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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news line from the president's trump uses racist taunts against for minority lawmakers to rouse his republican base. supporters chops and have backers of clinton names the congresswoman but will his riffs on race help him win another ton in the white house also on the program the
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trial of a stumble of p.c. talk protesters accused of being part of a movement that swept across turkey in 2030 to bring a special report. i'm from ghana welcome to the program. what started off as a racist tweets has become a rallying cry for trump's support of the us president used a campaign rally in north carolina to repeat his attack on a group of democratic congress women riffing on a tweet he sent this week president trump told the lawmakers to go back to that country's despite the fact that 3 of the 4 were born in the united states and oh are u.s. citizens was donald trump has critics and he made sure to share some of their names in front of his raucous fans representative alexandria ok
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000-0000 river she goes to leap i am a presley ilan or mark. at the mention of omar the 37 year old minnesota congresswoman from a somali refugee family the crowd began to chant send her back. was the 4 women he ridiculed called themselves the squad they are all young all women of minority ethnicities they also represent a new left wing of the democratic party calling for progressive legislation like universal health care a federal jobs program and free college tuition i didn't know there are other suggestions for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never have it is a good decision that's why i say hey if they don't like it a little believe let him loose was to many observers trump speech was shocking and
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u.s. president telling nonwhite congresswoman to leave the country but at the rally it was a hit it's one way of me feeling connected to my president never been in mine like i was i so involved in the whole water polo arena and the balls out there like that can reach out and touch the whatever i want because this 1.6 rally and house call. support our president because he supports our prosecution rights and like i can tell. the racist rhetoric may be a winning strategy for trump recent polls show his popularity among republicans has increased since he began his attack on the congresswoman. let's hear more on this from our correspondent helen humphrey in washington welcome helena so the term campaign ups the racist anti from tweets to chanting crowds how significant is this
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film i think is very significant from the moment those inflammatory controversial tweets were sent over the weekend this was a significant moment and then despite the rebuke from democratic lawmakers the president essentially leaned in further as we saw that telling those congress women leave the country and essentially in doing so it appeared that he was legitimizing discrimination against american you know in terms of citizens of color a new americans racism we saw there from the top down and that is a very dangerous move in an already hardening climate certainly immigrants i've spoken to in this country talk of hardening climate in recent months under the tenure of president many undocumented immigrants have to live with the threat of deportation rates currently with the president threatening to deport millions of what he calls undocumented aliens the reality being around more like 2000 people
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potentially being deported from this country but certainly it is a very difficult climate for those people in this country so mr trump's core support enjoys that message but is there more support for this sort of rhetoric beyond that. i think it is important to point out that these are his fervent supporters and when you see such inflammatory comments they certainly take the media spotlight but of course i would say that it is these all the minority in the united states for now the concern is that this will gain traction and that is a trend that we've been seeing if we look at a recent report a piece of research it found that over the past 10 months the number of americans who think that this country success depends on its openness to the rest of the wall has declined is now 62 percent which is down 6 percentage points so even trumps political detractors say that these politics of division could work for him despite the fact that in the past in the modern day era presidential campaigns have always
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been built on political unity and he's also singling out of course these 4 congress women and he's making them the face of the democratic party of course they represent the progressive message there from the progressive caucus and anybody who doesn't subscribe to that particular brand of the democratic party then may think twice about costing their vote to the left i think that said we do have to wait to see what unfolds on that than a during the next 16 months in the run up to this presidential election to see if this kind of rhetoric really does stick out of the home for washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world 33 people have been confirmed dead in a fire at an army mation studio in the japanese city of kioto police say the fire was started deliberately but have not revealed a motive a suspect has been detected and taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries.
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police in western germany say the force of a possible terrorist attack after reading the homes of suspected islamist extremists rights began early this morning in cologne the nearby town and police reports lead detained 6 men for questioning. trial has begun in turkey which is out of 16 prominent people accused of organizing anti-government protests in 2013 the protest was sparked by plans to destroy a park in istanbul city center by building on it the protest quickly spread to other parts of the country success on defendants of being accused of trying to overthrow the government of russia type the trial the n.s.a. stamboul has now been adjourned until october they don't need correspondent yulia han reports on the background. these pictures are 6 years old.
