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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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space agency sent companies joining forces to exploit the potential of asteroids we speak to a scientist to find out more about mining the milky way. and then facility let's do business critics accuse the japanese prime minister of using his trade dispute with south korea to ghana votes with tokyo curbing exports of high tech materials to seoul there is an election in japan this weekend and she may have reason to celebrate the latest polls predict his coalition will come out on top when the nation votes for a new upper house of parliament positive economic data is also helping his chances japan's economy beat expectations expanding by 2.2 percent in the 1st quarter but it's not all good news exports fell by 2.4 percent in the same time period with japan shipping fewer cars trucks and steel pipes abroad the burgeoning trade conflicts around the world could sour the outlook u.s.
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president or trump is still weighing a 25 percent levy on japanese car brands like toyota and nissan japan's also facing a boycott in south korea over a disagreement on reparations for its treatment of victims of war time slave labor . pill is putting up a boycott sign at the entrance to his grocery store he's taking all japanese products off the shelves including cigarettes and alcohol. we took away japanese beer from here will you. please these 2 rows are places i bottled beer with korean soju you know if. it's interesting you know that he will. and he's not alone over 3700 members of a south korean grocery stores are doing the same the boycott across the country is heard in japan. south korea is the biggest export market for japanese beer. in the
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1st 2 weeks of july alone sales of japanese beer dropped by a quarter. and they're bound to fall even further as more and more koreans join the boycott. we had a siberian display in a restaurant and one customer said that just by looking at us it makes them angry and asked us to remove them so i took them all down from our store that. japan's sort of the trades bad earlier this month when it unveiled tough restrictions on exports crucial to korean tech companies like samsung and he next japan argues seoul exported some of those materials to north korea circumventing sanctions. but seoul says tokyo is retaliating for a series of rulings by south korean courts they order japanese firms that use forced labor during japan's clonal rule of the korean peninsula decades ago to pay reparations to the victims. the government in tokyo insists this dark chapter of history was closed under
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a bilateral treaty in 1965 when japan apologized and paid compensation. but that's not good enough for many koreans like shop owner kim jong pill he says he won't stop his boycott of japanese cigarettes and drinks until japan makes further concessions. to deadly crashes in indonesia and ethiopia a long list of lawsuits and the aircraft at the center of the controversy still hasn't been fully fixed boeing hopes to get regulatory approval to return the 737 max to the skies early in the 4th quarter but the timeline is on the a guess that. it's the company's best selling plane and a model that's become synonymous with tragedy regulators grounded the 737 max in march after the deaths of 346 people in 2 crashes blamed on faulty software. the move led to the cancellation of thousands of flights. for which boeing is now
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counting the cost the company has set aside $4900000000.00 to compensate airlines and their customers boeing has also reduced production that will cost the company around another 1700000000 dollars it has warned investors to expect profits to plunge as a result the announcement comes just days after the u.s. house of representatives held a hearing on aviation safety among those who testified was paul. who lost his wife and 3 children in the ethiopian airlines crash in march boyden should not be allowed to act like an investment company extracting world to supercharge shareholder returns at the expense of safety and quality their leadership should change in favor of engineering safety focus. earlier this month the plane maker announced it would be creating a $100000000.00 fund to support the families and communities of the crash victims
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the figure is around the same as the list price of a single 737 max boeing says it expects the model to be back in the air by the end of the year but the shadows of the ill fated model will be cast far longer than that dozens of lawsuits are still pending and boeing's reputation for safety may have been tarnished for ever. bya has welcomed a call from a u.s. judge to kind of damages award to a california couple a jury found its client a state based weed killer because their cancer but the judge says $2000000000.00 was too much and once the case retried this is happened twice this week by a faces huge legal bills of the herbicide round up which is produced by its see dream on some to. some of the other stories making business news. in is reportedly suing misson and mitsubishi for unfair dismissal the former boss of the renault nissan mitsubishi alliance was arrested in november and faces multiple
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charges of financial misconduct which he denies is also claims the japanese carmakers did not provide enough evidence of the allegations against. china's massive pig farming industry is struggling to contain african swine fever codes have been devastated prices soaring and the country has ramped up imports from the e.u. and brazil to meet demand china's domestic herd is down 60000000 from last year. the globe's biggest brewer has sold its australian business to a japanese rival for over $11000000000.00 a.b.m. bev handing united breweries over to a site in bed which owns brands like budweiser hands rona says it will use the cash to get its house in order the belgian brazilian group is saddled with more than $100000000000.00 in debt the brewer surprised markets earlier this week by
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suspending a planned asian i.p.o. between the world's largest stock sale this year. now all this week we've been marking the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing but setting foot there wasn't enough for space agencies and now private enterprises to with earth screw. during appetite for raw materials the race is on to find minerals on the moon and beyond. just days ago the japanese space probe high a booster to landed on the asteroid review grew over 300000000 kilometers from. its there to take samples from beneath the surface and bring them back home together with france and germany the japanese space agency and aims to find out what the asteroid is made of and if there might be any valuable role materials hidden within. the sick i have them over the project is a world 1st with multi sampling to landings and
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a collection of under surface samples will move through its or something like with . the u.s. space agency nasa is also examining an asteroid with its so desirous rex probe it's taking samples of the rock to find out what it's made of and hopefully gain some insight into how the earth was formed nasa has also been looking for rare resources on the moon for years the rocket crater moon scape could conceal valuable treasures metals such as gold platinum iridium and helium 3 gas have all been detected there now it's trying to figure out how to break down these raw materials and transport them to. the director of curtain space science and technology center in perth australia to my colleague monica jones that mining minerals in space is the longer science fiction it's becoming much more real actually just over the last few years than i ever thought it would be interesting
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were on both. osiris rex missions it's great to be part of that. those are those private companies involved in this now and also most major space agencies and what do we hope to find on an asteroid that we can't mine here on earth. well it's i mean there's a kind of a couple of flavors to this we can find as you study pace those heavy metals like it radio and and and and and rem you know platinum if things like that. but in a way is kind of the support industries that we're interested in for those who need fuel and you need water and we can get that from places like ice on the moon all right but the moon isn't right next door or asteroids certainly aren't also its
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missions are very costly how big a business proposition is space mining then. i think so so nasa and chinese space agency easter all have a program to go back to the moon over the next few years. if you can get fuel and water there versus carrying all the way that's a really big deal so in terms of you know you save a huge amount of money for every kilo you can find versus what you can bring in a source of huge support for those missions out of course you know when you mention it is a lot of cooperation going on when it comes to space missions between nations like the united states and europe once you get there how do you determine the mining rights on an extraterrestrial object it's difficult enough here on earth that's an excellent question actually right now there are no mining rights so you
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can't legally make money mining asteroids or bring a bag. if you use that material to make fuel i think that's ok but there's some very old treaties in there and those need to change before this becomes an industry all right professor phil bland the director of a close in space science and technology center in perth australia thank you so much for your time and your insights. that brings you up to date on all the business news here down on earth and up there in space by strong business wish you.
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and the music. beethoven 1st 12019 from september 6th to september 29th. robots are still in the development phase but what's going to happen when they grow out of welshman's and machines be able to pass we co-exist before are we on the verge of collapse if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society is just a beginning of a golden digital age want to be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai experts be able to agree on the guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems.
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or robot collapse starts aug 14th on d w. this is d.w. news live from germany's chancellor delivers her verdict on donald trump's racist remarks. i reject trump's comments and stand in solidarity with a congresswoman he attacked it was a. news conference at which she also credited the young activists for spurring her to act. also on the program the drug supreme court finds
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a state liable for the deaths of 350 muslims in the 19.


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