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really forward to speculate about what's going on in bloody 50 i can't imagine that you will admit that the call of the car was better than the usual double fare for cubans there is your book do you believe a barge or fulfilling life because when you see them shortcomings called for aging to counteract that or large degree of the world they held for long appeared in the lord. this is g.d.p. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the deadly ebola outbreak in congo is now an international health emergency declaration by the w.h.o. will bring more attention and aid to the outbreak boosting existing if it's on the ground. and you don't you think somebody just did it instantly and you don't know what that person to do you know do good for you to bury that person you're still
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going to have to sleep. that confines no is now just hours away fans in senegal think this is their moment well jerry instance a great. i'm christine window welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in the world health organization has declared the ebola outbreak a health emergency of international concern the decision comes off of the virus threaten to spread to a major city and into neighboring countries the congolese city of goma is the biggest city to have been affected by the disease since its outbreak almost a year ago with one case reported from there fever vomiting and severe diarrhea awesome timms off the high. the infectious and extremely lethal ebola virus ebola
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is very contagious making it difficult to contain especially in urban environments now this outbreak has already become the 2nd deadliest in history infecting nearly 2500 people and killing more than $1600.00 now at the border between d.r. congo and rwanda precautions are being taken. a new front line in the fight against. this is the border crossing between the city of goma in the democratic republic of congo and rwanda. people cross on a daily basis in the thousands here concerns about the disease are growing. i've washed my hands i'm trying to stay away from a bowl of soup. can you see how we have protecting the population from this disease this disease scares a lot of people and. the declaration of a public health emergency of international concern comes after
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a single case in goma with its 1000000 inhabitants international airport and border there is concern about spread of. a good way even so far no cases were newly infected in this city. workers in yellow jackets check the temperatures of people crossing from goma to rwanda the border it means open for now and the w.h.o. warns against closing it. does not require any restrictions on travel or trade which rather than stopping it. can actually hamper the fight side restrictions forced people to use informal and border crossings increasing the potential for the spread of disease. it's been almost a year since the latest outbreak began in the region. more than 1600 people have
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died and twice as many have been infected. and with efforts to fight the disease thwarted by political instability in east india see the threat of eveleigh spreading is always present. for more on this i'd like to bring in. a surgeon based in come to africa dr lucy there's been one confirmed case of ebola in goma as yet do you expect more. expert mall and there was a going to throw maturity judged and delayed have 2 people and the director maybe green get big disaster because you are working for they do bishan plan which will take only 21 days before we really confirm what do we relax ok having said that then how are you preparing how health authorities in the city preparing for the event that more cases are concerned. that is our
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heart or if you thought i was already a christian why didn't the book that i have now if you will have because it is me is why we all are writing like a wired before we need to help help plan it because of the power of the support of their lives to leave 34 who are coming to talking here and then we go to see if we can then we're going to be with you need to contact with everything here but there more so it will be got that piece of me ok i can i can sense the panic in your voice and i can imagine what the panic must be like among health officials in in the city but i wonder it's now that the world health organization has declared this an international health emergency how does that help you on the ground ok without killing people. and to say that no one should be running around going to go and bribe a country but we have been promised
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a lot of things that they didn't happen with this guy who won the war has an organization who really improve their lives physical needs and the curricula we see that moment. ok does that and you personally involved. tell us some of the day to day work that you are doing. every day we wake up and try to tell the people on the streets and to try to encourage people who are still have some who are a bucket to learn dutch to tried to change their habits on the washington hand and in every hospital or private comments of people or be ready to tell them to each of them are they came 100 cases this morning you might well i wonder if you see their young children on holiday to make sure whether they are going to get mad quickly took buckets of water for washing before they covered the tennis court ok
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that stuff. and go thank you for your time. thank you your service now tomorrow night's africa cup of nations final season a girl with a chance to win its 1st ever title the so-called lions of high on the faithful rankings but have struggled recently against algeria while both and decent in the tournament so far and will boast an army of travelling fans in cairo. algeria fans have filled chartered planes to see their side in action in egypt and they are convinced their will claim a 2nd title after the triumph of $990.00 some even believe it's fate. i can do to support their theory of course we've been waiting 29 years for this i'm 28 years old it's the perfect time so i'm going to represent everyone. it was a late winner from superstar that fired out into the final after the final whistle
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on sunday morez was full of the supporters optimism. we had already did. this game years. to. play the final. we have to to win it. but they're confident to the jubilant supporters who watched senegal triumph over tunisia in the semi final it's only the 2nd time ever that they've reached a final. it's total joy it's national pride we're all happy we've been waiting for this since 2002 saudi omani and co have ended a long senegalese wait for a 2nd shot at the title and they're delighted to have come so far sure we're proud because it's been 17 years since we last reached this stage since the generation of 2002. and it's thanks to surveillance and the hard work of.
