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speaking the truth. matters. for minds. thank. you ed. this is the dublin is coming to you live from the land the u.s. claims one of its more ships has shot down an iranian drone in the gulf u.s. president donald trump says the unmanned aircraft posed a threat to the american naval vessel a few don in foreign ministers believe says he has no information about losing a draw and what will this mean for relations between washington and belgrade. also coming up democratic congresswoman marcy sensed a clear message to the u.s.
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president thanks. there's a strong close to distance himself from chunks of center back at a campaign rally he's been under fire for a savings of racist tweets and for non white congressmen. and question time for the german chancellor angela merkel is grilled by reporters after a traditional summer press conference covering a range of topics including climate other things greg said and i helped a political editor has the details. i don't welcome i've been with touchy about good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump says an american warship destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. trump accused iran of provocative and hostile action he said the
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drone was down dr repeated warnings were ignored. this is the ship that the white house says brought down an iranian drone the u.s.s. boxer an assault ship sent to the persian gulf just over a month ago u.s. president donald trump said a drone had come within a 1000 yards of the u.s.s. boxer and ignored calls to stand down. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation. and global commerce. iranian foreign minister mohamad jobs are if there was a new york for u.n.
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meetings said he could not confirm the possible downing of a drone for the owner of the ranch and about the road to false we do know that. the judge said that the committee said we have no. doubt. have you met her we're going to have your eyes that are quote this is the latest scrape between the 2 countries over who is provoking whom in the strait of hormuz. on june 20th iran shot down a u.s. drone it said had violated its airspace just days ago the iranian military seized a foreign tanker in this strategic strait saying the ship was smuggling oil and they released this footage allegedly showing the incident the united nations has urged restraint on all sides to avoid an open conflict. joining me now is by he's a gentleman based middle east analyst welcome to you now what do we know about what
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actually happened as we had iran's foreign minister said he had no information about a drone being shot down. yeah and his deputy say it was and she has tweeted basically the same line and then saying maybe the u.s. just down there all. it's all there is a claim on the one hand the denial of the other hand and just minutes ago that i heard you see the revolutionary guards announce that they will show and publish footage that this drone basically had captured and show how this drone has basically returned safe to space so we have to wait and see that footage and see what actually. irrespective of the confirmation obviously in another incident between the u.s. and iran and how serious an escalation is this. it is serious it is dangerous i don't think that this particular episode will be a game changer but what we are seeing is a cycle of incidents in which both sides are hoping each other are trying to see at
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what point the other side is willing to. do to come to talk and to see to face saving exit and that is the pattern both capitals washington and tehran are basically pursuing right now both sides say they do not want to military competition and get the iranian partners has also proposed new talks to bring his visit to new york if there are very potential conflict in the fikile of incident that you mention or is this just political brinkmanship. i guess it's a guess it's both or so we hear both sides saying united they do believe them that they don't want a war but it's not as if you can control everything that's happening day in day out in such a explosive context so it's very dangerous at the same time they're sending out signals that there is some willingness to talk and that's this is what i meant with the stay saving exit that you might see i think both sides are also seeing or
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trying to find out what is the point where i can get the other side to talk without losing face without being given too much concessions and i think this is also something that. the iranian foreign minister has laid out with an offer to talk about the jay security risks with president trump. right and if not doubt that that that the buy thank you very much for that analysis. let me bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the world in japan tributes are being paid to victims of an arson attack that killed 33 people and animation studio in the city of kyoto was satellite on thursday after a man burst into the building and doused it with fuel nearly 40 others were injured some of them on a critical condition. in afghanistan at least 8 people have been killed after a bomb exploded near kabul university authorities said the bomb had been placed
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under a vehicle and the taliban has denied any involvement the afghan capital is often a target for violent attacks. the top court in the netherlands is op-ed a ruling that found the dot state party liable for the deaths of 350 bosnian muslims in the 99570 it's a massacre the men were executed by boston's forces after being expelled from the u.n. base dutch troops had been guarding the base. you're watching the news coming up ahead u.s. president donald trump controversy a tour over is repeated attacks on non-whites congresswoman did things go too far. but for us chilling. new summit conference is underway here in berlin she's been answering a variety of questions ranging from concerns over the health to the german economy
