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this is d.w. news live from garland president trump uses racist taunts against for minority lawmakers to rouse his republican base. supporters chant send her back as the president names the congresswoman rights will be rich some grace helping with another term and the white house also on the
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program the trial and it's time for the d.c. pop protesters accused of being part of a movement that swept across tucking in 2030 and bring your special report. i'm half the world health organization to clancy both the crisis in the democratic republic of congo and international emergency it says just one person might have caught it the deadly disease out of the d.r. safe and into neighboring countries. but. i'm sure gail welcome to the program. well started off as a racist tweets has become a rallying cry for trump supports this the us president used a campaign rally in north carolina to repeat his attack on a group of democratic congress women riffing on the tweet that he sent this week president trump told the lawmakers to go back to their countries despite the fact
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that 3 of the 4 were born in the united states and all are u.s. citizens. was donald trump has critics and he made sure to share some of their names in front of his raucous fans representative alexandria ok 0. river she dotel deep i am the presley ilan or mark was at the mention of omar the 37 year old minnesota congresswoman from a somali refugee family the crowd began to chant send her back. was the 4 women he ridiculed called themselves the squad they are all young all women of minority ethnicities they also represent a new left wing of the democratic party calling for progressive legislation like universal health care a federal jobs program and free college tuition prices are there are suggestions
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for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never do the good to say that's why i say hey if they don't like it a little believe let them move was to many observers trump speech was shocking a u.s. president telling non white congresswoman to leave the country but at the rally it was a hit it's one way of me feeling connected to my president never been in my life i was i so involved in the cold war for reno and the goals that i don't like i can reach out and touch you never i was walking because just like one to 6 rally and i ask always order bro. because he supports our constitutional rights like i can talk about. the racist rhetoric may be a winning strategy for trump recent polls show his popularity among republicans has increased since he began his attack on the congresswoman oh let's get more on this
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from day w. corresponding to how the humphrey in washington welcome helena the racist anti has been up from tweets to chanting crowds how significant is this. phil from the moment those tweets were sent over the weekend i think this is extremely significant but then we did see the anti up we saw the president essentially leaning aides telling american congresswoman to leave the country and i think that is potentially very dangerous indeed essentially what we are seeing is the legitimize ation of targeting people who are minorities and people who while newly arrived americans for example so extremely dangerous rhetoric very in an already hardening climate so i should say many migrants i've spoken to in the past month say that the atmosphere has changed in this country under the charm administration and of course now we have those deportation raids conducted by the
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immigration and customs enforcement agency the ice agents in that dreaded knock at their door and i spoke to one woman who is an undocumented immigrant and she's so fearful of being separated from her american born children that she felt she had no choice but to seek refuge in a church has our report. like most parents. couldn't imagine being forced to leave the children but as an undocumented immigrant her greatest fear is a realistic one rosa fled violence in el salvador 13 years ago now she's facing deportation both 3 children were born in ireland less our youngest son john has down syndrome and she's worried he wouldn't receive the same care in el salvador and so over the past 8 months she's been seeking sanctuary seed in a unitarian universalist church in washington d.c. living apart from her children during the week so they can still attend their
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school. in the garden here at the hague it was hard telling my kids that i had to seek refuge and if i couldn't go back to my country and remove them here and i also couldn't take them all the because i would be putting them in deep. they could be killed the criminal gangs there recruit children from the age of 10. and if they refuse. they kill them and they have to look at it. raises deportation was ordered off to she missed an early immigration hearing when . they fitted with a monitoring bracelet and ordered her to leave the country and does a. lot of them going to a friend small what's going on in the i had to tell her i was coming to say goodbye that i had to put my children and another school before i had to tell her that i was being deported. it was hard for me and i think. i quoted them to see all that.
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they wanted to report me because i missed a court session but that doesn't make us criminal. or. isn't that awful said going that way. reverend abby jerram and she hopes that ice agents will avoid entering places of worship the church is now one of 50 religious communities offering sanctuary. we decided to become a physical sanctuary congregation driven by the guiding principles of our fate and in these times where we see the current administration engaging in policies and actions that threaten the safety and also the humanity of people. the church has also started an information campaign preparing undocumented immigrants for deportation raids and how to avoid arrest mainly by refusing to open the door. for voters and many people like her the threat of
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deportation raids has confined them to living their lives in the shadows of society every day activities like buying groceries or seeking medical care come with a sense of fear now president trump says that isis set to your view of quote millions of illegal aliens from the country the reality is closer to around 2000 people without papers and democratic lawmakers say that these kinds of statements are a tactic to intimidate communities just like this one let us once again there's a community is not backing down or holding vigils to let rosa know they will protect her even if the champion ministration is taking a different stone. she. is then more support for this sort of rhetoric beyond mr trump's various.
