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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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the banner. this is d w news live from berlin trumps racist taunts against for minority lawmakers rouse his republican base. his supporters say send her back will trump's riffs on the race to help him win another term in the white house also coming up
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a global public health emergency that's how the w.h.o. is describing an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo and a new report says it may have been carried into neighboring rwanda. and the need to case fizzles out in court we look at why prosecutors decided to drop criminal charges against a hollywood star kevin spacey he was accused of groping a teenager. at ok. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us what started as a racist tweets has become a rallying cry for supporters of donald trump at a campaign event in north carolina the u.s. president repeated his attacks on several democratic congresswoman riffed on a tweet he sent earlier this week telling the lawmakers to go back to their countries despite them being u.s.
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citizens. of the donald trump has critics and he made sure to share some of their names in front of his raucous fans representative alexandria ok gilles it was she though keep i am the presley ilan or mark was at the mention of omar's name the 37 year old michigan congresswoman from a somali refugee family the crowd began to chant send her back. to. the field with the ridiculed call themselves the squat they are all young all women of minority ethnicities they also represent a new left wing of the democratic party calling for progressive legislation like universal health care a federal jobs program and free college tuition i did i don't have a suggestion for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never do the good decision that's why i say if they don't like it
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a little believe let them move. on. to many observers trump speech was shocking a u.s. president telling nonwhite congresswoman to leave the country but at the rally it was a hit it's one way of me feeling connected to my president never before in my life time was i so involved in the political arena and the calls that the like i can reach out and touch him whenever i was walking because this is my corner 6 rally and i ask always support our president because he supports our cross to your rights and a lot of my cock and all. the racist rhetoric may be a winning strategy for trump recent polls show his popularity among republicans has increased since he began his attack on the congresswoman. for let's get more on the story with helena humphrey she is standing by in washington for us helena we saw there are those images of trump taunting these congress women they are all women of
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color they are all u.s. citizens as well we should say telling them to leave the country how significant is this. this is very significant sue me i think it's fair to say that the from the moment those tweets were sent over the weekend this was a significant moment but what we saw yesterday was an escalation of the president essentially leading into further to his message repeating those false statements about omar telling those congresswomen essentially let them leave not saying anything when the crowd started to chant and i think that what we're seeing essentially is the legitimize ation all of targeting american people of color minorities in this country newly arrived americans and although we did see that condemnation pos in the vote it was still largely along party lines 240 to 187 in that vote very few republicans condemning what the president had to
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say. this this type of targeting that we saw from the president is very reminiscent of earlier rallies when we heard that chant lock her up or he was targeting his democratic rival for the presidency hillary clinton what is trump's strategy here in these chants. it's all about the sound bytes those short catchy inflammatory soundbites slogans which the electorate sympathetic to trump can grab onto and then repeats but i think there is a distinction i want to make in those 2 slogans a lot corrupt was targeted at hillary clinton a woman of privilege and send her back then speaks to a wider public minorities in this country and i think it's fair to say that these minorities of course and do not have the pot for them to defend themselves in the same way that hillary clinton did nor in fact omar either and i think speaking to many migrants in this country who are very fearful of the hardening. under this
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presidency fearful of course for the undocumented migrants in this country all of those promised deportation raids which are set to be carried out continue to be carried out by the immigration customs and in force meant agency and i met one mother who was so fearful she had to seek refuge in a church she's just so worried about being separated from her children this is a report. like most parents who is a good yet is lopez couldn't imagine being forced to leave the children but as an undocumented immigrant a great his fear is a realistic one rosa fled violence in el salvador 13 years ago now she's facing deportation post 3 children were born here in the u.s. our youngest son john has down's syndrome and she's worried he wouldn't receive the same care in el salvador and so over the past 8 months she's been seeking sanctuary here at cedar lane unitarian universalist church in washington d.c.
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living apart from her children during the week so they can still attend their school. in the godly the hc it was hard telling my kids that i had to seek refuge and if i couldn't go back to my country and leave them here and i also couldn't take them because i would be putting them in danger. they could be killed the criminal gangs there recruit children from the age of 10. and if they refuse. they kill them. raises deportation was ordered off to she missed an immigration hearing when i tracked her down they fitted with a monitoring bracelet and ordered her to leave the country and. the custody then went on i made a friend smile what's going on i had to tell her i was going to say goodbye i had to put my children and another school i had to tell her that i was being deported.