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and brigs with the chancellor who turned 65 this week to reporters she was fit enough to see out her term in office max has experienced a series of shaking episodes in recent weeks which of course concern and feud speculation but she said she was feeling good. i can function and secondly as a human being i am also personally very interested in my health. this. afternoon as already mentioned in 2021 my political work will be finished. but i hope life will then go on and i would like to live it in good health the. chief political editor is covering that press conference for us and joins me now we can have a chance to have stressed several times that she is feeling where she is looking
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with but how satisfying answers concerning our health was she basically repeated the answers she'd given before she has nothing that would threaten her performances german chancellor room behind me is empty now virtually empty because this press conference just draw to a close just a few moments ago and she says she feels fit and that as a human being we just heard it there she of course also has a very personal interest in a very stable health interesting the majority of germans feel the same way there's been polling that most germans see that as a largely private matter whereas we saw a lot more concern. bordering on political panic in the press globally she is adamant that she's here to stay but the big much bigger question mark appears to be whether hope government will actually hold until 2021 because she has so much internal coalition woes that's right but she obviously covered
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a whole range of different issues but she began with a strong focus on climate change and the debate about a price tag for reducing carbon dioxide emissions tell us more. yes she was actually challenge because just don't let you down the road from here we have parties for future demonstrations going on with germany not needing its own climate targets and still struggling in this very unstable coalition to find a path towards meeting those european and goals she had a lot to answer for this just have a listen what she said. this morning the 2030 goals we don't know the exact details yet but the experts say and i agree with them that the most efficient path to achieving these goals is to tax carbon dioxide emissions but we must also take into account the social impact of these taxes.
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so we share let evolutions ok and was really sound like here do go ahead. well that doesn't really sound like they've got it all mapped out does that also highlights that there's a lot of facts and figures on the table that the current math of government is still quite a while from putting a concrete proposal let alone a law on the table but it's valid to do that before the autumn but she was also confronted with a quote from 1995 when she was environment minister where she actually said that climate change was a very pressing issue it's quite a way down the line since that right now there was one of the issues at this press conference today and for you. well there were quite a lot of issues but she was of course also pressed on foreign policy she was asked by a journalist why iran should unilaterally stick with the so-called iran nuclear deal
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when the united states of doctors and europe still don't really have a mechanism in place to get anywhere near compensating the financial losses of iran . was that that would be a positive constructive sign to watch the international community i doubt that that can really be seen as any kind of a path towards progress and she's also some because here it is a lot of debate whether those sanctions that under the magical organized a europe wide shouldn't be dropped where the germans shouldn't seek more dialogue and she said that those who are calling for that should also face reality and that reality was very often very different from what she would like to see from russia and that was also in relation to what appears to become a bit of a political scandal in italy with interior minister knew that being accused of being involved in. having received essentially russian funds those allegations those are still to be debated under investigation is really right the chancellor
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followed press conference we should always very eagerly and fitbit it thank you very much for bringing us the latest on it to the us now is this an indication that even a president trunking fini have gone too far he told reporters that he disagrees with offend her back schonfeld erupted at a campaign rally in north carolina the chanting began after trump repeated his attack on a group of democratic congress women who we branded as un-american. he stepped out confidence and in no mood to back down donald trump was heavily criticized for his racist tweets against 4 democratic congress women but he's doubled down on his comments suggesting they should leave the country. and you know just enjoy the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country
