and women that serve and fight abroad for us. this is
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a great responsibility which i'm very aware of and will live up to. and i very much look forward to the task ahead of itself which to come. no questions allowed but with no experience in defense she will have some convincing to do. you have to lead the nato spearhead until 2023 we don't have the time for her to learn on the job. at times a.k.k. has struggled to shake off a provincial image as the former leader of the small state of the. now is cabinet minister come callin by will have to take her orders from the chancellor trading some of her liberties this party leader getting closer to one day perhaps becoming chancellor. or critics have called the internment camps even concentration camps and they continue to be built they're part of china's program of detention of we girls and other muslim minorities in the province she enjoys
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china claims it's fighting terrorism is it or at least $37.00 countries have told to you when the they believe it is. this is what china wants visitors to see a full dance outside the largest mosque in the country the spectacle belies the sinister realities of life. up to 1000000 of whom are thought to be held inside reeducation centers like this part of a growing complex of sprawling secretive camps for journalists trying to get close to the prisons. plainclothes police stage ruled traffic accident and run old fashioned interference to stop outsiders finding out what's happening inside. a former inmate described his or deal in an
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interview last year. they grabbed me and put me into a metal chair like device in it you stand still and cannot move your arms are secured by the metal parts in your chest as exposed. after 6 hours in this device my whole body ached the pain becomes unbearable but. this is why 10 years ago weaker moves limbs rioted after 2 workers were killed by a han chinese 200 people died in the clashes fearful of a repeat the crime against the readers continues to this day. and dependent analysis shows that in recent years the number of camps in the far western state has tripled last month the government allowed radio controlled access to the canteen and dormitories at one facility access all areas it was not.
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the busy food market in downtown qashqai tells a very different story but despite appearances here this is still a province shrouded in secrecy. where you're watching b.w. news live from berlin still ahead scientists say the summer a warm in the arctic temperatures are rising significantly in a land that is usually frozen all the year round that's coming up in just a few months. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo has been sentenced to life behind bars in the united states the judge in brooklyn new york today accused him of overwhelming evil and ordered him to forfeit more than 12000000000 dollars that he amassed in his drugs empire before today's sentencing it would chop o. head did now the trial when complained about the conditions in solitary confinement
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outside the courthouse u.s. authorities took no chances with mexico's most notorious drug lord head of the scene. also known as el chapo. we cannot undo the violence misery and devastation inflicted on countless individuals and communities by the drugs that mr guzman and his organization inflicted on our country for more than 2 decades. but we can ensure that he spends every minute of every day of the rest of his life in a prison here in the united states. could sketches show him bidding farewell to his wife emma coronel i spoke they are unlikely to be re-united. sentenced to life without parole plus 30 years guzman's defense said the trial was a miscarriage of justice it was a show trial and how it ended is exactly perfect all that mattered was the
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government's evidence so matter how flawed it may have been no matter how many lunatics and sociopaths and psychopaths that it depended on. el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement at a high security new york prison since he was extradited from mexico to the u.s. in 2017. security at his brooklyn trial was tight. twice from jail in mexico most recently through a tunnel in july 2015 a worldwide manhunt followed but authorities only found guzman after invited american actor sean penn and mexican t.v. . to interview him. u.s. prosecutors spent years building the case against detailing an empire of torture contract killings and bribes that went all the way to mexico's former president. may be behind but the cartel that he founded nearly 30 years ago is still powerful
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and he remains a hero among poor communities in mexico which benefited from the profits of his crimes. well if you sell it you'll find a buyer police in brazil say they've shut down a clandestine factory that was producing fake lamborghinis and the cars were often on social media for $45.00 to $60000.00 that's a lot of money but it's just a fraction of what the real thing would cost you and brazil is not the only place where you can bar your fake dream car. this engineer has stolen the show at this terror run tech fair but that's not all he's stolen shots must suit marathi spend 4 years building his dream car a lamborghini the economy of the islamic republic is plagued by shortages and imported luxury cars from abroad are out of reach of nearly everyone so the next best thing is to build your own.