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it was hard for me. i put it on with you know that. they want to deport me because i missed a court session but that doesn't make us criminal or not or. isn't i was that the matter with. reverend abby jerram and she hopes that ice agents will avoid entering places of worship the church is now one of 50 religious communities offering sanctuary. we decided to become a physical sanctuary congregation driven by the guiding principles of our fate and in these times where we see the current administration engaging in policies and actions that threaten the safety and also the humanity of people. the church has also started an information campaign preparing undocumented immigrants for deportation raids and how to avoid arrest mainly by
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refusing to open the door. for years and many people like the threat of deportation raids has confined them to living their lives in the shadows of society every day activities like buying groceries or seeking medical care come with a sense of fear now president trump says that isis set to quote millions of illegal aliens from the country the reality is closer to around 2000 people without papers and democratic lawmakers say that these kinds of statements are a tactic to intimidate communities just like this one let us once again that the community is not backing down or holding vigils to let rosa know they will protect her even if the champ administration is taking a different stone. so when we see there really this climate of fear for undocumented migrants we also
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heard that the trumpet ministration is using very donald trump is using very aggressive rhetoric towards u.s. citizens as well so using ethnicity race migration to galvanize support is that working beyond his most fervent supporters will see it is his most fervent supporters who are getting behind this message but i think we shouldn't underestimate just how many people often supporters of president trump and al cording to a recent study over the past 10 months the number of people in the united states who believe that america's success depends on its openness to the world has fallen by 6 percentage points to now stand 62 percent and of course these are all politics of division but even trumps the tractor's think that stoking this racial animosity could help him secure a 2nd term and that is what is so unprecedented here every previous successful presidential campaign in the modern era has been built on politics of inclusion now
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by singling out these 4 congress women with a progressive message he is essentially making them the face of the democratic party so any voters who may have been tempted to vote for the democrats in the upcoming election may think twice if they do not subscribe to a progressive message although we should also point out he's also singling out women and of course it's 16 months to the next presidential election that is a long time when we're seeing an administration that has contentious issues thrust into the spotlight on an almost daily basis so we will have to see what sticks in the run up to 2020 our correspondent helena humphrey reporting for us in washington thank you helena. let's get a round up now of some other stories making headlines around the world in japan 33
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people are confirmed dead in a fire at an animation studio in the city of kioto police say the fire was started deliberately but they haven't revealed a motive a suspect has been detained and taken to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries iran's revolutionary guard has seized a tanker and detained its 12 men crew for allegedly smuggling oil iranian state t.v. reported that the foreign tanker was intercepted off lark island while passing through the strategic strait of hormuz on sunday the incident comes at a time of high tension in the gulf between iran and the u.s. . india's space agency says it will make another attempt on monday to launch its highly anticipated moon mission the initial launch was called off at short notice this we do a technical problem india is aiming to become just the 4th country to achieve a soft landing on the moon's surface. german police have carried out raids on several apartments in western germany where the rate centered around an apartment in the town of dillon but authorities also searched properties and
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workplaces in the city of cologne they were looking for evidence of a potential attack they target people from islamist circles who are suspected of posing a potential risk to the public. and our political correspondent maximilian a coach occurs been looking into the story for us she joins us here in studio max what more can you tell us about these rates so far what we know is that 6 people have been detained by the police in kern county set in their press conference earlier today that these people are now keeping to tend to not arrested so far and they have also carried out several rates near the town near cologne that is duren and another raid has been taking place here in berlin by the bed and pretty sick and what the police has found in these rates were no lethal weapons. and are a of laptops and phones and tissue in your police lo here in germany these to 10
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people can be taken into custody a bit longer so the police is hoping to analyze these electronics to find more about the plans did they so far find any evidence of a potential attack the police in cologne says they had evidence off possibly imminent attack they have been looking into the workplace of 2 of the detained which is a large construction site in the city of cologne and there they have found some. disclosed irregularities that construction site is now currently being observed. experts but they also have looking been looking into conversations with some of the detained and found that they were saying they were ready to carry out an attack soon ok so they were targeting people who were tied to potential islamist scenes circles rather what can you tell us about the radical islamist scene here in germany it's quite remarkable that these raids have been taking place in cologne and in the west of germany because the jihadi scene in the west of germany is
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particularly strong at least that's what experts say in north rhine-westphalia which is the federal state of cologne and we've seen the rise of jihadism salafist in this area especially there's one of the spearhead of the salafist movement very active in that area we've seen the banning of one of the convert ism groups very extremist religious groups in germany that is particularly active in this area and our political correspondent looking into this story for us thank you very much. now a woman who died of ebola in the democratic republic of congo might have carried the disease into rwanda that's according to a new report published today by the world health organization the public health body is calling the ebola outbreak in congo and international health emergency the warning comes after the 1st ebola case was confirmed in goma a city of more than
