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forests and. the tragic reality behind the exploit. starts july 24th on. this is day 2 of the news live from germany's chancellor delivers her verdict on donald trump's recent racist statements. i reject trump's comments and stand in solidarity with the congresswoman he attacked it was i'm going to macros must force right to be. my news conference she also credited the young activists with spurring how to act faster on climate change and also on the program the dutch supreme court
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finds the state partially liable for the deaths of $350.00 falls new muslims and the 995 represents a massacre dutch troops failed to protect the victims from forces. and in football a new champion of africa is about to be crowned fans across the continents are getting ready for the african cup of nations final between selling golf and algeria the showdown in cairo kicks off in 4 hours. i'm forget all welcome to the program. german chancellor angela merkel has made clear that she rejects u.s. president to donald trump's attacks on 4 u.s. congress women and all of nonwhite to ethnic descent and mr trump has labeled them unpatriotic and said they should go home and he will summon news conference the
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chancellor said she stood in solidarity with the congresswoman and mrs merkel also credited young people and the fridays for future movement with spurring on environmental policy she was answering questions on a wide range of topics. the german chancellor arrived as head of schedule to answer the many questions of the international press. after a turbulent year within her coalition and concerns over her health there was much to talk about. she began by addressing the election of a lion as new president of the european commission and welcome to vote of the european parliament. this is the author of she's the 1st woman to head the commission and i'm very glad it was possible to avoid conflict between the institutions because europe must be able to act. on a personal level. and to void a topic that was on everyone's mind her health after 3 bouts of shaking at public
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ceremonies sparked concerns about her ability to govern she stated that everything was fine. countries if i can fulfill this function and secondly as a human being i'm also personally very interested in my health. after all as already mentioned in 2021 my political work will be finished. but i hope life will then go on. and i would like to live it in good health. isn't. talking about her climate policies merkel expressed support for. the young swedish climate change activist who was speaking at the friday for a futures rally in berlin today the german chancellor said her government was committed to the paris climate agreement and also wanted to put a price on c o 2 emissions. concerning the 2030 goals we
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don't know the exact details yet but the experts say and i agree with them that the most efficient path to achieving these goals is to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions. but we must also take into account the social impact. of ms merkel answered a range of questions at the annual press conference when asked whether she distanced herself from trump's racist comments to u.s. congresswoman she was very clear. this i reject trump's comments and stand in solidarity with the women he attacked a strong signal that the chancellor often hailed as the leader of the free world hasn't given up her job just yet. well they don't lose truthful or go where i deserve it was the press conference or welcome. what was the chancellor strongest message i think we heard it to us that she a point blank rejected those racist comments towards those congress women and quite
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clearly said when asked specifically that she stood in solidarity with. there have been concerns about her health because of these bouts of shaking we see she says she's funny what was your impression when she came across as being absolutely her usual self she's actually seen a week that's been very successful for her where she managed to put fonda line for defense minister at the top of the european commission voted in there but we also saw during all the ceremonies that went with all of that using a chair to avoid once again being put in the spot where she then could be seen to be visibly shaking what her response is basically she's fine she still once again won't give exact details as to what the origin is of this visible weakness that we've seen in the past but i also want to add that we've seen quite
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a bit of polling here in germany certainly that by a majority of german seen as being a largely private affair. despite the speculation she has repeated her determination to govern until 2021 i think she'll last that long well healthwise she seemed pretty stable today at the same time she's in a very difficult spot when it comes to her governing coalition with the social democrats suffered weakness after weakness and this actually was a pit in my german social democrats not voting for the fund the line the 1st german in decades to become head of the european commission and that just points out the very deep rift that we have within the current government what won't add to the stability is those regional elections in eastern states that we have coming up here in september where we expect to see a very strong sewing from the far right a 50 party these are all factors that could very quickly trigger
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a whole series of events that could see her term as chance of being cut short and she herself says she's committed to stay on till the end of that term and 2021 but that seems a lot further off than just 2 years from where she's sitting politically right now chief political editor because the thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a strong earthquake has hit greece just north of the capital athens the 5 point one magnitude tremor sent people running into the city streets and disabled the phone and while it's connections a 2nd rumsfeld to 14 minutes later. a german c. captain cut all of the cattle has left its lead after facing questions in an italian court yesterday she'll be turned to germany before heading to an unnamed destination she's accused of aiding illegal immigration after docking in italy with 40 rescued migrants despite the italian government's ban on privately operated my
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good rescue vessels captain recap this as it was her duty to save lives. germany's foreign minister heiko mass has presided over the return of 8 looted painting to the world famous feat see a gallery in florence italy the still life vase of flowers by dutch master john phone some was stolen in 1944 by retreating nazi soldier as a gift for his wife. the top court in the netherlands has found the dutch state partially liable for the deaths of $350.00 bosnian muslims in the 1995 strip and it's a massacre the supremes court ruled that relatives of the murdered muslims could claim 10 percent of their financial damages from the dutch government of muslims were killed by bosnian serb forces after being expelled from a un safe haven being guarded by dutch troops during the bosnian murders were part of an organized massacre that left about $8000.00 muslim men and boys dead.
