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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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in the u.s. state of north carolina last night u.s. president trump used a political rally to once again accuse 4 congress women of hating america but it quickly morphed into an act of verbal arson the crowd singing parts of the us constitution up in flames tonight a glimpse into donald trump's reelection campaign in 2016 he beat hillary clinton with a chant laugher up now a new chance with a new woman as its target could trump win in 2020 with since her back i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. represented illinois london.
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the tally represented rashida tells me. they're always telling us how to run this out of you know what if they don't love it tell him to leave it. as a history book this year's pedzisai. also coming up tonight what will you look like in 50 years is a peek into your future worth your privacy in the present the popular smartphone app face out lets the aging process take place right before your very eyes but the russian owned app is now in the eye of a political storm well explain. and
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the u.s. president and the new women who he wants voters to hate in the hopes voters will keep him in the white house you may remember it was hillary clinton who became the woman trump and his supporters love to hate back in 2016 with the chant walker of trump became the republican presidential nominee and went on to become u.s. president or preparations for the next election are already in high gear and for trump that apparently means giving his base a new woman to hate make that women earlier this week the u.s. president posted racist tweets accusing 4 u.s. congresswoman of hating america he told them if they don't like the country they should go back to where they came from last night in the u.s. state of north carolina trump doubled down on the congresswoman he says hate
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america his supporters listened and offered up a new hate filled chant send her back and today trump trying to do a 180 desisting himself from the chant but not necessarily from the hate. of the democrat party. our left wing extremists who reject everything our nation stands for when you see the 4 congresswomen always in that love was representative ilan omar. was so representative omar blamed the united. for the terrorist attacks on our country saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people's affairs omar has a history of launching this year's anti-semitic screen.
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was . fine she talked about the evil israel and it's all about the benjamins not a good thing to say. when your supporters last night were challenging chanting send her back why didn't you stop them why didn't you ask them to stop saying well the war i think it did they started speaking very quickly it really was a lot i disagree with it by the way but it was quite a chant and i felt a little bit hazy about it this tremendous support for the republican party this tremendous support for this team for the president for the vice president we have tremendous support maybe like nobody seen in a long time this plane energy i say this far more energy on the right than there is
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on the left i mean i hear about the left all i see is the left is fighting all over the place and i think we have far more support than they do and i think we have far more energy than they do and we're going to have a very interesting election. ari for more of this now let's go to washington d.c. where the w.'s held a home for us standing by good evening to you. let's start with this attempted you turd or are somewhat of a u. turn by the u.s. president are people buying it when donald trump says he did not agree with the chanting that he heard. well let's just start with the democratic reaction we've just heard from senator coleman a harris of course the presidential candidate who said that these were simply and he was incessantly we had round condemnation from democratic lawmakers today namely from the self-proclaimed squad of course those women who were initially told it is in the tweets were she to tally by other presley as well as alexandria castillo
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cortez coming to defend it and he was then talkative in that chant saying this chaunce this kind of rhetoric and die in dangerous minorities in this country and we also heard condemnation from some republican lawmakers as well which i'd like to draw your attention to congressman adam kinzinger for example of illinois saying that you know this chant was ugly and wrong it would send chills down the spines of off founding fathers we also heard from tom emma and he said that there is no place for this kind of talk i don't agree with it despite what the president says and as you said right that attempted it you turn at the end of the day we all watched that footage and we saw the president take a step back from the podium allow that chant to rise up for a good 12 to 13 seconds and really he made no attempt to quash it as one commentator said today the president was basking and bathing in the chanting bits