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the trolley but the hardest part is still to come and only one set of supporters will be celebrating come friday night. and joining me now to delve into all things afghan is donaldson seche donaldson formerly paid for they told police national team and has since retired from football welcome to the africa so it's come down to. senegal if this is our gerry is the best final outcome we could have had left on 2019. if look into the group stage and also the game still not all things the best final cause you know we have a team like idea of who be to like recalls to nigeria and also senegal made his way up to the final so offerings the best combination of both teams to see a final ok so in this tournament i wonder what were your highlights what were your
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takeaways from this one it was the 1st time we had been to many what teams have placed it in almost 60 what do you take away from this one of the things what take away. first of all is starting the games and some so 1st i mean some are normal these in general so most of the players are free from their clubs you know because it was always an issue with some players need to be at the club and could not join the national team and also we have like a great surprises we have mud augusta who was playing very well you know we had things i was involved with the gun was jointed so it was like something special ok so i mean you've played international football already you get the games that you say in fact would have pictures off you in villages these with the hawks jersey. but what does it take really and just having watched the you know this this tournament what did you feel what did you see in phil african pays. a lot of players a really represented a conferee so it takes
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a lot goes different if you play in the team you play for whole conferees so you know about you know your families they're looking at you and feeling. like most of the players also really get everything they have for for the national team for the photo for for example is this a synagogue the players will play abroad come and beg and represent their country so and broadly i mean what's your sense about african football i mean looking at a totemic like this and a lot of those players who aren't already paid. overseas maps of bidding for that what's your assessment of what the developmental football is on the ground in africa offering it's getting better from year to year but we still have a lot of works cause a lot of talents we have all the talents in our com 3 and our continent but we always try to to sell them abroad so my and my vision is why we don't build something in the concrete for people in the conference to play in the country
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because we have like congress like a jury a in tunisia in egypt all played a mostly are playing in their own country so this will be the next step to make football attractive for the people in their own country so you envision a scenario where people don't hear society think that playing overseas is the most prestigious but that we can develop. on the continent makes a lot of sense so tomorrow in algeria to go i have to ask you do you have your money on. senegal also the senegal course is the 1st time they went so far and the 2nd time and they have never had won the african cup of nations so and i have some favorites player that likes your money and like them that's a name when they're here but now that messala isn't in the file. some psyche thank you thank you thank you and that is a full african today and now that down to the 29000 i've gone fine old today will
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leave you with some of the highlights on this year's tournament but i'm. disentangling ties the entire scheme to the jurors or didn't make any and then they killed many civilians. come including my father says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself let not the stock luis but suddenly life became alledge kind of
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sob. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines. what secrets lie behind the smallest. find out in an immersive experience and explores fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and we'll be talking about kevin spacey sexual assault charges against the us i have been dropped also coming up an exhibition here in berlin looks at iconic photos from black american magazines evan a 10 jets. now you might think this dogs thing is speeded up
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but it's actually a modern twist on galleon folktales. actor kevin spacey was one of the most high profile people to be accused of sexual assault as the made to scandal erupted in hollywood a couple of years ago the allegations against him cost him his lead role in house of cards and then he saw his scenes edited out of the movie all the money in the world and he was replaced by veteran actor christopher plummer now in a dramatic turn the only criminal case so far brought against casey has collapsed after his accuser refused to testify. already it is one of the few criminal cases to be brought after allegations came to light during hollywood's me too sexual assault scandal but now u.s. prosecutors have dropped the case against actor kevin spacey he had been accused of
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groping an 18 year old man in a bar in 2016 spacy deny the allegations the charges.


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