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but when john the till i sees them he still remembers everything. in the summer of 2013 when police dispersed the protesters in istanbul until i was one of the demonstrators who fled the tear gas. when i think of gays it's not just about the police violence what i remember most is the people's hope for more equality freedom and justice in turkey everyone who believed that their rights were being ignored by the government took to the streets to be heard. back then i'll tell i was a lawyer and he still is over the past years he has defended hundreds of people in court many of them government critics journalists trade unionists. but now he finds himself in the dock as a defendant since june he's being tried in connection with the protests. he's one of 16 accused most of them
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a prominent members of turkish civil society they face charges of attempting to overthrow the government but organizing an uprising. the prosecution is seeking a total of more than 47000 years in jail for the defendants. over to digital with which and how there is no evidence in the indictment. and that's why the accusations are baseless if you were supposed to have planned a coa temped is that out of service that will of course it is is it unlawful yes it is the rule of law does not exist in turkey anymore the that is the. in may 20 said a few dozen istanbul residents occupied the park to prevent a construction project state police drove them away but that only fueled more protests. but. it soon became about more than just preserving a few trees in istanbul the protest spread to other parts of turkey. and demonstrators
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started calling for the resignation of reggie type and at the time prime minister now president. old timidly add on half the police and to protest by force those scenes back down to places right here on a simple central taksim square today there are no remind us of the mass protests 60 years ago that is a park is right behind me nothing has been built there but the area is now being closely monitored by police they set up barricades to prevent gatherings anti-government demonstrations are not being tolerated. president add one is named as one of the injured parties in the indictment he has called the protests an attack on the unity of the country controlled and financed by following activists. matter. a columnist for the pro-government newspaper daily said agrees. especially
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the western media. then when i romanticize that so it's part of the arab spring. protests they thought it was kind of a turkish spring this is starting with the label it was about environmental issues but it turned to a while and activity that weiland events at the end of the day and trying to topple the government which is the most politically elected government. john i'll tell ida lawyer who is now on trial sees things differently for him he was an act of civil protest against an increasingly authoritarian government and that he says is something that nobody should be thrown in jail for. the south african city of cape town is renowned for its dramatic setting and agreeable climate it's also one of africa's biggest tourist destinations so people are often shocked to hear that the
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army is now patrolling the streets of a part of the city soldiers are being called in to bring order to a district called cape flats where almost a 1000 people have been murdered in gang violence our correspondent adam krishna reports from cape town. was thinking marching for peace right in the cape town talcott of matter where local in child was up to kareem adams these daily demonstrations have become a disappointing ritual he's lived here for almost 50 years and says the level of violence nowadays has never been so bet's father to 5 children adams worries about their future none of us feel safe in this is in this environment how schoolchildren congo's can walk freely in the roads this is a lot of innocent people that did so that's been dying man in the. past there is
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a. see i have been organizing these protests on a daily basis for 2 months now but nothing much has happened since then. adams shows us around his township manenberg has been considered a troubled area for many years but in recent months violence has escalated with several gangs involved in the brutal battle over drugs and power this is the owner many considered to be in there they'd say. there's an odious thank you. so it's pretty straight they divided the terrorists yeah. the goal of. both gangs reached a truce but it didn't last long just a few days ago shootouts took place and a man was killed. the protesters express their solidarity with the victim's mother by marching through her house. and. we've been marching and we had. beach now we have to march again. to try and get peace again
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for people to continue with what we're doing to try to make manama could be to police. the military is now patrolling the cape flats area of which men and brokers apart they're supporting the police for 3 months to bring the violence under control residents demanded for more security but adams doesn't believe that will solve the problem is a lot of unemployment in manenberg and unemployment causes. so we need to look at the programs to get people really doing this hideous. having the army is not going to solve the problem. for now many words as he filled them and giving it to us they say they will continue until the streets are free but. 6 this is day to day news live from baghdad coming next in the business africa south africa's middle
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class cut back on spending. and taken out of loans to survive i say call me slums and threatens i mix development threatens to stall. fences it will have that story i'm told just a moment i'm back a little off about a good day. if you ever have to cover of a murder the best way is to make the accident. raring to. never read a book like this are. the toughest to return to the streets. i
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was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room.

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