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he heard i said at the beginning of the program held that the rally you north carolina morphed into a verbal burning of the u.s. constitution meaning that naturalized immigrants who are u.s. citizens they saltram supporters signaling their support for did knowing these people of their right so how was that being reported in the united states. well as you point out we're seeing politics of division and the journalistic response has been divided and if we start with the right wing fox news for example one pundit explaining in the wake of that rally that the president was on fire last night and folks he's also meeting with the headline saying that omar accused the president of spewing racist and fascist ideology the new york times on the other hand saying that liberals were under attack from the president and further to the
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left on m.s.m. b.c. rachel maddow on her show saying you know questioning is this the new normal in the run up to 2820 so it's divided like the country right now but i wouldn't say i would just say that you know this is a minority perhaps which are on board with these racist statements from the president that does not represent everybody in this country even if that is a very loud and disturbing minority right now it's a good point you make and we've heard from many viewers today asking is is this really the way americans feel about the people in the country who look like those 4 congresswomen. what do we know how we know about the level of support that trump has in general maybe that trump has when he's you know singling out these women. yeah well to add to my earlier point where i've also heard from
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a lot of americans today who say the president might be racist but that certainly does not represent our views and they're very upset by that but in terms of the president's approval rating i should say that they're currently at an almost all time high according to the latest gallup poll data that we've got 42 percent but i should also point out that does not include the latest controversy with regards to the 4 congresswomen now when we've seen the president's approval rating dip in the past it tends to blow over fairly quickly and we even saw that in the wake of the charlottesville attack for example although his current approval rating is fairly low for a president over rule but you know we know that attention spans in this country can be very short for example when we have the president tweeting even just waiting now for example in our attention diverted to what is going on in the strait of hormuz and of course the iran issue so yeah i think you know this may be a chance that some people it has been extreme may not be able to forget because it
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does go very much to the hearts of the wonderful diversity in the united states it's a very good point it's a book commentators said today this is the dished out that becomes like a flash and fire you don't use hole in the humphrey in washington tonight helena thank you. we have been clear and consistent the turkey can choose to acquire the s 400 or the f. 35 you cannot have both our decision to unwind turkey's participation in the 34 program is no surprise as our concerns have repeatedly been communicated to the turkish government. and with that the united states made public what has been expected for quite some time the u.s. is suspending fellow nato alliance member turkey from the f.
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35 still fighter jet program the decision is washington's reaction to anchor his decision to purchase the as $400.00 air defense system from russia the pentagon making it clear that turkey cannot expect to buy weapons from russia and still have access to military technology made in the u.s. turkey says unless the united states reverses its decision relations between the 2 countries will be permanently damaged what could this mean for nato we have this report. the new f. 35 multi-role combat aircraft it's most prized for its so-called invisibility cloak which makes it hard for enemy radar to detect turkey was involved in the f. 35 development and i had ordered 100 of them but the pentagon says that's not happening. the u.s. and other f. 35 partners are aligned in this decision to suspend turkey from the program and
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initiate the process to formally remove turkey from the program. the dispute stems from anchorage decision to buy the s 400 defensive rocket system from russia washington sees this is a security risk for nato fearing russian radars could gain access to f. 35. so the u.s. is excluded turkey from the project and is threatening to impose further sanctions it is statement the turkish foreign ministry described the us decision as a mistake which would cause a reparable damage to relations between the 2 countries ankara says it has in the process tried to acquire the american patriot missile defense system the pentagon denies this claim it says turkey was offered the system but could not. well i'm joined now by our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones good evening to you dorian threatening irreparable damage to the u.s.