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is covering this story and joins us from the hague welcome stefan so what is it that soldiers did or failed to do that makes the state liable. well what the supreme courts here behind me has established that they failed to protect 350 men who were thousands of people seeking refuge at the site of the u.n. peacekeepers new york. of course they were hoping that the dutch u.n. peacekeepers would save their lives but then it's effect not to happen. actually to place new steps to the un peacekeepers thank you way to be a man and women and of course soon after. forces that over end of town to build a site and kill them later in what was really the worst massacre in europe since
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world war 2 the court. that the relatives of those men can now claim compensation will be limited though to 10 percent over the damage and of course that's a little bit strange one would argue but the court's stance at there was a 10 percent chance that they would have survived hence the dutch un peacekeepers split tell you. effectuated them and in fact later hand them over to the bosnian serbs or at least that's what happened so that is why did 10 percent came in that is of course a little bit of disappointment. for the relatives but they also said here that was for democrats a case of justice only for money and said that's how they see it at this point and why only $350.00 people being compensated when we know that about 8000
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a man and boys were killed. well of course so part of a broader case the. group really wanted to see particularly. the. effect that men. who were seeking protection were basically protected. at least partly. as one of the relatives food it so they see it as an important step to justice and also say that the outcome of this trial is quite interesting because they say that from now on government sending troops in un missions can no longer hide themselves behind the girl crecy bazza really can also be held responsible for their own
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troops and what they are doing in armed conflicts. thank you. you're watching the news live from berlin still to come out here we are all set to go to the nation's scripts by football fever and expectations the respective teams will face each other in tonight's final of the africa cup of nations. i had of that iran has denied the u.s. claim that an american warship shot down drone on thursday u.s. president donald trump said the unmanned aircraft had come close to the warship in the strait of hormuz and the cues to iran of a provocative and hostile action iran's military however denies there was any confrontation and says all of its drones returned safely to base and that it has images to disprove the american claim. this is the ship that the white house says brought down iranian drone the u.s.s.