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right so even if the fervent supporters are getting behind this i think we should not underestimate the amount of people in this country who all fervent supporters of president trump i mean in the past 10 months we've seen the number of people who believe that america's success depends on the openness of the country for 6 percentage points to now stand at 62 percent and i think it's fair to say even president trump's detractors have said that stoking this kind of racial animosity could help him secure a 2nd term now what is so on precedented is that in the modern day era all successful presidential campaigns have run on politics all of inclusion here of course very clearly we are seeing politics of division and i should point out as well that by targeting these congress women who belong to the progressive caucus of the democratic party he is making them the face of the democratic party so many centrist voters who perhaps he considered giving their vote to the left of center
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may think twice if they do not subscribe to a progressive message that said it's not just minorities who are being targeted or so women in his rhetoric and still 16 months to this presidential election that is a long time when currently with this current administration we are seeing inflammatory issues seemingly come to the fore on a daily basis so we'll have to see what sticks fill. humphrey in washington thank you. and we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world 33 people have been confirmed dead in a fire at an automation studio in the japanese city of kioto police say the fire was started did liberally but have not revealed the motive the suspect was being detained and taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries. taliban militants have killed at least 12 people and were to scores more by detonating 2 car bombs outside police headquarters in the afghan city of kandahar the blasts were followed
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by a gunfight between the militants and security forces the forces and the dead include police and civilians. police in western germany say they forced a possible terrorist attack out of writing homes belong to suspected is the most extremists the race began early this morning in cologne and a nearby town police reportedly detained 6 men for questioning. and. i learn by trial has been taking place of 16 a prominent people accused of organizing and to government protests in 2013 gazey park protests were sparked by plans to destroy a park in istanbul city center by building on it the protests quickly spread to other parts of the country 6 years later defended sopping accused of trying to overthrow the government of rhetoric time the trial is not been adjourned until october d.w. correspondent you're han reports on the background i these pictures are
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6 years old. but when john the till i sees them he still remembers everything. in the summer of 2013 when police dispersed easy pop protesters in istanbul until i was one of the demonstrators who fled to gas. when i think of gays it's not just about the police violence what i remember most is the people's hope for more equality freedom justice in turkey everyone who believed that their rights were being ignored by the government took to the streets to be heard. back then i'll tell you i was a lawyer and he still is over the past years he has defended hundreds of people in court many of them government critics journalists trade unionists. but now he finds himself in the dock as a defendant since june he's being tried in connection with the protests. he's
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one of 16 accused most of them a prominent members of turkish civil society they face charges of attempting to overthrow the government but organizing an uprising. the prosecution is seeking a total of more than 47000 years in jail for the defendants. over to get it all which in her there is no evidence in the indictment and that's why the accusations are baseless if you were supposed to have planned to cover attempts is that out of service that will of course it is a lawful yes it is the rule of law does not exist in turkey anymore the this is the . in may 20 said a few dozen istanbul residents occupied. to prevent a construction project suggests police drove them away but that only fueled more protests. it soon became about more than just
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preserving a few trees in istanbul the protest spread to other parts of turkey. and demonstrators started calling for the resignation of regicide and one at the time prime minister now president. old timidly add on half the police and the protests by force those scenes back down to a place right here on a simple central taksim square today there are no remind us of the mass protests 6 years ago it is a park is right behind me nothing has been built there but the area is now being closely monitored by police they set up barricades to prevent gatherings and how the government demonstrations are not being tolerated. president add one is named as one of the injured parties in the indictment he has called the protests an attack on the unity of the country controlled and financed by flooring activists.
