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the tour and. my choice in this car because even though we're trans. men in the grass and i want. to talk. this is news coming up on the program tensions between india and pakistan playing out in the hague the un's highest court intervenes in a dispute over an alleged indian spied ordering papa stan to suspend a death sentence but is it a victory for india we'll talk about the ruling and what it means also coming up. growing old in china millions of seniors face an uncertain future with the cost of elderly care rising and fewer younger people to look after them it's china's
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demographic time bomb we have a special report. i'm melissa chan and welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us the united nation's highest court the international court of justice has ordered pakistan to review the death penalty given in 2017 to a former indian navy commander who. was convicted of being a spy india insists he never worked in intelligence but instead was kidnapped new delhi had asked the court in the hague to intervene here's more. of the juggle where for a fire for joy of the indignity. of was arrested in pakistan by law to stan province and 2016 islam. about claims he used
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a false passport to travel to pakistan and committed sabotage espionage and multiple terrorist acts and 2017 the pakistani military released a controversial confession video and just sentenced to death. it sparked shoot anger in india and stuck tensions between the bitter regional for. new delhi decided to outsource the dispute by taking the case to the international court of justice in the hague. on wednesday a panel of 16 judges considered india's claim that jeff was given an unfair trial because pakistan had denied him consular assistance 15 of them a great that the latter was a breach of international law. the court can see there is very appropriate remedy in this case to be a 50 review and reconsideration of the conviction and sentence of mr a job.
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like the judges also ordered a continued stay of execution. what they didn't do was grant india's request to a null just that sentence and allow his return to india. for pakistan's attorney general that was the part that matters. under orders from yard of remanded custody of pakistan. this is a clear clear win for board of. india also claimed victory the prime minister tweeted that truth and justice had prevailed and celebrations broke out in mumbai after the verdict became 9. it's a huge will be voting starts truth has triumphed and this is truly a big thing. while both sides celebrate and likely long beyond that. will stay behind bars in pakistan. joining us now
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is w.'s on money seek a politician and usually based in bonn but visiting us here in berlin today now the court has made its decision but he can't enforce that decision so what happens next where the i see james decisions are not binding or to put it in another or to rephrase it the ice ages decisions are binding only if the countries involved consent to the decision so in this particular case pakistan would most likely order a review but as we know pakistan has also hailed the decision as a victory for its justice system so it's likely that of course. john of will not be exonerated he will not be sent back to india relieved of and back to india but there will be a review tell us a little bit about jackass we don't know that much about him and i understand that there was some controversy about a supposed confession ok john there is
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a former officer of the indian navy as india with it now. says that when ok let me just go back here a little bit. of was arrested in 2016 and pakistan said they arrested him from balochistan which is a border region which borders afghanistan and iran sensitive region exactly so pakistan said that he was working. that he was an officer of the indian our navy at the time and he was also involved with the indian spy agency that's the research analysis wing also known as draw so pakistan said that he was involved in separatist activities with a lot of birds and that's why they arrested him now india says that he was an indian navy officer who retired and then started his own business at iran's java her airport so well that's the difference between where the 2 countries but otherwise he is a normal guy you have
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a family in mumbai and i think to children and so the lawyer representing pakistan court had said that india is playing political theater here i imagine these 2 countries have never had really good relations has ds precedings made it even worse where you have to understand pakistan's reaction in a within a certain context that the thing is that pakistan has always been represented in the international stage and also in the southeast and stage as a country that harbors terrorists now this is one occasion pakistan can say that india is also promoting terrorist activities in its baluchistan rees region so i mean in that context if you understand markets that i understand pakistan statement . you realize why they're saying it like that but what was the other part of your question then well in terms of the relationship between the 2 countries well i don't know if it really makes it better or worse you know earlier this year there
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was a standoff between india and pakistan where an indian pilot was caught in pakistan and he was and subsequently released and relations became much better i think that a present prime minister iran kind of pakistan is under tremendous domestic pressure to make sure that indian spies not exonerated that pakistan has control over its riddick of system as far as spies. concerned on the other hand if you see what happened in the last days we can just stick the buy into you know this one spy incident in isolation by christiane also arrested terrorists after so youth who was involved or who was the mastermind of the mumbai terror attacks in 2008 so parker over seems to be very serious about its commitment to arrest earlier if it's. open to it if it's actually moving forward so if we don't see just this incident in isolation i don't think it's really going to worsen relations ok. thank you thank