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down they never ever do think it isn't that's why i say if they don't like it a little believe little i. love it challenge to leave it. and then this from his supporters. here are the targets of trump's attacks 3 of the 4 women were actually born in the u.s. you know nomar is a somali refugee naturalized as a u.s. citizen the women say trump is shutting down to bait based on the color of their skin. because i could decide as the president i should be deported i want to remind people that this is what this president and his supporters have turned our country that is supposed to be a country where we allow democratic debate this president put millions of americans in danger and last night his rhetoric is in danger of being lots of
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people this is not just about. threats to individual members of congress. it's not the 1st time trump has used such divisive language to appeal to his base that helped him win the presidency in 2016 and he wants to win again republicans have defended the remarks. i don't think it's racist to say was it race is love it or leave it i don't think a somali refugee embracing would not have been asked to go back if you're a racist you want everybody from somalia to go back. with his comments analysts say trump is firing up his supporters and allowing anti immigrant sentiments to become mainstream. i don't think we'll find out before then that will be the moment when we answer whether we aspire to be a whole lot better or whether we want to go back to in effect make america why
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again. this is an unprecedented time in the united states with the president showing no sign of letting up on his racist rhetoric. and one of the most divisive issues in the u.s. at the moment is the trumpet ministrations treatment of migrants would reports of terrible conditions and abusive detention counted on the southern border and that's after many migrants of survive the dangerous trek through central america and mexico some americans have now volunteered to take action to have them correspondent all of us found it met a group of so-called border agents while making life saving water drops in the california desert with every step they take the dangers of the desert become more and more evident heat sun and no access to water may crossing the mountains
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a risky undertaking 15 volunteers of the so-called border angels try to make it safer by dropping water in the desert traces tell them they're on the right track this is a heavily traveled area. because the border patrol presence has been stepped up in other areas more people are feeling funneled into this more dangerous riverine region and coming through here and there are discarded things that go along. along the way the empty water containers shoulder at their efforts are not in vain. this is been a very strenuous hike so far you can easily consume one and a half or 2 leaders off water so it's very obvious how important these water drops are essentially they can save the migrants life. among the volunteers the descendants of migrants like seek his son chess whose great grandfather migrated to
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the u.s. from mexico 100 years ago there were no roads there were no interstates there wouldn't nothing so the only possible way that he could have gotten up here him in my great grandmother were. walking. you know. somebody had to help them along the way. here i am. others want to make a statement against the u.s. government's migration policy. and ministration and the current political climate as a represent a vast majority of the mirror can to welcome immigrants. finally the group reaches its destination time to deposit some water containers for migrants coming through from the nearby mexican border the bottles will be among the 1st things they find when crossing into america a personal message in spanish when i sweat up the good luck to those who might need it. we have brothers and sisters that are in need that are facing death
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and facing hardship that because of a gallon of water might be able to be saved and become productive. at the end of the day the border. they say helping migrants is their duty because america. immigrants. u.s. plane make a boeing is to spend on was $5000000000.00 compensating airlines that have been affected by the grounding of the 737 max the announcement comes a week before it's due to reveal its quarterly results and there's still no full timetable to bring the planes back into service. it's the company's best selling plane and a model that's become synonymous with tragedy regulators granted the 737 marks in march after the deaths of 346 people in 2 crashes blamed on faulty software
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the move led to the cancellation of thousands of flights for which boeing is now counting the cost the company set aside $4900000000.00 to compensate airlines and their customers and as warned investors to expect profits to plunge as a result the announcement comes just days after the u.s. house of representatives held a hearing on aviation safety among those who testified was paul enjoy a rogue a who lost his wife and 3 children and the ethiopian airlines crash in march. to our investment company extracting world to supercharge shareholder returns at the expense of safety and quality the leadership should change in favor of the focus earlier this month the plane maker announced it would be creating a 100 $1000000.00 fund to support the families and communities of the crash victims
