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true story. you know armstrong was his testimony starts july 20th w. this is e w news live from berlin and trump's racist taunts against 4 minority lawmakers rouse his republican base. his supporters there saying stand her back will trump's rests on race. another term in the white house also coming up
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a global public health emergency that's how the w.h.o. is describing in a bowl the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo a look at why health workers are struggling to contain the spread and in malaysia a young woman is rewriting the script in the world of progress the way she was punching above her weight in the rain but she's also hoping to send a message a message to muslims everywhere. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program what started as a racist tweet has become a rallying cry for supporters of donald trump at a campaign event in north carolina the u.s. president repeated his attacks on several democratic congresswoman saying that some in the crowd that basically started chanting send her back of a listen. it was was now
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earlier this week trump had tweeted that the representatives should quote go back to their countries despite them being us citizens was democrats condemned his racist comments but republicans have thrown their support behind the president here's part of his speech which he goes after these 4 lawmakers i was with i have a suggestion for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never have anything good decision that's why i say hey if they don't like it a little believe letterman was there always telling us how to run it how to do this how did you know what if they don't love it tell them to leave it was joining us now here in the studio for some analysis on this is on the n.s.f. so we're saying this to find attack on these democratic u.s.
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congresswoman all of them u.s. citizens what's going on here well it's has shocked people that the president would tell congress women who are american citizens like you said to go back to their countries just to point out of course that all of them not only are u.s. citizens but all but one were born in the u.s. and you also singled out alexandria cause you're cortez to go back to her country even though she's from puerto rico which is part of the united states so a lot of people see a lot more going on here people have called this racist for women are people of color but there's also a political side to this there are some of his most vocal critics i think he sees them as a threat he's gearing up for the 2020 campaign and so he's going after them trying to get his base to to also go after them as a political strategy ok so stay with us on me because i want to turn to another aspect of his speech because he is continuing to target migrants in his speeches and we basically. heard him reaffirm this promise to deport millions of
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undocumented migrants many families hearing this living in fear of those raids by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency also known as ice in the united states did abuse helen humphrey reports on that. like most parents do as a group yet as lopez couldn't imagine being forced to leave her children but as an undocumented immigrant her greatest fear is a realistic one rose of violence in el salvador 13 years ago now she's facing deportation her 3 children were born here in the u.s. our youngest son john has down's syndrome and she's worried he wouldn't receive the same care in el salvador and so for the past 8 months she's been seeking sanctuary here at cedar lane unitarian universalist church in washington d.c. living apart from her children during the week so they can still attend their school. it was hard telling my kids that i had to seek refuge in
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a church i couldn't go back to my country and leave them here and i also couldn't take them because i would be putting them in danger they could be killed criminal gangs there recruit children from the age of 10. and if they refuse you know. raises deportation was ordered off to she missed an immigration hearing when i tracked her down they fitted with a monitoring bracelet and ordered her to leave the country and. a friend a small what's going on in the i had to tell her i was coming to say good bye i had to put my children and another school i had to tell her that i was being deported. it was hard for me. but i want to deport me because i missed a court session but that doesn't make us criminal. isn't going
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to matter to reverend abby jerram and she hopes that ice agents will avoid entering places of worship the church is now one of 50 religious communities offering sanctuary. we decided to become a physical sanctuary congregation driven by the guiding principles of our fate and in these times where we see the current administration engaging in policies and actions that threaten the safety and also the humanity of people. the church has also started an information campaign preparing undocumented immigrants for deportation raids and how to avoid arrest mainly by refusing to open the door. for years and many people like the threat of deportation raids has confined them to living their lives in the shadows of society every day
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activities like buying groceries or seeking medical care come with a sense of fear now president trump says that ice is set to or be of quote millions of illegal aliens from the country the reality is closer to around 2000 people without papers and democratic lawmakers say that these kinds of statements are a tactic to intimidate communities just like this one let us once again that the community is not backing down or holding vigils to let rosa know they will protect her even if the champ administration is taking a different stones. so we see people there i mean in fear of these raids tell us a little bit more about them trump has been building up these raids for quite a while before they happened he said that on sunday massive raids are going to start across the country at 1200 was the figure given for the number of people who are going to be targeted these are people that were set for deportation by a court at some point advocates had started building up
