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this is feed every news applicant coming up in the next 15 minutes a significant step into the military rulers and opposition coalition have signed a power sharing agreement but this is just one of the documents that need signatures will be looking ahead to the next hurdle the parties face. and south africa bids farewell to the white party and musician johnny clegg has died at 66 we reflect on his latest. i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you changed in a power sharing deal between army ruelas and the opposition coalition has been signed in sudan it's a significant step but there's sort of major obstacle to overcome more of that in
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a moment because this 1st look at the events that led to this point in december anti-government protests that would last for months erupted across sudan the demonstrations were initially over bread price rises but soon shifted to cause for amal bashir to step down then in april bashir was removed from office by the army but protests continued with people demanding civilian rule because he asians between protest leaders and the military would being held then on june the security forces moved in on protesters camped outside the military headquarters the army say 61 people were killed but the opposition says that real number is 128. now the agreement signed in ha today establishes a joint civilian military council that will rule the country for a little over 3 gives while in the actions of being organized a military leader will head the 11 member council for the 1st 21 months followed by a civilian leader for the next 18. and for war and us i'd like to bring in
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a abraham and reporter from sudan recently just before purchased is. removed from that military headquarters sit in. so what is the essence of the power sharing agreement that's been signed into today i mean basically is that it is a power sharing agreement it's by no means an answer to the main civilian demand which is complete civilian rule and a sense of it also is that this marks sort of like the beginning of what could be a transitional period that could lead after 3 years into a democratic turn in sudan's history but it's also a huge concession on the side of the protesters for the military leaders ok speaking of military leaders let's listen to one of them one of the general speaking today and then i want to pick up with you on that. this is a historic moment in sudan and its path and one which creates a start to build a new partnership between the armed forces the rapid support forces and all the
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components of sudan's ruling regime. and our partners in the opposition coalition of forces of freedom and change. there is the sense that the military has has had the upper hand here is this a correct assessment of the situation that's a correct assessment i would say and the biggest proof of that is the man who we just heard the sound bite the fact that who is not the head of the transitional military council is being sort of the face of this transitional deal is the biggest proof anyone needs that the military has the upper hand this is a very unpopular man the rest of the rapid support forces that he commands are accused of. committing. unheard of violence against the protesters just last month and june 3rd and yet he is still able to be the face of this deal but another another sort of sign that the military is in turn it is the duration they'll be in
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charge for the 1st 21 months as opposed to the civilians will come and the last 18 months but perhaps most significant is how this entire this deal has unraveled the opposition a lot at least one of the members of the opposition has spoken out against this deal so they've lost their unity in this negotiation as well ok another deal that needs to be settled at the document that he cited is what is being called a constitutional declaration that is the next step in this process why is this likely to be a tough for the 1st reason is. in this project in this country constitutional declaration the whole question of immunity for military leaders are supposed to. be discussed in detail that the protesters have demanded that members of the military council just. such as how many would not be given political immunity for alleged crimes committed against the protesters but also things like who gets to veto members of the cabinet or the breakdown of the legislative council which will be
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the defacto parliament of sudan in the transitional period all of these details can be very very contentious the military wants to maintain its upper hand the protesters want to save face in front of the people that they represent so we can expect more heated discussions in the coming days or weeks it remains to be seen. thank you. sounds off the late south african singer songwriter johnny clegg who has died at the age of $66.00 clegg defied segregation laws and was one of the few white artists openly criticize the government in the late 1970 s. and eighty's he died peacefully at his home with his family in johannesburg after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. they
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called him the white zulu johnny clegg was one of south africa's most celebrated musicians mastering the language culture and high kicks of zulu dance if you go. to a white man in a mixed race band he became a symbol of the promise of post apartheid south africa. that if you go. if you go. it's always always a bridge for white people into the possibility of connecting with. another culture in. not in an academic. since she was engaged and a mode of sharing. clegg was a musical pioneer blending zulu rhythms from his adopted south africa with western styles he defied racial segregation one of only
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a few white artists to openly criticize the apartheid regime it was more than mere entertainment famously used his music to campaign for nelson mandela's release many of his songs became anthems for the anti apartheid struggle. the career highlight came in 997 when mandela then president of south africa surprised clegg during a concert. the ultimate stage partner for a lifetime musical campaign. this year with. people across south africa have been remembering play we caught up with some of. the way you. know how he knows how to do. it do it would be like the evil speakers only . amazing so he was so fond of those saw what a loss he was
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a very good artist better than in in terms of up a tape so he did a lot with his music he wept with so many people black people saw it it was it was very good and really we've learned from him as we are growing sort of memories of him as just the days that he was sort of with his music going cross culture across different areas in part of it and that he got arrested many times but it didn't stop him from doing what he enjoyed doing and breaking down the barriers of a perfect fall more on the legacy of johnny played i'm joined by kenya i will buy any and he is a broadcast in south africa she's coming to us from johannesburg welcome so devon africa can you got to interview johnny clegg a few years back i'm very envious by the way but i wondered what did he mean to you my goodness rachel arts. as a broadcaster you get your scripts every single day i get into
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a few different because i'm to understand where your scripts is you know guest is joining like you shake a little bit it's new boots because you know that your interviewer and i quote but what it does mean personality he has somehow so down to he was very selective in his light and he janie it wasted you know it's nickel and shop which simply meets the eye to salute and he was empty raised by south africans and then you would you know at carlton appropriation for him as a wise present to have taken. hughes days but i think jack clegg cell in the house with the music mask i did it became course you wise he did not change himself as i think he became one with the people they travel to and set up breaths of this country to townships to villages you know here is hence the signature keep such
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strapped around him. as a child you know this essence in character and he was actually and then and i read to do the salute dance really for me janet tranq was really really stations human big what did you say how would you say he me is south africans will remember him. i think south africans will remember charlie chan as a unifier i mean one of the most touching performances. ever performed once and it's. arranged in one of south africa's president when she performed his signature achievement you know which since i assume what maddox in that 10 hour you know which ones paying homage to a lot of our struggle she arose and she was known as somebody who was set in soon to who spoke zulu you know he in south africans love to you because you know she really and truly embraced people beyond everything to ask you know kind of and
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tonight it's not a matter of open last that it's last johnny clegg you know one of them oh ok you know a guy who could gansey you under the table brilliant dance someone who are doing stick fighting traditional stick flanking that was done by the boys who are growing up in this real culture jenny craig good thank she drank the childishness look beyond age where people ate she slept with the people flesh and i think that's what makes him so special. the special man he was kenya miliband in johannesburg thank you for that absolute pleasure thank you so much for having me and that is it for now from day devon is africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page where paying tribute says south african music agent johnny clegg has some sound from his historic 1985 concert in a spot to an extreme by by.
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