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you china is in trouble it seems there's a problem that other countries have grappled with and not managed well i'm talking about it's aging population a challenge that will impact the world's 2nd largest economy over the next few decades its one child policy was abandoned in recent years but it's powerful effect remains too many old people and not enough young people to take care of them we take a closer look. when drawn is preparing her lunch the 67 year old has lived alone in her beijing apartment since her husband died earlier this year. her only child has also passed away john's daughter lost her life in a car accident 15 years ago daniel waterhole will not order the machine i feel so helpless call the communist party used to tell us every family can have only one child. the state will take care of you when you get old and can do you believe now
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that we are old and they're simply not keeping their promise equal days did. she doesn't want to think about what will happen in a few years when she can no longer take care of herself. many aging chinese face an uncertain future more than 240000000 people aged over 60 live in the republic of china by some projections by 2051 in 3 chinese will be old aged the reason goes back to china's one child policy which stood for over 30 years this led to a disproportionately aging population the law was changed in 2016 to allow for 2 children per couple. that chinese tradition requires children to take in their aging parents and care for them in their own homes but in the future this will no longer be practical. is a privately run aged care home in the city of tights in it's
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a 1st class facility with one carer for every patient the top floor boasts an artificial garden. the residents can dance with the manager herself but all this comes at a high price as much as $3000.00 euros a month and so most chinese pension is this some is astronomically high there are hardly any aged care facilities in china and the few that exist have trouble finding qualified personnel. china's geriatric care market is developing rapidly and still has huge deficits we need more caregivers fast but the training takes a long time and the gap is very large that. even though the chinese could benefit from using retirement homes they are reluctant to do so many prefer the traditional system of home care for the elderly. one hard did not have to move into a care facility she lives with her husband the out sign
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a patient receives care at home her family has enough money to afford a caregiver our young shoe used to work in a care home where she was paid per patient but here her wages are higher and she has more time for one quite. i think i like my work a lot and i'm very patient and if what i change doesn't want to eat anything i just wait sooner or later she'll eat again it's my job to take good care of her under because all she can do is lie in bed pounding trying. to the he dealt with. as the population ages the number dependent on care is also increasing it's not clear who will take care of patients with high needs in the future experts estimate that up to 10000000 more caregivers will be needed to meet the demand in the coming years or. will you i don't think china is ready the elderly population is rising rapidly it's impossible to keep up with the expansion of the health care
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system. the only thing we can do is to learn from countries with good care systems like the us or japan. and that's what the government is trying to do they reforming nursing care insurance and opening up the market for caregiving to attract international investors but long term plans do not exist. out here only on the state pension system is also struggling projections from the chinese academy of social sciences are bleak in just 15 years the state pension fund could dry out the pensions are barely enough to survive on wenchuan receives $500.00 euros a month. she's still paying off the bills from caring from her now deceased husband other chinese seniors rely on receiving care from their only child but when sean has to take care of herself. to be with singapore's new fleet of cleaning robots
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they don't just vacuum up trash they tell jokes and even rap thanks for watching see you next time and go by. the school play just as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. look syrian's knowledge. today. calling w.
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. students people world over information provided. the means they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter hope today and in touch follow us. to cock sure not to cut central banks around the world start taking fiscal action by lowering interest rates a trade war and slowing global growth has policymakers worried like this report from the i.m.f. does not make good reading. cambodian organic or. ice sales hit in the european union that is until new import duties put on the brakes and a rainy ends feel the squeeze from you when sanctions many turn to digital currencies like to point to make things. like the invisible and let's do business
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sluggish growth story outlook and interest rate cuts back on the u.s. federal reserve has signaled that it will lower rates soon so could the european central bank but south korea isn't waiting neither is indonesia both central banks taking action today analysts say other asian nations could follow in korea's case the timing was unexpected but tensions are rising with japan tokyo has put curbs on he exposed to so high tech industry that could slow global supply chains for smartphones and t.v. the dispute may have put more pressure on the trade dependent economies central bank to make the move so. let's talk about this with daniel cope our financial correspondent in frankfurt that you've done it today shows.


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