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targets relationship if washington holds on to that decision to ban turkey from the f. 35 fighter jet do we know dorian what irreparable damage could look like. and the reason we don't tease it does appear that this decision by washington although it has been warm for many months has taken on quote completely by surprise and that's because they were pinning all their hopes on the turkish president type ones well they call this special relationship with president on will trump now these 2 leaders do get on very well when they meet they always exchange warm pack to choose to one another and there was his expectation that some sort of deal could be reached to avoid this decision by washington and in fact the last meeting. at the g. 20 summit where trump did say that i get on with these guys and we can find a way and they're being treated unfairly by the end of the day washington has taken
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on quite by surprise and at the moment they are scrambling about what to do next whether they play tough well do they try to find an alternative well let's assume that they want to play it tough do you see any evidence that turkey is willing to leave nato if this crisis continues. i don't think so in fact i think that. turkey isn't in a position really to further isolate itself yes it does have problems of its western allies but the last thing they want to do is to take some such a significant step i mean turkey's whole defense has been based on the nato relationship and of that and they continue to stress that this issue isn't about nato this is an issue we have a problem with washington over although nato has also expressed its concerns so i don't think as anyone is greedy talking about leaving nato the question is if turkey looks for alternatives from russia deepens its relationship with russia the
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nato has a problem with it and the rest of the world looking at this and scratching his head wondering why would turkey risk its ties to the u.s. and nato for a russian air defense system. is there a logical explanation. well i think we've got to have a series of diplomatic accidents i mean this goes back to when president obama was in power and always repeats he says we wanted to buy american patriots obama did not allow this and congress also blocked it over differences over transferring of technology so then looked to china and it ultimately ended up with moscow but the key point here was the failed coup that is seen as a tipping point that soured relations between washington as a great deal of mistrust over what they see as washington to a locked unstick condemn the coup on the night and in contrast putin russian
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president putin was we've heard one on the night on the phone all the time and that said a series of events where unco further deepen its relationship with russia and went ahead with the sale of this as $400.00 no maybe imagine that they would end up in this situation but they have. briefly got about 30 seconds i mean how much of this do you think is dependent on the attitude of president if there is no air to watch in the future there won't be any more russian military purchases is it that simple well votes many critics say the one is seen in many ways as a problem but it has to be stressed at the moment there is cross party concensus 400 this has become an issue of national sovereignty all the main parties in this country say we have to go ahead with this sale so for the moment it seems very unlikely there will be any backtracking if the other one goes then things may change but for now the police there is a cross party consensus on buying at 400 it's all right our correspondent dorian
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jones on the story for us tonight in stamboul dorian thank you. well now to a trial taking place in istanbul a trial that emerged from a president ever wanted tends to crackdown on dissent inside the country dissent which ever one labels as terrorism 16 prominent people argues of organizing anti-government protests back in 2013 the easy part protests were sparked by plans to destroy a park and instead bowls city center to make room for new construction the protests quickly spread to other parts of turkey 6 years later the defendants are accused of being involved in a plan to carry out a coup against the government of richard tell your pair to one correspondent yulia han reports. these pictures are 6 years old. but when john i'll tell i sees them he still remembers everything. in the summer of 2013 when police dispersed the protesters in istanbul i was one of the
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demonstrators who fled the gas. when i think of give it's not just about the police violence what i remember most is the people's hope for more equality freedom and justice in turkey everyone who believed that their rights were being ignored by the government took to the streets to be heard. back then i'll tell you i was a lawyer and he still is over the past years he's defended hundreds of people in court many of them government critics journalists trade unionists. but now he finds himself in the dock as a defendant since june he's being tried in connection with easy pot protests. he's one of 16 accused most of them a prominent members of to civil society they face charges of attempting to overthrow the government but organizing an uprising. the prosecution is seeking
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a total of more than 47000 years in jail for the defendants. over to digital reaching her there is no evidence in the indictment and that's why the accusations are baseless we're supposed to have a plan to koa tempt is that out of cured that will of course it is is it unlawful yes it is the rule of law does not exist in turkey anymore this is the. inmate 20 search team a few dozen istanbul residents occupied the park to prevent a construction project lists police drove them away but that only fueled more protests. but. it soon became about more than just preserving a few trees in istanbul the protests spread to other parts of turkey. and demonstrators started calling for the resignation of reggie type and at the time prime minister now president. both in italy add on half the police and the
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protests by force those scenes back down to place right here on the symbol central texan square today there are no reminders of the mass protests 6 years ago the day is a park is right behind me nothing has been built there but the area is now being closely monitored by police they set up barricades to prevent gatherings anti-government demonstrations are not being tolerated. president add one is named as one of the injured parties in the indictment he has called the protests an attack on the unity of the country controlled and financed by flooring activists. a columnist for the pro-government newspaper daily said agrees. spatially. yeah romanticised. so it's part of the arab spring.