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a columnist for the pro-government newspaper daily agrees. especially the vests and media. romanticize the. so part of the arab spring. protests they thought it was kind of the turkish spring this is starting with the label it was about environmental issues but it turned to have wild activity that weiland events and the end of the day and trying to topple the government which is the most critically elected government. john i'll tell you the lawyer who is now on trial sees things differently for him he was an act of civil protest against an increasingly authoritarian government and that he says is something that nobody should be thrown in jail for. how the captain of a german migrant rescue ship has appeared before an italian court again corona
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catarrh is being investigated for suspicion of aiding illegal immigration 31 year old was arrested at the end of june and subsequently released after forcibly docking her ship the sea watch 3 italian island of non-producing italy's right wing government had previously issued a decree forbidding private rescue ships from bringing migrants into the country but captain america insists she had no choice but to bring ashore the migrants are crew had rescued off the coast of libya she didn't comment on her case today but she did call on the european union to come up with a common solution to italy's blockade of rescue ships there's a full statement obvious very happy to have the opportunity today to explain all the details about the situation off the rescue which we carried by all means a child's dream i sincerely hope that the european commission now after the new election of the parliament will do their very best to prevent situations like that
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happening and that all the european countries will work together in the future too . except any people which civilian fleet has rescued. reporter i mean i see 1st covered this story from lampedusa and from sicily i mean why you can't catch a so insistent defying the italian authorities well she and the organization she works for c wash they see their mission as saving lives in the mediterranean don't forget that over a 1000 people have died trying to make that dangerous trip from north africa to european shores this year so they see it as part of the mission to save lives and they justify that by maritime law they say a captain by maritime law is supposed to pick up people in the ocean to rescue them if they see the need for that and then they're supposed to bring them to the nearest safe port and since they don't consider north africa libya and the region around it to be safe they bring them to italy shores and lampedusa why has it
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become such a focus for this issue well lampedusa is an island it's an italian island it's closer to north africa than it is to europe so that's where a lot of the ships are heading once they rescue people off the coast of libya and that's what they're doing they're going down to the coast of libya to pick up people they say it's because a lot of people are drowning off the coast of libya as soon as they set out of course the italian government says well you're going all the way down there so you're acting as a taxi service for migrants who want to make it from north africa to europe so this situation looks like it is it is going to drag on for some time yeah. if she's lucky the courts look like they're not as insistent as interior minister matteo salvini who's the right wing interior minister and italy they're not as insistent on punishing. but the situation of course is only going to get worse if nothing is resolved here because italy has doubled down on blocking. other n.g.o.s ships picking up people and also says as soon as we get our boat back we're going out on
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further missions what's interesting though is that both sides agree on what the solution is and that's that europe needs to find a way to make sure that the migrants are coming to italy shores don't stay in italy and are shared among european countries i mean thank you so much for that thank you . woman who died of colon the democratic republic of congo may have carried the disease into rwanda as according to a report published today by the world health organization the public health bodies now describing congo's outbreak as an international health emergency the warning comes after the 1st of all the case was confirmed in goma a city of more than a 1000000 people on the border with rwanda. or one does border with the democratic republic of congo health workers in yellow vests checking travel as temperatures before allowing them to enter just across the border in the city of
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goma the death of a traveling pastor has sparked fears the disease could spread now congo's a bold outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the world health organization . but the w.h.o. has stopped short of calling it a global threat saying the virus can still be contained regionally without travel bans. that does not require any restrictions on travel or trade which rather than stopping. can actually hamper the fight side dressed street sions force people to use informal and border crossings increasing the potential for the spread of this is what. i knew about all the vaccine is proving highly effective but
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a looming shortage of the drug has health officials worried dosages have been hard to prevent a shortage. that we have a gap if there is a limitation of supply we wouldn't have been involved in the just of doses if we had adequate supplies of vaccine available right now so excel are raising the real ability of actually there's a priority it's been almost a year since the latest eyeball outbreak began in the region more than $1600.00 people have died and twice as many have been infected international donors are being asked to step up funding to stop the crisis from spreading further. you know if you've been online recently you probably have noticed a new trending as yourself is and makes you look older for the half which was developed in russia is also prompting security concerns and you don't use calm ask what can tell us more so you better explain to us 1st of all what is here's what so it is yeah this is face app this is the i'll ruin it in
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a 2nd but let's start with the fun part fill of it's a few years old it's gone viral again now you see everyone using it because of this feature that uses artificial intelligence it takes a picture of your face and it makes you look i don't know 2345 decades older than you are the reason why it's so fun is the results look scarily realistic here's a few examples of what this app can do and we'll use some celebrities to show you that this is of course daniel radcliffe of of harry potter you see him there old on the right jennifer lopez kanye west and you can see what this app does it adds wrinkles greys your hair but you really still look a lot like the original person these the jonas brothers phil i mean that's not fair you're not allowed to look that good in this ad i think when you're 80 they're like what 26 or something an estimated 80000000 people have tried out this app fill that you want to if it looks like you've had a sex change is what it was not about you want to hear it's out so well but i did try and fill these are the results you can judge for yourself what what you think
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of my picture here if we can bring up my transformation yeah that's me in the middle the younger version on the left the older version on the right you know i'll take it. i'm ok with that that's a gray graying coral but that's that's what the face app does welcome to my world. they're all. about previously there are data security that's right i mean this app for one was developed by a russian company it's called wireless lab some experts have looked into it they say that the privacy policy the terms and conditions are very loose there's not a whole lot of protection for your data you're giving over there's also a potential for your photo because it's not kept. your phone is love uploaded to servers as a potential for that photo to be kept indefinitely or maybe even transferred to the russian government in fact us politicians they're a bit worried about this app take a look at what chuck schumer the u.s. senate minority leader said on twitter he says big the f.b.i.
