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this is g w news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump trying to distance himself from the racist chants he presided over just 24 hours ago that. i disagree with. supporters at the rally chanted to send her back when he repeated his attack on fort democratic congresswoman that he was branded as unpatriotic also coming up
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tonight japan in shock as the death toll of the arson attack on an animation studio rises to $33.00 police arrest a suspect his motive remains a mystery and the trial that is stamboul of d.z. park protesters accused of trying to help overthrow the turkish government we'll bring you a special report plus is a peek into your future worth your privacy in the present the newly trending face out what you look at your older self innocent enough you might think for the app was developed in russia and it's prompting concerns about national security in the u.s. . i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us what started off earlier this week as a. he says tweet has become
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a rallying cry for trump supporters the us president used a campaign rally in the u.s. state of north carolina yesterday to repeat his attack on a group of democratic congress women at the mention of omar the minnesota congresswoman from a somali refugee family the crown began to chant this. you know before women that trump ridiculed in a tweet calling for them to go back where they came from are known as the squad they are all young all women of minority ethnicities they also represent a new left wing of the democratic party calling for progressive legislation such as universal health care a federal jobs program and free college tuition. well today when confronted by a journalist in the oval office the u.s.
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president tried to distance himself from the chanters let's listen to that exchange yes for the most of your supporters was it which only did he send her back why didn't you stop him when he was asked it is awfully well number one i think it did they started speaking very quickly it really was a lot i disagree with but but it was quite a chant and i felt a little bit badly about it but i will say this i did and i started speaking very quietly but it started up rather rather fast as you probably know so from the television orders well i would say that i was i was not happy that. i disagree with it. but again i didn't say i didn't say that they did but i disagree but they were what you said. about well i don't think if you examine it i don't think you'll find that but i disagree with that and he says he disagrees with it for more on this now let's go to washington d.c.
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w sold a home for his daily by she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you. how seriously are people taking the u.s. president's what would you call that maybe a non apology. thing that would be perhaps a good way to tell him it's a brand i think of course in the democratic party they're not taking it all that seriously and of course we have heard condemnation in particular from those congress women who were targeted today we heard from i and a presley rashida tallied as what is alexandria. all coming to this side of course off omar who was targeted in that chant last night saying that this kind of rhetoric essentially and danger is the safety of minorities in the united states now as we have now seen the president disavows that chant but we have also watched the footage and we did see that he took a step away from the podium as that chant was rising up from the crowd for around
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12 to 13 seconds just giving it time to breathe and he made no attempt really to quash it and today again we have heard from it one omaha self she has said that the president is a racist and a fascist of course she has been on the end of well vitriol from the president number of times previously and i think poignantly i noticed she also tweeted out today my angelos a seminal poet still iraq published in 1978 of course talking about rising above the shackles of oppression i mean the question is is this once again a poem of our times it's a very good point and i was watching this live as it happened last night it happened not far from where i grew up and it was hard to believe that this type of chanting could happen during a u.s. president's rally how significant would you say you do is that something like this can happen with the u.s. president presiding. it's very significant indeed
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brant and even if now the president conducts a turnaround saying that he didn't condone the chant the damage has already been done those in his face have taken his words for that challenge from his initial tweets in fact and among that harder line you know part of his face i mean i think it's fair to say that this represents a hardening climate that many people find themselves on the receiving end of i mean for example if you think about undocumented immigrants in this country they are now facing an omnipresent threat of that dreaded knock at the front door from ice agents and must deportation rates and in fact i met one woman who is an undocumented immigrant and she's so fearful of being separated from her american born children in fact that she felt she had no choice but to seek refuge in a church his mother fort. like most parents who is
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a good yet is lopez couldn't imagine being forced to leave the children but as an undocumented immigrant her greatest fear is a realistic one rosa fled violence in el salvador 13 years ago now she's facing deportation both 3 children were born in the u.s. our youngest son john has down's syndrome and she's worried he wouldn't receive the same care in el salvador and so over the past 8 months she's been seeking sanctuary here at cedar lane unitarian universalist church near washington d.c. living apart from her children during the week so they can still attend their school. when it got really under the hood it was hard telling my kids that i had to seek refuge in that area i couldn't go back to my country and leave them here and i also couldn't take them because i would be putting them in danger they could be killed or you know criminal gangs there recruit children from the age of 10. and if they refuse that you think that there were. and look at it all.
