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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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i'm going to craft money factor on how to compensate airlines for disruptions i'm delivering. when i'm not saying it will take to the skies again. time for the little heartfelt story on the rest of the day's business news in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour good. food personally i do it. with wonderful people and still make the game so special. for all true fans for mom. good morning football. i'm not laughing at
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them. just sometimes i found myself nothing which would have been think stevens or german culture looking at the stereotypes of class indians think the future of the country that i'm not claiming. needed to be taken as grandma down to me it's all about. bob i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. the global grounding of a 737 max drags on it's costing us billions of dollars ball and there's no concrete timeline for the passenger jets take off. increasing on so tioga sudan's transition to democracy could lead to economic collapse. and johannesburg businesses bolster security. as traffic jams leave commuters facing
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a new crime wave. i've been for like your business 2 deadly crashes in indonesia and ethiopia a long list of lawsuits and the aircraft at the center of the controversy still hasn't been fully fixed thawing hopes to get regulatory approval to return the 737 max to the skies in the 4th quarter but the timeline is only a guesstimate and the plane makers announced billions more in extra costs surprisingly boeing stock took off as wall street opened investors obviously feared worse. it's the company's best selling plane and a model that's become synonymous with tragedy regulators grounded the 737 max in march after the deaths of 346 people in 2 crashes blamed on faulty software. the move led to the cancellation of thousands of flights. for which boeing is now counting the cost the company has set aside $4900000000.00 to compensate airlines
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and their customers boeing has also reduced production that will cost the company around another 1700000000 dollars it has warned investors to expect profits to plunge as a result the announcement comes just days after the u.s. house of representatives held a hearing on aviation safety among those who testified was paul again who lost his wife and 3 children in the ethiopian airlines crash in march. or in should not be allowed to act like an investment company extracting world to supercharge shareholder returns at the expense of safety and quality their leadership should change in favor of engineering sooty focus. earlier this month the plane maker announced it would be creating a $100000000.00 fund to support the families and communities of the crash victims the figure is around the same as the list price of
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a single 737 max boeing says it expects the model to be back in the air by the end of the year but the shadows of the ill fated model will be cast far longer than that dozens of lawsuits are still pending and boeing's reputation for safety may have been tarnished for ever gonna central bank has left its key interest rate unchanged at 16 percent but why so high when the international monetary fund describes the west african economy as a rising star or one reason is an inflation rate of over 9 percent but that's within the bank's targets and the overall trend is promising the cost of borrowing was even higher at the start of last year a staggering 20 percent well that's been coming down coinciding with a period of solid growth from 2014 to 2016 growth was weak now the pace is picked up significantly with a year on year real g.d.p. growth rate of 6.7 percent well for the 1st quarter at least high external demand
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for 2 of its primary exports cocoa and oil have both been driving growth together they account for around a 3rd of its exports well isaak kalid see joins us from accra in ghana why is the cost of borrowing there so high for people. so high for many reasons the key ones include the cost of running banks in ghana cost is so high that they need to find a way to take care of means that they need to charge is to the monies they give out the other reason has been the economy even though some growth is being recorded it is not expand in as much as you expect so when people go for loans not able to make the needed retains and loans that means that we have a lot of. loans and so banks are not able to retrieve these monies back and so it
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makes it difficult for them to even borrow again and so some of these structural problems within the system make the so difficult for people to to borrow and it's very expensive and high to borrow in this part of the world at the same time what about ghana's currency to see. how's it holding up following this announcement from the central bank well for most parts of this month it hasn't really gain much value compared to foreign currencies and this decision has not helped in a way really because the value continues to drop and so we are yet to see whether in the coming days there could be some value in gained by the cd but currently it doesn't gain much value ok i like bt for us there in a crying gonna thank you very much for the update. political chaos reigns in sudan the transition to democracy is doubtful despite
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a power sharing deal between the ruling military john to and civilian protesters now there are fears the uncertainty will be too economic collapse. on the surface at least life goes on in khartoum. at a shopping center in the sudanese capital local residents continue to browse for the everyday essentials but the times are far from normal protests of rage here for the past 7 months 1st against al bashir then against the ruling hunter it was economic concerns that spurred the initial protests against the al bashir government last december. the sudanese economy shrank by 2.3 percent in 2018 and continues to worsen a fragile deal has been struck but uncertainty remains the fear is that the political chaos will lead to economic ruin. that they study like i want to buy things but there is no money thanks be to god i have 7 children and i can't provide