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a 1000000 people that neighbors rwanda. border with the democratic republic of congo health workers in yellow vests are checking travelers temperatures before allowing them to enter just across the border in the city of goma the death of a traveling pastor has sparked fears the disease could spread. the outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the world health organization . but the w.h.o. has stopped short of calling it a global threat saying the virus can still be contained regionally without travel bans. does not require any restrictions on travel or trade which rather than stopping. and actually hamper the fight side dressed street sions forced people to use
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informal and. crossings increasing the potential for the spread of disease. a bowl of vaccine is proving highly effective but a looming shortage of the drug has health officials worried dosages have been halved to prevent a shortage. that we have a gap if there is a limitation of supply we wouldn't have been involved in the just of doses if we had adequate supplies of vaccine available right now so excel are raising the real ability of actually there's a priority it's been almost a year since the latest outbreak began in the region more than $1600.00 people have died and twice as many have been infected international donors are being asked to step up funding to stop the crisis from spreading further. let's get more on this story with brianna p.f.s.
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she's with the aid organization world vision and she joins us from goma brianna the w.h.o. as we heard is calling this crisis in the public health emergency of international concern you were in goma where the 1st case was detected there how would you describe the situation where you are. look thank you for having me absolutely correct this is becoming a critical point in the of all the response so since a case was confirmed and that person died there's a lot of see in the city of daraa where strangely concerned because it is a city of more than 1000000 people and it's very close to the border of rwanda and sorry. we haven't yet started to hear of multiple cases across the border every chance but of all the could spread and we've already seen more than 2 and a half 1000 cases nearly 2 thirds of those people have died and one 3rd of cases of
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children their lives have been completely disrupted by a boma so are you the situation is very critical and there's a lot of fear right now. as we heard there is a vaccine that has been proven to be effective but there is a shortage of that vaccine right now why is that why isn't it more available. that scenes are expensive and as everybody knows funding has been a critical issue in this response not just for the world health organization but for all aid agencies responding on the ground well bijan doesn't administer vaccines however we would urge people to consider that prevention is just is crucial as treatment sorry we can have vaccines and i know that they're being administered to people who come into contact with people who have confirmed cases of the valar however if we can reach communities and make sure that they're aware of what to do to prevent the spread of a brawl to protect themselves from
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a bola then that's going to garri a really long way to help contain the of all the outbreak you mentioned prevention this is also an area that's been described as a war zone i mean what is making it so difficult at this point point to stop the spread of the virus. there's more than $100.00 armed groups in north and south cave so it's a very challenging situation for aid agencies and health wickets to operate him just a few days ago we even had to health workers who were assassinated according to reports sorry it's extremely challenging and agencies and responders on the ground doing everything they possibly can to containable and stop the outbreak although we're approaching one nice since of all law was 1st declared i think agencies on the ground and the local health workers have done an amazing job to stop a falloff from jumping borders until recent wait sorry they've done fantastic work
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but we need more support and thresh of security incidents should not be used as an excuse the international community to not do more right brianna from world vision joining us from goma thank you very much. oh they've been called internment camps even concentration camps but they continue to be built chinas the tension of weekers and other muslim minorities in the province of shin jan are part of what the government calls its fight on terror and now that practice has opened international support in a letter to the un human rights council centuries days back at least $37.00 countries have supported china's quote counter terrorism and the radicalization measure since in jan including setting up vocational education and training centers some of those countries behind that statement include north korea saudi arabia and me and mark some 1000000 readers in turkey minorities have been detained in the
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camps because of their faith 22 western countries also sent a letter to the un human rights council asking china to stop these arbitrary detentions but china sees things differently. this is what china wants visitors to see a fall outside the largest mosque in the country the spectacle bligh's the sinister realities of life for should we go. up to $1000000.00 of whom are thought to be held inside reeducation centers like this part of a growing complex of sprawling secretive camps. for journalists trying to get close to the prisons. plainclothes police stage rule traffic accident on one old fashioned interference to stop outsiders finding out what's happening inside. a former inmate described his or deal in an
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interview last year. they grabbed me and put me into a metal chair like device and it you stand still and cannot move your arms are secured by the metal parts in your chest is exposed. after 6 hours in this device my whole body ached the pain becomes unbearable. this is why 10 years ago we rioted after 2 workers were killed by a han chinese 200 people died in the clashes fearful of a repeat the crime against the readers continues to this day. and dependent analysis shows that in recent years the number of camps in the far western state has tripled last month the government controlled access to the canteen and dormitories at one facility access all areas it was not.