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a campaign to try to inform immigrants about what their rights were and in the end it didn't seem to materialize in the scope that he said it was going to so that was definitely a kind of relief on the side of immigrants and i because of immigrants. now deportations haven't actually increased under trump as much as he wants to say that he's the deporter in chief but what has happened is that he has used raids as a way to show migrants that he's serious that the united states is not a place of asylum anymore and these raids target families who live in the interior of the country is a families who have been here for years sometimes it's not deportations along the border of people who just came across so it's definitely comes across as a campaign of fear to show people that this is not a place that the united states is not a place of asylum and as a thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world in japan at least 24 people are feared dead after
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a fire broke out in an admissions studio in the city of kioto police say that the fire appears to have been started deliberately but have not revealed a motive a 41 year old suspect has been detained and taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries india space agency says it will make another attempt on monday to launch its highly anticipated moon mission the initial launch was called off at short notice this week due to a technical problem india is aiming to become just the 4th country to achieve a soft landing on the moon's surface. and the united states has kicked turkey out of its f. $35.00 fighter jet program that move coming after turkey began implementing russia's asked for hundreds of fences down last week washington fears the system would allow moscow to gather inside information about america's stealth fighter. u.s. prosecutors have dropped a case against the actor kevin spacey he had been accused of groping an 18 year old
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man at a bar 3 years ago but the case collapsed after the alleged victim refused to testify spaceless faced several sexual misconduct allegations this was the only one to lead to a criminal case. the world health organization says that the a bull outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now an international health emergency it's the only it's only the 5th time that such a warning has ever been issued it's intended to raise attention to the outbreak and trigger more international aid the warning comes after the 1st of all the case was confirmed in goma a city of $2000000.00 people the neighbors rwanda. is border with the democratic republic of congo health workers in yellow vests checking travel as temperatures before allowing them to enter just across the border in the city of goma the death of a traveling pastor has sparked fears the disease could spread now congo's
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a bold outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the world health organization . but the w.h.o. has stopped short of calling it a global threat saying the virus can still be contained regionally without travel bans. that does not require any less strict sions on travel or trade which rather than stopping it. can actually hamper the fight sartre's street sions forced people to use informal and border crossings increasing the potential for the spread of diseases that. new poll a vaccine is proving highly effective plus a looming shortage of the drug has health officials worried dosages have been hard
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to prevent a shortage. that we have a gap vaccine and there is a limitation of supply we wouldn't have been involved in the just of doses if we had adequate supplies of vaccine available right now so excel raising the real ability of vaccine is a priority. it's been almost a year since the latest a bold outbreak began in the region more than $1600.00 people have died and twice as many have been infected international donors are being asked to step up funding to stop the crisis from spreading further now to a story of a 19 year old female wrestler in malaysia who is blazing a trail that crosses the boundaries of religion sports and entertainment the phoenix as she is known doesn't just pack a punch when she enters the ring she also carries a message for muslim women trying to break down barriers in sports. 1st comes the mirror check then comes the show where nor diane becomes phoenix. small
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in stature of barely over 5 feet tall phoenix wrestles men twice her size and gets thrown around the ring like a rag doll. but phoenix rises from the ashes and gives as good as she gets. 14 years old she became obsessed with the art in sport of wrestling but refusing to do it without her he job caused problems early on. so. it was hard. for i get a lot of that congress because i'm. proudly sporting her he job phoenix does more than entertaining she also serves as motivation. so i do believe that she is a role model and it's patient that office goes out there that i don't think this.
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goes as a duo as a whole i think she kind of built a barrier to screw fit and i mean she can do it because. taking down the competition phoenix has gained a following on social media in hopes to encourage more muslim women to be true to their faith and their journey. and japanese surfers were testing the water off in tokyo ahead of it next year's debut of the sports of the 2020 a limb pics more than a handful of surfers part of the ready city tokyo test event hit the waves in short more competitions i think she does she have each. on predictable weather conditions could present a challenge to one of the olympics newest sports but officials say that so far mother nature has passed her 1st test and the outlook looks positive.
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