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the figure is around the same as the list price of a single 737 marks. boeing says it expects the model to be back in the air by the end of the year but the shadows of the ill fated 737 marks will be cast far longer than the. dozens of lawsuits are still pending and boeing's reputation for safety may have been tarnished forever. now for more on this story for my great pleasure to welcome my colleague monica jones from the business desk i'm veronica so this whole issue would bring some of the damage to its reputation but also it's hurting its bottom lines. these are not good times for boeing no doubt about that and it sounds very dramatic and as we just heard the report i mean the 77 max was or still is boeing's best selling aircraft and it's been grounded since march so that's certainly not good for business it cost the company already billions of dollars and now they also have to make sure that they remain in their customers good books
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which is why they've now made available those roughly $5000000000.00 worth of compensation that they will pay out to their customers so that they sort of hold on to it but we also must remember when it comes to the bottom line boeing does not just consist of the 77 max they also have other aircraft models for example the dreamliner and korean air has just decided to upgrade its fleet by buying 30. dreamliner is that deal is worth about $10000000000.00 so money is still coming in i still expect that they'll be a drop in quarterly profits next week but how big that droppers i'm afraid will have to wait until next week yet we have to wait and see when the quarterly results come out next week as you said but how is blowing plan to pull out of this crisis because one must feed it is a crisis for the cops lewdly it's tricky and aviation stepping on a plane is all about trust and i for one i have to admit i mean i'm not an expert
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but if i had to step onto a boeing 737 even when it's allowed to be a born again i would have very very mixed feelings about it so boeing is very very determined when it comes to damage control you know get it getting trust back getting its credibility back and also by sort of showing that it cares that it takes its responsibility seriously for example by setting up this $100000000.00 fund in order to compensate the victims of the families and the communities of. victims in indonesia in particular is the opiah having said that of course $100000000.00 compared to the $5000000000.00 for the customers plus $100000000.00 is the price list for 1737 max so i think boeing can cope with with the cost of that fund and then oh don't let go of the 737 max all together they're determined to fix that software problem and they are still building they're still building 737 every week 42 of them because they want to be ready that once
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the education of. give the ok that they can actually deliver because they need it the aviation industry needs craft passenger numbers are climbing rapidly and companies like ryan air a very loyal customer of boeing already announced this week that they are forced to cut down on some of the destinations that they offer simply because they don't have the airplane so they'll be ready to take the 737 once it's airborne again but you have to wait and see how that pans out monica jones as always a pleasure to talk to you which is. now tonight is the final in the africa cup of nations and finagle has a chance to win their 1st ever football title the lines of tauranga are the flight favorites against algeria but reality and team has already defeated finagle in the group stages and we bring in an army of travelling france to cairo.
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algeria fans have filled chartered planes to see their side in action in egypt and they are convinced they claim a 2nd title after the triumph of $990.00 some even believe it's fate. i can't disappoint 30 of course we've been waiting 29 years for this i'm 28 years old it's the perfect time so i'm going to represent everyone. it was a late winner from superstar that fired algeria into the final after the final whistle on sunday morez was full of the supporters optimism. we had. to play the final. tough game. we are capable to to win it but they're confident to be jubilant senegalese supporters back home who watched their side triumph over tunisia in the semi it's only the 2nd time ever that they've reached
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a final it's total joy it's national pride we're all happy we've been waiting for this since 2002 such your money and co have ended a long senegalese wait for a 2nd shot at the title and they're delighted to have come so far. we're proud because it's been 17 years since we last reached this stage since the generation of 2002. and it's thanks to her surveillance and hard work. but the hardest part is still to come and only one set of supporters will be celebrating come friday night. if you're just joining us you're watching news coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of the hunting field the u.s. says it has shot down an iranian jewel in the strait of hearts was. one of its warships but iran's foreign minister has been fairly filthy have no information about losing a dress. and this comes to less than a month off to a drawing down
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a u.s. trail in the same area for the strain relations between the 2 countries. up next is equal africa the environment magazine featuring a story on women in kenya detection that companies want elephants on the myth that she must remain the new student the better to happen to. come up. to.
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1000 courage responsible. for has it. forests and money. the tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th double. dutch. hello and welcome to the latest episode of eco africa this is nelda coming to you from the foster park in lagos nigeria and if you ever wanted to know how you can make a difference in the environment stay tuned ok with me is my charming colleague from south africa felicia i love that hi everyone my name is.


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