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for all of them and this is the general situation in sudan it's very bad not only for me we don't understand what is happening we need to understand what is happening in this country that. local business people are concerned that the longer the political uncertainty continues the more likely a sudanese economic collapse becomes. currency rates rely on political stability economic stability and trading policies with foreign countries all these factors need to be taken into consideration to find solutions so what we need is political stability in sudan to have economic stability which would benefit all sudanese people. you're all been a part. of this. even if democracy is restored successfully in sudan the new government will have its work cut out on the economy. the value of the sudanese pound has plunged inflation is rampant and the country has
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a massive debt a $50000000000.00 us dollars. out of some of the other business stories making news by has welcomed the u.s. judge's decision to cut it damages a board to a california couple a jury found its life as a base weed killer because they can't but the judge says $2000000000.00 was too much and once the case been tried by a faces huge legal bills over the herbicide roundup which is produced by its subsidiary monsanto. alex goen is reportedly suing nissan and its a bishop for unfair dismissal the former boss of the renault nissan mitsubishi alliance was arrested november and faces multiple charges of financial misconduct which he denies is those who claims the japanese comic is did not provide enough evidence for the allegations against him. and china's massive pig farming industry is struggling continue to contain african swine fever herds have been devastated whole prices a soaring in the country has grabbed top imports from the e.u.
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and brazil to meet demand chinese domestic pay goodies down 60000000 from last year . to south africa a logistical nightmare in johannesburg is forcing private businesses to bolster security officials have had to close the city's busiest highway and now traffic jams and leaving commuters open to attacks sparking a crime wave. this johannesburg highway usually carries about $12000.00 vehicles an hour providing a critical transport artery through the east and west of the city. but it has been closed since much after being built in 1961 without any water proofing allowing water to seep into its concrete pillars it was much in a position to carry any traffic loaded aboard so to avoid any potential disaster the city had to make a cordon closed and force them to. the city has been forced to undertake emergency
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repairs to prevent its complete collapse but getting in and out of south africa's economic hub has now become a risky business with commuters becoming vulnerable to attacks from opportunistic criminals. traffic lights are not synchronised to manage high vehicle volumes in a in a city leading absent one of the country's big banks to hire private security to work with police and keeping dr a safe in bumper to bumper traffic. but some potential visitors are now too afraid to venture into johannesburg leaving many in the hospitality industry out of pocket as you can see this traffic pull that that is being created by the closure of the highway that directs around the johannesburg in the city and this has led to a 70 percent decline in our business. it would be great if the government could
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take action in getting this highway finished so that people can be people can feel welcome back into the city and be able to have easy access. access to the world's largest contain a dry port has also come under severe pressure deliveries from logistical companies being pushed back by days or even weeks. truck drivers having to add hours to already long journeys also scared for their safety. it got me and then i can't easily get in or out you need to take a detour for the traffic lights junctions in the evenings it's even more dangerous because you run the risk of being hijacked to break your windows or steal your goods by climbing on the lorries and cutting open the canvas canopies still you could city authorities claim work will be done in october 29 teen as we stand today we are now on schedule on track but like any other construction project
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there's a number of one sentences but with the national economy already tanking johannesburg won't be able to wait too long. kenya has opened africa's largest wind power plant which it hopes will supply a 5th of the country's energy needs 618000000 euro project is located on lake turkana is being bought by delays and setbacks but with the wind back online developers say it's a strong signal that kenya is ready for new business opportunities. nicer businesses here.
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it reads a sex phone operator who works her masters thesis on the potato rendering to repeat . not to turn on well it's more words it was from their. literature list traditionally strained.
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the system been tarnished. by as compared to others or dealing with a name that i killed many civilians i mean the irish come including my father so when i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of. providing cites global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a gesture from the germans and not effect polluted by the clearly listed the late 19th century is finally on its way back to namibia we are asking if that goes far enough. to be on say is a lovely asset to africa at the pump most.


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