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protests they did was kind of the turkey spring game says starting with the label it was about environmental issues but it turned to a while an activity that while and events and. and trying to topple the government which is the most critically elected. john the lawyer who is now in trial sees things differently for him he was an act of civil protest against an increasingly authoritarian government and that he says is something that nobody should be thrown in jail for. and that was there reporting from istanbul well if you have been recently you probably noticed this trending app that alters your selfies it makes you look older but the which was developed in russia is also prompting security concerns she asked him and he's here now with more so what's the
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deal with this what is it face to face app that's the app right there that's what it's called it's actually been around for a couple of years it's gone viral again because of this feature that everyone loves you can essentially upload or take a picture of your face and using artificial intelligence this app will make you look 345 decades older than you really are older we're talking decades here brian the results i mean that the reason why it's so much fun is it's scarily realistic here we just have a few examples here for you of what this app can do these kind of transformations the kind of fun and you can see here some photos of celebrities and so daniel radcliffe made into an 80 year old man jennifer lopez kanye west here and you know you can just kind of get a sense of the app does adding wrinkles greying your hair but you really still look a lot like yourself even here take a piece of the jonas brothers brand i know it's not fair i mean they got a pretty good deal on this transformation outside the. senior citizens there are thin photos. now an estimated 80000000 people have tried out this app so far
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one of those 80000000 people right is me i actually did this earlier this is what the app did to me you can see my original photo there in the middle the younger version of me on the left the older version on the right. i'm ok with that that's a good take that they could i killed my hair i'm all right i'm right with that overexposure is good as you get older right. now brant you are not off the hook either you we did one for you you haven't seen it yet i think we should take a look at your friend gough through the face abseil to are a few decades older there's your picture now of. what you think looks like george washington. i was thinking george bush george bush may well be that you can call the president it a day want to go well there you go that's the out i keep my hear that i think of the times that's when i mean ok laughing aside there are real concerns here about privacy the right data protection you know it's fun but there's also
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a risk right now this app was developed as you mention my russian company it's called wireless lab some experts are concerned as a very loose privacy policy you don't have any protection for your data here there's also a potential that your photo could end up maybe in the hands of the russian government some are saying look this photo was uploaded to a separate server it doesn't stand your phone so it's not you can't really be sure where that photo is going and the concern is so big here brant that even politicians are worried u.s. senate minority leader chuck schumer he tweeted this he wants the app to be investigated by the f.b.i. here's what chuck schumer says he says the f.b.i. must look into this for national security and privacy risks because millions of americans have used it and it's owned by a russia based company that seems a bit alarmist to me but when it goes all the way to congress there's something there was it says right there users are forced to provide. access to their photos so if you have tried the should you be concerned i guess there's no going back is
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there right i mean well what the company has responded i mean 1st of all any time anything involves your picture you should be a little bit concerned whether it's a russian app or whether it's facebook right the company has responded they say look most photos are deleted from our servers within a couple of days users can request to get rid of those phone. is that they want they can do that through the app and it claims no user data is transferred to russia in fact those servers are based in the us are not based in russia i mean look i think a lot of the problem here is people are concerned because of russia we've heard a lot about meddling in when terms of russian hackers and things but if you look at facebook if you look at snapchat a lot of those terms and conditions very similar and true with cambridge analytic in the past in our experience with 3rd party apps you know people like us who live right even if it's good to be concerned there's nothing all that all right corner assman here with a peek into our future remember overexposure is the key to getting rid of those wrinkles karl thank you. for the day is almost done but the conversation it continues online you know we're defined as
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a remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful i guess this week outside the capital of time paying is cho she way seeking the nomination to use propane. to coleman's house as china pushes with increasing urgency for reunification and
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the time i need to continue to reject it what on earth has his party come to a conflict so far. on global. warming. i'm not often to the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i sound nothing when that happens we should have been thinks the printer jemma culture of looking at stereotypes a question in here think perceived as a country that i don't blame. me didn't seem ridiculous drama. it's cold out there. i might show join me to meet the jetman sunday w post. a little tourist guide fundraiser capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where your remarks series
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dependent on benefits much like the term something. i love you even want to share and once again certainly looks like the toughest race like me tried system 5050 story and 52 very personal tips on berman's very best. looking down on the list every week on t.w. . we can make china peaceful country who ever said no to beijing yes for many times i'm telling you the facts why don't you list the politicians in taiwan because being out campaigning in presidential primaries ahead of next year's elections with the topic of relations with china very much on the agenda my guess this week outside the capital taipei is cho she way who's been seeking the nomination of
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hughes probating party the kuomintang as china pushes with increasing urgency for.


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