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must look into the national security and privacy risks because millions of americans have used this its own to buy a russian based company so even u.s. politicians now getting involved and saying that this app should be investigated. i'm one of the holdouts. have to say that one of the reasons i've chose not to have a sap is not even previously in data security it's the whole notion of facial recognition right if you look at the ai systems that are used to develop with that they're far from perfect at the moment and one of the one of the worst some sense where the worst sets of people are the good at recognizing it's black people one of the increasing through sense of these systems around the world is in law enforcement against black people and i just. what we don't have yet is good legal oversight because what often happens is people say well you picked him instead of him why and then the company will say not this or this company but the company involved will say well we can't tell you that because that is
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a proprietary secret so they're being used in the public arena without being properly controlled and i was trying to have. that's a legitimate concern i mean are we turning into basically pawns to make this artificial intelligence does this facial recognition software even better by giving companies our photos by uploading them online i mean that's what a lot of people worried about what i would say is this is i think is app is getting undue attention because it's russian there's a lot of american apps there's chinese apps that do even worse than what this app is doing and you find none of them on my phone. will check later for. coincidence if you search for. british writer simon yes when the 1st period had. a stage of the tour de france on thursday after a long breakaway frenchman algeria phillipe has kept the overall leader one minute
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and 12 seconds ahead of defending champion thomas. surely an ally philippe retains the yellow jersey. no 4 time tour de france champion chris froome is missing out this tour because of injuries sustained in a crash last month but he still has reason to celebrate today the international cycling union awarded him the 2011 of well title after after the win at the time when jose was disqualified for doping and did not feel the decision through saying here on the right was running 80 years ago and the tour of spain. is a reminder of our top story at this hour u.s. president donald trump has intensified his attacks against a 4 congressman speaking at a campaign rally the chance of sam's comeback mr trump describes the democratic up bowl makers as an american despite the fact that all are u.s. citizens 3 will vote in the us. this is that day w coming up in that
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news asia the u.n. so highest court intervenes in dispute over on a match to indian spike ordering pakistan to suspend the death sentence but is it a victory for india to have more about more the ruling things. plus a chance well how about a story next i'll be back at the top off a hour with more of the day's news have a good. look
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closely. listen carefully to. the suit she needs to get good pension feel.
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discover. the i. subscribe to documentary on 2. 100 soft leaves in the night clubs. where i come from rajoy remains an import on the moon soft transmitting and form ish and when i was young my country was in brawley conflicts the more prominent people most people would gods of entourage to see if. it was my job to tour in one off the lot of just scotch states so as not everyone in the town. listened to those against me. letting husband prince of them i had known scotty had been drawn to
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malta zam along even. i was the tourism for. my choice in this car because even there where transmitted to the troops. went in the grass mom much and i. did. this is news coming up on the program tensions between india and pakistan playing out in the hague the un's highest court intervenes in a dispute over an alleged indian spied ordering pockets to suspend a death sentence but is it a victory for india we'll talk about the ruling and what it means also coming up.
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growing old in china millions of seniors face an uncertain future with the cost of elderly care rising and fewer in.


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