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the busy food market and. tells a very different story but despite appearances here this is still a province shrouded in secrecy. u.s. actor kevin spacey was one of the most high profile people to be accused of sexual assault as the me too scandal erupted in hollywood the allegations cost him roles and saw his scenes edited out of a film but a criminal case against him has collapsed after his accuser refused to testify. with morty it is one of the few criminal cases to be brought after allegations came to light during hollywood's me too sexual assault scandal but now u.s. prosecutors have dropped the case against actor kevin spacey he had been accused of groping an 18 year old man in a bar in 2016 spacy deny the allegations the charges of indecent assault and battery were dropped after the case collapsed when the accuser refused to testify
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about a phone he lost the defense had said the missing phone contained text messages that could have proved the actor's innocence in december last year as news broke that speccy was going to be charged the actor released a video spoken in the style of his character frank underwood from the netflix series house of cards in it he urged people not to judge him in a trial by media before facts were proved in a court of law i know. you want me back. of course. everything and i just been waiting with bated breath to him a confession all but you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence or you would rush to judgment with facts would you while spacey faced sexual misconduct accusations from several men this was the only one to result in a criminal case but what now for the 2 time oscar winner sauer films including the usual suspects as the misconduct allegations against spacy mounted his acting
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career came to a sudden halt and he was dropped from house of cards but whether spacey will return to acting is another issue while the criminal case may have been dismissed the court of public opinion may be less willing to forget. ok reminder now of our top story for you here on d w u s president donald trump has intensified his attacks against former congresswoman at a campaign rally he described the democratic lawmakers as on the american about all 4 are u.s. citizens and 3 were born in the u.s. . coming up next on that d.w. news asia the un's highest court intervenes in a dispute over an alleged indian spine ordering talk is found to suspend a death sentence but is it a victory for india we'll have more about the ruling and what it means. and the
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looming problem of an aging in china millions of seniors facing the uncertain future with fewer and fewer young people to look after. and to bless the child we'll have that story and much more coming up on news asia after a short break don't forget to go to our web site t w dot com for all the latest around the clock thank you for watching.
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a forester equivalent to 30 suffer which is cleared every. hour consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. for 25.
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or has it. forests and money. tragic reality behind the exploitation. starts july 24th w. belonging to one official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia needy and illegally. already eichenwald a wide return to. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. climate the global tourist guard truman is booming capital i love berlin the company the multicultural metropolis you know you're
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a back series with the album in the sun like stars in the new i love you even want to sure it was a certain looks like the tux was like me described as 50 nations for the story. and it's a very personal tips on berlin's very best in terms of. looking down. greenwood kong d.w. . this is. coming up on the program tensions between india and pakistan playing out in the hague the un's highest court intervenes in a dispute over an alleged indian spa ordering pockets to suspend a death sentence but is it a victory for india we'll talk about the ruling and what it means also coming up.
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growing old in china millions of seniors face an uncertain future with the cost of elderly care rising and fewer in younger people to look.


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