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i apologize to lamborghini for copying their idea and their design but really it's the italians own fault because they're the best. 40 years after the islamic revolution iran is as isolated as it has ever been american sanctions are hitting the economy hard many here blame their own government which is bogged down in expensive military conflicts in yemen and syria while its own population suffers dissatisfaction is growing and people are forced to find ways to make ends meet. germany's engine in this iran has only half as much power as the original but its message is one the government would probably like you could look powerful even if you're not really and you can do everything by yourself.
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all right now to that heat wave in the arctic scientists in canada say they've observed record temperatures this week at a weather station at the world's most northerly permanently inhabited spot a military base that's less than 600 miles from the north pole. t.-shirt weather in this treeless tundra here in alert the northernmost permanent human settlement on the planet where snow and frost last all year temperatures hit a record high of 70 degrees fahrenheit or 21 degrees celsius. this summer has wreaked havoc on the arctic chill bringing balmy weather to a land not adapted to deal with. a recent report showed greenland glaciers are receding faster than previously thought. this video from a greenland climate researcher went viral sled dogs sloshing across melting ice on the inglefield fjord.
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an uncommon number of wildfires like this one in anchorage alaska have also lit up the arctic and sub-arctic regions this season fires are not unheard of in the arctic but scientists say this summer was an omen of global warming. there have been unprecedented wildfires in the arctic since the beginning of june according to the world meteorological organization over 100 intense and long lived wildfires were recorded in the arctic circle the northern part of the world is warming faster than the planet as a whole that heat is drying out forests and making them more susceptible to burn the wildfires in turn spew more carbon into the atmosphere increasing the effects of climate change scientists warn it's a vicious cycle that puts the future of the ice caps in and out. well now the story of a 14 year old malaysian girl who's blazing a trail across the boundaries of religion sport and entertainment nor deonna is
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a pioneer in the strange and scripted world of pro wrestling as one of the few females to become a headline fighter but phoenix as she's no where she doesn't just pack a punch when she enters the ring she also carries a message for muslim girls trying to break down barriers in sports 1st comes the mirror check then comes the show where nor diane becomes phoenix. small in stature and barely over 5 feet tall phoenix wrestles men twice her size and gets thrown around the ring like a rag doll. but phoenix rises from the ashes and gives as good as she gets. 8 14 years old she became obsessed with the art in sport of wrestling but refusing to do it without her he jumped cause problems early on. so. it was.
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this. role i get a lot of that congress because i see the response out. proudly sporting her he job phoenix does more than entertain she also serves as motivation . so i do believe that she is a role model and it's patient and office goes out there that i don't think this thing goes as a duo as a whole i think she kind of built a band disproof it and i mean she can do it again. taking down the competition phoenix's gained a following on social media in hopes to encourage more muslim women to be true to their faith and their journey. well south africa's president today led the mourning for johnny clegg the singer songwriter and anti-apartheid activist who died at the age of 66 from cancer the president
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told the nation a beloved inspirational and heroic voice has fallen saw him. clegg defied the segregation laws i was one of the few white orators to openly criticize the apartheid government in the 1970 s. and eighty's. they called him the white zulu johnny clegg was one of south africa's most celebrated musicians mastering the language culture and high kicks absolute dance. that a white man in a mixed race band he became a symbol of the promise of post apartheid south africa. that could you. say that i was always a bridge for white people into the possibility of connecting with.
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another culture in not in an academic writer but since she was in gage meant a mode of sharing. claes was a musical pioneer blending zulu rhythms from his adopted south africa with western styles he defied racial segregation one of only a few white artists to openly criticize the apartheid regime it was more than mere entertainment famously used his music to campaign finance and mandela's release many of his songs became anthems for the anti apartheid struggle. the career highlight came in 1997 when mandela then president of south africa surprised clegg during a concert. the ultimate stage partner for
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a lifetime musical campaigner. but the she thinking. here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you the world health organization has or has declared the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo an international emergency the disease has spread to the country's borders and has killed more than 1600 people so far. you're watching t.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for them.
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it's time to take stock. and face. time just such the calm. and the fine for the troops. to overcome pound dreams and connecticut. it's time for.
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you to have videos coming up ahead. times. and i'm. 50 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to dress. code it up. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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and. she wrote a legend or simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . the racist tweets of a u.s. president the unfinished brags that of a british prime minister and the clean bill of health of a german chancellor 3 leaders at 3 different places along the path of political power tonight where they intersect where they diverged and most importantly where they collide i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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