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boxer an assault ship sent to the persian gulf just over a month ago u.s. president donald trump said a drone had come within a 1000 yards of the u.s.s. boxer and ignored calls to stand down. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation. and global commerce. iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif who was in new york for u.n. meetings said he could not confirm the possible downing of a drone. we don't know the it was kind of what you wrote to falsely you know i think. that's what i said you have no
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right to. have you made better would be to have you know senator paul this is the latest scrape between the 2 countries over who is provoking whom in the strait of hormuz. on june 20th iran shot down a u.s. drone it said had violated its airspace just days ago the iranian military seized a foreign tanker in this strategic strait saying the ship was smuggling oil and they released this footage allegedly showing the incident the united nations has urged restraint on all sides to avoid an open conflict. one of the most divisive issues in the united states at the moment is the trump administration's treatment of migrants with reports of terrible conditions and abuse at detention camps along the southern border after many migrants survive the dangerous trek through central america and mexico some americans have now volunteered to take action to help them they don't do correspond at all of a solid matter
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a group of so-called border angels or making life saving water drops in the california desert. with every step they take the dangers of the desert become more and more evident keith sun and no access to water make crossing the mountains a risky undertaking 15 volunteers of the so-called border angels try to make it safer by dropping water in the desert traces tell them they're on the right track. this is a heavily traveled area and bad. because the border patrol presence has been stepped up in other areas more people are feeling funneled into this more dangerous ravine and region and coming through here and there are discarded things out there go along. along the way to empty water containers schol that their efforts are not in vain. this is been
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a very strenuous hike so far you can easily consume one and a half or 2 leaders off water so it's very obvious how important these water drops are essentially they can save the migrants life. among the volunteers the descendants of migrants like seek his son chillis whose great grandfather migrated to the u.s. from mexico 100 years ago there were no roads there were no interstates there wouldn't nothing so the only possible way that he could have gotten up here him in my great grandmother were. walking. you know. somebody had to help him along the way. here i am. others want to make a statement against the u.s. government's migration policy. and ministration and the current political climate as a represent a mass majority of americans to welcome in the prius. finally the group reaches its destination time to deposit some water containers for migrants coming through from
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the nearby mexican border the bottles will be among the 1st things they find when crossing into america a personal message in spanish when i swear good luck to those who might need it. we have brothers and sisters that are in need that are in death and hardship that because of a gallon of water might be able to be saved and become productive. at the end of the day the border angels hiked 10 miles through the california desert they say helping migrants is their duty because america has always been a nation of immigrants. and people in japan have been paying their respects to the victims of thursday's os an attack on an animation studio in which $33.00 people were killed and dozens injured investigators are still searching the entire building in kyoto for i have it and say in japan's worst mass killing in decades
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the main suspect is a 41 year old man with a criminal history who did not work for the studio questions remain there for about his motives the studio's works well loved in japan it produced a popular and even a series about high school girls. we've been speaking with kyoto based a journalist a team calley and asked him what police have so far said about the suspect of a man suspected of torching the studio. well from what we've gathered from what we've seen in the media so when he entered the building he was carrying 2 pounds well what he seemed to be gasoline he shouted something along the lines of you. die die and then he spread the liquid and sacrifice his mouth so his motives are not exactly that doesn't seem how it's it be. and the. connection between him and the studio he he lived in
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a suburb of tokyo he has a criminal record apparently he was in trouble in 2012 and he's had trouble with his neighbors so it's very unclear as to if there was any relationship with the studio and if there was what the relationship would have been. 10 counties in kyoto now former south african president jacob zuma has agreed to continue to give testimony to a public inquiry looking into corruption allegations against him he pulled out saying he felt he was being questioned too harshly will not provide written statements to questions from judges the allegations against him that he allowed his cronies to plunder state resources during his 9 years in power was ousted in february 28th and has long denied any wrongdoing. straight to johannesburg move join a journalist or 2 so kemal are welcome to d.w. to so so why is jacob zuma so reluctant to answer these questions publicly in
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person these are very serious charges he knows that if he is found to have done something wrong they are very serious consequences remember these are charges that involve that allowed the reach the familiar which is accused of looting the state to sources to a point to me on his behalf he's say to have allowed a lot of corruption to happen on days watch other allegations are that you stuck to it ministers to us this these. are the people wanted to do this did to sources so these are serious allegations which zuma does not want to to say a lot about them because if it does the cases go to court he's likely to face high school sequences and that's an important distinction to make isn't it because we're looking here at an inquiry not a court case. they's quite