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roses deportation was ordered off to she missed an immigration hearing when i say jones tracked her down they fitted with a monitoring bracelet and ordered her to leave the country and. the custody then went on a maid i mean they a friend small what's going on i had to tell her i was coming to say goodbye that i had to put my children and another school i had to tell her that i was being deported. it was hard for me. but i want to deport me because i missed a court session but that doesn't make us criminal. it's a loss is that going to be maddening. reverend abby jerram and she hopes that ice agents will avoid entering places of worship the church is now one of 50 religious communities offering sanctuary. we decided to become
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a physical sanctuary congregation driven by the guiding principles of our fate and in these times where we see the current administration engaging in policies and actions that threaten the safety and also the humanity of people. the church has also started an information campaign preparing undocumented immigrants for deportation raids and how to avoid arrest mainly by refusing to open the door. for years and many people like the threat of deportation raids has confined them to living their lives in the shadows of society every day activities like buying groceries or seeking medical care come with a sense of fear now president trump says that isis set to your abuse of quote millions of illegal aliens from the country the reality is closer to around 2000 people without papers and democratic lawmakers say that these kinds of statements
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are a tactic to intimidate communities just like this one let us once again that the community is not backing down or holding vigils to that rosa no they will protect her even if the champion ministration is taking a different stone and. an excellent report there speaks really to this this rhetoric in the united states of people should fear the the other do you think there is more support for this sort of rhetoric beyond mr trump's base in the country. well i think what we should point out brant is that this currently is the view of the minority albeit a very loud minority right now and this issue is in the spotlight is still has the ability to shock and that is a good thing the fact that it still prompts us to question what would always be the
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worry is the normalization that said there is the concern that that could occur that this kind of rhetoric and can take hold in great gain traction and what we have seen is that the number of people who think that the united states is success depends on the openness its openness to the rest of the world has fallen over the past 10 months it is now at 62 percent which is down 6 percentage points so certainly that is a concern and also what we're seeing in this presidential campaign is it ramps up all the politics of division in the past in the modern day era successful presidential campaigns have always been conducted on politics of inclusion in the united states not being what the united states of america essentially stands for now in singling out these congresswoman president trump thrust them into the spotlight as the leaders the face of the democratic party of course they represent a progressive message so that is the risk that centrist democratic voters you know
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may not be so enticed to put their vote to the left of the center if they think it's a progressive message but at the same time when you see rhetoric racist rhetoric i think it's fair to say that moderate republican voters could also be turned off by this kind of messaging yeah that is what republican strategists certainly or building on this politics of building walls instead of building bridges old hope real story for story washington helena thank you. well here in europe european union interior ministers have once again failed to reach an agreement on how to deal with asylum seekers who were rescued in the mediterranean as the ministers held talks in finland the captain of a german migrant rescue ship at the eye of a political storm appeared before an italian court. the arriving at the courthouse on sicily camera rec
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a tour was mobbed by reporters the 31 year old german sea captain is being investigated on suspicion of aiding illegal immigration last month she piloted to sea watch rescue ship into the italian port of lampedusa with 41 my concern on board. i sincerely hope that european commission now after the new election of the parliament will do that very best to prevent situations like that happening and that all the european countries will work together in the future to accept any people which the civilian fleet has rescued. italy's hardline interior minister mattel use salvini wants to stop rescue ships like sea watch bringing my consider as the summit of europe's interior ministers got underway in helsinki there were bold words. the situation is critical we cannot let anyone drone at the mediterranean sea anymore we have to find solutions that are more robust
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arrangements that are not ad hoc as they are right now in this situation needs our attention all the time and we should act there together but the summit ended in failure france and germany pushed a so-called solidarity mechanism for distributing rescued migrants italy and malta rejected the plan salvini opposed it and the remaining one of the main landing points for migrants. it means that everyone arrives in italy or in malta and i will never sign a document which says that everyone has to arrive in my country because we cannot rely on them being relocated you know for those who may look. and so for now how europe should deal with people sailing from north africa in search of a better life remains unresolved. so here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world. police in western germany say they have thwarted a possible terrorist attack after raiding the homes of suspected islam is extremists
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the raids began early this morning in the city of cologne and in a nearby tell police reportedly detained 6 men for questioning iran's revolutionary guards have seized a tanker in the strategic strait of hormuz and detained its 12 crew members for allegedly smuggling oil iranian state television reporting that the 4 intake who was intercepted on sunday the incident comes at a time of high tension between iran and the united states taliban militants have killed at least 12 people and wounded scores more by did leading to car bombs outside police headquarters in the afghan city of kandahar the blasts were followed by a gunfight between the militants and security forces authorities say that the dead include police and civilian. well known to japan where 33 people have been confirmed dead in a fire at an animation studio in the city of kioto police say the fire was started
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deliberately but have not revealed a motive a suspect has been detained and taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. neighbors of kyoto animation said they heard something that sounded like an explosion and then there was smoke. police said it looked like someone had poured gasoline around the studio the arsonist reportedly screamed di as he doused the building and set off the blaze authorities arrested the suspected fire starter and have identified him as a man in his forty's but the attack shocked the nation for violent crime is rare. well i had thought this area was quite safe so i am stunned. i never thought such an incident could take place in kioto of all places and especially in this area. i wonder what grudge the suspect was holding.
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tappan his prime minister shinzo took to twitter to denounce the attack this is the worst massacre in japan's post-war history the suspects identity and his motive remain a mystery but police confirm he is neither a current nor a former employee of the studio reports say he was too seriously injured to face questioning when police arrested him. you're watching the news live from berlin still ahead is a peek into the future worth your privacy in the present the newly trending face out what you look at your older self but the app was developed in russia and it is prompting security concerns all the way to the f.b.i. . but 1st now a landmark trial has opened in turkey of 16 prominent people accused of organizing anti-government protests back in 2013 the gives the part protests were sparked by
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plans to destroy a park it is temples city center and to build on top of the protests quickly spread across turkey 6 years later defendants are being accused of trying to overthrow the government of president won the trial in istanbul has now been adjourned until october correspondent yulia han reports on the background of this trial. these pictures are 6 years old. but when genital i sees them he still remembers everything. in the summer of 2013 when police dispersed easy pop protesters in istanbul until i was one of the demonstrators who fled the gas. when i think of give it's not just about the police violence what i remember most is the people's hope for more equality freedom and justice in turkey everyone who
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believed that their rights were being ignored by the government took to the streets to be heard. back then i'll tell you i was a lawyer and he still is over the past years he has defended hundreds of people in court many of them government critics journalists trade unionists. but now he finds himself in the dock as a defendant since june he's being tried in connection with easy pop protests. he's one of 16 accused most of them a prominent members of turkish civil society they face charges of attempting to overthrow the government but organizing an uprising. the prosecution is seeking a total of more than 47000 years in jail for the defendants. over to give you know which and how there is no evidence in the indictment and that's why the accusations are baseless we're supposed to have a plan to koa temped is that out of service that will of course it is is it
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unlawful yes it is the rule of law does not exist in turkey anymore the this is the . inmate 20 search team a few dozen istanbul residents occupied to prevent a construction project lists police drove them away but that only fueled more protests. but. it soon became about more than just preserving a few trees in istanbul the protests spread to other parts of turkey. and demonstrators started calling for the resignation of reggie type and at the time prime minister now president. in italy and on half the police and to protest by force those scenes back down to a place right here on the symbol central texan square today there are no remind us of the mass protests 6 years ago the day is a park is right behind me nothing has been built there but the area is now being
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closely monitored by police they set up barricades to prevent gatherings anti-government demonstrations are not being tolerated. president add one is named as one of the injured parties in the indictment he has called the protests an attack on the unity of the country controlled and financed by flooring activists. a columnist for the pro-government newspaper daily said agrees. spatially do this to me. yeah romanticized. so it's part of the arab spring. protests they did was kind of a turkey spring this is starting with the label it was about environmental issues but it turned to a wild activity weiland events and the end of the day and trying to topple the