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a number of cases that zuma is already already in facing this is not to court as it is this is just an inquiry but the inquiry is going to make finding in these findings are legally binding if this finding ses zuma was complicit complacent in allowing corruption and i assume it is going to be very serious for him when the cases go to court because the courts are going to use part of this evidence which comes out of us or this is wise of my saudi he doesn't want to say a lot of things about it and the ones with the prosecution all the evidence lead us to ask him questions that will not implicate him at all in the other cases that may come. present drama poza jacob zuma successor his name has come up in the course of basing inquiries hasn't. yes of course but the president i'm up for say is very little influence on these cases these are cases that some are committed some of them you committed the cases before even became president and these are cases that have come out from the public
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protect us reports where people were asked the questions and they've given evidence about 9 witnesses in this commission implicated in corruption some of them saying he was given a lot of money by a private company where he also influenced on corruption there and some of them saying he instructed them to make deals for the good to family so that they would loot and lot of flow of money from the state so these are corruption cases that have nothing to do with that i'm opposed but there's a corruption case is that zuma also agrees with a lot of people that something might have happened in the commission is trying to find out what exactly happened and how much did zuma contribute to these cases jacob zuma has been saying that much of the case against him has been got up by his political rivals president to run the post amongst them is that rivalry much evident in this inquiry he has not saved
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much by t.s.a. days of course putin's i can see him going back as thick as the time of the war saying there were people wanted him down in 2 days after the the hearings you say did these people know that he knows quite a lot of things about them and so he they want to eliminate him so that he doesn't say much about them because he knows about their corruption he knows about their dealings during the war time so this is only words on my a saint in terms of implicating these people to say they want to my own because they nor that you did they did certain things that you notice but he has not given any concrete evidence to say this is why he's saying this is a political war i can see him to try and eliminate a good talking to you thank you for joining us. in johannesburg. football tonight is the final africa cup of nations presenting senegal where of
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a chance to win its 1st ever football title the lions of tauranga are slight favorites against algeria but they are jury and teams already defeated senegal in the group stages and will bring an army of fans to cairo. algeria fans have filled chartered planes to see their side in action in egypt and they are convinced they all claim a 2nd title after the triumph of $990.00 some even believe it's fate. to these people so i can do to support their geo of course we've been waiting 29 years for this and 28 years old it's the perfect time so i'm going to represent everyone . it was a late winner from superstar that fired out into the final after the final whistle on sunday morez was full of the supporters optimism. we had already did not think this game years give us more confidence to play the final.
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tough game. we are capable to to win it but they're confident to be jubilant senegalese supporters back home who watched their side triumph over tunisia in the semi it's only the 2nd time ever that they've reached the final it's total joy it's national pride we're all happy we've been waiting for this since 2002 such your money and co have ended a long senegalese wait for a 2nd shot at the title and they're delighted to have come so far sure we're proud because it's been 17 years since we last reached this stage since the generation of 2002. and it's thanks to her severe inst and hard work force. but the hardest part is still to come and only one set of supporters will be celebrating come friday night. stay with football and want to defend matus delish
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to has held his 1st press conference with new club serious champions you venters the highly sought after 19 year old signed a 5 year deal worth a reported 75000000 euros a dutchman captain i.x. through the through to the champions league semifinal linked with many of europe's top clubs this summer and he said conversation with christiana rinaldo helped him come to a final decision. now here's a reminder for our top stories at this hour german chancellor i'm going to makeover soundly rejected u.s. president donald trump's attacks on 4 congresswomen that all of nonwhite traffic to santa mr trump especially from up under the tree also come said they should go to the supreme court has found the state's posse liable for the deaths of $350.00 of balsam in the most offensive $95.00 to $5.00 trepan it's a massacre dutch troops failed to protect the victims from posting such forces. so get you can always get the w. news on the go just download dot opt for google play go for me out still give you
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access to all the major sneaks from around the world to stores push notifications for any breaking news also used to set us up for service i'm videos. i d w is an environment magazine in tokyo india i think is up next and taking a look at the fight absolution for cops to i'll be back on the top of the hour i'm good.
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eco india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony gets people employment when there are do or look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges engines people are striving to create
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a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. next d.w. . read the real power decides. i come from there lots of people in fact new than a 1000000000 to do the blood loss of democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and a vision to put this fried chicken burnin up to the floor of the sun in 1 am member thinking at the time if the ball in bold can forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. when i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflict between disaster and i see despite my job to confront was leaders on policies and
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development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security oppression martian isolation. a notch has been achieved but so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be accountable solutions my name is an exception and i walk into. if you. believe. the. poll welcome to a brand new episode of equal we india a sustainability magazine vivitrol in the spotlight on solutions to some of the most pressing problems affecting the in vibrant. group coming to you from new delhi
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this week over the next 30 minutes let's look at how a fishing community in mumbai has found a weed to work in the city.


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