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government which is the most critically elected. john tell either lawyer who is now on trial sees things differently for him he was an act of civil protest against an increasingly authoritarian government and that he says is something that nobody should be thrown in jail for. and that was their reporting from istanbul well if you have been recently you probably know does this trending app that alters your selfies or makes you look older but the app which was developed in russia is also prompting security concerns you to be used for nasa and is here now with more so what's the deal with this what is it face to face after that's the app right there that's what it's called it's actually been around for a couple of years it's gone viral again because of this feature that everyone loves you can essentially upload or take a picture of your face and using artificial intelligence this app will make you look 345 decades older than you really are older we're talking decades here brian
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the results i mean that the reason why it's so much fun is it's scarily realistic here we did have a few examples here for you of what this app can do these kind of transformations they're kind of fun and you can see here some photos of celebrities or so daniel radcliffe made into an 80 year old man jennifer lopez kanye west here and you know you can just kind of get a sense of the app does adding wrinkles greying your hair but you really still look a lot like yourself even here take a look these are the jonas brothers brant i might go it's not fair i mean they got a pretty good deal on this transfer me. let's say the. senior citizens there are. now an estimated 80000000 people have tried out this app so far one of those 80000000 people right is me i actually did this earlier this is what the app did to me you can see my original photo there in the middle the younger version of me on the left the older version on the right i'm ok with that that's a good take that that is
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a good i feel great care i'm all right i'm right with that overexposure is good as you get older right. now brant you are not off the hook either you we did one for you you haven't seen it yet i think we should take a look here brant goff through the face app will tour of few decades older there's your picture now of. what you think looks like george washington but. i was thinking george bush george bush may well be that you could call the president want to go well be there you know that's the out i keep my here that i think sometimes that's a when i mean ok laughing aside there are real concerns here about privacy there are data protection you know it's fun but there's also risk right now this app was developed as you mentioned by russian company it's called wireless lab some experts are concerned as a very loose privacy policy you don't have any protection for your data here there's also a potential that your photo could end up maybe in the hands of the russian government some are saying look this photo was uploaded to
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a separate server it doesn't stand your phone so it's not you can't really be sure where that photo is going the concern is so big here brant that even politicians are worried u.s. senate minority leader chuck schumer he tweeted this he wants the app to be investigated by the f.b.i. here's what chuck schumer says he says the f.b.i. must look into this for national security and privacy risks because millions of americans have used it and it's owned by a russia based company that seems a bit alarmist to me but when it goes all the way to congress there's something there was it says right there users are forced to provide. irrevocable what access to their photos so if you have tried the app should you be concerned i guess there's no going back is there right i mean well what the company has responded i mean 1st of all anytime anything involves your picture you should be a little bit concerned whether it's a russian app or whether it's facebook right the company has responded they say look most photos are deleted from our servers of than a couple of days users can request to get rid of those photos if they want they can do that through the app and it claims no user data is transferred to russia in fact
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those servers are based in the us are not based in russia i mean look i think a lot of the problem here is people are concerned because of russia we've heard a lot about meddling in when terms of russian hackers and things but if you look at facebook if you look at snapchat a lot of those terms and conditions very similar and true with cambridge analytical in the past in our experience with 3rd party apps people like us have looked right he says if it's good to be concerned there's nothing on the right corner assman here with a peek into our future remember overexposure is the key to getting rid of those wrinkles karl thank you. ok here is a reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you u.s. president obama will trump has tried to distance himself from the ugly chanting at a campaign rally yesterday to chance of send her back to trump described for women democratic lawmakers as an american now he says that he was not happy with the chant and japan has reacted with shock as the death toll in the arson attack on an
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animation studio has risen to 33 police say the fire in kioto was started deliberately but they have not revealed a motive a suspect has been detained. you're watching the w. news wire from berlin up next the woman caring for 10 years elephants that's on in africa i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news for would by the day i hope to see you then.
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